BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1259


Chapter 1259 – Void Arena

When Ma Rulong heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but look him in the eyes. Then after some time, he sighed and said, “Alright, I’ll take care of it. Don’t make me lose face.”

Zhao Hai smiled and didn’t say anything. At this time, the group arrived at the transmission formation. Although the formation was managed by someone from the Seamount Faction, they didn’t dare provoke Zhao Hai’s group. They had decided to not mess with Zhao Hai anymore.

When the group stepped on the transmission formation, a white light flashed before they disappeared. Seeing the group vanish, people in Seamount City began to hum in discussion. It was because of Zhao Hai that they didn’t dare make a sound.

If someone were to tell them that they would be frightened of the Machine Field’s people before this, then they would laugh at it as though it was a joke. But now, they were even too scared to talk. This was because of how the Cultivation Realm had been looking down on the Machine Field.

However, after Zhao Hai arrived, the people from the Cultivation Realm began to understand that there were some people from the Machine Field that they couldn’t annoy.

A white light flashed as Zhao Hai and the others appeared on a huge slab of asteroid. Just as they appeared, a voice greeted them, “So it’s the Machine Field. Please take a rest.”

Zhao Hai and the others looked at the direction of the voice and saw a Cultivator standing not far away from them. Also, they actually know of this person. It was the person who was sent to Seamount City to calculate the points.

Fan Yi was a member of the Six Realm Beginner’s Competition’s committee. He was specifically responsible for receiving visitors and team leaders this time. Naturally, it’s possible for him to be there when the Machine Field arrived.

Ma Rulong held his fist and said, “Thank you for the trouble.” Then he followed Fan Yi to where they would be resting.

The asteroid that they were in wasn’t very big. It also had a transmission formation that would lead them to a larger asteroid not too far away. On this larger asteroid was a house. However, this house wasn’t built but instead it was carved.

The shape of this asteroid was originally an irregular oval. But now, the upper half of this asteroid was carved into the appearance of a house. 

Looking at this house, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile as he said, “This place is very good. I expected us to live in a cave, I didn’t think that it would be a house. Powerful experts of the Cultivation Realm are truly formidable. Such a huge asteroid was actually carved into this structure. It’s extraordinary.”

Fan Yi interjected with pride, “Mister Zhao Hai, actually, this region was filled with smaller asteroids. Because of those small asteroids, this region was filled with danger. These asteroids would hit larger asteroids, creating more asteroids. Later on, after the Void Arena was made, all those small asteroids had been cleared. The surrounding gravity had been changed as well to ensure that no asteroids collide.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Putting it into perspective, the power of the Cultivation Realm’s top experts is really admirable. Just a few moves from them greatly improved our lives.”

Fan Yi didn’t boast this time, instead he smiled and said, “Mister Zhao Hai got first place in the current ranking and has the strength to face a silverback gold-winged but alone. You can already be considered as a powerful expert in the Cultivation Realm. If Mister comes to the Cultivation Realm, you can already establish your own school.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “This Zhao Hai doesn’t have such huge ambitions. Open a sect and establish a school? Hehe. A lot of Cultivators see me as an enemy. If I really moved here, I’m afraid I’ll be killed before establishing a school.”

Although Ma Rulong didn’t interrupt Fan Yi and Zhao Hai’s conversation, he was actually nervous. When he heard that Zhao Hai admired the skills of the Cultivators, Ma Rulong became nervous for a moment. Zhao Hai had been in the Machine Field for less than a year. If it weren’t for Margaret, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t have anything tying himself to the Machine Field. If we moved to the Cultivation Realm, then the Machine Field would be losing a lot. 

However, Zhao Hai’s next words reassured Ma Rulong. It was impossible for Zhao Hai to move to the Cultivation Realm, Ma Rulong was certain of it.

As long as Zhao Hai doesn’t move to the Cultivation Realm, everything else would be a breeze. Ma Rulong had this mentality because Zhao Hai was just too powerful. He could kill Core Formation Experts, much less those weaker.

With Zhao Hai present, the practitioners in the Machine Field would have hope. If Zhao Hai really moved to the Cultivation Realm, then the spiritual impact to the Machine Field would be huge. Although Ma Rulong had been in the Cultivation Realm all this time and had limited understanding about the current state of the Machine Field, he knew that Zhao Hai’s reputation in the realm had reached an unprecedented height. There were now a lot of young people who look up to Zhao Hai as their idol.

