BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1261


Chapter 1261 – Sprite vs Formation Seal Cultivator

Changes in terms(my bad): Demon Realm -> Devil Realm(Mo), Beast Realm -> Demon Realm(Yao), Elves -> Sprites, still reading forward to see if Spirit Race = Elves. No precise description given yet.

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Ma Rulong frowned and said, “So I’m right. If this is the case, then a Sect will certainly lose out. One of them will lose and they will have a lower ranking in the tournament. Isn’t that bad for them?”

Zhao Hai sneered and said, “Not necessarily. As long as they reach an agreement, these Sects can divide the spoils among themselves. This is so that they can suppress the other realms to the bottom of the rankings. In the end, wouldn’t they still benefit?”

Ma Rulong stayed quiet. This was because he knew that Zhao Hai was right. Cultivators normally fought with each other, but when faced with the other realms, they would unite.

At this time, the two people in the arena had finished their spar. The loser was defeated by just a small margin. The person who lost had a sad expression while glee was seen on the face of the winner. No magic artifacts were sent out, nor were there any pills used. There weren’t even paper talismans or other consumable items. The battle was as simple as it can be.

It was at this time that everyone else had the same idea as Ma Rulong – these Cultivators were just acting out a play. The other realms couldn’t help but get angry, but they couldn’t do anything since the Cultivation Realm didn’t break any rules. In fact, even if the Cultivators don’t act and one of them just forfeited, it would still be fine. This play was done just to give others face.

Many people couldn’t help but curse deep inside. However, they didn’t protest since they knew that it was useless. In their eyes, what the Cultivators were doing was much more shameless than the withdrawal of the Machine Field’s participants.

The people from the other realms initially thought that it was the Machine Field that was being shameless. Besides Zhao Hai, the other five participants didn’t have any intention to fight at all. They were able to get a lot of bugs because Zhao Hai gave it to them. And after they got on the top rankings, they forfeited immediately. Although they only got the final five places, there were still rich rewards waiting for them. Also, these rewards were pre-arranged before the competition began so nobody can change it. These rewards were rich enough to live luxuriously. And because they couldn’t say anything about the Machine Field’s action, they see them as shameless.

However, the Machine Field didn’t violate any rule. The insects were obtained by them from the bugs underground. They followed everything. Moreover, the elimination round allowed teaming up and the division of spoils. 

The Cultivation Realm and the Machine Field exploited the loopholes in the competition’s rules. Nobody could say anything and they just had to accept it.

At this time, the drawing of the second battle had ended. The participants were still Cultivators. And after the two put up a small fight, they left the arena. They merely made a few moves.

This went on until the tenth battle. This was where a true battle will happen. One side was a Cultivator while the other was a Sprite.

Sprites in the World of Cultivation were different compared to Elves in the lower realms. Once Elves in the lower realms ascend, they can at most look like someone from the Spirit Realm. The World of Cultivation’s Sprites weren’t humanoid. Instead they were their own special race. They resembled Cai’er and were no taller than a person’s arm. They had winged backs and were very small. Each one of them looked like dolls.[1]

However, if you treat them like dolls, then you will suffer immensely. These people weren’t dolls, they were gods of slaughter.

Sprite attacks had their own special characteristics. They can communicate with a lot of things and use them to attack. This was also the origin of the name Sprites.[2]

The Sprites’ ability to communicate didn’t only limit them to living things, this also includes the air, rocks, and all visible and invisible things.

This was an inherent skill of the Sprites that no other race had. However, since they also control ascending points, all Ascenders in the Sprite Realm can be part of the Sprite Race. Although their cultivation method is different from Sprites in the lower realms, as long as they were the same race, they all had this skill.[3]

Although it might seem like other races have the same skill as the Sprites, like humans that can control metal, this metal manipulation was on a very ordinary level.

The skill of the Sprites is much more powerful than simple metal manipulation. Not only could they manipulate metal, they could breathe life into it. They can also instill intelligence on the material. This was what made the Sprites terrifying.

Zhao Hai was already aware of the Sprite Race’s abilities even before seeing one of them. However, he has yet to see one fight. Their battle style would certainly enlarge his insight.

When the Sprite  and the Cultivator got on the arena, they gave each other a salute. Then the two didn’t speak. Zhao Hai then saw the Sprite waving its hand as a transparent humanoid appeared in front of it.

