BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1243


Chapter 1243 – The Tide Approaches

Li Kuangren didn’t say anything more and just believed Zhao Hai’s words. In any case, they had been safe all this time while traversing the cave system. If Zhao Hai left them behind, they still wouldn’t be able to find the way out.

At this moment, Zhao Hai’s expression changed. He touched the ground and then immediately stood up as he said, “Leave this area quick!” Then the group quickly flew towards a nearby cave with no hesitation.

Although the others had no idea what was going on, they were still able to feel something from their surroundings. There were currently minute sounds of movement around them.

It sounded like a skitter, but it was a skitter that sounded extremely terrifying.

Zhao Hai looked at the caves and let out a long breath. Then he said, “The bug tide has begun. We need to be more careful. Otherwise, once we get entangled with those bugs, it would be very hard for us to return to the transmission formation.”

Xiong Li’s expression changed, then he said, “Little Hai, if we’re heading back to the transmission formation, wouldn’t it be quicker if you use Space magic?”

When Zhao Hai heard Xiong Li, he couldn’t help but slap his own head. Then he laughed and said, “Boss Xiong, thanks for reminding me. I actually forgot about it. Alright, let’s go.”

Zhao Hai had honestly forgotten about using the Space for this situation. Although the situation was critical, it wasn’t to the point where it was a threat to Zhao Hai’s life. With how much Zhao Hai wanted to protect the secret of the Space, he actually forgot that he already had renown as a space mage. Therefore, he forgot that he could use the Space’s transport to travel quickly.

Now that he had been reminded by Xiong Li, Zhao Hai remembered that he had used this ability before. In any case, Xiong Li and the others would just think that it was a space-attribute spell and wouldn’t suspect anything. Moreover, this would save them some effort of flying along.

Xiong Li and the others looked at Zhao Hai in strange expressions. They haven’t seen Zhao Hai make a mistake before. In their eyes, Zhao Hai was perfect. But a person like him actually made such a simple mistake. They didn’t know how to react.

Zhao Hai looked at their expressions, then he asked, “What happened? Is there something wrong?”

Xiong Li forced a smile and said, “Little Hai, you look very clever all the time, how could you forget something like space magic? Don’t you use it a lot?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Actually, I was absorbed by the feeling of flying through caves. It’s like flying through a mysterious labyrinth.”

His explanation naturally invited the laughter and scolding of the others. But Zhao Hai didn’t take it too seriously and just laughed with them. Then in the next moment he waved his hand and opened a passage towards the transmission formation.

After three days, the bug parts that were left here had started to rot. The smell was enough to make people faint. Naturally, Zhao Hai disliked this smell so he used wind magic to drive it away towards smaller caves. Then he used water magic to clean the cave and then fire magic to roast the place.

Then Zhao Hai used earth magic to close up those small caves. Only two caves were left open for ventilation. This would also reduce the amount of bugs that could detect the place. Zhao Hai knew that if the bugs found them, then they would certainly attack. Those earthen walls would do nothing to stop them.

After dealing with this, Zhao Hai and the others sat inside the transmission formation. The transmission formation was specially made so that it couldn’t be erased. Moreover, Cultivators would perform maintenance on it from time to time. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong about it.

Naturally, Zhao Hai discovered that this wasn’t any special method. Actually, the formation’s real structure was buried underground. It can be said that if that formation wasn’t destroyed, then the formation aboveground would stay in place. Otherwise, this formation wouldn’t have survived after multiple bug tides.

As they sat down, Xiong Li and the others began to relax. To be honest, they were quite tense. This was because they knew that without Zhao Hai, they couldn’t survive the bug attack.

In fact, what Xiong Li and the others didn’t know was that Zhao Hai can bring them above ground using the Space. They thought that Zhao Hai had no coordinates to Base Number 5 so he couldn’t send them back. They weren’t aware that Zhao Hai could just take them back at any time.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t bother bringing it up. He didn’t want his abilities to be known that much.

Once they had sat down, Xiong Li let out a long breath and then said, “I didn’t expect that we’d meet a bug tide. Little Hai, how do you think the other realms did?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I don’t know about the other realms. But I’m very sure that six participants from the Machine Field would get the top spots of the competition. Although the Cultivators are powerful, I’m afraid they would lose a lot this time. And there’s the bug tide as well. It would be very hard for them to deal with it.”

Li Kuangren was grinning as he said, “That’s good. Those guys in the Cultivation Realm are annoying to look at. I’ll be happy if more of them die. Once the competition ends, I’ll definitely teach them a lesson.”

When everyone heard Li Kuangren, everybody laughed. Then Zhao Hai smiled and said, “The Cultivation Realm’s losses shouldn’t be small, the same is true for the other realms. Even if we’re the only ones left in the Machine Field, I can affirm that we’ll have the best result in the World of Cultivation.”

Xiong Li and the others laughed. They knew that they would be making history this time. This would be good for their future plans in the Machine Field. After all, they were preparing to go independent.

Although Zhao Hai was happily chatting with the others, he was also paying close attention to the situation using the silver needles. Liquid Silver’s needles had been scattered all throughout the nearby cave system, waiting for any bugs to come in.

However, just like Zhao Hai thought, there were no eight-legged bugs in the surrounding area. This was because they had just destroyed the nearby nest. It would take some time before this region would be repopulated with bugs. Because of this, they were able to take a rare break.

In the next five days, no other bugs entered the region besides locust-like bugs. However, Zhao Hai didn’t treat these locusts lightly. He immediately dispatched several undead in order to deal with them.

Zhao Hai knew that these locusts were scouts and the large army of bugs would come later. If this was any other time, the other bugs might not come over once these locusts were killed. However, since a bug tide was forming, it’s almost certain that the bugs were heading over to kill the Undead.

Zhao Hai looked at Xiong Li and the others. They were currently stabilizing their breathing in order to maintain their optimum condition. Zhao Hai talked with a serious tone, “Brothers, there’s some work to do.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Xiong Li and the others opened their eyes. They looked at Zhao Hai who nodded and said, “Bugs are coming, and they are coming in fast.”

Everyone quickly stood up. Li Kuangren flexed his arms as he laughed and said, “Let them come. I’m even beginning to think that we’ll wait here until the elimination round ends.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, but his attention was still focused on the bug caves. He kept close attention to the areas that he blocked off before. So even if the bugs wanted to attack Zhao Hai and the others, they would have to spend a lot of time cleaning up those walls made by earth magic. And if they choose not to break through, then they would only have two entrances to go through. This would allow Zhao Hai and the others to defend their location quite easily.

Sure enough, an hour after the locust was killed, massive amounts of flying bugs flew over. There were also eight-legged bugs as well as small beetle-like bugs. These new beetle bugs weren’t high-level, but their number was enough to cause headaches.

When these bugs saw that the path in front of them was blocked, they didn’t take a detour. Perhaps there was no such thing as the word ‘detour’ in their minds. These bugs immediately started to excavate the earth in front of them. Zhao Hai discovered how fast the bugs could excavate. It didn’t take a long time for the bugs to go through a meter of earth.

The bugs were advancing at a very quick speed. Zhao Hai knew that it wouldn’t take long for them to go through the blockade. Therefore, he waved his hand and released a large number of Undead into the cave where the bugs were in. This time, the first Undead that Zhao Hai released weren’t all humanoid. Instead, most of them had beast shapes. Each body of these Undead were more than ten meters long. They had two eyes that lit up like torches as well as claws that could rip through bones.

Inside these beasts were humanoid Undead carrying cannons. These Undead were operating magic cannons. This made the Undead unit functionally similar to tanks.


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