BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1254


Chapter 1254 – Six Realms Battlefield

With Helian Da dead, Zhao Hai wasn’t polite as he immediately covered Helian Da with a dark mist before sending him to the Space. Xiong Li and the others knew that Helian Da was now going to be part of Zhao Hai’s Undead army.

As Zhao Hai received Liquid Silver, Xiong Li and the others flew towards him. Xiong Li laughed and said, “Good job Little Hai. The fight this time is shorter. You’re getting more and more fierce.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I actually want to play with him some more, but unfortunately, there are some people who can’t rest their eyes and want to see how I kill. So I can only fulfill their wishes and deal with Helian Da faster.”

Ma Rulong and the other team leaders were still shaken. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai and Helian Da’s fight to only last five seconds. And Zhao Hai won.

That was a Core Formation Cultivator, not an impudent commoner. Was Zhao Hai always this strong?

Now that they heard Zhao Hai, Ma Rulong and the others immediately understood what Zhao Hai meant. When they used their spiritual force to scan, they immediately felt several other spiritual forces converging in their direction. To be honest, Ma Rulong approved of Zhao Hai’s conduct. It was what needed to be done in order to stop a second, third, or fourth Helian Da from coming. If these people still want to make a move, then they have to consider it well. After all, their own lives were still the most important thing.

Ma Rulong looked pleasantly at Zhao Hai as he laughed and said, “Good, very good. You’re really lifting the face of the Machine Field. Let’s head back and have a drink.” Zhao Hai smiled faintly then he followed Ma Rulong back into the city.

As they were flying forward and while Ma Rulong had a positive expression, he whispered to Zhao Hai, “Little Hai, now that you killed Helian Da, Jade Mountain will certainly retaliate. You need to be careful. As soon as the ranking tournament ends, I will immediately arrange for you to return to the Machine Field. Although the Cultivators are arrogant, they wouldn’t dare attack the Machine Field.” 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Team Leader, rest assured. Unless they send a Transcending Tribulation Expert, they can’t do anything to me. There’s no need to worry.”

When Ma Rulong heard Zhao Hai, his body couldn’t help but shake. Then he looked Zhao Hai in the eye and said, “Little Hai, are you telling the truth? Do you really have Nascent Soul-level strength? Nascent Soul Experts in the Cultivation Realm are very powerful, they have much more methods compared to Core Formation.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Team Leader, don’t worry. After all, my weapon isn’t simple. It’s Senior Leng Wuyeng’s unfinished weapon.”

Ma Rulong paused, causing everyone behind him to almost hit his body. Ma Rulong didn’t care about them as he looked at Zhao Hai with shining eyes. He looked like a hungry wolf that just saw food.

Also in Ma Rulong’s eyes was amazement. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have the weapon of legend. No wonder he was so strong.

Immediately after hearing about Liquid Silver, Ma Rulong immediately gave it credit for Zhao Hai’s strength. This wasn’t strange since the legends about liquid silver were too numerous. Ma Rulong’s response was reasonable.

Ma Rulong looked at Zhao Hai with burning eyes because he heard that Leng Wuyeng once said, when liquid silver is completed, then it would allow the Machine Field to contend with the Cultivators. And it was clear that Zhao Hai verified those words. Now, Zhao Hai had the strength to face a Nascent Soul Cultivator.

After some time, Ma Rulong began to recover. He turned to look at everyone and then said, “Alright, let’s continue on.” Then he took the lead and flew forward. Everyone could see that Ma Rulong was very moved by what Zhao Hai said.

The exchange between Zhao Hai and Ma Rulong was very low, nobody else heard them. But it must be said that with the skills of these people, they were fully capable of listening in on the conversation. But Ma Rulong and Zhao Hai certainly wouldn’t be happy if their conversation was being eavesdropped. And with Ma Rulong’s status as well as Zhao Hai’s strength, the others didn’t want to offend them. Therefore, they had no idea what made Ma Rulong pause.

