BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1258


Chapter 1258 – Core of the Formation

Time passed and five days went by in a blink of an eye. A lot of things happened in these five days. One of the most important things was the release of the top 100 rookies in the elimination round. And as expected, Zhao Hai and his brothers occupied the top 6 in the ranking.

Because of the rule of the Six Realms Beginner Competition, the results couldn’t be changed. Otherwise, not only the Machine Field, but the other realms would protest.

Once the list was released, it could no longer be changed. Even if someone quits now, it would only be counted as forfeiting. Then their names would be placed at the bottom. It was impossible for others to substitute them.

Because of this rule, once the official list went out, Xiong Li and the others forfeited immediately. The committee for the competition reviewed their request and accepted their withdrawal. Before the official matches even started, five people were already ranked at the bottom five of the leaderboard.

The only person from the Machine Field who didn’t forfeit was Zhao Hai. It was also impossible for Zhao Hai to quit. After all, he was planning to win the whole tournament. 

Regarding the Machine Field’s shameless approach, the other realms didn’t have any problem with it. On the other hand, what the Machine Field did was good for them. Everyone knew that the Machine Field’s people weren’t easy to deal with. It was said that it wasn’t only Zhao Hai who was a monster, the others were quite strong as well.

Now that five of the Machine Field’s participants had withdrawn, this meant that the weakest of the 100 were now bumped up by five places. This was good for the other realms.

At the same time, the Machine Field felt that this decision was acceptable. After all, being able to take place in the top 100 was already a historic accomplishment. In addition, Zhao Hai didn’t withdraw. They still had someone representing their realm in the competition. Therefore, the fact that Xiong Li and the others withdrew wasn’t much of a problem to them.

Compared to Xiong Li and the others’ forfeiture, the Machine Field paid more attention to another news, it was Zhao Hai’s killing of Helian Da.

Helian Da publicly declared his revenge on Zhao Hai. This was something that the entire Cultivation Realm was aware of. But Zhao Hai was currently living well, while Helian Da disappeared. Even an idiot would know that Helian Da has been destroyed by Zhao Hai.

This information was world-shaking for the Machine Field. Helian Da was an expert in the Core Formation stage. If Zhao Hai could easily deal with an expert like that, then how easy would it be for him to take the top spot in the competition?

This fact was also very significant for the Cultivation Realm. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be able to deal with Helian Da. Helian Da was a known Core Formation Expert. Even common Core Formation Experts would behave in front of him. But now, Zhao Hai eliminated him. In other words, it was impossible for Core Formation Experts to deal with Zhao Hai. So now, would they send a Nascent Soul Expert to deal with Zhao Hai? That is only if the Cultivation Realm had no concern about their face.

Zhao Hai was just a rookie!

This made the Cultivators feel awkward. Cultivators were very concerned about saving their face. Sending a Core Formation Expert to deal with Zhao Hai might be a little bit justified. But a Nascent Soul Expert? If they really use a Nascent Soul Expert, then they would be laughed at by the other realms.

Moreover, the Cultivators had yet to know about Zhao Hai’s real strength. If Zhao Hai really had the strength to fight a silverback gold-winged bug, then even if they send out a Nascent Soul Expert, then they might not even be able to deal with Zhao Hai. Because of this, the Cultivators were stuck on what to do.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai rarely appeared outside in the past few days since he was closing up. Ma Rulong had already accustomed to Zhao Hai’s habit of closing up. This time, he didn’t meet with Xiong Li and the others. He just approached Dongfang Yu for his Divine Fire Dragon Art and fire dragon sword technique. Other than that, he spent the entire time inside the Space.

What Zhao Hai practiced this time was mainly the manipulation of flying swords as well as using the various magic artifacts. He has Liquid Silver that can be turned into almost any mag artifact. This type of transforming ability would have great uses in later fights. Therefore, Zhao Hai wants to gain a small mastery of it.

Originally, Zhao Hai didn’t know much about magical artifacts. He had obtained some formations to control them before, but he was clueless about their specific applications. After all, he wasn’t a Cultivator and never learned any of this. Even if the Universal Scanner was very formidable, it cannot analyze unless there was sufficient data.

But now things were different. Not only did Zhao Have Li Chuchen, he also had Helian Da, a native of the Cultivation Realm. Helian Da was born in Jade Mountain under a Cultivator family. He has received a lot of education since at a very early stage. 

In fact, Zhao Hai was an elementary level Cultivator. He even has the best Cultivation Methods as well as knowledge about formations. What Zhao Hai needed right now was a good teacher to instruct him in how to fight like a Cultivator. And Helian Da was that good teacher.

