BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1255


Chapter 1255 – Half Succeeded

To be honest, Zhao Hai hasn’t thought of something like the Six Realms Battlefield existing. The Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm’s writings never mentioned such a place. After hearing Ma Rulong, Zhao Hai knew that this matter must have been held in great secrecy. 

Ma Rulong, seemingly immersed in his memories, continued speaking, “In the Six Realms Battlefield, people would die every day. Because the Machine Field isn’t that strong, we can only rely on our numbers to defend our territory. But because of this, it’s impossible for us to expand.”

After he said this, Ma Rulong paused for some time as though he was recalling his time in the Six Realms Battlefield. Then he said, “In the Six Realms Battlefield, you fight any race. Besides people from our realm, you shouldn’t believe in anyone. Countless Mages and Warriors in the battlefield chose to die alongside their enemies since this is the only way for our realm to hold on. I stayed in the Six Realms Battlefield for three months. And in those three months, I almost died five times. And in that timeframe, I also went through hundreds of battles of different sizes. You can imagine what kind of place it is.” 

Zhao Hai finally knew why Ma Rulong knew so much about the other realms. This was because he had fought against these people before. And it seems like they clashed more than one time.

Ma Rulong looked at Zhao Hai and said, “After you return, I’m afraid that you will also go to the Six Realms Battlefield. Little Hai, you need to go there so that our commoners wouldn’t become slaves to others. You go there to prove to everyone that the Machine Field couldn’t be easily provoked.”

Zhao Hai calmly nodded and said, “Yes, you can rest assured. If I’m arranged to go to the Six Realms Battlefield, I will definitely go.”

Seeing Zhao Hai’s calm reaction, Ma Rulong gave an appreciative nod as he said, “Alright. Go take a break. You still need to achieve good results in the ranking tournament.” 

Zhao Hai nodded, then he left. To be honest, he wasn’t too anxious to go to the Six Realms Battle and go all out like what Ma Rulong wanted. He has his own pace, and he liked to take his time.

The Six Realms Battlefield has a lot of treasures indeed, but for Zhao Hai, the amount of materials that can enter his eyes was too limited. Therefore, he wasn’t too anxious. Just like he said, if the Machine Field wanted him to go to the Six Realm Battlefield, then he will go. But if the Machine Field doesn’t send him, then he wouldn’t take the initiative to request service.

In Zhao Hai’s view, in order to ensure that the commoners of the Machine Field would maintain their current lives, killing in the Six Realms Battlefield wasn’t enough. Strengthening the common population should be first.

In fact, Zhao Hai doesn’t think that fighting in the Six Realms Battlefield was necessary for the greater good of the Machine Field. Fighting in the Six Realm Battlefield only exhausted the Machine Field’s talents. This caused the Machine Field’s strength to lag behind the other realms. Relying on battleships and mechs for the realm’s strength wasn’t good for the realm’s further progress.

But in the end, Zhao Hai was still someone from the Machine Field. He would still go to the Six Realms Battlefield for the benefit of the Machine Field. In any case, he would have a lot of free time after the competition. He wasn’t worried about going to the battlefield.

To be honest, Zhao Hai was very curious about the Six Realms Battlefield. He wants to know what the battlefield looks like as well as its current situation. 

Besides this reason, he also wants to go to the Six Realm Battlefield in order to collect more Undead. The Six Realms Battlefield was a place where constant battles take place. Naturally, there would also be a lot of deaths happening there. From what Zhao Hai can see, these dead people were a waste if not utilized. If Zhao Hai was able to make these people into Undead, then nobody in the World of Cultivation would dare annoy him.

While he thought about this, Zhao Hai returned to his own room. The rooms had already been pre-assigned. Although the Machine Field institute had undergone a huge renovation, the inside of the rooms was still the same. Zhao Hai stayed in the same room he stayed in before.

Xiong Li and the others were waiting for Zhao Hai outside his room. Upon seeing Zhao Hai return, Xiong Li and the others immediately walked over as Xiong Li asked, “Little Hai, why did the team leader call you over?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s nothing important. Let’s head in and talk. I’m afraid the team leader is going to call us over later to have a drink.” Everyone’s face was smirking. Then at this time Lu Dingtian said, “Never seen the world.”

Zhao Hai and the other gawked, then they all laughed simultaneously. They understand what Lu Dingtain was talking about. The team leader and the other haven’t seen the world. Only a Core Formation expert’s death and they were already celebrating.

This statement wasn’t funny in itself, but when Lu Dingtian said it, it became hilarious. Lu Dingtian was a quiet person. He had a character that would make it seem like he’ll be uncomfortable if he spoke more than a single word. Now that such a person said a string of words, Zhao Hai and the others couldn’t help but laugh.

