BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1239


Chapter 1239 – A Group of Five Cultivators

Zhao Hai’s face was calm as he flew forward – he wasn’t worried at all. In any case, it has only been two days since they entered the caves and there were still several days left. He had also found a target to attack, so he wasn’t anxious. 

As they were flying forward, Li Kuangren licked his mouth as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, I want to eat crabs for the next meal. Get me two of them.”

Zhao Hai loudly laughed and said, “Alright, I’ll get two for you. I’ve been thinking about opening a shop once the competition ends. When we find a base, we’ll raise these crabs and then sell them. What do you think?” Xiong Li laughed and said, “Let’s find a base first. That’s the most important.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and didn’t say anything. He couldn’t tell Xiong Li and the others that he had already found a base. This would only welcome a pile of unwanted questions. 

Zhao Hai continued to lead Xiong Li and the others forward. They were currently going from cave to cave. Before long, XIong Li and the others became confused as to which was north, east, west, and south – so they just kept on following Zhao Hai. As for where Zhao Hai was bringing them, only Zhao Hai knew. They were also disinclined to ask.

Actually, the party of Cultivators that Zhao Hai wanted to attack was very close. However, the quickest path to them was filled with bug nests. Zhao Hai didn’t want to waste time on fighting bugs, so he chose to circle around and take the safe route. Moreover, if they fought bugs, they would only alert the Cultivators.

Zhao Hai didn’t know which sect these Cultivators belonged to. There were five of them in total. The clothes they wore were different from each other. Zhao Hai chose these five people because their cultivation methods were suitable for his brothers.

Among these five people, two of them were using earth-element cultivation methods, one used a wood element method, and the last two were metal-element cultivators. The earth-element Cultivators defended, the metal-element cultivators attacked, while the wood-element cultivator was in charge of treating wounds and restoring stamina.

This doesn’t mean that the earth-element cultivators couldn’t attack and metal-element cultivators couldn’t defend. Whichever Cultivation method they use, since they were from the Cultivation realm, their fighting prowess was strong. The arrangement was like this because this was the most suitable for their composition.

The grouping of these five could be said to be very good, they even have someone to heal them and aid in recovery. This was also the reason why Zhao Hai targeted them. At the same time, he lacked the cultivation methods from these three attributes.

Zhao Hai currently had two cultivation methods in his hand. The first was Dongfang Yu’s fire-element cultivation method, Divine Fire Dragon Art. The other was Li Chuchen’s water-element cultivation method. Zhao Hai still had no idea what this cultivation method was since he didn’t have the time to ask Li Chuchen about it. But seeing how Li Chuchen fought, Zhao Hai knew that it must have been a highly ranked cultivation method. But since none of his brothers had the water attribute, Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious about getting the cultivation method.

Xiong Li and Li Kuangren were earth attributes, so it was best for them to cultivate an earth-element cultivation method. Lu Dingtian was a metal attribute, so he would need a metal-element cultivation method. As for the wood-element cultivation method, even if it was useless to Zhao Hai, he still wanted to get ahold of it.

Zhao Hai discovered that his Yin-Yang Stellar Transformations Art was an extremely powerful cultivation method. However, this art only has the tempering technique for offense. This kind of attack looked very ordinary. Zhao Hai also wanted to use a flying sword but he would need an extremely powerful technique to match his cultivation method. Therefore, Zhao Hai was planning to get techniques from multiple elements and see if there were aspects that he could copy from them. This way, he can make a useful flying sword technique for himself.

Since Zhao Hai had all attributes, he had the idea of getting multiple flying sword manuals and creating his own flying sword technique.

This might be impossible for other people, but to Zhao Hai, it won’t be much of an issue. This was because he has the scanner. As long as he gets flying sword manuals from five elements, then he can scan them. Zhao Hai believed that with the recent upgrade to the scanner, this matter wouldn’t be very hard to do.

Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to target those five people. As long as he kills those 5, he would be able to obtain their techniques for study. At the same time, this would also be a great help for Xiong Li and the others.

Although there were other people in other caves, they were far from Zhao Hai and the others. If Zhao Hai wanted to deal with them, then he would have to walk farther. Most importantly, these five people had the elements that Zhao Hai needs. If he dealt with people separately, then Zhao Hai would need more time. And Zhao Hai was afraid that he would run out of time.

This time limit wasn’t brought by the end of the elimination round, but something else instead. Laura and the others found out that the bugs were starting a large-scale tide. If the bugs truly start their bug tide, then Zhao Hai and the others would certainly be plunged into battle. When the time comes, he wouldn’t be able to find time to deal with other people. Therefore, Zhao Hai decided to make this party of 5 his target.

These five were from the Cultivation Realm. Moreover, they were quite strong. If these five acted, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to deal with them easily. One must know that the Cultivators had a lot of trump cards. Zhao Hai managed to deal with Li Chuchen because Li Chuchen didn’t take him seriously at first, and was then frightened by Zhao Hai’s strength. At that time, Li Chuchen could only use 80% of his strength at most. Otherwise, Zhao Hai would have had a hard time killing Li Chuchen.

Although the five people that Zhao Hai was targeting weren’t from the same sect, the cooperation between them was quite solid. Zhao Hai saw them easily deal with thousands of bugs, and their cooperation played a vital role in this achievement. Therefore, it wouldn’t be easy for Zhao Hai to deal with them.

And even if Xiong Li and the others were now stronger, they still fall short compared to these five Cultivators. Only Dongfang Yu might be able to stand on his own against them. However, Dongfang Yu was just one person. It would be impossible for him to have a great impact in the battle. In the end, Zhao Hai can only rely on himself.

Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of those five people, what he was afraid of was the fight taking too long and alerting others from the Cultivation Realm. If other Cultivators see their fight, then it’s highly probable that they would join in.

If it was any other place, the other Cultivators wouldn’t join in if Zhao Hai and the five Cultivators fought. Even if they saw it, they still wouldn’t act. Life and death was common in the Cultivation Realm, so nobody would butt in if someone unrelated to them were to die.

However, this was the elimination round. The top 100 rookies from the six realms compete with each other. If the other Cultivators saw Zhao Hai, then they would immediately attack him, removing the biggest enemy first. Although Zhao Hai has the power to protect himself, he couldn’t allow those people to escape. If they left and told others, then Zhao Hai and the others would be under pursuit from the people in the Cultivation Realm.

Zhao Hai was afraid of attracting the attention of these other Cultivators. But this fear didn’t stem in the fact that they might fight, but instead when they would run away. He didn’t want his strength known since this would give him trouble in the formal matches.

Zhao Hai continued flying forward as he chatted with Xiong Li and the others. However, he would occasionally talk to Laura and the others with his mind regarding the five Cultivators.

The five-man team were currently fighting a group of bugs. The bugs weren’t numerous, only about 1000. However, these bugs weren’t the eight-legged bugs that Zhao Hai and the others faced. Instead, these were the flying mantis bugs that would take heads off.

In addition to their ability to fly, these bugs were offensively strong as well as agile. Because of this, the five were unable to kill them all at once.

Zhao Hai and the others inched closer and closer to the five Cultivators. At the same time, they were making sure to avoid any bugs. This allowed them to have a smooth travel with no bugs interrupting.

After flying for about eight hours, Zhao Hai and the others were already close to the five Cultivators. Although Zhao Hai didn’t feel anything, Xiong Li and the others could still get tired. As they were heading here, they took two breaks and ate one meal.

When they were already near the battlefield, Zhao Hai stopped. Seeing Zhao Hai stop, Xiong Li and the others stopped as well. Everyone looked at Zhao Hai, then Xiong Li whispered, “Little Hai? Did we reach our destination?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Not far away in front is our target. However, they’re currently fighting bugs. Let’s wait for them to finish.”

Xiong Li and the others nodded. They didn’t ask Zhao Hai about what’s ahead or anything. There was no need for such questions, they completely trusted him.

The group entered a cave as Zhao Hai took out some food to eat. While they were eating, Zhao Hai was paying attention to the state of the Cultivators.

These Cultivators were very strong. One of the two earth-element Cultivators was using a huge shield. The shield was massive at about ten meters high. But even if the shield looked unwieldy, the earth-element Cultivator was able to handle it with ease. This caused the bug attacks to be useless against the five.

The weapon used by the other earth-element was unique as well. It was a magical treasure in the form of a bell. This bell could enlarge and shrink itself. At its current form, it was about 5 meters high. In addition to its defensive capability, it also had a sound attack. Not only was it able to protect the party, it also caused casualties towards the bugs.

The two metal-element Cultivators were attacking the bugs in tandem. One of them used a huge scissor-like weapon. The blades of these scissors weren’t straight, instead they were curved like scimitars. The blades were very sharp. No bug survived after being cut.

The other metal-element Cultivator had an ordinary weapon – a sparkling gold sword. However, this sword was different from ordinary swords. It didn’t have a hilt since its entire body was the sword. This meant that both ends of the weapon were sharp. From its looks, one could see how offensively powerful it was.

As for the wood-element Cultivator, he stood behind the group. His weapon was quite special. It was an azure-colored leaf made with unknown material. It didn’t have a sharp edge like a blade. It was currently the vessel in which the group stood on. The leaf’s surface would oftentimes radiate green light that would enter the bodies of the other Cultivators. It seems like this leaf was a treasure that can speed up the recovery of spiritual qi.

With the group’s cooperation, the bugs were getting grinded down. From the initial 1000, the bugs had been reduced to more or less 200.

However, these flying bugs seemed to be different from the eight-legged bugs. Eight-legged bugs would continue fighting to the last bug. On the other hand, these flying bugs seem to be more intelligent. Upon seeing that they were losing, they immediately retreated.

But even if these bugs wanted to retreat, this doesn’t mean that they would be successful. The five Cultivators didn’t allow the bugs to escape. Seeing the bugs retreating, the five immediately separated and surrounded the bugs. Then the five used their weapons to attack them. The shield-bearing Cultivator had also changed his weapon into a seal. It was a square seal that had a dragon turtle’s head carved into it.

The attack of this seal was very simple. When it was used, a mountain like pressure descended into the bugs. All the bugs caught in this pressure were soon turned into paste.

The last 200 bugs didn’t take long to be killed. Once the bugs were cleaned up, the five put away their weapons. The Cultivator who had the bell turned to the Cultivator with the seal and said ,”Dong Tutian, didn’t I tell you to stop attacking? Look at what you did, a lot of bugs had been smashed. You’re decreasing our loot!”

Dong Tutian coldly snorted and said, “I’ve been defending all this time, I’m feeling suffocated. And you’re one to talk, Situ Nan. That bell of yours disintegrated a lot of bugs as well.”

Situ Nan didn’t respond. At this time, the wood-element Cultivator said, “Alright, don’t fight. Let’s clean up the battlefield quickly and then leave. This cave will soon attract other bugs. We need to find a place to recover, we can’t afford another fight.”


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