BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1263


Chapter 1263 – I Can Come Back Later

Changes in terms(my bad): Demon Realm -> Devil Realm(Mo), Beast Realm -> Demon Realm(Yao), Elves -> Sprites, still reading forward to see if Spirit Race = Elves. No precise description given yet.

Foundation Establishment Cultivators have limits to how many magic artifacts they can simultaneously use, which was about three. And this was given that the three were only controlled. If one of them was being intensely utilized, then three was impossible.

Jiang Tian’s shield was being attacked by the stone golem while the armored giant was in front of him. Jiang Tian also didn’t dare to use his flying sword to stop that armored giant’s attack. His flying sword had already been damaged by the halberd. If he used the flying sword to block a few more times, then the flying sword would definitely be destroyed.

Upon thinking of this, Jiang Tian received his sword and rook out a ring-type magic artifact. The ring-type artifact defended his entire body. This way, Jiang Tian was able to retrieve his shield artifact. Then when the shield was taken away, he took out a sharp blade and attacked the armored giant. He also used the paper talismans in his hand. He threw them all towards the armored giant as though he was throwing away money.

However, Jiang Tian forgot that Zhao Hai can still release more magic. Therefore, as Jiang Tian was preoccupied by the stone golem and the armored giant, Zhao Hai released another 1000-layer formation. When this formation appeared, a great wave of water came out before it formed into a water giant. Then the newcomer proceeded to attack Jiang TIan.

The methods of this water giant were very strange. It was like the transparent being that the Sprite used in the previous fight. The water giant’s attacks look very soft. However, everyone that was spectating the arena knew that this water giant wasn’t simple.

Jiang Tian also discovered the water giant. His expression was now difficult to look at. Then a fierce light flashed before his eyes as he bit his own tongue and took out some life essence blood. He sprayed his life essence blood on the blade in front of him. Upon being injected by the life essence blood, the blade changed trajectory as it bypassed the armored giant and the water giant to attack Zhao Hai directly.

But at the same time, Jiang Tian’s move caused his ring-shaped defensive artifact to fall. If this attack doesn’t have any effect on Zhao Hai, then Jiang Tian would lose.

Zhao Hai saw Jiang Tian’s approach and couldn’t help but frown. Jiang Tian was actually going all out. Zhao Hai knew clearly how important life essence blood was to Cultivators. Losing life essence blood was a great disadvantage. This would make a Cultivators future path more difficult.

And this consequence was much more significant to a Foundation Establishment Cultivator. It can be said that Jiang Tian was sacrificing his future development with his current action. Cultivators would only use their life essence blood during extremely dangerous situations where life and death was decided in a blink of an eye. 

However, this was the ranking tournament of the Six Realms Beginner Competition. This wasn’t a life and death battle. As long as Jiang Tian admits defeat, then Zhao Hai would stop his attacks. But instead of admitting defeat, Jiang Tian used his life essence blood to attack. No matter what angle one looks at, Jiang Tian was having desperate thoughts.

Zhao Hai knew that he now had a heavy enmity with Jiang Tian. Even if he defeated Jiang Tian, then this battle would still affect Jiang Tian’s cultivation. Affecting a Cultivator’s cultivation was akin to endangering their lives. Jiang Tian had sown enmity that cannot be resolved.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted. Since this was an irresolvable enmity, then there’s no need to solve it. There’s only one good way to deal with such enemies, kill them! When he thought of this, Zhao Hai stretched forward and pointed out.

This was an attacking method that was from the tempering fist technique. It wasn’t at full power, but its strength was still very great. Jiang Tian wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

Zhao Hai’s finger crashed through Jiang Tian’s blade and immediately turned it into ash. Then the attack proceeded towards the ring-type artifact. Jiang Tian’s ring-type artifact screeched before it broke. Then seemingly unaffected by everything it passed through before, Zhao Hai’s finger attack hit Jiang Tian’s body. Jiang Tian’s body shook before it fell to the ground, shock was evident in his eyes.

