BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1241


Chapter 1241 – Ancestor Appears

As soon as he saw the attackers, Zhao Hai laughed and then waved his greatsword. The sword quickly turned into a huge whip. The whip entangled the scissor as it was used to slam towards the double-ended sword.

Zhao Hai’s approach caused the two metal-element Cultivators to stare. One should know that Zhao Hai was now facing two magic weapons, not just paper talismans. Paper talismans could no longer be controlled once thrown, unlike weapons. As long as Zhao Hai exerts some pressure, then Zhao Hai could change the talisman’s direction with his whip.

Once magic weapons were sent out, they could still be controlled by their master. Magic weapons and flying swords were not much different to Cultivators. But now, Zhao Hai wanted to use another person’s magic weapon to deal with another magic weapon? Was he too arrogant?

The two Cultivators were stunned for a moment before they controlled their weapons with all of their strength. However, what they didn’t expect was that Zhao Hai was just pretending. Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t arrogant enough to think that he was able to control other people’s weapons. He just wanted to scare the two Cultivators. One of them immediately enlarged his scissors in order to get out of Zhao Hai’s whip. At the same time, the double-ended sword also attacked Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai laughed as he voluntarily loosened his whip before waving it downward. Then the whip turned into a hammer as it pounded towards the double-ended sword.

Dang! A loud noise was heard as the hammer hit the double-ended sword. The hammer was very strong, causing the owner of the sword to spit blood.

The owner of the double-ended Cultivator didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be his true target. Zhao Hai turned his greatsword into a long whip and then used it to entangle the scissors. After doing that, Zhao Hai tried to drag the scissors towards the double-ended sword. The two metal-element Cultivators thought that Zhao Hai was using the scissors to smash towards the sword. The owner of the scissors naturally stopped his weapon. However, both Cultivators forgot that Zhao Hai’s weapon could transform. Since Zhao Hai used the whip to pull the scissors towards the double-ended sword, then the whip was naturally pointed towards the sword. Once Zhao Hai turned the whip into a hammer, the direction of force wasn’t changed while its impact power was increased. This allowed the owner of the double-ended sword to be caught off-guard.

The Cultivator with the double-ended sword wasn’t prepared. And since Zhao Hai’s attack was very hard, the Cultivation was seriously injured. He even lost control of his double-ended sword.

Zhao Hai immediately captured the double-ended sword and then sent it to the Space. At this time, the Cultivator with the scissor found out that he had been fooled. His expression was ugly as he quickly commanded his scissors to attack Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai laughed, then he transformed his hammer into two tonfas. He blocked the scissors using his two arms. At the same time, Zhao Hai kicked his foot sending forth a pitch black disk. The disk was extremely fast and was releasing the sound of wailing ghosts. This was Li Chuchen’s spinning ghost disk.

This disk wasn’t for the owner of the scissors but instead for the injured metal-element Cultivator. Seeing the spinning ghost disk, the Cultivator quickly extended his hand, sacrificing a magic artifact to defend himself.

This artifact wasn’t offensive like the double-edged sword, but it was instead an earthen bowl. Once it appeared, the artifact enlarged to block the spinning ghost disk.

It was also at this moment that the owner of the scissors discovered what happened. He took back his scissors and then threw paper talismans out. Once the talismans were activated, he resumed his attack.

This exchange happened in almost an instant. The wood-element Cultivator and the two earth-element Cultivators still had their hands full. Zhao Hai’s 1000-layer skyfall magic was still releasing meteorites. They were too preoccupied with dealing with almost 100 meteorites to help the two metal-element Cultivator.

Zhao Hai’s spinning ghost disk hit the earthen bowl that the earth-element Cultivator released. The sound of impact wasn’t loud. Conversely, the sound was very flat compared to previous impacts.

This caused the two metal-element Cultivators to stare. The spinning ghost disk actually broke. The two couldn’t help but get startled. The spinning ghost disk that they knew wasn’t as brittle like this.

They had seen Li Chuchen use this spinning ghost disk before. Therefore, they knew clearly well how formidable this weapon was. Seeing Zhao Hai using the spinning ghost disk, they immediately thought about Li Chuchen. They were afraid that Li Chuchen had met an extremely unfortunate end. So they didn’t dare underestimate the spinning ghost disk.

