BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1242


Chapter 1242 – Beginning of the Bug Tide

When Zhao Hai felt this imposing aura, his expression changed. He knew how formidable this aura was. Even if he used all of his strength, he wouldn’t be able to match it.

Along with the aura was a silhouette of a person appearing in front of the wood-element Cultivator. This person was wearing a daoist robe. His hair as well as eyebrows were white. Also, his eyebrows were very long, just like his silvery beard. He held a wine bottle in his hand. His hair was tied up by a turquoise jade hairpin. He looked very sage-like, it was as though he was one with nature.

When this old daoist appeared, his electric eyes shot towards Zhao Hai as he called out, “Bold evildoer! You dare to hurt my disciple. Die!” Then he waved his hand as a golden palm pressed towards Zhao Hai. 

Seeing this attack, Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Just a Nascent Soul. You better give up.” Then he made a fist with his hand and then hit the palm with a punch.

Zhao Hai’s fist caused a huge hole to appear on the golden palm. An explosion was heard, and it actually caused the sturdy cave to shudder. The wood-element Cultivator was killed by the shock of the collision.

Zhao Hai snorted and then waved his hand to collect the bodies of the Cultivators. Then he released Undead to clean up the battlefield. Once the place was cleaned up, Zhao Hai and the others took their own share of bugs. Then they left the cave and flew away.

Not long after Zhao Hai and the others left, other Cultivators arrived at the scene. Upon entering the cave, the Cultivators’ expressions changed. They felt the trace of battle in the cave, especially when Zhao Hai destroyed the Nascent Soul old man’s attack. That clash caused huge fluctuations that it still lingered for the Cultivators to sense.

These Cultivators obviously knew each other but they weren’t friends. One of the Cultivators in black clothing looked at the others and then said, “You guys sensed it too? It seems like a Nascent Soul Expert made a move here.”

A Cultivator in green snorted and said, “Yi Shuihan, you rarely act stupid. We can clearly see that the situation isn’t as crazy as that. Two people were fighting here and one of them used a jade talisman. I just didn’t know what enemy they faced for them to be compelled to use a jade talisman.”

The black clothed Yi Shuihan sneered, he turned his head and said, “Jiang Tian, are you dumb? Can’t you sense other auras here other than that Nascent Soul Grandmaster?”

A person wearing white and has a sword at his back nodded respectfully and said, “It’s just as brother Yi said. Besides that Nascent Soul aura, there seem to be six other fluctuations in this place. Five of them are from our Cultivation Realm. Two metal-element, two-earth element, and a wood element Cultivator. The last one has a very special aura. Forgive me for being unable to know what it is.”

When Jiang Tian heard the polite apology of the white-robed Cultivator, he couldn’t help but gawk. Then he said, “Even Ten Thousand Sword Sect’s Suo Liancheng can’t feel it. This is strange.”

A person wearing red clothing said with a serious expression, “I can feel a weak aura of fire. It seems to be a fire spell. It’s power should be formidable, I just don’t know what kind of spell it is.”

Suo Liancheng frowned slightly and said, “Brother Qin Zhang has already reached major perfection in his fire element art, but even you can’t discern which spell it is? It seems like the enemy that the five met wasn’t weak.”

At this time, a person wearing Daoist Clothes commented, “From the death suffered by the bugs, it seems like the five used the five elements formation. Everyone should remember the five guys from the three mountains alliance.”

Upon hearing this, Suo Liancheng’s expression changed. Then he said, “Brother Yao Gan, do you mean Situ Nan’s group? Those five are very powerful when they work together. Who would dare provoke them? Moreover, from what we can see, Situ Nan’s group didn’t hold back.”

Yi Shuihan coldly said, “Not only did they go all out, it seems like they had been very unfortunate. They were even forced to use a jade talisman. And from the feeling of death that I can sense, if they weren’t dead, then they wouldn’t be able to live for long.”

Upon hearing Yi Shuihan, everyone’s expression changed. They knew that Yi Shuihan was a Ghost Dao Cultivator, so he was very sensitive when it came to death. His insight about this topic should be accurate.

However, this matter made those present wonder. How could a rookie defeat the group of five using the five element formation? They even forced the use of a jade talisman. Who had such strength?

Then at this time, Yao Gan opened his mouth and said, “I don’t know if you have heard about this news. But before we arrived at Fabio Planet, Base Number 5 was attacked by the bugs. When the base was about to fall, a person managed to fight against a silverback gold-winged bug one on one. It was said that this person was also a participant of the competition. It’s the Machine Field’s top newcomer, Zhao Hai. Do you think it’s him?”

Upon hearing Yao Gan, Jiang Tian couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “That’s impossible. I’m more likely to believe that the Machine Field retreated immediately when they saw the bugs.”

While these Cultivators were chatting, Zhao Hai was leading Xiong Li and the others away. They were still avoiding as many bugs as possible. The bugs were presently agitated. If they were to come in contact with any bug now, then it’s possible that they might trigger the bug tide ahead of time.

Xiong Li and the others looked at Zhao Hai’s expression and knew that it wasn’t time to tell jokes. Therefore, they just followed Zhao Hai silently as they navigated the labyrinth that was the bug underworld.

Although Xiong Li and the others couldn’t remember their previous route, they could tell that Zhao Hai wasn’t leading them in circles. How can Zhao Hai do this? They might try to guess, but they didn’t say nor ask anything. They just blindly trusted Zhao Hai.

After flying non-stop for seven hours, Zhao Hai finally stopped to rest at a cave. Then he took out food and then shared it with everyone. While they were eating, Li Kuangren looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, are we going back to the transmission formation? And why do I feel like the current situation isn’t right?”

Although Li Kuangren was  clueless about the current situation, the intuition that he sharpened over countless battles was telling him that something was wrong.

In fact, it wasn’t only Li Kuangren who felt this, Xiong Li and the others as well. Hearing Li Kuangren, Xiong Li nodded and said, “I feel it as well. These caves around us seem to be filled with danger.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Your intuition is correct. The caves are currently filled with danger. In fact, we just avoided a massive bug tide. We should get to a transmission formation in five hours. We don’t have much time left.”


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