BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1247


Chapter 1247 – Taking The Top Six

Everyone in the World of Cultivation was aware of the Machine Field’s strength. Therefore, upon seeing someone from that realm taking out so many bugs, people from the tabulation committee couldn’t help but doubt what they were seeing.

One of the committee members looked at Sun Fei, then he said, “Do you own all of these bugs?”

Sun Fei smiled faintly and said, “Of course, everything is mine.” The person nodded. Then a group of people proceeded to count. They didn’t use their hands to sort through the pile but instead used their spiritual force. After some time, several people shouted out numbers. The numbers they shouted out were different. From what Zhao Hai can see, it seems like they divided their tasks. Someone was in charge of counting eight-legged bugs, then one was tasked with the flying mantis bugs, and so on. After adding all of their counts, then Sun Fei’s result would be seen.

The group was well-organized. After everyone had shouted their count, Sun Fei’s score was then declared to be 23 thousand.

Sun Fei crushed Suo Liancheng’s score by a whole 10 thousand points, securing his place in the top 100. However, Zhao Hai knew that Sun Fei didn’t take out every bug they managed to loot. After all, he was the one who told Sun Fei to do so. This was because these bug parts had great uses.

The most valuable part of the bugs was actually their skeleton. Although they were a type of bone, this exoskeleton had a lot of useful applications. These exoskeletons can be added to other medicinal ingredients in order to make pills. They could also be added to weapons in order to help with refining. In the Cultivation Realm, the bugs had now become an indispensable ingredient in various weapons and pills.

But since Fabio Planet was too far from the Machine Field, the realm wasn’t able to get their hands on any of these bug parts. Instead, they could only buy them from the Cultivation Realm at a high mark-up price. Because of this, Zhao Hai told Sun Fei to leave some bugs behind and only release enough to secure a top 100 spot.

Now, Sun Fei released enough bugs to make him top one. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care. To him, these bug parts weren’t very precious. 

After the tabulation committee recorded Sun Fei’s result, they stored the bug parts and then waited for Li Kuangren to step forward. In the end, the bugs that he took out were a bit more than Sun Fei. He scored 24 thousand points.

Next was Dongfang Yu, gaining 25 thousand points. Lu Dingtian came next, scoring 26 thousand. And then Xiong Li scored 27 thousand. When Zhao Hai’s turn arrived, his score amounted to 30 thousand.

The committee members were stunned silly. When they saw Sun Fei’s large pile of harvest, they thought that Zhao Hai and the others pooled their loot so that Sun Fei could top the elimination round. However, when Li Kuangren took out bugs that scored more than Sun Fei, these committee members were visibly shaken. They began to ask what kind of elimination round this was. Why does the Machine Field hold such an overwhelming advantage? Then more and more bugs were released from Dongfang Yu and the others.

Also, these committee members could see that Zhao Hai and the others were carefully releasing their bugs to be just right next to each other. This made Zhao Hai the first placer of the elimination round. This caused the tabulation committee members to sigh at the sight of the Machine Field’s unity.

When Ma Rulong saw Zhao Hai and the others releasing so many bugs, his eyes couldn’t help but water in happiness. This was the most beautiful scene he had seen. The top six of the elimination round was fully taken over by the Machine Field. Others wouldn’t be able to believe it if he told them.

After the tabulation committee recorded the scores, the head turned to Zhao Hai and the others and said, “Congratulations for becoming the top six of the elimination round. After a period of time, your prize will be delivered. Please have a good rest and prepare for the tournament in five days.”

Then after giving everyone a salute, the committee left.

When the committee completely left, Ma Rulong immediately laughed. Then he went towards Zhao Hai and then grasped his shoulder as he said, “Little Hai, great, great. Hahaha. Too satisfying, too satisfying. This old man finally saw the Machine Field winning. Good good, let’s drink. We need to get drunk!”

Zhao Hai and the others smiled faintly. They had already expected this outcome, so they didn’t think that it was strange. Ma Rulong led them back to the courtyard. Now that most of the people who stayed here had died, the courtyard appeared more spacious.

Zhao Hai and the others sat down as Zhao Hai took out food and wine. He also took out a couple of crabs since they also invited Zheng Li.

As soon as Zheng Li entered the courtyard, he immediately saw the crabs. There were huge red crabs there, still smoking after being cooked. They also emitted a very good aroma that stimulated everyone’s appetite.

There were also several side dishes on the table as well as several bottles of liquor. Since these were taken out by Zhao Hai, they were naturally very good.

