BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1234


Chapter 1234 – Transforming Bug Nest

The eight-legged bugs were still frantically attacking. These bugs survive on instinct, so they didn’t have any fear in them at all. The only thing they knew was attacking and killing their enemies.

Soon after, Xiong Li and Li Kuangren gave up. Although their weapons had been transformed by Zhao Hai, they still weren’t able to fight for a very long time. They took a potion like Lu Dingtian did and then went to Zhao Hai’s side to rest.

The only one left on the field was Dongfang Yu. Although his fight with Li Chuchen ended in almost an instant, it still made Dongfang Yu aware about the strength of the Cultivators in the Cultivator Realm. Without Zhao Hai’s help, he would’ve already died under Li Chuchen’s spinning ghost disk.

However, Dongfang Yu believed that he wasn’t any worse compared to Li Chuchen. HIs only disadvantage was his short time in studying the Divine Fire Dragon Art. Otherwise, he wouldn’t lose that easily against Li Chuchen. Therefore, Dongfang Yu made sure to use the current battle with the bugs to train his Divine Fire Dragon Art as well as his fire dragon sword technique.

It was at this moment that the difference between the Machine Field’s method and the Cultivation Realm’s method appeared. Xiong Li and the others were already tired, their battle qi was consumed, they don’t have any capability to fight. Meanwhile, Dongfang Yu was still fighting. Moreover, he was becoming more and more skilled when it came to using his fire dragon sword. This also allowed him to be more relaxed in battle.

After watching Dongfang Yu, Xiong Li and the others finally knew why he was able to fight for so long. This was due to the difference between flying swords and sword qi.

Flying sword techniques allowed one to control their sword to fly and kill their enemy. Meanwhile, sword qi was akin to arrows being shot out by a bow. Once it was in motion, it could no longer be controlled. It was the same difference between artillery shells and remote missiles.

One must know that enemies that would just stand there to take the hit were very rare. Most of them would just avoid the attack. Even the bugs who lived on instinct knew to avoid sword qi. Even if they couldn’t completely avoid the attack, they would still make sure that their vital organs weren’t hit. In this case, taking someone’s life using sword qi was very hard.

Flying swords were different. Once a flying sword was set in motion, it could still be controlled. Even if the bugs managed to dodge, the sword could still home in on their vital parts. This allowed Dongfang Yu to kill a large amount of bugs while keeping his energy consumption to a minimum.

With this thought in mind, Xiong Li and the others couldn’t help but be envious of Dongfang Yu’s luck in being able to obtain a Cultivation Method. 

At this moment, Zhao Hai’s voice was heard, “After this competition, everyone can also practice a Cultivation Method. Look, haven’t we already gained a water-attribute method?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Xiong Li and the others stared. Then they immediately understood what Zhao Hai was saying. They managed to kill Li Chuchen who practiced a high-level water-attribute cultivation method. Now that Li Chuchen has become Zhao Hai’s Undead, this meant that they could also practice this water-attribute cultivation method.

But after thinking about it, Xiong Li and Li Kuangren weren’t happy. This was because they were both earth-attribute. A water-attribute cultivation method was useless to them. Meanwhile, Sun Fei doesn’t need to wait until the competition to learn Dongfang Yu’s Divine Fire Dragon Art. 

However, they still had hope. If they could kill a water-attribute Cultivator today, then what’s stopping them from killing an earth-attribute Cultivator tomorrow? When the time comes, they would have their own cultivation method.

Seeing Dongfang Yu’s sword technique becoming more and more refined, Zhao Hai stopped looking and instead turned to the others and said, “When we get a few more Cultivation Methods, I’ll take a look at them first if they’re good to practice. You should know that I have all the attributes. Right, Old Lu, what attribute do you have?”

Lu Dingtian paused for a moment before replying, “Metal attribute.”

Zhao Hai stared, then he nodded and said, “Metal? That’s good. Then we’ll grab every attribute there is. This way, we can find appropriate ones in the future.”

The fight with the bugs was nearing its end. Xiong Li and the others might not have killed a lot of bugs, but the Undead absolutely did. At this time there weren’t a lot of bugs left in the passage.

Moreover, from what Zhao Hai can see, only the bugs from the first and second perimeter came to fight. The bugs from the third, fourth, and fifth perimeter of defense didn’t move.

