BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1256


Chapter 1256 – Poisoned!

It wasn’t unreasonable for Ma Rulong to think that he had half-succeeded. Ma Rulong found out that Zhao Hai already had some sense of belonging to the Machine Field. And this wasn’t only because Zhao Hai has a woman who was from the realm. 

The moment Zhao Hai sees himself as someone from the Machine Field, only then would Ma Rulong be successful.

But Ma Rulong had yet to succeed. This was because he had underestimated Zhao Hai’s mental capability. Zhao Hai experienced a lot of things and his mind has become as firm as rock. Just a few words from Ma Rulong wouldn’t make Zhao Hai excited. Fighting desperately against the other realms? That’s impossible for Zhao Hai. And Ma Rulong realized this, so he reckoned that everything he had done until now only brought him halfway to succeeding.

Actually,  Ma Rulong didn’t deceive Zhao Hai. The Six Realms Battlefield was truly the main fighting stage of the World of Cultivation. Moreover, a lot of Machine Field practitioners perish there. There were various geniuses from great families that went there to temper themselves to become formidable Mages and Warriors. Moreover, they learned how to effectively coordinate with each other. It can be said that those people were the true elites of the Machine Field. If the Machine Field took them out of the Six Realms Battlefield and used them in the realm, then they wouldn’t be easily bullied. After all, these people were as strong as a thousand battleships.

However, it should be noted that even if this power couldn’t be underestimated, it was heavily controlled by the families of the Machine Field. Why were there many powerful Ascenders that haven’t entered the Six Realms Battlefield? This was because these Ascenders weren’t under the control of any high-ranked family. And even if they managed to enter the battlefield, they would still be recalled soon after.

What the Machine Field’s higher-ups needed were obedient people. They’d rather have someone obedient rather than someone who was strong but was uncontrollable.

There was a valid reason why the Machine Field’s higher-ups chose to do this. The density of spiritual qi in the Six Realms Battlefield is very strong, it was a place very suitable for practice. Whether it be Mages or Warriors, practicing in the Six Realms Battlefield was very beneficial. Besides the density of spiritual qi, the battlefield was also rich in medicinal plants. Even if they hadn’t been processed and were taken directly, these plants would still improve one’s cultivation speed.

In this case, if the Machine Field’s higher ups don’t control which person to let in to the battlefield, then these uncontrolled folks would get stronger and stronger. And then there would come a point where they could no longer be commanded, and then they would be able to wrestle for influence in the Realm.

Because of this, the Machine Field’s higher-ups decided to have firm control on who to send to the Six Realms Battlefield.

Ma Rulong becoming the team leader for the rookies wasn’t accidental. He actually received an order from the Machine Field’s higher-ups to be in constant contact with the rookies. As long as Ma Rulong doesn’t have any issue with a particular rookie, then they would be enlisted to enter the Six Realms Battlefield. But if Ma Rulong thought that the person was unreliable, then there’s no knowing if they can ever enter the battlefield.

However, the Machine Field’s higher-ups sent the wrong person this time. Although Ma Rulong was very loyal to the Machine Field, he also stayed in the Six Realms Battlefield. He knew much more about the situation there than the Machine Field’s higher-ups.

For the Machine Field’s higher-ups, the battlefield was a place where they lost their powerful experts. However, these losses were reduced to mere numbers. But for Ma Rulong, these losses were his allies, his brothers!

When two different emotions head for the same goal, then the final result would naturally be different. Ma Rulong doesn’t care about loyalty like the Machine Field’s higher-ups. What he wants was a strong person to go to the Six Realms Battlefield and avenge those who died there. He wanted to vent air!

Because of this consideration, Ma Rulong told Zhao Hai about the Six Realms Battlefield in a manner that only resulted in half-success.

Ma Rulong was quite impatient in this situation. He knew that normally, it would be impossible for Zhao Hai to enter the Six Realms Battlefield. But if he said a few good words about Zhao Hai, then entry to the battlefield might be a possibility.

With this thought in mind, Ma Rulong couldn’t help but down a whole glass of wine. He was thinking whether he should support Zhao Hai or not.

To be honest, although the Six Realms Battlefield was filled with battle, it was also a good place for practice. If Zhao Hai went there, then he would be able to rapidly increase in strength.

But after thinking about his hardworking comrades back in the Six Realms Battlefield, Ma Rulong finally decided to help Zhao Hai in. Even if Zhao Hai would be there for a short time, he would still be able to reduce the pressure felt by the Machine Field’s people there.

