BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1237


Chapter 1237 – Sentiment In A Ruthless World Is Stronger

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, rest assured. Information about this thing is now in my head. It’s nothing more than a machine. It’s like a Universal Processing Machine but instead produces a specific kind of meat. It can be fed with both plants and animals and we can control how much it produces. It needs spiritual qi to function, but it isn’t a problem since the Space is rich with spiritual qi.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Can you produce a batch right now? Don’t make it look disgusting, we don’t like people losing their appetite when they see it.”

Cai’er smiled faintly and said, “Young Master, rest assured. That wouldn’t be a problem, the Space has already considered this issue.” Then after she said that, a meter high egg tumbled out of a tube. The egg rolled to the ground and after a few seconds, the eggshell broke. Then what came out made Zhao Hai stare. He didn’t expect the Space to make the bugs into this form. It’s clearly a crab.

Right, a giant crab hatched out of the egg. When he saw the crab, Zhao Hai chuckled and said, “Alright, it turned out to be a crab. No wonder the Space said that it tastes like crab-meat. That’s good, let’s produce them. Also, how is their fighting strength?”

Cai’er nodded and then said, “They can fight back, but they’re not very strong. They are far weaker than the eight-legged bugs. After all, they’re intended for consumption.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “But if I still want the eight-legged bugs for battle, can I get them?”

Cai’er gave a nod and said, “That bug has been saved in the Space’s shop as well as the eight-legged bug nest. If Young Master wants to use them, you can buy them at any time.”

Zhao Hai replied, “That’s good. Alright, pay attention to how much meat this crab has. And then promote it in the various backgrounds in the Space. In any case, this thing doesn’t need much to be fed. And people also need more variety in their food.”

Cai’er nodded, “Young Master, rest assured. I’ll take care of it.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll trust you with this.” Then he disappeared out from the Space and then got back to the cave.

The battle with the bug nest was basically over. The eight-legged bugs had lost their commander. With the Undead as their opponent, it wouldn’t be long before they would be killed off.

Zhao Hai went out of the battlefield and back to the anxiously waiting Xiong Li and the others.

Seeing Zhao Hai coming back, they immediately relaxed. Xiong Li quickly asked, “Little Hai, how is it?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s basically finished. There’s just a small problem with the nest. But I already dealt with it, there won’t be any more problems.”

Xiong Li and the others relaxed. Then Zhao Hai led them to enter the nest. At this time, eight-legged bug corpses were in piles. Besides the Undead who were cleaning up the remaining bugs, the others Undead began to clean up the battlefield.

Zhao Hai looked around him and said, “Alright, let’s find a clean place to sit down. At the same time, I’ll be refining Second Brother’s dagger-axe.”

Xiong Li and the others nodded. Although they didn’t mind the bug corpses, the sight of them would still make food taste worse. It was much better if they went to a cleaner place.

Fortunately, the bug nest was full of caves. Zhao Hai found a random cave and then went there. Zhao Hai cleaned the place up a bit with magic before everyone sat down. Then Zhao Hai looked at Lu Dingtian and said, “Second Brother, let me have a look at your dagger-axe.”

Lu Dingtian nodded and then took out his dagger-axe and gave it to Zhao Hai. When he was handed the dagger-axe, Zhao Hai found out that it was quite heavy. It was even heavier than Xiong Li’s two hammers.

Moreover, it seems like Lu Dingtian’s weapon was very old. Strictly speaking, this weapon should be a double-ended spear. The head would be the spearhead while the other would be a two-ended dagger-axe. The entire weapon was very long. Its entire body was azure in color, with a bit of copper tint. However, Zhao Hai knew that it was impossible for this weapon to be made out of copper. The material of this weapon should be on par with Xiong Li’s hammers.

Zhao Hai gave a nod and said, “Give me some time. I’ll make sure that the weapon pleases Second Brother. Wait here for me.” Then as soon as he said that, he disappeared.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s vanish, Xiong Li sighed and said, “No wonder we can’t sense anything in his room whenever Little Hai goes into seclusion. It turns out he wasn’t in his room at all.”

