BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1262


Chapter 1262 – Zhao Hai vs Jiang Tian

Changes in terms(my bad): Demon Realm -> Devil Realm(Mo), Beast Realm -> Demon Realm(Yao), Elves -> Sprites, still reading forward to see if Spirit Race = Elves. No precise description given yet.

The two sides were intensely clashing. This wasn’t a spar like previous battles, this was a real fight.

In the end, the Cultivator gained the upper hand and defeated the Sprite. But in order to win, the Cultivator had to go all out. From Zhao Hai’s calculation, the Cultivator used more than 300 paper talismans as well as about 20 jade talismans. And also, he used a single-use jade charm.

Zhao Hai was now certain that the Cultivators had united and had supplied their participants with rich resources to defeat the other realms. They fully intend on suppressing the others.

At this time, the 11th pair was drawn. When the pairing was revealed, everyone couldn’t help but pause. This was because the two that had been drawn were Zhao Hai and Jiang Tian!

The reason why people were stunned was because Zhao Hai’s appearance was dreaded by the Cultivators. Although Devil Realm’s Tu Mietan was strong, people don’t care much about him. In the end, Tu Mietan was still a Foundation Establishment Cultivator. On the other hand, Zhao Hai was able to kill a Core Formation expert, such difference was very clear.

Zhao Hai didn’t have much of a reaction upon seeing his name. He just smiled and flew towards the arena. As he was flying, everyone’s gazes were focused on him. This also made Jiang Tian feel uncomfortable as he flew towards the arena.

Jiang Tian was a son of heaven. He was a genius from the lower realms. After he ascended, he became even more focused on cultivating. Because of this, Jiang Tian was very proud. Besides some people, he wouldn’t pay attention to anyone.

Although Zhao Hai’s legendary exploits have been flooding his ears recently, Jiang Tan wasn’t convinced that Zhao Hai was invincible. His weapons and items had been supplemented and replaced, which made him even more confident. He wants to let everyone know that he was still a genius and the most talented among every participant present.

This arrogant mentality can’t be developed in just one day. Jiang Tian received compliments from everyone ever since he was a child. Because of this, he gradually formed this arrogance. And it would be difficult to get rid of it.

Zhao Hai slowly fell on the arena. He really didn’t expect to face Jiang Tian in his first battle. Jiang Tian was one of the powerful young experts of the Cultivation Realm. But since Zhao Hai has seen the recording of Jiang Tian analyzing what happened to Mu Dan in the underground caves, Zhao Hai was certain that he was an arrogant person. He was far from Suo Liancheng’s attitude.

Jiang Tian and Zhao Hai stepped on the arena at almost the same time. Jiang Tian looked at Zhao Hai’s ordinary face and couldn’t help but snort coldly, then he said, “Zhao Hai, you’ve been quite famous recently. I just don’t know if you really are that strong.”

Zhao Hai heard Jiang Tian and just smiled faintly as he said, “Am I strong? Mister Jiang will soon know about that. Is Mister Jiang ready to begin?”

Jiang Tian sneered, “I wanted to give you more time to live. But since you can’t wait, then die!” After he said that, a flying sword appeared in his hand. Then he commanded it to attack Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t take Liquid Silver out. Instead he waved his hand and caused a 100-layer formation to appear. Then an arrow rain burst out to meet the sword.

Jiang Tian took out a shield-shaped artifact and used it to block in front of him while his sword attacked Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai waved his hand and then a 200-layer formation appeared that became a big shield.

Zhao Hai didn’t use Liquid Silver nor did he use his fist techniques. He was using formations to  fight Jiang Tian. Even so, Jiang Tian still felt that Zhao Hai’s actions were very strong. At this point, he had already used five magic artifacts while Zhao Hai was still fighting barehanded. Such contrast caused Jiang Tian to feel uncomfortable.

Jiang Tian thought himself to be heaven’s favored son. Besides a few people like Suo Liancheng, nobody was his opponent. However, Zhao Hai’s appearance caused him to understand what a monster really was.

People had mixed feelings as they looked at the arena below. Everyone can see that Jiang Tian was doing his best. With Jiang Tian’s present strength as well as the quality of artifacts that he took out, most Foundation Establishment experts would have no chance against him. However, he was being held back by Zhao Hai who was unarmed. This only shows how formidable Zhao Hai really was.

At this time, Zhao Hai felt that it was time to stop playing around. He waved his hand as a 1000-layer formation appeared in front of him. Then when the formation activated, a huge fire dragon burst out and threw itself towards Jiang Tian.