If Zhao Hai were to suddenly join the Cultivation Realm, then it would be a huge shock to External Halls of the Machine Field. This would make people think that the Machine Field had no future for them. Once that happens, then people from External Halls might move to the Cultivation Realm as well. This would spell disaster for the Machine Field.

Whether Ma Rulong wanted it to be or not, but Zhao Hai was now the banner of the Machine Field. This young man had a huge influence on the youth of the Machine Field.

This particular house was prepared for the Machine Field. People from the other realms had their own places arranged for them. So after leading Zhao Hai’s group here, Fan Yi left.

To be honest, the decorations of the house wasn’t very good. It can even be said to be simple, very true to the style of the Cultivation Realm. In the Cultivation Realm, gorgeous houses were almost nonexistent. This was because beautiful houses would make people distracted. And being distracted was the last thing that a Cultivator wanted.

On the other hand, Cultivators would build their houses on geographically beautiful places. This was also one of the obsessions of the Cultivators.

After picking a room, Zhao Hai entered it and looked at its interior. There really wasn’t anything great inside. The room was very simple. It only had a table, a chair, and a few ornaments. The lack of aesthetics would make people speechless.

Zhao Hai went out of his room and then stood on the roof to look at the surroundings of the asteroid. Around the asteroid were other asteroids. However, these asteroids seem to have their own trajectory that didn’t interfere with others. Moreover, on these asteroids, Zhao Hai could see that houses were being carved out. There were even some where rows of seats were carved. It seems to be made for spectators.

And in the center of these asteroids was a very large asteroid. This asteroid was enormous. It can even be classified as a small planet. However, this asteroid wasn’t a complete sphere, only half of one. This was because this asteroid’s top part was cut cleanly and turned into a platform, this asteroid was the Void Arena.

At this time, Ma Rulong walked besides Zhao Hai. He looked at the Void Arena and said, “I heard that the Void Arena is formed by a single sword from a Sword Cultivator. Such strength can only be reached by a salvo from a battleship fleet.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Right. The Cultivation Realm is indeed very powerful. Especially their use of magic artifacts, which is beyond the Machine Field’s technology. I think we should study the Cultivation Realm’s formations and use them in our battleships.”

Ma Rulong nodded and said, “A lot of people wanted to do that. But unfortunately, after Senior Leng Wuyeng’s matter, the Cultivation Realm had increased their pressure on the Machine Field. If they discover one of us studying their formations and manage to escape back to the Machine Field, the Cultivators would do all they can to chase them down. Therefore, until now, we don’t have much information about the Cultivation Realm’s formations. Additionally, the Machine Field has too few high-level materials. So even if we use the Cultivation Realm’s formations, we still wouldn’t be able to match the Cultivators. So even if we can use the Cultivation Realm’s formations, some still opt to use magic formations. Because of this, people drifted away from using the Cultivation Realm’s formations and instead just used them as reference to improve magic formations.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That can be a good thing. What’s good for others isn’t necessarily good for us. Only those that suit us matter. We can just take all of what’s good about other methods and discard the rest. With this, the Machine Field can slowly develop.”

Ma Rulong nodded. Although his face had no expression, his heart was actually glad. This was because Zhao Hai was speaking about the Machine Field as though he belonged to it. This meant that he regarded himself as a person of the realm. For Ma Rulong this was very good news.

Zhao Hai continued, “However, I don’t agree with the attitude of the Higher-ups. They seem to think that the practitioners of the Machine Field are inferior compared to the other realms. Therefore, their attitude towards us is neither cold nor hot. From what I can see, the Machine Field has the strength to compete with the other realms ever since it was formed. However, the realm’s higher-ups are always focused on mechs and battleships, ignoring our Mages and Warriors.”

Ma Rulong looked at Zhao Hai but didn’t say anything. Zhao Hai looked at Ma Rulong and said, “I reckon it’s because mechs and battleships are too tied up to a lot of people’s interests. Because of this interest, the higher-ups decided to suppress Mages and Warriors. After all, who wants to lose their benefits?”

Ma Rulong looked at Zhao Hai in a bit of shock. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to say these things. To be honest, Zhao Hai sounded like a Machine Field native. Immediately, Ma Rulong’s image of Zhao Hai blurred once more. It seems like another layer of fog was covering his true identity.


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