The group laughed as they entered Zhao Hai’s room. Upon closing the door, Zhao Hai immediately turned his head to Xiong Li and the others and said, “Boss, you and the others shouldn’t participate in the tournament. As soon as you’re declared as qualified to enter the tournament, immediately forfeit and then return to the Machine FIeld. Close up and practice your cultivation methods.”

XIong Li and the others stared. They don’t understand why Zhao Hai was so anxious this time. Then in a low voice, Zhao Hai told them about the Six Realms Battlefield. Then he said, “It’s possible that when the competition ends, they will send us to the battlefield. Therefore, you need to practice your cultivation method as soon as possible.”

Xiong Li and the others looked at Zhao Hai in shock. This was the first time they heard about the Six Realms Battlefield. But since they believed that Zhao Hai wouldn’t deceive them, they immediately nodded and said, “Alright, rest assured. We know what to do.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved his hand, taking out several sheets of papers. Then he handed the papers over to everyone and said, “These cultivation methods are compatible with your body’s attribute. Third Brother, you can teach Sixth Brother your Divine Fire Dragon Art. Also, please write it down for me.”

Dongfang Yu nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll do it now.” Then he walked out.

However, Zhao Hai held him back and said, “It’s fine, there’s still time. Right, you can all take this and use it when you go back and close up.” Then he took out several bottles and gave it to his brothers. These were all potions that are beneficial to cultivation.

Dongfang Yu naturally wouldn’t be polite as they all took their own bottle and stored it inside their spatial items. Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Let’s go and have a drink with the team leader. When the ranking tournament officially begins, you head back to the Machine Field. And when I return, let’s head to the Six Realms Battlefield together. Let’s teach the other fellows a lesson.”

Xiong Li and the others laughed. They weren’t that worried about heading to the Six Realms Battlefield. The main reason for this confidence was because Zhao Hai would be with them. As long as Zhao Hai was there, they don’t have anything to worry about.

When the group went out of the room, they saw that several tables filled with wine and dishes had already been prepared outside. But to be honest, when Xiong LI and the others saw the wine and dishes, they couldn’t help but frown a bit. This was because the dishes and wine weren’t a lot.

At this time, Ma Rulong also walked out of his room. He also saw the lack of food and wine on the tables, but he wasn’t surprised. Then he sighed and said, “It’s hard for us here in the Cultivation Realm. It’s not easy to get food in this place. Little Hai, if you eat and drink these things, then we might as well drink water.”

As soon as everyone heard Ma Rulong, they couldn’t help but laugh. To be honest, now that they had drank Zhao Hai’s liquor, they were somewhat spoiled. 

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Team Leader, I’ll take care of it.” Then after he said that, a large number of wines and dishes appeared. Everyone didn’t hold back and immediately started to partake in the food. Since Zheng Li wasn’t present this time, everyone was a bit rowdy. The other team leaders were giving Zhao Hai’s toasts and chatted with him, trying to establish a closer relationship.

Although the status of these team leaders in the Machine FIeld wasn’t low, it wasn’t high as well. Naturally, they couldn’t compare to Ma Rulong. Now that Zhao Hai’s rise was unstoppable, these people took the chance to establish a good relationship with him. These people weren’t stupid, they knew that they could benefit from this in the future.

As soon as Zhao Hai saw these people, he knew what they were doing. However, he didn’t ignore them and instead chatted with them and established contacts. He even made sure to take note about their names as well as their origins.

Xiong Li and the others looked at Zhao Hai and couldn’t help but sigh. They began to think about what kinds of things Zhao Hai experienced in the lower realms. How was he able to handle everything?

Not only Xiong Li and the others, Ma Rulong was also sighing. Zhao Hai gave him a strange feeling, someone who couldn’t be completely understood. But Ma Rulong could see that Zhao Hai had some sentiment towards the Machine Field and had no favorable impression towards the Cultivation Realm. This made Ma Rulong relieved.

There were plenty of talents in the Machine Field that transferred to the Cultivation Realm. This wasn’t a rare thing. Ma Rulong was afraid that Zhao Hai would settle in the Cultivation Realm later on. He told Zhao Hai about the Six Realms Battlefield in order to make Zhao Hai feeling a sense of belonging to the Machine Field. But from what Ma Rulong could see, it seems like he had already half succeeded.


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  1. He needed to fight with his life on the line for the machine field’s natives –who suppress, ridicule and look down on ascenders and think of them as no more than a mere tool– for machine field’s benefits and so that the other realm wouldn’t look down on machine field. Yeah sure, nothing wrong with that :/

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