BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1250


Chapter 1250 – Collection and Usage of Faith Power

Sword Cultivators were a special group among the Cultivators. It was well known that Cultivators used a lot of means during battles. Each one of them would have several artifacts in hand at all times. It’s even possible for them to take out ten artifacts during combat. And this was in addition to spells, paper talismans, and other special items. There’s also items to help with defense. These methods would number from the dozens and even to the hundreds.

But Sword Cultivators were the opposite. Sword Cultivators honed their skills to be one with the sword. They hardly study spells nor do they use other magic artifacts. Their weapon was only one, and that is the sword!

Sword Cultivators live by their swords and cherish them as though it was their second body. They train themselves to treat their swords as though it was their hand or foot. They even regard the sword’s spirit during practice. This made the attacks of Sword Cultivators the strongest in the Cultivation Realm. Foundation Stage Sword Cultivators could even contend against normal Core Formation Cultivators. This was because they concentrated their efforts in honing their sword skills.

Sword Cultivators weren’t only known for their attacks, they were also known for being akin to swords in their personal lives. Normally, they would be like sheathed swords, with a sharpness that was hidden beneath. But when they faced their enemies, they would release an imposing aura that was like a sword being taken out of its scabbard.

A Sword Cultivator’s spirit was the same as their swords, sharp. Once taken out, it would hurt people. But if a Sword Cultivator loses their drive, they would turn into rusted swords, useless and unable to cut.

Therefore, upon hearing that Suo Liancheng was looking forward to meeting Zhao Hai, the Elder was glad. Sword Cultivators needed this sharpness. Even if the enemy was powerful, a Sword Cultivator still needs to face them with their swords. Either way, they would win heroically, or have a glorious defeat. This is a Sword Cultivator.

The Elder nodded and said, “Very good. Take some rest and prepare yourself. Other people in the tournament will be hard to deal with, especially Tu Mietan. He’s known to be very suitable for his Demonic Art. If you run into him, make sure to be very alert.”

Suo Liancheng nodded. Then the Elder stood up and left. Suo Liancheng escorted the Elder out of the courtyard before going back to his table. Then he caressed his sword as though he was caressing a lover.

Suo Liancheng didn’t care about what the Elder said about Tu Mietan. His current goal was Zhao Hai, he couldn’t care less about someone from the Demon Realm.

Suo Liancheng was akin to a mountaineer. His goal was a tall mountain, so why would he care about a small hill?

Just like Suo Liancheng, Yi Shuihan, and the others, there’s also another person who paid great attention towards Zhao Hai. This person was the Demon Realm’s first newcomer, Tu Mietan.

Tu Mietan was the Demon Realm’s most talented genius in the last hundred years. He ascended to the Demon Realm four years ago and smoothly progressed to Foundation Establishment. In this Six Realm Beginner Competition, he entered as the Demon Realm’s qualifier champion. Moreover, he managed to enter the top ten in the elimination round.

However, who would’ve thought that his time in the top ten wouldn’t be long. He was kicked out soon after, and it was done by the Machine Field. Upon hearing this information, Tu Mietan found it hard to believe. But after seeing the official rankings change, he had no choice but to accept it.

Tu Mietan initially didn’t have any interest towards the Machine Field. However, after seeing the results of the elimination round, he immediately looked for information regarding the realm and its participants. It was then that he discovered that this change in the Machine Field was hinged on a single person, and this person was Zhao Hai.

Tu Mietan slowly put down the information in his hand, then he smiled faintly and said, “Zhao Hai? Interesting. He actually appeared in a barren place like the Machine Field.”

At this time, Zhao Hai and the others had just finished celebrating and Zhao Hai had already returned to the Space. Laura and the others were monitoring the situation of other participants through the monitor. They used the past few days to gain the ability to monitor the other bases. Because of this, they now knew about the other realm participants.

Laura and the others saw the response of Suo Liancheng and Tu Mietan. Naturally, Zhao Hai was able to see them as well. Although he drank a lot of wine, he was no longer affected by it due to his current strength. And after returning to the Space, he also drank some water and immediately sobered up.

Upon listening to Suo Liancheng and the Ten Thousand Sword Sect’s Elder’s conversation, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh as he said, “Suo Liancheng is indeed the Cultivation Realm’s strongest newcomer. Hahaha, sure enough, I cannot underestimate the heroes of the Cultivation Realm.”

