BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1264


Chapter 1264 – Smuggling

Changes in terms(my bad): Demon Realm -> Devil Realm(Mo), Beast Realm -> Demon Realm(Yao), Elves -> Sprites

Although the other team leaders didn’t quite understand what Ma Rulong meant, they still nodded. These team leaders were also practitioners. And to be honest, Zhao Hai’s actions made them feel great. Additionally, they had shared drinks with Zhao Hai, so their relationship was very good. It was not a problem for them to keep Zhao Hai’s secret.

Zhao Hai looked at Ma Rulong, he didn’t know what he was excited about. So he asked, “Team Leader, what’s important about this information?”

Ma Rulong looked at everyone around him, but he didn’t make the other team leaders go out. The team leaders already knew about this, so it would be too much to make them leave. Then he said, “This is very important for the Machine Field. As far as the realm is concerned, it would have a very significant impact.”

Zhao Hai and the other team leaders look at Ma Rulong in confusion. Ma Rulong took a deep breath and then waved his hand, making everyone go out of the room and look for a bigger place. Zhao Hai’s room was not huge, so it wasn’t a good place to have a conversation in. Just outside was a small living room that can accommodate everyone. 

After everyone had sat down, Ma Rulong opened his mouth and said, “Everyone should know that there are a lot of treasures in the Cultivation Realm. This is because the lands of the Cultivation Realm are very good. There are more than 10 thousand habitable planets in the Cultivation Realm. And if a planet is uninhabitable, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have anything good in it. The minerals obtained by the Cultivators from those planets are very precious. And there are a lot of those minerals that aren’t available in the Machine Field.”

Everyone nodded. This was something that everyone in the Machine Field understood. However, they don’t understand why Ma Rulong must mention this matter at this time.

Ma Rulong continued, “Although our Machine Field has our own mines for spirit stones, our production capacity isn’t that large. It is because of this that we use machine coins as currency in the Machine FIeld. It is different compared to the stones that are used in the Cultivation Realm.”

Everyone was still confused, they had yet to see where Ma Rulong was heading towards. Seeing everyone’s reaction, Ma Rulong said, “Since the Machine Field has so few spirit stones, it’s very difficult for use to buy those minerals from the Cultivation Realm. Additionally, the Cultivation Realm imposes heavy tariffs on our imported goods. And there are even some ores that are banned from being sold to us. This is one of the reasons why the Machine Field’s development is very slow.”

This was something that people knew and it was part of the Cultivation Realm’s suppression of the Machine Field. Not only the Machine Field, the Cultivation Realm does this to the other realms as well. Therefore, nobody had yet to beat the Cultivation Realm in strength.

Ma Rulong looked at Zhao Hai and said, “But with Little Hai’s ability to come in and out of the Cultivation Realm at will, he doesn’t need to pay any tariffs. If he wore Cultivator clothing and bought the materials we can’t buy, then wouldn’t that be a significant thing for the Machine Field?”

Smuggling! This was the first word that came into Zhao Hai’s mind when he heard Ma Rulong. Ma Rulong was planning on using the Space for smuggling. Zhao Hai doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Back in the lower realms, he would use his Space to do business most of the time, but he doesn’t need to smuggle goods. This was because he was a noble, so he has the privilege to be exempt from tariffs. He didn’t expect that the Space would have to smuggle goods in the Machine Field.

Unlike Zhao Hai, the others immediately understood Ma Rulong’s words. They couldn’t help but stare before they reacted. Instantaneously, the look they gave Zhao Hai changed.

To be honest, the Cultivation Realm was truly rich in resources. They have a lot of things that they want to buy here, but they simply don’t have spirit stones to purchase with. Although these team leaders were quite rich in their respective families, most of them had their wealth in machine coins. They were no poorer than children here in the Cultivation Realm.

In the Machine Field, spirit stones were highly sought after goods. Therefore, it wasn’t regarded as currency. Moreover, great families would use their spirit stones to trade with the Cultivation Realm most of the time. These stones don’t circulate in the Machine Field. It was just like having foreign currency reserves of a certain country. They would only use it to transact with that country and never with their own people.