The group returned to Seamount City soon after. As for the Cultivators in Seamount City, as soon as they saw Zhao Hai and the others, they immediately got out of the way.

They were all aware of the Helian Da’s declaration of revenge as well as the fact that they fought outside the city. Now that Zhao Hai returned unharmed, this meant that Helian Da failed. It didn’t matter what happened to Helian Da, Zhao Hai’s strength has been affirmed. Since there were no powerful experts in Seamount City, they naturally couldn’t provoke Zhao Hai who could defeat a Core Formation Expert. Because of this, they behaved themselves and allowed Zhao Hai’s group to pass through.

As they went forward, Ma Rulong’s heart couldn’t help but be filled with emotions as he looked at the Cultivators around them. This wasn’t his first time in the Cultivation Realm. Therefore, he clearly knew how these people treated those from the Machine Field. When would these people make way for the Machine Field? It was even impossible for them to stay quiet while the Machine Field’s people were around. He never thought of the day where they would behave like this.

Now these Cultivators were lowering their heads and made way. They’re possibly afraid of the Machine Field’s group. This caused Ma rulong to sigh.

Before long, the group returned to the Machine Field Institute. Upon arriving, Ma Rulong made the two Mages prepare food and wine before he pulled Zhao Hai to his room.

After closing the door to his room, Ma Rulong immediately turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, are you really using that weapon?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “The weapon has been stored in the Ashley Family’s Bone Symbol Camp. Back then, Camp Lord wanted me to choose a weapon for myself, so I chose it. Then I used materials I found in the lower realms in order to complete it.”

Zhao Hai told his story with a light tone, but Ma Rulong knew that what Zhao Hai had from the lower realms must be extraordinary. But he didn’t ask, instead he nodded and said, “Alright, alright. Little Hai, this competition is already yours. When the rankings are finalized, I’ll have Xiong Li and the others surrender. This way, others wouldn’t be able to use them to deal with you. What do you think?”

At this point, Ma Rulong wouldn’t dare put on any airs in front of Zhao Hai. Although he was the head of the Machine Field’s delegation, he knew that Zhao Hai’s strength had already surpassed him. Therefore, whatever decision he settled on, he would ask Zhao Hai’s opinion about it.

Zhao Hai proudly smiled and then said, “Team Leader, don’t worry about this. I’ve already talked it over with Boss Xiong and the others. As long as it’s announced that the Machine Field holds the top six in the elimination round, then we have already won.”

Ma Rulong nodded and then he sighed, “But your journey wouldn’t be easy. Those Cultivation Realm folks have already begun their plot. They would also do all they can to stop you in the ranking tournament. Not only the Cultivation Realm, you also need to be careful about those from the Demon Realm, especially Tu Mietan. I heard that the kid isn’t easy to deal with.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare, then he asked, “Demon Realm? Doesn’t the Demon Realm have a grudge against the Cultivation Realm? Why would they deal with us? They should unite with us in order to strike at the Cultivators.”

Ma Rulong smiled bitterly and said, “That should have been the case. But we can’t do anything about it, our realm is too weak. Everyone wants to take a bite out of our territory. Although there’s nothing worth taking in our realm in terms of material resources, we still have something that other realms are paying attention to – our people.”

“Our people?” Zhao Hai looked at Ma Rulong in confusion. He doesn’t understand what he was saying.

Ma Rulong nodded and said, “Correct, our people.”

Then he sighed and said, “Little Hai, you should already be aware that our commoners have the best lives compared to the commoners from other realms. In the Cultivation Realm and the Demon Realm, commoners are treated as farm animals. On the other hand, the Machine Field treated commoners as equals. Because of this, commoners became our main fighting strength.”

What Ma Rulong said might sound contradictory. Commoners had the least fighting prowess in the Cultivation Realm and the Demon Realm. But in the Machine Field, their main fighting force were the commoners. It might sound confusing, but when Zhao Hai heard Ma Rulong, he immediately understood.

