BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1253


Chapter 1253 – In But Five Seconds

Cultivators of the Cultivation Realm have plenty of magic artifacts. Some of these magic artifacts were refined by the Cultivator themselves while some were spoils of battle. Besides Sword Cultivators, if a Core Formation Cultivator’s artifacts doesn’t number more than a dozen, then they would be an embarrassment.

But these things were merely shallow instruments. Although the Cultivators have a lot of artifacts in hand, they only have one true weapon – their Life Source Weapon.

A Life Source Weapon was directly connected to its master’s life. Unless their master died, nobody would be able to take it away. And the longer a Life Source Weapon was nurtured, the more powerful they would be. Even short-lived Life Source Weapons were more powerful than ordinary weapons.

Life Source Weapons were important to Cultivators. Unless they meet a very formidable foe, then these Life Force Weapons wouldn’t be taken out.

And since these Life Source Weapons were important, a Cultivator needs to choose which artifact to designate as his own Life Source Weapon. If the Life Source Weapon wasn’t good, then the Cultivator would be greatly affected in his future progress.

People are different from each other. Two people might practice the same Cultivation Method at the same time, but they may reach a different conclusion. However, for a person to find the most appropriate Life Source Weapon for himself is very difficult.

The first consideration in choosing would be the shape of the weapon. It needs to be compatible with the user’s preference. A cowardly person would never be able to make use of a blade shaped Life Source Weapon. The blade just isn’t compatible with their character. People who use the blade needed to be aggressive, while cowards would never go in front and lead a charge. These kinds of people would rather choose a shield-type weapon or some other defensive artifact as their own Life Source Weapon.

Besides the shape of the artifact, the choice of material is also crucial to a Life Source Weapon. The material needed to go hand-in-hand with the user’s attribute while at the same time holding great potential for future growth. If a Life Source Weapon was made of ordinary iron, then it would hamper its master’s growth.

Because of this, Cultivators needed to be extremely careful in choosing their own Life Source Weapon. They would spend a very long time to determine the suitable weapon for themselves. And then they would spend an even longer time to find the materials to make it. They would need to find a trustworthy craftsman to make their Life Source Weapon as well. But if it was possible, it was best if the Life Source Weapon was made by the master himself. Then after the weapon was refined and its spirit was awakened, its owner would immediately send it to their  dantian for nourishment. As time goes by, this weapon would become a Life Source Weapon.

Therefore, just by seeing Helian Da’s Life Source Weapon, one could see that he’s extremely confident in his strength, overbearing, and wouldn’t accept losing. It also meant that he’s a straightforward person that went straight to the point.

Helian Da revealing his Life Source Weapon meant that he now regarded Zhao Hai as a person that is his equal.

As soon as Zhao Hai saw Helian Da’s Life Source Weapon, he knew that things were getting serious. This was because the moment Helian Da took out his Life Source Weapon, his aura changed. The self-confident and overbearing aura was much more tangible now. Moreover, the area covered by Helian Da’s presence had expanded. This made Zhao Hai think that the weapon was something extraordinary.

Helian Da looked at Zhao Hai and then coldly said, “Zhao Hai, being killed by my axe is a great honor. Now die!” He moved his hand and then with heaven breaking strength, he sent his axe chopping down towards Zhao Hai.

Seeing the situation, Zhao Hai didn’t dare approach it empty-handedly. He moved his hand as a sledgehammer appeared. Zhao Hai didn’t throw the sledgehammer to meet the attack on its own. Instead, he charged forward and then clashed with the Earth Splitting Axe. 

Helian Da’s chop was filled with imposing aura, oppressing anything it came across. It was an aura that informed everyone that it wouldn’t retreat. Therefore, Heliand Da didn’t retreat when faced with Zhao Hai. He continued his attack and before long the two weapons clashed.

Clang! The sound of the clash was akin to a hammer hitting a bell. A huge sound wave followed soon after. Even Xiong Li and the others who were at a distance were able to feel this impact. Their clothes had been ruffled by the pressure.

Then a loud sound was heard as the Earth Splitting Axe was shaken away. Helain Da’s face changed color as he coughed up blood. It was clear that he had suffered a heavy wound.

Zhao Hai looked at Helian Da, then he coldly smiled and said, “Mediocre. Is this the strength you’re so confident of when you dared to take revenge? If that’s the case, then you can stay here forever.”