Right, it was transparent, completely clear. Only through spiritual force could this humanoid’s presence be felt. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see it.

Zhao Hai stared for a moment. This was because he could feel the invisible being absorbing the surrounding energy. And within a very short time, the invisible being was able to reach Foundation Establishment-level strength. Then it slowly stopped absorbing energy.

This was the first time that Zhao Hai was able to see a technique like this. It’s quite strange. It was one of those odd things that made Zhao Hai curious. Now, he wants to see how strong this being was during a fight.

On the other hand, the Cultivator took out his items. What Zhao Hai felt strange was the items that the Cultivator took out were jade charms.

Right, jade charms, a complete set of 9 jade charms. One big charm and eight small ones. The Cultivator held the big jade charm in his hand while the other eight were rotating around it.

It didn’t take long before the two sides began fighting. Zhao Hai was now aware of the strength of the invisible being. This being was actually able to control an invisible type of energy akin to air but not really air. Moreover, not only could this invisible being control energy, it can also turn it into various shapes to attack its enemy. In this regard, it was akin to Zhao Hai’s Liquid Silver.

At the same time, the jade charms of the Cultivator were clearly not ordinary. The eight smaller charms contain eight different kinds of energy. These energies were respectively, heaven, ground, fire, thunder, wind, water, mountain, lake.

On the other hand, the large jade charm operates the other eight. This was the center of the eight charms forming the eight trigrams. In the middle was the Cultivator that controlled them all.

Seeing the Cultivator’s methods, Zhao Hai understood that this was a Formation Seal Cultivator. He should have come from the Cultivation Realm’s Sealing School.

The Sealing School had the same uniqueness as Sword Schools. They were a special school in the Cultivation Realm. Sword Cultivators treat the sword as their life partner and specially nurture it to grow. There might be some special Sects that might have other means to use a sword, but they were swords nonetheless.

As for the Sealing School, just like its name suggests, specialize in seals. They make sealing talismans and then use them as weapons. They take sealing talismans as their specialty, it’s the area in which the Sect researched much of.

Among these Sealing Schools were special kinds of people. These were Formation Seal Cultivators. These Cultivators specialize in making formation charms first and talismans second. They assemble formations into their charms in order to fight their enemy. The combination of the sealing charms and formations makes them strong in the battlefield.

There was a fierce struggle between two evenly matched opponents. Both sides were formidable in their own right. Zhao Hai discovered that the Sprite was still somewhat controlling the invisible being after summoning it. Although the being had some sort of wisdom, it was still the Sprite’s weapon. It was just like artifact spirits of Cultivators.

Moreover, Zhao Hai could see that Sprites were a difficult race to deal with. Their attacks also have special characteristics. Besides the Sprite’s transparent summon, once in a while two stone golems would come out and attack the Cultivator. These stone golems were also quite strong. This fighting style expanded Zhao Hai’s vision once more.

It was at this point that Zhao Hai discovered that no race in the World of Cultivation was easy to deal with. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to keep their own territories. This explains why Cultivators were still wary of them.

The Formation Seal Cultivator’s methods were also uncommon. Besides the eight trigrams jade charm, he also had a lot of magical artifacts in use. Naturally, the majority of it were jade charms while some were talismans. Moreover, each item had great might.

After seeing the Formation Seal Cultivator making moves, Zhao Hai began to have some general understanding about their methods. These charms weren’t consumable goods, instead only low-level talismans were single-use. Higher-level talismans and charms require high-level materials to be used. Single-use talismans that were powerful were very rare.

At the same time, Zhao Hai could also see into the methods of the Sprites. Although they can communicate to all kinds of things, they should also have their own attributes. They will choose to communicate with the things that were compatible with them. They would inject wisdom into that certain thing and then cultivate them. It was just like how a Cultivator grows his Life Source Weapon. Instead of themselves, the Sprites Cultivate their summons or familiars. It was just like how Zhao Hai strengthens his Undead. It was just that the methods of the Sprites were much more powerful.

  1. The two have the same characters 精灵 but it’s evident that they weren’t the same. So I separated the two into Elves and Sprites.
  2. Elves here are two characters 精灵(Jīnglíng) meaning fine, refined, or smart spirit
  3. I think this refers to Elves with the same form


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