BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1257


Chapter 1257 – I Am Proud

When Ma Rulong looked at the people dressed in Cultivator clothing, he discovered that they weren’t breathing. He couldn’t help but look at Zhao Hai and say, “Little Hai, are they dead?” Zhao Hai nodded and said, “They’re dead. They should be the people that sold the food and wine.” 

Ma Rulong nodded, then he turned his head to these people and said, “Are you the ones who put poison into our food?” The group of Undead simultaneously said, “Yes.”

Ma Rulong let out a long breath. Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, aren’t you worried that you’ll kill the wrong person?” 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “If I made a mistake, then I made a mistake.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Ma Rulong along with Xiong Li and the others sucked in a cold breath. Zhao Hai’s tone seemed like he didn’t treat human life seriously. They remembered that Zhao Hai was someone who killed a lot of people back in the lower realms. Killing a few people was no big deal to him.

Ma Rulong took deep breaths to calm himself down. Then he turned his head to the Undead Cultivators and said, “Where are you from?”

After which, some of the Undead replied, “We’re from the Three Mountains Alliance.” Ma Rulong expected this answer. Zhao Hai and the Three Mountains Alliance now had a big enmity. For the Alliance to retaliate was reasonable.

Then the other Undead replied, “We’re from Extreme Cold City.” This was also not unexpected. Zhao Hai wiped out Li Chuchen, leaving Extreme Cold City with no benefits to gain in the competition. It was natural for them to hate Zhao Hai.

Finally, one Undead was left. Although this person was already dead, one could still see that he already looked like death when he was alive. Upon seeing this person, one would feel uncomfortable. This Undead opened his mouth and said, “I’m from the Demon Realm’s Sacred Blood Sect.”

Upon hearing this person, Ma Rulong couldn’t help but frown. Zhao Hai and the Sacred Blood Sect had no enmity. For the Sacred Blood Sect to participate in dealing with Zhao Hai only meant that they were already considering Zhao Hai as a threat.

When he thought of this, Ma Rulong couldn’t help but turn to Zhao Hai. Seeing Ma Rulong look at him, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. Then he waved his hand to store the Undead and at the same time he said, “Team Leader, it seems like it’s impossible for me to not offend the Sacred Blood Sect.”

Ma Rulong sighed and said, “Demon Cultivators are much greedier than ordinary Cultivators. This time, they rely on Tu Mietan to get them benefits the same way the Machine Field relies on you. It’s no wonder that they treat you as their biggest opponent.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s good that they see me as an opponent. I just don’t know if they can afford having me as an enemy.”

Ma Rulong pursed his lips and didn’t say anything. If others were to say those words, then nobody would believe them. But since it was Zhao Hai, he has the qualifications to say so.

Zhao Hai looked at Ma Rulong and said, “Team Leader, these two Undead Mages, I’ll take them away as well. You can have someone else take their place. But I think we should just leave it to robots. After all, people staying in this place is too dangerous. We’re not counting on this place to make money as well. And I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to collect information. So we might as well have robots taking care of this place.”

Ma Rulong nodded, “I’ll take care of this. You can take those two away.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then took away the two Undead Mages.

At this time, people had already lost interest in celebrating. The two robots were left to clean up the courtyard while Zhao Hai and the others returned to their room to rest. Then Zhao Hai went to the Space.

To be honest, Zhao Hai didn’t really expect the Sacred Blood Sect to deal with him. He didn’t want to provoke the people from the Demon Realm yet, but it seems like this was no longer possible.

Laura and the others naturally knew about what was happening outside. Seeing Zhao Hai return, they greeted him and then they all sat down. Meg brought Zhao Hai tea as Laura looked at him and said, “Brother Hai, what do you plan to do now?”

Zhao Hai just sneered and said, “What else can I do? I’ll deal with Tu Mietan first. Doesn’t Tu Mietan want to deal with me? Since it’s come to this, then let’s see how it turns out. And I reckon I’ll be sent to the Six Realms Battlefield after the competition. I’ll look for trouble with the Sacred Blood Sect there.”

Laura nodded and said, “That’s also good. But Brother Hai, I think what you should do right now is study the Cultivation Realm’s methods and also the way to use those magic artifacts, like flying sword techniques. Even if they can’t help you much, at least you have some knowledge about them.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll use the next few days to study. I’ll begin once I had Third Brother’s Divine Fire Dragon Art analyzed by the scanner.”

Laura wasn’t against this method. With Zhao Hai’s current ability, it would be very simple for him to learn these things. However, Zhao Hai would need some time to find a suitable technique for him.

At this time, Lizzy opened her mouth and said, “Brother Hai, you need to teach them a lesson in the tournament. Let them know that you aren’t easy to mess with.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, I will. This time I need to teach them a very good lesson. Otherwise, they’ll get troublesome. I must call Helain Da and ask about this.”

The women nodded and didn’t say anything. They had long since been used to the Undead. To them, Undead and Robots were the same.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and Helian Da appeared in front of him. Helian Da’s wound had already vanished. He was standing there respectfully.

Zhao Hai could see that Helian Da’s strength hasn’t regressed, it had been preserved. He’s now a Core Formation Undead.

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Helian Da, can you still practice?” 

Helian Da nodded, “Replying to Young Master. I can still practice my original cultivation method. And my gold core hasn’t been affected at all.”

