BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1252


Chapter 1252 – A Shallow Purpose For Revenge

When Zhao Hai saw Helian Da, he knew that he came here for revenge. However, he didn’t know for whom he was seeking revenge.

Zhao Hai replied, “So it’s Elder Helian. Dong Tutian was indeed killed by me. But this is because he was going to grab my prey. Moreover, he’ll kill me either way, so I can only make the first move. Also, Elder Helian shouldn’t forget that during the Six Realm Beginner Competition, the contestants are protected.”

Helian Da laughed and said, “Protected? Who would protect you? You country bumpkins. Do you really think that the Cultivation Realm will protect you? Stop dreaming. You’ll die today.”

Zhao Hai looked at Helian Da, then he smiled and said, “Speaking of which, if I kill you, then I’ll be chased by Jade Mountain. But if you kill me, nothing will happen. Isn’t this a bit unfair?”

Helian Da laughed and said, “Fair? You dare talk fairness with me? Let me tell you this, in the Cultivation Realm, strength is fairness. Only strong people have the qualifications to demand fairness.”

Zhao Hai looked at Helian Da with a strange look, then he said, “Why are you so confident of being able to deal with me? I really want to know where your confidence is from.”

Helian Da sneered and said, “You don’t know the immensity of the heavens and the earth. Don’t think that you have the strength to talk equally with us Cultivators. Zhao Hai, since you’re ignorant about the Cultivation Realm, then I’ll make sure to educate you today.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Then I’ll gladly accept it. Let’s head out of the city, we don’t want to destroy things here.” Then he turned around and left the city with Ma Rulong and the others following behind him.

Although Ma Rulong’s strength was equivalent to the Cultivation Realm’s Core Formation experts, this was only in terms of spiritual qi density in his body. His combat prowess was still less than Helian Da. Cultivators of the Cultivation Realm had too many means to use in battle that the Machine Field had yet to learn.

Helian Da coldly snorted and then followed Zhao Hai out of the city. Although he blatantly declared revenge on Zhao Hai, he still needed to consider the Seamount Faction’s face. Of course, Helian Da wasn’t afraid of the Seamount Faction, after all it was just a small sect. The reason why he doesn’t want to offend the Seamount Faction was because doing so would invite a lot of troubles coming his way.

The Cultivation Realm wasn’t a peaceful place. A lot of small sects had been devoured by bigger sects. Because of this, small sects had found ways to continue surviving. The first method was alliances while the other was becoming vassal sects.

The method of alliance is very easy to explain. Some small sects would unite and work with each other. Although the scale of these alliances wasn’t big, their unity was still something that cannot be looked down upon.

On the other hand, sects that wanted to be vassals would profess their allegiance towards a nearby great sect. Once they submit, they would deliver tribute every year in exchange for protection from these great sects. It was the same as a Kingdom having vassal states.

Even if Helian Da wasn’t afraid of the Seamount Faction, he was wary of the Sect behind it. If he and Zhao Hai fought inside the city, it’s certain that they would cause huge damage to its infrastructure and population. This will end up damaging the Seamount Faction.

The people of the Cultivation Realm treated their face very seriously. If you give others face, then they would give you face as well. But if you don’t give face to others, then they might want to take your life. If Helian Da’s revenge causes Seamount Faction to lose out, then that would be akin to him slapping the Seamount Faction in the face. And there was no way for the Seamount Faction to just let this go.

Because of this, when Zhao Hai proposed that they fight outside the city, Helian Da agreed.

Also, Helian Da didn’t only look for Zhao Hai only for revenge. It was more about the Cultivation Realm suppressing the Machine Field once more. The Cultivation Realm does this to everyone around them, this event wasn’t anything special.

Zhao Hai and the others unexpectedly suppressed the Cultivation Realm in the elimination round. The Cultivation Realm doesn’t want to see such people who caused them shame. Regarding the Cultivation Realm that values face, suppression was the real reason of Helian De’s appearance, not revenge.

In the Cultivation Realm, the sentiment between Master and Disciple was very shallow. It’s impossible for Helian De to hunger for revenge just because his disciple Dong Tutian was killed. Dong Tutian wasn’t Helian De’s only disciple. Moreover, Dong Tutian wasn’t his most valued pupil. There definitely wasn’t any reason for Helian De to seek revenge.

Actually, Helian De was ordered this time to kill Zhao Hai. The Cultivation Realm’s people weren’t idiots. Conversely, each one of them were old villains. Upon analyzing the Machine Field’s result, they knew that everything was because of Zhao Hai. Therefore, they formulated this plan to deal with Zhao Hai. And Helian De was elected to be the executioner.

