BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1246


Chapter 1246 – The Current First: Suo Liancheng

Zheng Li led the group to his office and then he took out a piece of paper which showed the current ranking. The first place named Suo Liancheng had a score equivalent to turning in 13,000 eight-legged bugs.

This meant that Suo Liancheng handed over not only eight-legged bugs, but advanced-level bugs as well. Bugs at a higher level would be converted to its value comparable to the eight-legged bugs. For example, a flying bug was equivalent to three eight-legged bugs. This conversion rate has been decided by statistics.

When Zhao Hai saw the name Suo Liancheng, Laura and the others immediately pulled out relevant information about him. Suo Liancheng, the Cultivation Realm’s rank one. He’s a sword cultivator with the Cultivation Realm’s most famous sword sect as his background, the Ten Thousand Swords Sect!

It has been four years since he ascended in the Cultivation Realm. And in just four years, he was able to become a Foundation Establishment Cultivator from Qi Condensation. It can be said that his progress was impressively quick, making him the Ten Thousand Sword Sect’s favored newcomer.

At the same time, Cai’er pulled out Suo Liancheng’s battle records in the bug cave. Zhao Hai and the others had been flying in the caves, so the Space had recorded where they went. Also, Cai’er had been monitoring the bug tide, so she wasn’t able to look much into the records. But now that Zhao Hai was safe, Suo Liancheng’s records can be looked into.

Upon seeing Suo Liancheng’s performance in the cave system, Zhao Hai was somewhat surprised. He discovered that he was still underestimating the Cultivation Realm’s talents. They were worthy to be called geniuses. Being able to go on top amidst the innumerable numbers of Ascenders was a testament to their strength.

Suo Liancheng alone couldn’t kill more than 10 thousand eight-legged bugs, unless he had the help of the Undead. A single person couldn’t kill ten thousand eight-legged bugs in just seven days.

Suo Liancheng’s 13,000 eight-legged bugs score wasn’t gained from killing eight-legged bugs. Instead, this number was gained from converting his achievements in killing higher-level bugs.

Seeing the quantity, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod. He was only able to kill so many bugs because of the Undead. Suo Liancheng only had his sword yet he was able to achieve something comparable. This wasn’t easy to do. This caused Zhao Hai to be more careful regarding Suo Liancheng.

They also looked at the other ranking. The people in this lineup were as expected, all of them were from the Cultivation Realm. There was also Yi Shuihan, Jiang Tian, Qin Zhang, Yao Gan. Cai’er took their records and then sent it to Zhao Hai. All of these people were in the Cultivation Realm’s top ten rookies.

But after looking at the 9th place, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but gawk. This was because this person wasn’t from the Cultivation Realm. This person was called Tu Mietan from the Demon Realm. He became the Demon Realm’s top participant using his Blood Demon Art. His strength was said to be extraordinary.

At this point, Zhao Hai already had some understanding about the World of Cultivation. The World of Cultivation’s Demon Realm was different than Zhao Hai imagined. He expected it to be the same as the lower realm’s Demon Realm. However, the World of Cultivation’s Demon Realm was actually a part of the Cultivation Realm, but its inhabitants practice Demonic Arts. Because of how many people used Demonic Arts there, it was called the Demon Realm.

The Cultivation Realm was mostly made up of orthodox cultivators. Although there were some evil cultivators here and there, these people wouldn’t wantonly exhibit their moves. This was because they knew that they would be hunted down if they were ever spotted.

But things were different in the Demon Realm. Almost all sects in the Demon Realm were Demonic Sects. What they cultivated there were true demonic arts. While the Cultivation Realm considers human materials as taboo, it was a normal ingredient in the Demon Realm. Take the Blood Demon Art that Tu Mietan practice, for example, it required a large amount of human blood to practice. In the place where Tu Mietan was cultivating, a large number of blood slaves were bred in captivity. These blood slaves would provide a constant supply of flesh and blood. It can be said that the Demonic Sects regard humans as draft animals, and once they were needed, they would be slaughtered. It was a cruel world.

Originally, the Demon Realm and the Cultivation Realm were one. During that time, the Cultivation Realm was divided into Orthodox Cultivators, Demon Cultivators, Beast Cultivators, Spirit cultivators, Elven cultivators, and others. However, a war occured that made the Elven Cultivators, Orthodox Cultivators, and Spirit Cultivators to regard Demon and Beast Cultivators as evil. Naturally, the Demon and Beast Cultivators retaliated, causing a war that changed the color of the heavens and the earth. The planets that had been destroyed by this war numbered several thousands. In the end, the Demon and Beast Cultivators couldn’t resist the attack of the other three, so they cooped up inside the Demon Realm and Beast Realm.