Upon hearing Helian Da, Zhao Hai stared. He was confused about this so he called Cai’er over and said, “Cai’er, what is this about?”

Cai’er appeared beside Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, this is the benefit that the upgraded Space provided. They can preserve their original strength. The other Undead can also practice cultivation methods. Young Master, you should know that the Space has been turned into a small universe. Naturally, it has the same energies present outside. The Space’s Undead are also different from the Undead outside that only has the dark attribute.”

Zhao Hai nodded. And since there’s no need to tell Cai’er that he understood, he allowed Cai’er to go on.

Cai’er continued, “But the Space is different. Everything in the Space follows Young Master’s wishes. And since you have already recognized the Undead as an independent race, the Space’s Undead became different from the Undead outside. In fact, the Undead are now like the Beastmen and the Elves. And by becoming independent, their attribute is no longer tied to the dark element. Now, they can practice any cultivation method they want. That’s why Helian Da is like this.”

Zhao Hai stared, he didn’t expect his action to have this much impact. The Undead were now able to practice any cultivation method. However, Zhao Hai was still puzzled, he looked at Cai’er and said, “But before, the Undead still cannot practice. Their progress is still the same as the Undead outside.”

Cai’er nodded, “That’s correct. But that is because Young Master’s level is too low. Even if the Space has been turned into a small universe, its level is still too low to allow the Undead freedom in cultivation.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly. In the end it came to levelling. Only by levelling up could he become strong. Once the Space reaches a higher level, everything else would follow. It seems like upgrading the Space was still his only way forward.

What Cai’er said about Zhao Hai’s wishes being followed by the Space was only half right. The Space did indeed base its laws according to Zhao Hai, but these laws can only be implemented if its level was high enough. There were still a lot of laws not being implemented in Zhao Hai’s Space.

However, Zhao Hai believed that if he continues with upgrading the Space, then he would have a universe that belongs entirely to him. What he wishes would be law of that universe.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath. Then he nodded and said, “So that’s the case. Alright, make them cultivate. Right Cai’er, distribute the cultivation methods we gained to the people in the Space. The methods of the Space are too simple. Now that we have more advanced cultivation methods, let’s have them practice it as well. Give it to the Undead as well. The more powerful we are, the better.”

Cai’er nodded. Then Zhao Hai looked at Helian Da and said, “Tell Cai’er about your methods and techniques later. Tell Li Chuchen and the others about this as well. You can keep your magic weapons, but your methods need to be recorded.”

Helian Da nodded, then he followed Cai’er out.

But before the two left, Laura called out, “Cai’er, ask them about the Cultivation Realm’s situation. Especially the relationships between the Sects. We need to know which sects are allied and which one have grudges with each other.” Cai’er nodded before leaving with Helian Da.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s good that you think these things carefully. I wouldn’t have thought about this. With you here, I’ll have more presence of mind.”

Laura smiled and said, “You’re alone outside dealing with those people. If we can’t handle these things for you, then wouldn’t we be useless?”

Zhao Hai gently hugged her without saying anything. They had been together for so long that they no longer need to speak to convey their emotions. 

Lizzy and the others were in the hug as well. Their destinies were now tied together. There’s nothing in this world that can separate them.

Then at this time, there was a flash of white light before Margaret appeared in the Space. Margaret had been spending her time lately in the Ashley Family. This was because the family had been very busy in the past several days.

Zhao Hai’s name was too attractive at this time. From how he, along with Xiong Li and the others snatched the top six in the elimination round to his declaration of brotherhood with Xiong Li and the others, all of it has been passed back to the Machine Field. The realm was currently in awe of Zhao Hai’s performance. At this point, Zhao Hai’s popularity had reached a level that was unimaginable.

Zhao Hai became the hero of the Machine Field. No one cared that he’s an ascender nor did they mind him killing the other participants. What everyone was focused on was the fact that Zhao Hai made history, something that the Machine Field would remember for many years to come.

And this brought unimaginable benefits to the Ashley Family. People who had nothing to do with the family suddenly established diplomatic relations with them. Families who were hostile to them immediately resolved their misgivings. The entire Machine Field’s eyes were directed at what the family would do. The space outside Ashley Family’s planet became very busy. Numerous space platforms were built in order to accommodate the ships flying to and from the planet. It seems like the Machine Field had turned frantic.

The Machine Field was suppressed for too long, and they badly needed a hero to look up to. Now Zhao Hai was here. Not only did he win first place in the elimination round, he also killed Li Chuchen, in addition to his many exploits. These things caused the Machine Field to heat up.

Because of this, it was impossible for Margaret to return to the Space. She was Zhao Hai’s woman, so people would want to meet her. Every day, misses and madames of families asked to meet her. Their number reached hundreds, causing Margaret to be exhausted.

Today she had a rare break so she immediately ran to the Space to take a good rest.

Just as Margaret entered the Space, she saw Zhao Hai sitting there with Laura and the others in his embrace. Seeing Margaret appear, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and opened his arm to welcome Margaret. Laura and the others couldn’t help but laugh.

Zhao Hai patted Margaret’s head. After some time, he said, “Margaret, you’ve worked hard.”

Margaret shook her head and said, “It’s not that hard. Brother Hai, you have to see it for yourself. The entire Machine Field is going insane with happiness because of you. It makes me very proud to be your woman.”


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