BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1248


Chapter 1248 – Spirit Wine and Faith Power

A Cultivator’s cultivation is a process of developing human potential and letting the body utilize this potential. Therefore, it can be said that Cultivators were somewhat experts in the human body. Even if they can’t understand other people’s body, at least they can understand their own. And this understanding began in the Body Refining period.

Cultivators in the Body Refining period would mainly cultivate their bodies. They would need to practice to a certain degree before they could start Qi Condensation.

But in Body Refining, one must pay close attention to their bodies. This was because internal injuries incurred in this period would have a huge effect during Qi Condensation. Most Cultivators who suffered internal injuries during Body Refining would be stuck at Qi Condensation their entire lives.  And even if they reach Foundation Establishment, their path to Core Formation would be several times harder than most. Reaching Core Formation would be close to impossible. 

Only after Core Formation could the strength of their gold core cleanse and heal their body of toxins and injures. But even then, a large amount of strength and resources would be needed.

Because of this, Cultivators always regard the Body Refining Stage as crucial. The Body Refining Stage is a process of exercising and understanding one’s own body. It was also the first realm of Cultivation and the most important one. This was because any development in this stage had a huge impact on later stages.

There were also Cultivators in the Body Refining period that would eat meals, Zheng Li was among these Cultivators. Naturally, he drank alcohol during that time. It was well known that whenever they eat meals and drink liquor, toxins will spread throughout the body. And they would have no way to clear them.

Only after reaching Qi Condensation, when they become richer, could they buy fasting pills and no longer eat meals. These toxins would become a hindrance in going through to Foundation Establishment and Core Formation.

Zheng Li was currently a Core Formation Cultivator. Since he slowly crawled towards this level from a very poor background, he knew clearly how toxins would affect the body. Even if these toxins can be removed by pills, this would still take some time to clear out.

However, after he drank the liquor, Zheng Li discovered that the liquor didn’t leave any toxins behind, nothing at all. Moreover, the liquor has a dense amount of spiritual qi. Although this spiritual qi couldn’t help Zheng Li with his cultivation, it still had little use.

This discovery surprised Zheng Li. For so many years, he looked for something that can be eaten without leaving toxins behind. Although he managed to find a few things, they were too few and too expensive, and were only enjoyed by higher-level members of Sects. Ordinary Cultivators haven’t even seen them, let alone consume.

There were also special liquors in the Cultivation Realm. These liquors were brewed using special herbs. This special liquor was named Spirit Wine. This spirit wine is free of toxins and would provide great benefits to Cultivation. However, just like others of its type, it was very expensive.

Although the spiritual qi of Zhao Hai’s liquor was different in density compared to Spirit Wine, this liquor doesn’t leave behind toxins. In other words, Zhao Hai had an inferior version of spirit wine.

In order to Cultivate, Cultivators would need to control their desires and live a life of difficulty. They couldn’t eat nor drink and would only use fasting pills in order for their progress to be smooth. 

But if there’s something that was delicious and would not leave toxins in the body, then the Cultivators would certainly welcome it with open arms. After all, Cultivators were still humans in the end. They also wanted to enjoy life from time to time. 

Zheng Li looked at the bottle of wine with shining eyes. He hadn’t drank liquor for a long time that he had forgotten about how it tastes. The drink that Zhao Hai took out caused him to be excited. Drinking liquor without worrying about toxins was truly a great pleasure.

At this time, Zhao Hai finally noticed Zheng Li. Looking at Zheng Li’s expression, Zhao Hai was somewhat puzzled as he asked, “Mister Zheng, is there a problem? You don’t like it?”

Upon being asked by Zhao Hai, Zheng Li finally recovered. Then he looked at Zhao Hai with shining eyes as he asked, “Zhao Hai, this liquor, where did you get it?”

Seeing Zheng Li’s appearance, Zhao Hai knew that he was shaken from the liquor. This was the best liquor that the Space made, but Zhao Hai wasn’t planning on telling Zheng Li this. Judging by Zheng Li’s expression, it seems like this liquor was something important. This meant that it wouldn’t be good if its existence gets known by the Cultivation Realm. This was unnecessary trouble that Zhao Hai doesn’t want to see.

Zhao Hai was very clear that he was already eye-catching. If the Cultivation Realm finds something on him, then the troubles later would be problematic. Although this was only a guess, he wouldn’t dare make a gamble. Therefore, upon hearing Zheng Li’s question, he immediately smiled and said, “This liquor, it’s a long story. I brought this wine from the lower realms. Back then, I was able to discover a strange piece of rice paddy. The rice planted there turned out to be golden, and it also exuded a unique fragrance. Due to curiosity, I took them and made it into wine. I must say, this liquor is very good. I drank a lot of it in the lower realms. Because of this wine, I quickly advanced through my cultivation. But now that the density of spiritual qi is very thick, the liquor could no longer be used. Also, I only have a few bottles of it left. I’m saving them for happy events like this.”

Zhao Hai retold the story with a pained expression. However, upon seeing Zhao Hai’s acting, Xiong Li and the others couldn’t help but laugh inwardly. They knew that Zhao Hai was clearly lying. Although they didn’t know why Zhao Hai lied, upon seeing Zheng Li’s serious expression, they had a faint guess about what was going on.