In the Machine Field, the main fighting forces were the Mechs and the Battleships. Mechs would need innately talented pilots with spiritual forces powerful enough to control their robot. Their bodies also need to be strong. Only after strict training could one become a mech pilot.

On the other hand, although the requirements for being a battleship crew was still high, it wasn’t as strict as Mech pilots. Besides its commander, most battleship soldiers were as strong as most commoners. They were responsible for operating the battleship. Even if they had different jobs, they had commoner strength nonetheless.

Since Battleships were part of the Machine Field’s fighting force, commoners became the main fighters of the Machine FIeld. And because of their influence to the realm’s military strength, it’s natural for commoners to have higher status compared to the commoners of the other realms.

Ma Rulong continued, “Because of how the Cultivation Realm and the Demon Realm treat their commoners, their commoner population is getting smaller and smaller. Due to how badly they are treated, most commoner babies would die shortly after birth. Moreover, the mortality rate of their commoners is very high. On the other hand, the commoner population of the Machine Field is constantly increasing. For the other realms, this is worthy of paying attention to. For the Cultivation Realm and the Demon Realm, the Machine Field is an untapped mine of manpower supply. But since they still have some reservations towards us, they held back.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “So it’s like that. In other words, the Demon Realm also wants to suppress the Machine Field? Hehe, so this means that Tu Mietan wants to deal with me? If he does, then that would be interesting. I happen to dislike him as well.” 

Ma Rulong said, “You need to be careful about those from the Demon Realm. Although they had been suppressed by the Cultivation Realm, their cruel methods gave them strange offensive means. During life and death battles, they’re much more difficult compared to Cultivators. Moreover, those from the Demon Realm are known to use any means to achieve their goals.”

It can be clearly seen that Ma Rulong dreaded the Demon Realm. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but ask, “Leader, you seem to have a lot of understanding about them? Have you fought with the people from the Demon Realm?”

Ma Rulong’s face couldn’t help but twitch, then he said, “It’s not too early to tell you this right now. Besides ascenders who already learned magic or battle qi, families also have members who are Mages and Warriors. Moreover, our achievements are often higher compared to ascenders. Even so, the level of magic and battle qi in the Machine Field seems to stagnate. Do you know why?”

Upon hearing Ma Rulong, Zhao Hai did indeed feel strange. He looked at Ma Rulong and said, “Team Leader, why is that?”

Ma Rulong let out a long breath, then he said, “A lot of people in Families who practice magic and battle qi died. This wasn’t because of family tasks nor training, but because they died in a certain place. It’s a very special place in the World of Cultivation, the SIx Realms Battlefield!”

Zhao Hai asked, “Six Realms Battlefield? Where is that?”

Ma Rulong closed his eyes, then he slowly said, “That place is Hell, a living Hell. The Six Realms Battlefield is a subspace. I don’t know how huge this subspace is since it is very strange. It should be very enormous. But unlike the World of Cultivation that has planets, this subspace consists of a huge piece of land and large spans of oceans. There are all kinds of beasts inside as well as medicinal plants and treasures. It can be said that the plants harvested there comprises the majority of the Cultivation Realm’s pill ingredients. Moreover, advanced-level herbs can be found there every year.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be surprised upon hearing Ma Rulong. He didn’t expect such a place to exist. He didn’t say anything and just waited for Ma Rulong to continue.

Ma Rulong softly said, “One could only go there through spatial rifts. There’s also no way for transmission formations to be used on the other side. However, spatial rifts heading to that subspace are very rare.”

Zhao Hai continued to listen. This subspace seems very strange.

Then Ma Rulong continued, “Being able to establish a foothold in that subspace is very important to any realm. Naturally, this includes the Machine Field. But since the rifts to that subspace are very small, only Mechs and people could enter. Although Mechs have pretty strong fighting capabilities, its pilots would practically be killed there without the support of battleships. So if we want to occupy a place there, we need Mages and Warriors. A lot of our Mages and Warriors die in the battlefield just to protect the small foothold that the Machine Field was able to occupy.”


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