BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1235


Chapter 1235 – The Straightforward Lu Dingtian

The Undead were very important combat elements in Zhao Hai’s arsenal. Although they weren’t strong right now and were only equal to level 3, their cumulative strength makes up for it. This allowed the Undead to become very powerful in the battlefield.

However, they also have their own issues. Undead needed to be commanded. They could fight on their own, but the difference between having a commander and not was very clear. The ones commanding the Undead this time were Megan, Lizzy, and Margaret.

Laura and Meg don’t usually like to command the Undead, but Margaret actually took a liking to it.

On the other hand, Lizzy and Megan commanded the Undead since the lower realms. However, they found that the battles in the World of Cultivation were much more intense. No matter from which realm, their practitioners were much more formidable. Now, with the elimination round, Zhao Hai allowed them an opportunity to adapt to the rhythm of battles in the World of Cultivation.

Because of this, Zhao Hai didn’t make a move against the bugs. In addition to overseeing Xiong Li and the others, Zhao Hai also left the Undead to the ladies.

Lizzy and the others were indeed improving. After several battles with the bugs, they had learned to adjust the Undead’s formation according to the changes in the battlefield. Seeing them adapt faster and faster, Zhao Hai was very satisfied.

What surprised Zhao Hai was Margaret’s interest in commanding Undead. He truly didn’t expect this to happen. Zhao Hai thought that Margaret was only interested in supporting formations. Who would’ve thought that Margaret was also interested in commanding the Undead. 

Compared to the last battle, this one progressed slowly since there were a lot more bugs involved. But during the battle, Zhao Hai noticed that Sun Fei’s tactics were beginning to contain something special. In the past, Sun Fei acted like his attribute, hot-headed and straightforward like fire. His attacks were all quite fierce, which caused him to consume more energy than required.

However, his tactics were changing. He was no longer the same as before. Now, instead of pursuing the greatest attacking strength, he was now using efficient attacks.

Attacks with great strength completely differed from attacking with efficiency. It was just like people using a cannon to kill a mosquito. They could indeed kill the mosquito, but the power they used was too much. Although their attack was very powerful, it wasted a lot of energy if it only dealt with a single mosquito.

Using large-scale attacks reduced one’s lethality. Without Zhao Hai’s insane strength, even 100-layer formations wouldn’t be able to kill the bugs.

Sun Fei was using large-scale attacks in the past battle. But now, Sun Fei was using 10-layer formations and even 5-layer formations. His biggest attacks would never exceed 50-layers. But even so, he was now killing more bugs compared to before. Moreover, as he was staying behind XIong Li and the others, Sun Fei was beginning to pay great attention to Xiong Li and the others’ actions. Whenever a great danger appears near the Warriors, Sun Fei would make sure that it would be eliminated.

Naturally, since he wasn’t that strong yet, Sun Fei was unable to keep Xiong Li and the others completely safe. Nevertheless, he was heading in that direction.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod at Sun Fei’s learning capability. Sun Fei observed him last battle and was now starting to apply what he learned. Zhao Hai was very satisfied.

Mages were smart people. However, there were Mages that were very stubborn. Once they see a solution to a problem, they would immediately stick to it.

A Mage’s large-scale attack was indeed stronger than a weapon, but it heavily depended on the situation. If there were a lot of enemies, then this kind of attack would be very useful. This would greatly increase the speed in killing enemies.

But if a large-scale attack can’t cause a lot of damage to the enemy, then it was better to help your companions by clearing the dangers around them. This way, they could fight in relative safety.

Doing so wouldn’t only enhance Sun Fei’s ability, this would also increase the efficiency of the Warriors. After all, a Mage’s best weapon in battle wasn’t their magic, but instead their control over the situation. Knowing when to use spells was the most critical ability to have.

This point might seem simple, but it was rare for Mages to achieve this. Even Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to achieve this if he didn’t have the Space’s help. In a fast battle, a simple mistake may develop into a fatal loss. If you cannot grasp the situation of the battle, then you would already be three points closer to a loss.