So even if these team leaders wanted something in the Cultivation Realm, they couldn’t afford it. But if Zhao Hai does indeed have the ability to go to the Cultivation Realm without going through transmission formations, then they can definitely ask Zhao Hai to help them buy some things and pay him in machine coins, or other precious goods. It can be said that Zhao Hai was now a highly sought after smuggler in their eyes.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone’s expressions and knew what they were thinking. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he looked at Ma Rulong and said, “Team Leader, rest assured. As long as the Machine Field is in need, I’ll do my best to help. Since Zheng Li is now a close friend, then I can ask his help to deal with this matter.”

Ma Rulong couldn’t help but increase his evaluation of Zhao Hai upon hearing this. He befriended Zheng Li before this, so it was actually for this purpose.

At this moment, there was a loud noise coming from outside. Ma Rulong stared, then he stood up and looked out. There were a lot of Mages and Warriors that came to visit. These people just came to see how Zhao Hai deals with the other realms, and Zhao Hai didn’t disappoint them. He killed Jiang Tian, which made them very excited for the events to come.

Seeing this situation, Ma Rulong knew what these people came for. To be honest, for these people to come here from the Machine Field meant that they weren’t low-ranking people. They were usually descendants of great families. Counting on these people to not visit after seeing the battle was almost impossible.

People from External Halls couldn’t go here. It’s difficult for them to use transmission formations, and even if they arrive at the Cultivation Realm, they wouldn’t have any spirit stones to pay for the transmission fee to go to the Void Arena. Therefore, Ma Rulong knew that those who were able to come to the Void Arena weren’t people that could be offended.

At this point, it doesn’t matter if Zhao Hai becomes the champion or not. He will surely rise up in the Machine Field. Most of these guys knew that establishing relationships early was very important. Also, Zhao Hai was used to these kinds of events.

Zhao Hai received these people with great enthusiasm and entertained them. If one were to look at it, Zhao Hai had the lowest status among everyone in this room. Moreover, he was the only Ascender present here, the others were natives of the Machine Field. If Zhao Hai wasn’t monstrously strong, then these people wouldn’t’ have wanted to be intimate with him. And the Ashley Family might not allow his marriage to Margaret.

However, now that Zhao Hai can defeat Cultivators and allow the Machine Field to release bad air, he became the realm’s poster child. It can be said that Zhao Hai had the qualifications to sit and chat with these people.

This doesn’t mean that there were no families in the Machine Field that was established by Ascenders. In fact, families established by Ascenders held quite some influence in the Machine Field.

Because of this, people approached Zhao Hai with the identification of being from a family established by an Ascender. They felt that their relationship with an Ascender will help with their interaction with Zhao Hai, especially since Zhao Hai was a very powerful Ascender.

A lot of people who visited Zhao Hai were from these families that were founded by Ascenders. But at this point they were already considered to be natives of the Machine Field. After all, these families had been around for a long time, with some of them having survived for dozens of generations. Naturally, their descendants were no different from the natives of the Machine Field.

Zhao Hai got along with these people very well. He did these kinds of gatherings many times in the lower realms. Rapport was slowly being made and everyone was delightedly chatting.

After talking and drinking for a while, Zhao Hai sent everyone off. But as these people left, they were already calling Zhao Hai brother. For most people, sentiment was easiest to make on the liquor table. Although it was only through some wine and dishes, they became friends immediately. Now, if these people wanted to handle some matters outside of their control, they could ask their other brothers for help. Compared to looking for strangers for help, this method was much easier.

When the visitors left, Zhao Hai immediately went back to his room and then entered the Space. Upon entering the villa, he immediately asked, “How is it?”

His words might sound senseless, but Laura actually knew what he was asking about. Zhao Hai released silver needles in order to spy on the other realms present in the Void Arena. Now Zhao Hai was asking Laura and the others about their findings.

Laura nodded and said, “The reaction is quite big. However, since the Spirit Realm, Sprites, and the Demons have nothing to do with us, their reaction isn’t as big as the Cultivation Realm and the Devil Realm. The Cultivators ordered their participants to give 120% of their effort when they meet you in the arena. Otherwise, they would be punished. One the other hand, the Devil Realm lost two participants today, so they’re now relying on Tu Mietan to advance. It seems like the Devil Realm has given Tu Mietan a powerful artifact to cope with you especially.”

Zhao Hai nodded, this response was within his expectations. It wasn’t a big deal if the Devil Realm took out one or two artifacts to deal with him. As for the Demon Realm, Sprite  Realm, and the Spirit Realm, their participants had been wiped out in the first round. Therefore, they don’t care much about the ongoing battles. But when they saw how powerful Zhao Hai was, they were also able to vent out some bad air.


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