Then Zhao Hai’s figure moved as he charged towards Helian Da. Helian Da’s expression changed and then he waved his hand to release a defensive shell in front of him. At the same time, he took out a jade bottle and pulled out a fiery red pill from inside. He threw the pill inside his mouth and then chewed on it twice before swallowing.

It was at this time that Zhao Hai’s hammer hit Helian Da’s shield. The surface of the shield had a light screen that was covered with many runes that made it look mysterious.

As Zhao Hai’s hammer striked the shield’s screen, the runes went bright before losing their power. Zhao Hai’s hammer seemed to be unaffected by the screen as its momentum was the same. Then as it hit the shield, the shield immediately turned into powder.

Standing behind the shield, Helian Da looked at Zhao Hai in great surprise. But then he took out two artifacts and sent them towards Zhao Hai.

The two artifacts were a flying sword and a double-edged blade. With its two edges, this weapon was called an edge in the Cultivation Realm.

It was clear that these two artifacts were used for offense, and their target was Zhao Hai. But since these two weapons were just thrown out, they had no coordination with each other. Helian Da didn’t control them and treated them as hidden weapons as he retreated at the same time.

Zhao Hai sneered as he charged forward. In the next moment, he appeared beside Helian Da, his hammer already swinging towards the target.

Helian Da didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this quick. If the pill that he had taken before hadn’t acted, then Zhao Hai would have already killed him.

Helian Da expected Zhao Hai to spend some time breaking the shield so that the pill’s effects would cause his strength to increase. Even if he would suffer internal injury after, as long as he killed Zhao Hai, then he could rest easily. 

He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to destroy the shield in one attack. The pill’s effect had yet to manifest fully. Helian Da’s hope right now was to retreat and buy a few breath’s of time. However, Zhao Hai actually flashed beside him, Helian Da was running out of time.

Heliand Da wasn’t given more time to make plans as he made a strange noise due to him consuming the strength of his soul to augment his cultivation. Then he used his axe to fend off Zhao Hai’s attack. Then suddenly, he felt his chest hurting. His five solid organs and six hollow organs were violently shaken and then crushed. His strength was also beginning to vanish.

 Helian Da couldn’t help but lower his head and saw a silver spear stabbing through his body. Zhao Hai was holding the other end of the spear. Helian Da couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t know when Zhao Hai changed his hammer into a spear.

Helian Da died as a confused ghost. He simply didn’t know that Zhao Hai had a transforming weapon, and he was still unaware of Zhao Hai’s strength.

The time that Helian Da and Zhao Hai fought was actually very short. The two only clashed for about five seconds. However, a lot of things happened in these five seconds. Helian Da probed Zhao Hai and even released his Life Source Weapon to deal with him.

When Zhao Hai saw Helian Da’s weapon and the extraordinary changes it created, he wasn’t polite and immediately took out his weapon. With the weapon shattering formation installed, Zhao Hai overthrew Helian Da Ground Splitting axe and caused heavy damage to Helian Da’s gold core. 

After injuring Helian Da, Zhao Hai didn’t stop. He quickly chased him down. Helian Da took a pill, hoping to increase his strength temporarily in order to defeat Zhao Hai. He knew that if he didn’t eat the pill, then he would die here. Therefore, he released his shield in order to buy time. He expected Zhao Hai to be blocked by his shield, buying him time for the pill’s effects to manifest. 

However, he didn’t know that Zhao Hai’s hammer had several layers of weapon shattering. And with Zhao Hai’s strength added, the shield was broken in one attack. Helian Da’s plan failed, so he quickly attacked using the two weapons. But how could he have known that Zhao Hai can teleport? Zhao Hai turned his hammer into a spear and pierced Helian Da’s chest. With the weapon shattering in the spear, Helian Da’s inner armor was destroyed along with Helian Da’s organs. No matter what Helian Da does from then on, it would be impossible for him to continue living.

Zhao Hai also decided to kill Helian Da immediately because he could feel several other presences paying attention to their battle. If he doesn’t kill Helian Da immediately, then these people might join in. Zhao Hai didn’t want more trouble, so he killed Helian Da swiftly. He wanted to let these people know that he couldn’t be trifled with. This will let those people wary and they might behave themselves.


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