Dongfang Yu nods and said, “It seems like this is also the reason why Little Hai is very familiar with the Machine Field’s situation back in Base Number 5. It’s possible that he went back to the Machine Field when he closed up. I reckon it’s Margaret who told Zhao Hai what happened.”

Xiong Li and the other agreed to what Dongfang Yu said. On the other hand, Lu Dingtian didn’t know until now that Zhao Hai can use Space Magic – but he still kept silent. During this period, Zhao Hai had taken great care of him and even allowed him to become sworn brothers with the others. Naturally, he wouldn’t cause Zhao Hai any harm.

It was said that the World of Cultivation was ruthless, everyone was scampering for benefits and cultivation methods, acting like savage beasts. If one doesn’t have any good friends, then they would suffer in this world. And if one relaxed, then they would be destroyed by others sooner or later.

Therefore, if one wanted to reach great places in the World of Cultivation, then one would need dedicated friends. Moreover, because of how ruthless the World of Cultivation was, friendships were more precious. If you become friends with someone and then you betray them, then your reputation would forever be tainted. Nobody would work with you in the future anymore, let alone becoming friends. Therefore, in the World of Cultivation, friendships were seen as a sacred covenant between people.

This turned out to become a strange scene, causing balance in the World of Cultivation. Ruthless people would die out because they were isolated in this ruthless world.

In the World of Cultivation, one would need to be ruthless but also become someone who regarded sentiment heavily. During tumultuous times, love between people was rarely discussed, but at the same time, this love would be thicker. The World of Cultivation was the same. Sentiment wasn’t easily discussed in this world, but the regard for sentiment here was much stronger than any liquor there was!

Xiong Li and the others weren’t fools. They understand clearly what the Machine Field’s natives see ascenders as. They knew that the only way for Ascenders like them to survive in this world was to band together!

Zhao Hai wasn’t aware of what Xiong Li and the others were thinking. In fact, Zhao Hai didn’t think so much when he became friends with Xiong Li and the others. He thought that he had great compatibility with them when it came to temperament. Therefore, he decided to befriend them. Also, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of Xiong Li and the others betraying him. He has the Space, so he could never be in grave danger. Therefore, he was very assured when becoming brothers with Xiong Li and the others.

When Zhao Hai returned to the Space, he immediately went to the processing machine and deconstructed Lu Dingtian’s weapon. At the same time, using the vast collection of minerals that the Space has as well as the Universal Scanner, a long dagger-axe with 80 engraved formations was produced in not even half an hour.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t head out immediately. Instead he returned to the villa to chat with Laura and the others. But when he arrived, he saw a massive crab on the ground, menacingly pinching its pincers.

Zhao Hai stared and immediately knew that this was the crab that the nest produced. How did this crab get here? Zhao Hai looked at Laura and the others in confusion and said, “How did this get here? Are you going to eat it?”

Meg nodded and said, “Young Master, we want to see how this thing tastes. We have eaten crabs before, but we haven’t eaten one as large as this.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, let’s taste it. Right, Cai’er, prepare two of them for me. I’ll bring them out for Xiong Li and the others to taste.”

Cai’er nodded. Getting a couple of crabs wasn’t an issue. In fact, the Space has already started to produce crabs. There were several hundred crabs in the Space, two crabs were very small in comparison. She could even take out 200 carbs with no problem.

After getting Zhao Hai’s approval, Meg immediately moved. She cast magic and froze the crab. Then she waved her hand and said, “Cai’er, help me get this thing to the kitchen. We’ll be eating crab today.” Cai’er nodded and then waved her hand as the crab floated. Then she followed Meg to the kitchen.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then turned his head to Laura and said, “How are you all doing?”

Laura smiled and said, “It’s quite tiring. But I think Lizzy and the others are more tired. Brother Hai, the weapons that the Undead use are too low-level. How about we make them more powerful ones? How about engraving them with magic formations? With this, the Undead would be stronger.”

Zhao Hai thought about it and then nodded and said, “Both the bone armors and the combat suits are already good for defense. But their weapons are indeed lacking, causing them to be on the defensive most of the time. We should replace their weapons. You can discuss this with Cai’er.”

Laura nodded. Then at this time Berry said, “Brother Hai, we discovered a good place for a base. Do you want to take a look?”


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