Jiang Tian died expecting Zhao Hai to spare his life. He expected Zhao Hai to not have the guts to kill him in public. He used his life essence blood to attack just to see if it succeeds. If it didn’t then he was prepared to admit defeat. However, he didn’t expect that he wouldn’t given the opportunity to surrender.

There was no rule in the Void Arena that disallowed killing. In the past, when people from the Cultivation Realm dominated the top 100, they rarely battled to death in the arena. And if someone died, it would always be Cultivators killing people from the other realms.

But today’s situation where Zhao Hai killed a Cultivator in front of the crowd never happened before. Even the people from the other realms didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have the courage to do so. Although they weren’t from the Cultivation Realm, they knew that Cultivators were able to kill people from the other realms because they had many methods and were rich in resources.

However, Zhao Hai actually did kill someone on the void arena. He looked at Jiang Tian’s body and then waved his hand, covering it with black gas. Then when the black gas vanished, Jiang Tian’s corpse vanished as well.

Those in the scene weren’t amateurs. Seeing Zhao Hai’s action, they knew that Zhao Hai turned Jiang Tian into the Undead. In other words, Jiang Tian was now Zhao Hai’s Undead.


An uproar was heard from all around the arena. Nobody thought that Zhao Hai would be so rampant. Not only did he kill a Cultivator, he also turned him into an Undead in front of all the other Cultivators. Wasn’t this slapping the Cultivation Realm in the face?

Sure enough, just as Zhao Hai received Jiang Tian, a voice was heard, “So brave, Zhao Hai. You dared to kill Jiang Tian!” Then with his voice, sword energy came slashing towards Zhao Hai. This sword energy was similar to the sword energy emitted by the two jade talismans used by Jiang Tian. It was sword energy that had Core Formation strength. The speed of this attack was very fast and its aura was also quite strong.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted, then he pointed his finger and dispelled the sword energy. Then he turned at the Cultivator and said, “The Void Arena is a place of competition and life and death battles. Since he’s too weak to stop my attack, then he deserves to die. If I wasn’t skilled enough and was killed by other people, would you protest? If you want to complain, then come here and let’s fight!” Zhao Hai’s eyes were looking straight towards the Cultivator that sent the sword energy.

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Cultivator couldn’t help but coldy snort as he said, “Extremely arrogant. You just won a few fights and now you think highly of yourself. But since it’s the day of the tournament, I’ll let you off. I’ll certainly ask you for advice on another day.”

Zhao Hai just sneered. Then he flew towards the Machine Field’s stands and then returned to his seat.

Zhao Hai’s attitude made the other realms see how domineering he actually was. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this formidable.

However, people were quick to analyze what just happened. Zhao Hai didn’t intend to kill Jiang Tian. He has been using magic to fight, it was clear that he had to intention of murder. Otherwise, he would have easily murdered Jiang Tian.

Jiang Tian going all out and using his life essence blood to attack Zhao Hai was clearly the reason why Zhao Hai was angry, and chose to go for the kill. Those who were discerning could understand Zhao Hai’s decision. But nevertheless, they were surprised by the method he used.

There were very few people who challenged the dignity of the Cultivation Realm in front of the Cultivators. The other realms had learned to endure. But if they cannot bear the insults, then they would go for the kill. But they would make sure that the Cultivators don’t find out about the killer.

Zhao Hai was the first to kill a Cultivator in public in several years. However, the people from the other realms calmed down when they remembered that Zhao Hai had already done this before.

Now that they think about it, Zhao Hai had done this act a lot of times before. His killing of Li Chuchen was semi-public, the same was true for his eradication of the five participants from the Three Mountains Alliance. Then there was his victory against Helian Da. But of those who he publicly killed, Helian Da had the greatest weight to his status. Jiang Tian was a rookie, while Helian Da was an Elder of the Three Mountains Alliance. Zhao Hai dared to kill Helian Da, so his actions today shouldn’t be a surprise.