Laura nodded and said, “With only a small amount of information, Suo Liancheng was able to get the picture. This person can’t be underestimated. But Brother Hai, since they already know that Li Chuchen and Mu Dan’s group has been killed by you, will the Three Mountains Alliance and Extreme Cold City retaliate?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I’m sure that they’ll come to deal with me. But I don’t have to worry much about it. My current strength is equal to a Nascent Soul Cultivator. People on the same level as me can establish their own sects in the Cultivation Realm. Nascent Soul Cultivators are the Cultivation Realm’s core fighting strength. Sects would need to think about dealing with one. After all, if they fail to kill a Nascent Soul Cultivator, the consequences will be serious. I’ll reveal some of my strengths in the competition. This will make those people wary and buy us more time.”

Laura nodded and said, “With your present strength, you don’t need to be afraid of anything. But after the competition, we need to leave the Ashley Family. Otherwise, if they can’t deal with you, then they’ll deal with the family.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “I’ve also thought about that. But there’s no need to worry. Nothing should go wrong. It’s just a pity that Zheng Li doesn’t know how to collect Faith Power and also how to use it. It’s unfortunate.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Laura smiled faintly and said, “Brother Hai, did you forget Lu Wei? Since he can collect Faith Power in the lower realms, he definitely knows how to collect Faith Power as well as how to use it. I think you should continue being friends with Zheng Li. This way, when Zheng Li joins a sect and becomes an elder, you can ask for his help to pay attention to Lu Wei. As long as we get information about him, then we can take action. Not only can we get the method to obtain and use Faith Power, we can also eliminate one enemy.”

Zhao Hai’s eyes shone, he nodded and said, “Right, I forgot about him. Good, good. And having someone on our side in the Cultivation Realm will make it more convenient for us in the future. Fortunately, Zheng Li doesn’t have any ambitions anymore. He just wants his family to live a good life. But if he wants his family to live better, he would need to be stronger. With our support, his strength will increase faster. Alright, this idea is great.”

Laura smiled and said, “In the tournament, Brother Xiong Li and the others should admit defeat immediately. They don’t have the strength to deal with the other realms. It’s best if they don’t get injured.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I think Boss Xiong and the others already understand this. There should be no problem. They aren’t the kind of people who would risk their lives just to save face.”

At this time, Margaret said, “Brother Hai, what do you feel about Tu Mietan? Why does he feel strange? I feel repugnant just looking at him.”

Zhao Hai’s expression turned serious as he answered, “Tu Mietan practices the Blood Demon art. I heard that this method requires the blood of living people to cultivate. Because of this, he has an uncomfortable aura about him. He’s been demonized. Although he has the body of a human, his mind can no longer be considered as a person.”

Megan and the others were somewhat surprised. Such a Cultivation Method actually exists. Megan’s had a blanched face as she said, “Brother Hai, why would such people survive in this world? Why don’t the Cultivators kill people like him?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s because of how powerful Tu Mietan’s Sect is. The Sacred Blood Sect is one of the Demon Realm’s Great Sects. Even Great Sects in the Cultivation Realm wouldn’t dare claim that they could destroy the Sacred Blood Sect completely. Even if a sect is brave enough to attack the Sacred Blood Sect and win, it would be after suffering heavy losses. Therefore, sects can only turn a blind eye to this situation. Also, using living people is quite a common method in the Demon Realm. The Cultivation Realm alone wouldn’t be able to stop them.”

Megan coldly snorted and said, “Those Cultivators are really hateful.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Forget about Tu Mietan for now. We don’t have any means to do anything about it. We have already offended the Three Mountain Alliance and Extreme Cold City. We also have Lu Wei, Spirit Wind Moon Emperor, and the Myriad Treasures Pavilion as enemies. It wouldn’t be wise for us to provoke the Demon Realm. Most importantly, the Cultivation Realm and the Demon Realm have different temperaments. The Cultivators wouldn’t pursue us immediately. Meanwhile, the Demon Realm’s people are lunatics. It’s possible that they’ll use all of their power to deal with us. If that happens, then we would have great troubles in the future.”

Megan nodded, she didn’t say anything more. Naturally, she was aware of Zhao Hai’s situation. Zhao Hai’s Nascent Soul-level strength might be strong, but compared to the entirety of the World of Cultivation, he was still nothing. Nascent Soul Experts dying in battle is very common here. Even if Zhao Hai has the Space and could survive almost anything, being chased down wasn’t ideal. Therefore, he could only hold back for now and give the Sacred Blood Sect more time.

However, Megan also believed that as long as Zhao Hai has the strength, then he’ll certainly deal with the Sacred Blood Sect. This was because if Zhao Hai couldn’t allow slavery, then the more he wouldn’t allow people being treated as livestock and draft animals.


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