However, what they didn’t expect was this wasn’t Li Chuchen’s actual spinning ghost disk. Instead, this ghost spinning disk was a replica made by Zhao Hai’s liquid silver staff.

It was because of this that the spinning ghost disk shattered when it met the earthen bowl. However, this didn’t mean that it was broken, the shards turned into small metallic blades that continued to attack.

The Cultivator who used the double-ended sword didn’t expect the spinning ghost disk to have a second attack. Since he was seriously injured, he wasn’t able to react in time. The small spinning blades sliced into his body, killing him instantly.

The spinning blades that hit the metal-element’s body were well-placed. One of them hit him in the heart while the other sliced his throat.

The other spinning blades proceeded to attack the scissor-wielding Cultivator. The Cultivator was surprised when he saw the blades going towards him. He quickly sent out a small shield as he retreated. The shield enlarged itself and blocked the blades.

However, the shield was split apart when it was hit by the blades. Then the spinning blades accelerated, killing the Cultivator in five hits.

There were still spinning blades left, which continued their assault towards the remaining three Cultivators. Although the three were dealing with Zhao Hai’s magic, they still kept some attention towards their two comrades. One of the reasons why they weren’t able to help was Zhao Hai’s spell, while the other reason was because they didn’t expect the two to fall this quickly.

Seeing the two metal-element Cultivators dead and then the spinning blades attacking them, the three remaining Cultivators were startled. But fortunately, their bodies were within the protection of Situ Nan’s bell.

The two metal-element Cultivators were easily killed because they failed to notice Zhao Hai luring them outside the protective range of the bell. 

Under the gazes of Situ Nan and the others, the spinning blades hit the bell accompanied with banging sounds. Then the blades shattered into smaller blades which attacked the bell once more. Situ Nan and the others also noticed that the collision that was caused had increased in intensity.

It was now time for Situ Nan to suffer. He needed to pay attention to the meteorites while the spinning ghost blades were continuing to shatter and increase in strength. In no time, he and the other two were stuck about what to do.

Then at this time, the wood-element Cultivator said, “Dong Tutian, do you best to deal with the meteorites. I’ll deal with these spinning blades with Situ Nan.”

The two gave a nod as Situ Nan received his bell. Although the defensive capability of this bell was very good, its range was too big. Moreover, the energy it consumed was large. Having just fought a swarm of bugs, it wouldn’t take long before Situ Nan would run out of energy.

The wood-element Cultivator and the earth-element Cultivator were clear about this. So before Situ Nan put away his bell, they quickly took a few pills.

This recovery pill was specially made to act much faster compared to the Machine Field’s potions. Therefore, these pills were high-quality goods. They were handed these pills because they were joining the Six Realm Beginner Competition, so they were quite reluctant to take it.

Just as the three took their pills, the two dead metal-element Cultivators suddenly stood up and then attacked their former comrades with their weapons.

Situ Nan and Dong Tutian were stunned at the scene so they were quickly killed. However, the wood-element Cultivator was able to react quickly. When the two metal-element Cultivators stood up, he immediately flew back and threw a golden bowl to block the attacks.

At this time, the skyfall spell had ended its duration. Situ Nan and three others were already dead – only the wood-element Cultivator was left. But even if his golden bowl was able to block some attacks, he was still injured. His face was a little pale.

Currently, his leaf-like artifact was blocking in front of him acting as a shield. The wood-element Cultivator was looking at Zhao Hai with hate.

Zhao Hai looked at the wood-element Cultivator, then he smiled faintly and said, “Your response is very good. I didn’t read wrong, it seems like you’re the strongest among the five of you. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to escape today.” 

The wood-element Cultivator coldly smiled in response and said, “A country bumpkin is still a country bumpkin. You’re too young to understand the means of the Cultivation Realm. I’ll let you experience how terrifying Cultivators could be!”

As he said that, the wood-element Cultivator took out a piece of jade. Zhao Hai fixed his eyes on the jade and saw runes carved all over its body. It’s actually a jade talisman!

The wood-element Cultivator looked at the jade talisman with regret, then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You forced me to do this. Now die!” He raised the jade talisman and then declared, “Borrowing the power of the heavens, Ancestor, appear!” Then he pinched the jade talisman fiercely.

Bang! An incomparably powerful aura burst out of the jade talisman. This aura went forth and put pressure on Zhao Hai!


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