But at the same time, the alliance between the Spirit Cultivators, Orthodox Cultivators, and Elven Cultivators couldn’t last for long. Orthodox Cultivators were innately greedy. After expelling the Demon Cultivators and the Beast Cultivators, they wanted to monopolize the Cultivation Realm. Therefore, another war occurred between them and the Spirit and Elven Cultivators. Finally, the Elven Cultivators and Spirit Cultivators separated themselves from the Cultivation Realm. This left the Orthodox Cultivators with the richest lands in the entire World of Cultivation.

After the Cultivation Realm was divided, there was a long time where no communication was made. These groups had been badly hurt and they would need to recuperate. But since the Cultivation Realm had the best location and access to information, they were able to recover quickly. This advantage allowed them to suppress the other realms.

Since the Cultivation Realm had the upper hand, it’s natural that they wouldn’t allow the other realms to progress. Therefore, they would periodically suppress these realms. And since the other realms cannot unite for various reasons, they had always been on the defensive.

Meanwhile, the Machine Field wasn’t in this scene at all. Whether it was the Cultivation Realm or the other realms, none of them put any attention towards the Machine Field. From what they can see, the Machine Field was just a collection of unorthodox Cultivators. They simply didn’t pose much of a threat.

Now that Zhao Hai saw someone from the Demon Realm, he couldn’t help but gawk. He immediately asked Cai’er about Tu Mietan. Unfortunately, Cai’er didn’t know much about him. The information the Machine Field had was lacking in this region.

Upon looking at the limited amount of information, Zhao Hai gave up and looked further down the list. Then as he looked, Zhao Hai saw that experts from other realms were beginning to show in the top 20 spots. There were a couple people from the Demon Realm, Beast Realm, Spirit Realm, and there was even an Elf. 

The number of bugs these people collected wasn’t small. Although their scores didn’t reach more than 10 thousand, several thousand was still an astonishing amount. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod his head. It seems like this beginner competition didn’t only host the Machine Field’s strongest rookies in many years, the other realms were also blessed with a talented generation. The top 100 ranking tournament should be very fun to see.

As Zhao Hai was looking down the list, Xiong Li and the others were doing the same. Everyone was talking in hushed tones. It seems like they were also surprised by the results.

At this time, footsteps were heard from a distance. Then a group of Cultivators walked in. These people wore badges that weren’t from Sects. However, this badge still gave them status. They were the tabulation committee of the Six Realm Beginner Competition. They are here to record Zhao Hai and the others’ results.

Seeing these people walk in, Ma Rulong immediately went forward to greet them. He gave a salute and said, “Ma Rulong has seen everyone. Are you here to record our scores?”

The group also returned Ma Rulong’s salute. Then their leader smiled and said, “We heard that Zhao Hai and the others had returned. So we immediately came to tally their score.”

Ma Rulong nodded and said, “Alright, then please.” Then he invited the committee. But since they had to inspect a large volume, they would perform the counting outside. This way, they won’t run out of space.

Everyone walked outside. Naturally, Zhao Hai and the others were among these people. When they reached a large field, they stopped. Then two people took out a book and a pen as they prepared to record the results.

Of course, there were better ways of recording such as computers or jade. However, people were always afraid of tampering. Therefore, they could only use this primitive method of recording. Once this session of recording ends, this book would be sealed. Moreover, what’s written in this book will be transmitted to different areas in real time. This would make sure that several copies would exist for reference.

Seeing that everything was prepared, Ma Rulong turned to Zhao Hai and the others and said, “Alright Little Hai, just take a step forward and take out your harvest.”

Zhao Hai nodded. However, he didn’t walk forward. Instead, he had Sun Fei go first. Sun Fei nodded and then took a step forward before taking out a huge pile of bugs. The tabulation committee looked at the mountain of bugs and couldn’t help but stare. They didn’t expect the Machine Field to be able to take out this many bugs.

The tabulation committee had inspected a lot of loot. Therefore, they could estimate the points just by looking at how big the pile was. Seeing the pile that Sun Fei took out, the committee members reckoned that it shouldn’t score less than 20 thousand points.

The committee members looked at each other and saw the surprise in their eyes. One must know that the current first place, Suo Liancheng, only had a score of 13 thousand. But now, Sun Fei actually took out a pile that valued more than 20 thousand. This far surpassed Suo Liancheng! How was this possible? Moreover, Sun Fei was from the Machine Field!


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