Zhao Hai noticed that Ma Rulong was somewhat silent, but he didn’t mind it. Back when Ma Rulong talked about the Six Realms Battlefield, his tone was somewhat solemn. 

As the party continued, and people were chatting and drinking, one person suddenly coughed loudly and then vomited blood. Moreover, the blood was blackened.

Zhao Hai stared, this was obviously a poisoning. He immediately flew towards the person and then took out a glass of water.

The man’s face began to turn black. When Zhao Hai gave him the glass of water, his condition began to calm down. The black lines on his face also slowly subsided.

However, besides Zhao Hai, the people in the courtyard had yet to catch up on what was going on. Some haven’t even put their glasses down as they stared at Zhao Hai.

At this time, Ma Rulong responded. He went to Zhao Hai’s side and said, “Little Hai, what happened?”

Zhao Hai said solemnly, “Poison.” Then he turned his head and looked at the man’s wine glass. Then he smelled the liquor inside it and found out that this wasn’t his wine. 

Then he looked under the table and saw a small bottle. The bottle wasn’t among the ones he took out. It seems like the liquor bought by the two Mages of the institute. Zhao Hai took up the bottle, smelled it and then drank its contents.

Zhao Hai’s action gave Xiong Li and the others a scare. They had an idea of what happened by watching Zhao Hai’s movements. They knew that the bottle had the poisoned liquor. But Zhao Hai actually drank it. Xiong Li hastily yelled, “Little Hai, you’re insane!” However, he didn’t have enough time to stop Zhao Hai from drinking the poisoned liquor.

After Zhao Hai drank the liquor, he swished it in his mouth before swallowing. Then he shook his head and said, “The taste of this wine isn’t very good. This man must have drank rarely, or else he wouldn’t drink this liquor.” 

At the same time, the moment the liquor entered Zhao Hai’s mouth, a prompt was heard in his brain, “Deadly poison detected inside host’s body. Detoxifying. Detoxification success. Analyzing. Poison has an energy absorbing ability, swallowing the host’s spiritual qi and turning it into deadly poison. It will make the host faint before killing him.”

Zhao Hai put the bottle down, then he turned to Ma Rulong and said, “This liquor has been poisoned. It swallows spiritual qi and makes people faint. It’s quite fatal as well. Let me look at those dishes.” Then he took a bite of the dishes that had been bought outside.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “These dishes are also poisoned. Moreover, the poison is different. It’s also fatal.”

Although Ma Rulong had no idea why Zhao Hai was fine, but after seeing that the man was fine after Zhao Hai gave him the cup of water, he knew that Zhao Hai must have a type of universal antidote on him. Ma Rulong also believed in Zhao Hai’s words, his expression changed as he said, “Bring those two guys here.”

The other team leaders were all startled right now. They immediately searched all directions for the two Mages. Before long, the two were found, but they had already been killed by the poison.

The bodies of the two Mages were completely black. Ma Rulong’s expression darkened. If the food didn’t look unappetizing, and Zhao Hai didn’t have any experience with poison, then the entire Machine Field’s delegation would have been wiped out today.

Zhao Hai looked at Ma Rulong’s expression, then he smiled and said, “Team Leader, if you agree, I can turn them into Undead. The Undead don’t lie, perhaps we can find out what’s going on.”

Ma Rulong nodded, “Alright. Whether they were killed or committed suicide, we still need to know who wants to poision us.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then wrapped the two corpses with black gas. When the gas disappeared, the two were already standing up. The black on their faces disappeared, it was as if the two were alive. However, they were no longer breathing.

Ma Rulong couldn’t help but be surprised with Zhao Hai’s technique. But he had no time to ask about it, instead he looked at the revived Mages and asked, “Is it you who poisoned us?”

The two shook their heads and one of them said, “We are unaware about the poison. We just went to the place where we can buy food and wine. The owner of the place invited us for some drinks. We don’t know what happened next.”

Ma Rulong nodded and let out a sigh of relief. It’s good that they weren’t spies. Zhao Hai looked at Ma Rulong and said, “Team Leader, I’ll go and take that shop’s owner. We’ll slowly investigate this matter.”

Ma Rulong said, “Do you think those people are still there?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “They’ll be there. Maybe they just changed clothes. I’ll return quickly.” Then he disappeared in place. Ma Rulong looked at the place Zhao Hai disappeared from with a strange expression. Zhao Hai was becoming more and more mysterious in his eyes.

It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai reappeared. He waved his hand and threw several people on the ground. They were all wearing normal Cultivator clothing. They look nothing special.


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