Seeing this situation, Zheng Li couldn’t help but stare. This was because you basically can’t see these things in the base. People from the Cultivation Realm rarely ate meals, they were used to using fasting pills to satiate their hunger.

Fasting pills were pills deliberately invented by the Cultivators. This pill could allow one to survive a few days without eating.

Most importantly, there’s a belief in the Cultivation Realm that eating ordinary food would leave behind toxins in the body and affect one’s cultivation. Although eating fasting pills would still leave toxins behind, it was much less compared to eating a full meal. Because of this, even if there were armor shops, weapon shops, beast skin shops, and even robot shops in the Cultivation Realm, it was very rare to see a restaurant. Almost all Cultivators take fasting pills, nobody would eat a meal.

Therefore, upon seeing the amount of food prepared, Zheng Li couldn’t help but stare. Then he smiled faintly and remembered that the Machine Field’s people would always eat meals. Seeing that Zhao Hai and the others were inviting him over, this meant that he was being considered as a friend. Although this meant that he would have to eat a meal, Zheng Li still felt happy.

While Zhao Hai and the others were busily celebrating, Ma Rulong was busy himself. Zhao Hai and the others thought that this get-together was just among them. However, they didn’t expect Ma Rulong to bring everyone to have a feast.

After knowing the results, the other team leaders were also jubilant. Although Streep and the others had died, this didn’t mean much to them. Compared to annihilating his fellow participants, Zhao Hai’s accomplishment was much more historic.

Zhao Hai and the others had taken the top six positions, this meant that they were now at the top 100 of the elimination round and would progress to the next stage. Even if they didn’t win and were knocked out in the first round, it didn’t matter. Just being able to snatch a place in the top 100 was enough for the Machine Field to celebrate. This was something that never happened before. This was a breakthrough for the realm.

Zhao Hai knew that they weren’t the only ones celebrating. The entire Machine Field was also in a festive mood. Even Margaret has been called over to celebrate with the family. The better Zhao Hai’s achievement was, the greater it would be for the family. At this point, the rise of the Ashley Family was inevitable.

Zhao Hai didn’t care much about these things. He knew that the higher the position of the Ashley Family, the better it would be for his future plans.

Since Ma Rulong called everyone over, Zhao Hai needed to take out a couple more crabs. He also took out liquor before asking Zheng Li and the others to sit at their table.

In this table was Ma Rulong, Zheng Li, and Zhao Hai’s group of six. Once everyone has sat down, Ma Rulong poured some liquor into his cup and then loudly cheered, “This is a historic day for the Machine Field. What a great day! Little Hai and the others have made history. They’re heroes of the realm. For the Machine Field’s heroes, cheer!”

Everyone cheered, “For the Machine Field’s heroes!” Zhao Hai can see the sincerity in everyone’s eyes. They were genuinely happy, even much happier than Zhao Hai and the others.

Zhao Hai didn’t understand much about the grievance between the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm. After all, the time he ascended was short. And only a few people had firsthand experience with regards to the Cultivation Realm’s suppression of the Machine Field. But he knew that in the previous competitions, the Machine Field had always been at the bottom. Now that the situation has been turned over, it was no wonder why they were very happy.

People continued to drink liquor, largely because Ma Rulong kept offering toasts. The team leader was too happy. Seeing the liquor being consumed quickly, Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. Instead, he just took out more liquor to drink.

Zhao Hai took out liquor and people kept drinking it. Seeing that Zhao Hai had a large supply of drinks, everyone laughed with satisfaction.

What Zhao Hai took out was rice wine. It wasn’t too strong and could be drunk in huge gulps. If Zhao Hai took out his stronger liquor, then a few people would have already blacked out.

But while Zhao Hai was busily taking out liquor to drink, he failed to notice Zheng Li’s change of expression after taking a sip. This wasn’t because the taste was bad, it was actually the opposite. Zheng Li had a very thick concentration of qi in his body. Nevertheless, Zhao Hai’s liquor still made him drunk. This made him very interested in Zhao Hai’s liquor.

Zheng Li was used to drinking in the past. Although he was a Cultivation Realm native, his background was poor. His parents were commoners and he started his cultivation by being a Rogue Cultivator. The Cultivation Realm’s commoners would still eat and drink. And back when Zheng Li was a Rogue Cultivator, he also drank liquor. This was because Rogue Cultivators were too poor to buy fasting pills. In order to survive, they would have to eat meals and drink liquor from time to time.


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