In the last few days, Helian Da instructed Zhao Hai about the Cultivation Realm’s formations, how to use them, and their various applications. Then Cai’er had these methods analyzed by the scanner before handing it over to Zhao Hai. 

But since time was short, Zhao Hai was unable to study all of these things. However, since these things had been saved inside the Space, he would be able to use it all the time. This was Zhao Hai’s biggest advantage.

Besides these formations, after getting the fire dragon sword technique, Zhao Hai used the scanner to make him the most compatible sword technique.

To be precise, this cannot be regarded as a full set of sword techniques. Instead, it was a set of combinations of methods that could allow Liquid Silver to exhibit its maximum potential.

Zhao Hai was very optimistic about this method. He researched how to manipulate flying swords and found how unique they were. Although he took Liquid Silver out before and had it fly, opportunities to use it to attack the enemy was very few.

Now that he saw the methods to control flying swords, Zhao Hai has to recognize how formidable the Cultivation Realm was. The ease of use was incomparable. With this newfound ability, Zhao Hai’s ability to use Liquid Silver has increased significantly.

Actually, there were a lot of formation methods in the Cultivation Realms, and there were also a lot of formation methods to use in controlling flying swords. But the key to mastering control over flying swords and magic artifacts lie in their formation cores.

As long as Zhao Hai makes use of this formation core, he can use Liquid Silver like a flying sword. These formation cores apply differently to different weapons. Take the golden light sword, for example, because of the materials used being of the earth element, its formation core was tailored to benefit the earth element. Therefore, the sword was able to have increased attacking power and speed.

However, Zhao Hai doesn’t actually need to get a hold of so many formations. He only needed to grasp these formation cores and replace the others with the Machine Field’s magic formations. Moreover, its resulting might wasn’t any worse than the original.

Zhao Hai spent the past few days practicing how to control Liquid Silver with this new method. 

Naturally, since Liquid Silver was Zhao Hai’s life source weapon, it didn’t need a formation core to be operated. But now that it had a formation core, it seems like it had been installed with a small computer. It was now much easier for Zhao Hai to control it.

After days of uninterrupted practice, Zhao Hai was now able to control Liquid Silver as though it was an extension of his arm. This allowed Zhao Hai to add some more variations in his attacks. Liquid Silver was made with special materials and special methods. Even if it was placed in the Cultivation Realm, it can still be considered as a high-ranked weapon. These kinds of weapons would be treasured items in sects. But Zhao Hai has one currently in use.

It can be said that at this moment, Liquid Silver’s abilities were being displayed to their full potential. Zhao Hai’s attacks were now more comprehensive. In addition to his fist techniques, Zhao Hai now has Liquid Silver for offense. Moreover, Liquid Silver can use the Space to return to Zhao Hai’s side. This increases Zhao Hai fighting strength. Compared to before, it can be said that his strength has increased by close to a double.

Five days later, Zhao Hai headed out to attend the ranking tournament. At this time, Xiong Li and the others were also heading back to the Machine Field under Ma Rulong’s arrangements. Not only Xiong Li and the others, besides Zhao Hai and Ma Rulong, only ten team leaders were left. The rest of them had returned to the Machine Field.

Zhao Hai knew that Xiong Li and the others were going to study their newly acquired Cultivation Methods. This was also what he wanted to see. 

After going out, Zhao Hai went with Ma Rulong. What they needed to do right now was head to the transmission formation in order to go to the Void Arena.

When Zhao Hai and the rest of the Machine Field’s delegates headed out, they immediately attracted the attention of Seamount City’s Cultivators. They knew where Zhao Hai was headed, so their vision followed behind him. However, nobody dared to cause trouble. Those who dared to look for trouble were known to be killed.

Zhao Hai had already made several moves that caused everyone to know that he wasn’t polite to his enemies. He made it known that he wasn’t someone that could be offended.

While Ma Rulong and Zhao Hai headed to the transmission, they chatted with each other.

Zhao Hai looked at the Cultivators around them then looked at Ma Rulong and said, “Team Leader, Boss Xiong and the others, have they been sent back properly?”

Ma Rulong smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, they’re fine. I heard that after returning, they immediately closed up. They should be practicing right now. You don’t need to worry.”

Zhao Hao nodded. Then he said, “We already reached an agreement. After the competition ends, we’ll go to the Six Realms Battlefield to have a stroll. I really want to see how strong the experts of the other realms really are.”


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