When Zhao Hai returned to his seat, he could feel the piercing looks directed at him. However, he didn’t care as he sat down and then closed his eyes.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s reaction, Ma Rulong couldn’t help but smile bitterly. However, much of it was because of appreciation. If this wasn’t the Cultivation Realm, then he would have loudly yelled with glee. Unfortunately, he can’t do it now. Ma Rulong also clearly knew that the people from the Cultivation Realm couldn’t be reasoned with. So even if Zhao Hai wanted to keep low-key, he has no choice but to act domineering. And since the Cultivators present couldn’t defeat Zhao Hai, they can only behave.

People who came from the Machine Field were also looking at Zhao Hai. They heard about Zhao Hai’s exploits in the Cultivation Realm back when they were still in the Machine Field. At that time, they were able to vent bad air. Zhao Hai’s strength caused them to secretly applaud him. Just like Ma Rulong, they couldn’t really cheer loudly.

But since things needed to proceed, the battles continued. Before long, the day ended and a total of 48 people would proceed to the next round. It was also time for Zhao Hai and the others to rest.

When the Machine Field returned to their residence, Ma Rulong and the others immediately went to Zhao Hai’s room. To be honest, Zhao Hai’s room wasn’t large. With so many people coming over, it made the room very crowded.

Seeing Ma Rulong and the others, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “What’s the matter? Why is everyone here? Do you want to drink?”

Ma Rulong smiled bitterly and said, “Little Hai, how can anyone have any mood to drink? You really shouldn’t have killed Jiang Tian. This is like slapping the face of the Cultivation Realm. The Cultivators will never let you off.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Not let me off? To be honest, I’m not really afraid.”

Seeing Zhao Hai’s indifferent reaction, Ma Rulong sighed and said, “Little Hai, you think too simply. With your current strength, even if you can act freely in the Cultivation Realm now, you still shouldn’t offend the Cultivators. After all, you still need to use transmission formations in order to return to the Machine Field. If you slap their faces too hard, then those fellows will find ways to deal with you. Things like redirecting the location of a transmission formation. Or even sending you to a dangerous region. Such things have been done before in the World of Cultivation. A lot of experts went missing because of this.”

Upon hearing this, ZHao Hai stared, then he said, “Such things happen? Really? I didn’t think about that. But Team Leader can rest assured. I’ll be fine. Don’t forget that I can use space magic. If I really want to return to the Machine FIeld, then I can do it alone as long as I prepare.”

Ma Rulong gawked when he heard Zhao Hai. Then his eyes shone as he said, “Little Hai, are you telling the truth? You don’t need the Cultivation Realm’s transmission formation to return to the Machine Field? So does this mean that you didn’t need to use the transmission formation when we came here?”

Zhao Hai looked at Ma Rulong and then said, “No, I can’t do it before. Since I don’t have the Cultivation Realm’s coordinates, I can’t come here directly from the Machine Field. But now that I’m here and I have coordinates, I can enter and exit the Cultivation Realm on my own through my magic.”

Ma Rulong’s eyes turned brighter, then he said, “In other words, as long as you have gone to a place, then you can use space magic to go there? No matter the distance?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Yes, but of course the difficulty varies. The farther the distance, the more preparation I would need. Moreover, the consumption of spiritual qi increases with distance. If I want to conduct long distance transmission, then I would consume a lot of energy. If I transport more people, the consumption will increase as well.”

Ma Rulong nodded. He felt that this made sense. If Zhao Hai doesn’t pay any price to go anywhere, then it would be totally unrealistic. However, Ma Rulong didn’t know that this unrealistic thing was in fact realistic.

Ma Rulong turned his head to everyone and said, “Everyone, you need to keep what you hear as a secret. Don’t mention it to anyone else. People with abilities like Little Hai are really important to the Machine Field. If the Cultivators know about it, then it would cause great trouble to Little Hai. Understood?”


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