Grasping the changes of the enemy was also a type of control. It was impossible for a Mage to only use one kind of spell. And choosing a suitable spell for a specific situation wasn’t easy. Mages weren’t like Warriors who had a set of stances. If these stances were practiced to the extreme, then the Warrior would be able to use them at any time. However, a Mage’s magic arsenal wasn’t fixed. Even if one practices all spells, then they still couldn’t guarantee that they would be peerless in the battlefield.

When the enemy changes their actions and you weren’t able to grasp it, then your effectiveness would be reduced. Therefore, the most important thing for a Mage is control, control of the situation and the entire battlefield.

This ability of control couldn’t be gained by simple training. Only through grounded actual combat could one gain this ability.

Although Zhao Hai was satisfied with Sun Fei’s progress, Sun Fei was still beginning to train. Therefore, he still fell short in some areas. The one in full control of the situation was still Zhao Hai.

This fight ended up quicker compared to the last. First was because Zhao Hai released more Undead. And Second, because Lizzy and the others were beginning to adapt themselves to fighting the bugs and were now more able to coordinate themselves. 

When Xiong Li and the others felt that they were about to run out of energy, their battle had abruptly ended. They weren’t able to foresee this, so as they killed bugs, they suddenly found out that there were no bugs to kill. They were stunned for a moment before they recovered when they saw that the Undead were already cleaning the battlefield.

When Xiong Li found out about this, he turned his head to Zhao Hai and gave a dissatisfied glare as he said, “Little Hai, can’t you make your Undead slow down? I haven’t killed enough bugs yet, and now they’re all gone.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Boss Xiong, you’re too complacent. You already look like you’re going to die, but you still want to fight. But if you really have some energy left, you can head further in. There’s a bug nest ahead with tens of thousands of bugs left to kill. Moreover, since its the interior of the nest, those bugs would be more frantic. I’m sure you can fight properly there.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Xiong Li waved his hand and said, “Forget it. I’m not that greedy. Let’s just use the extra time to relax.”

Dongfang Yu laughed and said, “Boss Xiong, you should go. Not only can I assure you that you can fight properly, you would also end up being bug poop. Hahaha. “ Li Kuangren and the others laughed as well. Xiong Li didn’t care and just laughed alongside them. They were brothers for life and death, these kinds of jokes were harmless for them.

While the Undead were cleaning the battlefield, Zhao Hai led the group back to a clean cave nearby. After they settled themselves down, Zhao Hai took out some dishes and said, “Let’s take a rest here and wait until we fully recover. I estimate there to be about 60 thousand bugs in the bug nest. Since we’re in the nest, those bugs would certainly go all out. Even if there are 10 thousand more bugs, we’re still going to be fine. So we can relax here with no worries.”

The group nodded. Since they trusted Zhao Hai, they didn’t doubt his words. They took Zhao Hai’s words as is.

Everyone took out their own bottle of wine and then opened it as they said, “Drink!” Then they all took a sip. Zhao Hai took out his finest liquor at this time. It’s flavor was very pure, the taste was neat, and drinking it was satisfying.

After putting his bottle down, Zhao Hai looked at Lu Dingtian and said, “Old Lu, we brothers are going to establish our own base when we go back to the Machine Field. We’ll be going on our own. Although we would still perform tasks, we would act independently. Are you interested in going with us?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Lu Dingtian’s eyes shone. Then he nodded and said, “Alright.”

Zhao Hai didn’t expect Lu Dingtian’s answer. Most people from external halls wouldn’t prefer working alone. Although being independent seems like the smart move, this also meant that you would lose the family’s support. This was the same as leaving the family. Since you can no longer benefit the family, then there’s no reason to support you. There would no longer be potions, weapons, armor, and other things. You would now need money in order to purchase them. These weren’t easy things to aquire, one would need to complete multiple tasks in order to afford them.

But undergoing too many tasks would hamper one’s cultivation. Therefore, not a lot of people would choose to leave. Although there was no freedom in the family, everyone knew about the saying ‘leaning on a tree to enjoy the breeze’. Leaving the family meant leaving the tree and undertaking the difficulties outside this zone of comfort. Not everyone would have the courage to do this. However, Lu Dingtian didn’t even hesitate. This truly was out of Zhao Hai’s expectations.


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