The others cooperated with Zhao Hai’s acting, albeit they were all finding the situation amusing. Although the wine that Zhao Hai took out was a bit stronger than most liquors, it wasn’t outrageously strong. What Zhao Hai said was completely nonsense.

However, Zheng Li actually believed Zhao Hai’s nonsense. This was because Zheng Li knew that it was impossible to mass produce this liquor. The Cultivation Realm looked for ways to produce these types of things for countless years, so it was impossible for Zhao Hai to do it alone. Meanwhile, treasures could still be found in the lower realms. If he found those grains of rice in the lower realms, then he might also make wine just like Zhao Hai did. 

Moreover, this also explained why Zhao Hai was able to skyrocket in strength upon ascending. The properties of the wine was enough to explain it.

With this thought in mind, Zheng Li couldn’t help but feel it was unfortunate. He nodded and said, “It’s a nice wine, very good. I hoped that you had a lot in hand so that I can ask for some. It’s a pity that you don’t have much left.”

Zhao Hai gave a slight smile as he said, “It’s truly a pity. But the Cultivation Realm has a lot of treasures, why would you care about this wine?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Zheng Li gave a bitter smile as he replied, “The Cultivation Realm indeed has a lot of treasures, but these treasures are greatly divided among a lot of groups. People like me would be courting death if I desired for them.”

Ma Rulong chuckled and said, “A lot of people envying the Cultivation Realm have no idea about the state you’re in. They imagined that the Cultivation Realm had treasures growing everywhere. They wouldn’t expect that the competition here is much more brutal than back in the Machine Field.”

Zheng Li sighed and said, “That’s correct. I am a Rogue Cultivator. I only came to Fabio Planet because the resources allocated here by large sects are enough to support my Cultivation. Of course, this is because Fabio Planet is very dangerous. It’s considered a miracle that I was able to progress from Qi Condensation to Core Formation in this place.”

Zhao Hai and the others didn’t know what to say. And to be honest, they didn’t know how to respond. They know so little about the Cultivation Realm’s situation. The articles they read have a lot of false information. Therefore, they had no opinion about this matter.

Zheng Li looked at Zhao Hai and his brothers, then he smiled bitterly and said, “Ascenders like you are very lucky if you ascended in the Cultivation Realm. As long as you’re young, Large Sects would train you. Being able to ascend is already enough evidence that you’re talented. But for natives like me, if we want to get out of our commoner status and make our families live better lives, then the only thing we could do is work hard. The stronger we become, the better lives our families will experience. Therefore, for our families, Rogue Cultivators go all out. This is also the reason why I decided to take a gamble on Fabio Planet.”

Zhao Hai and his brothers looked at each other. They didn’t know what to say. In the Machine Field, Ascenders were being discriminated against. A lot of Machine Field natives took a disliking to them. But who would’ve thought that the Cultivation Realm looked at Ascenders as better than natives. In this realm, commoner natives were those who weren’t born into Sects.

It can be said that people in the Cultivation Realm were divided into three levels. The first level had descendants of Great Sects. These people were family members of sect members and had been raised with medicinal pills. Once they grew up, they would practice unique Cultivation Methods and would have access to numerous arts. They would also hold important positions in sects once they grow up. These were nobles of the Cultivation Realm, the top echelon.

The second level were Ascenders. Ascenders were talents from the lower realms. Due to their assured talent, sects would look for them and then enrol them into the sect. They could also become part of the top echelon of the realm. Ascenders were like Knights or Noble Lords. They might not belong to the noble class, but they held status higher than commoners. And they were also able to join the Noble group.

As for the third level, they were the commoners. They were peasants that were workhorses for the upper class. Only after a family member becomes a Cultivator would their situation improve.

Zheng Li looked at Zhao Hai and the others and smiled as he said, “I’m also aware of the Machine Field’s situation. To be honest, I wished for my family to live there. At least the position of natives there is very high. But in the Cultivation Realm, commoners are slaves that Great Sects collect Faith Power from.”

Upon hearing the latter part of Zheng Li’s statement, Zhao Hai’s interest was piqued. This was because he had long been curious about Faith Power. The Cultivation Realm’s collection of Faith Power even reached the lower realms. It was very clear that Faith Power was very important for Cultivators.

Zhao Hai already had a lot of races in the Space that treated him as a deity. They could provide Zhao Hai with Faith Power, but Zhao Hai was ignorant about it. The nature of Faith Power, and how to collect it, Zhao Hai had no idea. Now that Zheng Li mentioned this matter, he couldn’t help but be interested. He quickly asked, “Mister Zheng, what is Faith Power? What is it used for?”

Zheng Li smiled faintly and said, “This Faith Power is a kind of sentiment produced from the heart. Everyone has this power, even commoners. As long as you truly believe in a god, then they would get your Faith Power. The strength of Faith Power heavily depended on one’s heart. The more firm the belief, the more powerful Faith Power would be. As for the uses of Faith Power, there are multiple. From controlling artifacts to causing pressure to the enemy, Faith Power can be used almost everywhere.”

Zhao Hai had the look of interest in his face as he asked, “Then how can this Faith Power be collected? It seems to be something intangible. If it cannot be felt, then how can it be gained?”

Zheng Li smiled and said, “There are many ways to collect Faith Power. But a combination of Cultivation Method and Formations is required. Methods of collecting Faith Power is a huge secret of the Great Sects. Even if you’re a core disciple, it cannot be assured that you can get your hands on it. I only heard about it from rumors.”


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