The people from the Cultivation Realm fully analyzed every report on Zhao Hai. However, they didn’t believe all of it. How could Zhao Hai, a rookie, be able to reach the strength of Nascent Soul just a year after ascending? This was absolutely impossible. In their opinion, it was more than enough to send a Core Formation Expert to deal with Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai soon arrived outside Seamount City. This was the same hill where Gongsun Zheng was killed. Zhao Hai and Helian Da stood a distance away from each other. Meanwhile, Ma Rulong and the others weren’t far away behind Zhao Hai. Ma Rulong’s expression was somewhat ugly.

But on the other hand, Xiong Li and the others had a nonchalant look on their faces. They believed that Zhao Hai would be able to easily defeat Helian Da. This was because they saw Zhao Hai fight against Mu Dan. 

Ma Rulong also noticed Xiong Li and the others’ expression. They weren’t even paying attention to the situation. Instead they were chatting as though this wasn’t an important matter.

Ma Rulong flew beside Xiong Li and asked, “Aren’t you worried about Little Hai?”

Xiong Li looked at Ma Rulong. He didn’t dare neglect the team leader, so he immediately answered, “Team Leader, rest assured. Nothing bad is going to happen to Little Hai. That Helian Da couldn’t defeat him.”

Ma Rulong was confused, so he asked, “What makes you so confident? That Helian Da is a Core Formation Expert. Even in the Cultivation Realm, he’s treated as an Elder.”

Xiong Li smiled faintly and said, “Team Leader, there’s no need to worry. Back in the bug caves, a fellow named Mu Dan used a jade talisman during his fight against Zhao Hai. This jade talisman summoned an attack that’s from a Nascent Soul Stage Expert. However, Little Hai just went through it with one punch. Helian Da is just at Core Formation, it’s impossible for him to be Little Hai’s opponent.”

Ma Rulong looked at Xiong Li in surprise. If he wasn’t certain that Xiong Li wouldn’t dare joke about this matter, then he might think that Xiong Li was lying. Zhao Hai was able to repel a Nascent Soul Expert’s attack using only his fist? What kind of strength is that?

While Ma Rulong was thinking about this, Helian Da spoke, “Good, this place has good feng shui. It’s a proper place for your burial.”

Hearing Helian Da, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. This wasn’t a forced laugh, he truly found it funny. This was because he remembered something.

Looking at Zhao Hai’s appearance, Helian Da coldly snorted and said, “Is there something funny?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I just found it funny because another Cultivator said the same thing to me. Moreover, we’re in the same place. It’s truly strange, it seems like Cultivators really like to talk a lot.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Helian Da’s expression changed, then he said, “Enough talking, prepare to die!”

Helian Da waved his hand as a earthen yellow palm came flying towards Zhao Hai. Helian Da was also an earth-element Cultivator. His hand attack held some fame in the Cultivation Realm. It was called the Five Elements Palm. The Five Elements Palm wasn’t famous for its fierceness. Instead, it was well known because it can be used by Cultivators of any element. This Five Elements Palm was actually a kind of spell.

The Five Elements Palm that Helian De used had a name – Thick Earth Palm. It was the same as any other Five Elements Palm but it had some earthen veins going along the palm’s fingers. Nobody would dare look down on this kind of attack.

Helian Da was only probing this time, he wanted to know Zhao Hai’s strength. If Zhao Hai was killed by the Thick Earth Palm, then that would be best. But if Zhao Hai doesn’t die, then at least Helian De would have some idea about Zhao Hai’s strength.

Seeing Helian De’s move, Zhao Hai smiled before clenching his fist and punched. This fist didn’t carry his entire strength. It was just enough to meet Helian De’s palm attack.


As the fist and palm hit each other, a huge explosion resounded. The hill underneath shook from the impact. At the same time, Helian Da’s eyebrows jumped as his expression turned serious. He was very clear that his probe did nothing to gauge Zhao Hai’s true strength. This meant that Zhao Hai was stronger than he anticipated. At this point, Helian Da has begun to consider Zhao Hai as an opponent at an equal level.

Zhao Hai looked at Helian Da, then he smiled and said, “If you want to kill me, then you’ll need to show some real skills. Probing attacks like that are useless.”

Helian Da coldly snorted, then he said, “You’ll see.” Then he waved his hand and took out a huge axe. This axe looked like a hatchet. Its shaft wasn’t long but its axe head was enormous. The axe’s entire body was golden yellow in color. It also had a dense and heavy aura. This axe was Helian Da’s weapon, the Ground Splitting Axe.

The Ground Splitting Axe was actually Helian Da’s Life Source Weapon. It was made from golden earth as well as multitudes of special metals. It took three years to make it and after it was done, Helian De immediately kept it in his dantian for nurturing. It was the weapon that Helian Da was most adept in using.


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