Jiang Tian could feel the powerful aura of the fire dragon. He couldn’t help but be shocked. Then he retrieved his flying sword and at the same time he took out a shield-shaped magic artifact. There were also two jade talismans in his hand, but he had yet to use them.

The fire dragon swung its claws and bit its teeth towards Jiang Tian. And while Jiang Tian was focused on the dragon, a huge stone golem appeared behind him. As soon as the golem appeared, it gave out a punch towards Jiang Tian.

While he was under his shield, Jiang Tian suddenly felt danger coming from his back. He immediately blocked the golem’s fist. However, this caused the shield to be occupied defending the back. The fire dragon used this opportunity to charge forwards.

The unexpected attack caught Jiang Tian off-guard. The moment he was able to respond, the fire dragon was already in front of him.

Jiang Tian grunted, then he shattered the jade talisman in his hand. As soon as the jade talisman was shattered, sword energy immediately spread out and cut the fire dragon. The fire dragon cried out pitifully before it and the sword energy vanished.

However, the fire dragon’s actions caused the spectators to stare. They knew that the fire dragon was made from magic, not a true lifeform. So why did the fire dragon cry out when it was cut? Wasn’t this too strange?

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai felt that the sword energy released by the talisman had Core Formation-level strength. No wonder it could cut a 1000-layer formation fire dragon.

But Zhao Hai wasn’t startled by this result. Instead he waved his hands once more as another 1000-layer formation appeared. This formation set formed into a humanoid being. This humanoid being wore golden full-body armor. In its hand was a double crescent halberd. The humanoid being was the same color as iron and it towered at ten feet tall. When it appeared, it immediately attacked Jiang Tian with its halberd.[1]

Jiang Tian didn’t expect Zhao Hai to release such strange magic. However, he knew that he had to prepare. Paper talismans appeared in his hand. And with a wave, he sent the talismans towards the armored giant. At the same time, he controlled his flying sword to enlarge and attack. 

If it was any other event, Jiang Tian’s methods would have earned him the appreciation of the spectators. After all, being able to swifty use magic artifacts, charms, and talismans was something noteworthy for a Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

Jiang Tian’s paper talismans erupted into lightning and struck the armored giant. However, it seems like the armored giant didn’t feel it as it continued to go forward to attack Jiang Tian. At this time, Jiang Tian’s flying sword enlarged itself to about ten meters long. Then it went overhead in order to cut the armored giant.

But at this moment, the golden armored giant raised its halberd and struck Jiang Tian’s sword. A loud sound was heard before the sword was thrown outwards. Jiang Tian’s face was pale. If one were to look closely, then they would discover that Jiang Tian’s sword had a chip that was the size of a grain of rice.

Jiang Tian’s sword wasn’t just an ordinary sword where a small chip can be fixed by a few hammering and polish. This flying sword was a precious treasure. Damage done to it would make the sword’s ability plummet. And at the same time, the backlash caused Jiang Tian to be injured.

However, this wasn’t the end. The golden giant didn’t care that Jiang Tian was injured. It raised its halberd once more as it smashed it downwards.

Jiang Tian’s facial color changed. His face showed grief as he crushed another jade talisman. Then sword energy was released once more to cut the armored giant. Naturally, its might was equal to a Core Formation Expert’s attack.

The armored giant probably felt danger coming since it changed the trajectory of its halberd to block the attack. But a small click was heard as the sword energy cut the giant’s halberd. Then the sword energy pierced towards the body of the armored giant. After a crunching sound, the sword energy went through the body of the giant, leaving behind a massive hole. Then the sword energy hit Zhao Hai’s shield before disappearing.

Seeing the wound on the armored giant’s body, Jiang Tian began to feel relief. Then his eyes sharpened as he took advantage of the opening to execute his sword art to attack Zhao Hai. Although his flying sword was damaged, it could still be used.

But at this moment, Jiang Tian’s face changed color as he quickly took back his flying sword. This was because he discovered that even if the armored giant had been injured, it wasn’t a living creature. Therefore, it didn’t die from the wound. And instead of blood, particles were flowing down from its wound before restoring the giant’s body. At the same time, its halberd has been repaired to its original form. This change caused Jiang Tian to be startled.

Jiang Tian really wished that he could use his shield to protect himself at this time. However, the stone golem was still attacking the shield. This left Jiang Tian with no way to deal with the armored giant in front of him. 



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