Before long, the battle was over and the Undead began clearing the battlefield. Xiong Li and the others looked at the Undead with envy. Xiong Li murmured, “Having these fellows is truly convenient. Especially at this time. Others have to divide the bugs to themselves while we can just sit here and chat.”

Upon hearing Xiong Li, Zhao Hai and the others laughed. Dongfang Yu received his sword at this time, then he looked at Xiong Li and said, “Boss Xiong, how about you ask Little Hai to teach you summoning magic?”

Xiong Li immediately shook his head and said, “Forget it. I still have to learn magic then how to write magic formations. It’s too troublesome.”

The group laughed once more. Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious to continue attacking. Everyone had just finished a battle and they needed to take a good rest. It would be unwise to attack now.

At this time, the Undead were done cleaning up. The bugs were divided evenly and every useful material were taken out.

Zhao Hai and the others didn’t hurry in getting the materials. Instead, they sat down and then chatted. Although there were a lot of bug corpses around them, they were used to such an environment so they didn’t care.

The reason why Zhao Hai was assured in taking a rest here was because he knew that there weren’t any dangers in the surroundings, unless someone from the other realm or an advanced-level bug came. Besides those, no other eight-legged bugs were nearby.

This nest belonged to eight-legged bugs. And since the area belonged to this particular nest of bugs, eight-legged bugs from other nests wouldn’t come near. This was because the territorial consciousness of the eight-legged bugs was very strong.

After resting for two hours, everyone had almost recovered. Zhao Hai gave a nod and said, “Let’s go and continue the attack. I believe that there would be pleasant surprises waiting for us today.”

Xiong Li and the others still weren’t aware that they were inside a bug nest. Moreover, they weren’t able to scout the area ahead of them like Zhao Hai. Also, this cave system restricted the use of spiritual force. This caused Xiong Li and the others to be relatively clueless about their surroundings.

In the past, the Cultivators wanted to map out the cave systems so that they could fight the bugs better. However, they soon discovered that it was useless. This was because the passages transform constantly. These bugs would dig more caves and passages while also burying old ones. This caused any maps made to be scrapped.

After multiple explorations into the cave system, the Cultivators also found out that the bugs secret a type of mucus. This mucus is very potent. As long as it gets mixed in with the earth, it would make the ground as strong as concrete.

Most importantly, this mucus had the ability to restrict spiritual force. But once the bugs were killed, this mucus would quickly dry up, unable to be used. From the Cultivation Realm’s investigations, almost the entire underground system was covered by this mucus. Therefore, whether it be the Cultivators or the people from other realms, when they enter the cave system, their spiritual force would be affected. One could use magic to explore, but spiritual force was impossible.

It can be said that having the elimination round here was giving Zhao Hai a home ground advantage. He can use the silver needles to explore the surroundings first. And since this was on the outer layer of Fabio Planet, advanced-level bugs were very rare. So even if the silver needle was found out, it couldn’t be dealt with easily. Zhao Hai used the silver needle to perfectly grasp the situation inside this bug nest. Naturally, this gave him an advantage in the competition.

Additionally, Zhao Hai had a lot of Undead to help him hunt and kill the bugs. The results of this elimination round would definitely surprise a lot of people.

Although Xiong Li and the others didn’t know about the situation ahead, they already had absolute confidence in Zhao Hai. In their opinion, the only thing they needed to do was follow Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai led Xiong Li and the others towards a passage. While they were flying, Zhao Hai suddenly heard Laura’s voice, “Brother Hai, you need to take care. The fourth and fifth defensive line’s bugs had reinforced the third defensive line’s bugs. The eight-legged bugs that you would face will number 30 thousand.”

Zhao Hai gave a short nod, indicating his understanding. Then he turned to Xiong Li and the others and said ,”Boss Xiong, be prepared. A large number of bugs are ahead. There are more bugs there than we faced before.”

As soon as XIong Li and the others heard Zhao Hai, their expressions turned serious. Then they nodded and couldn’t help but tighten their grip on their weapons.

Zhao Hai wasn’t holding back this time and directly took out 20 thousand Undead to drive back the wave of bugs. Before Zhao Hai and the others entered the third line of defense, the bugs and the Undead were already fighting.

When the group entered the third defensive line, the Undead and the bugs were already killing each other. Xiong Li and the other quickly joined in on the battle. Zhao Hai was still doing the job of a caretaker. Not only was he enhancing the fighting abilities of Xiong Li and the others, he was also making Megan and the others adjust their battle formations in order to get used to the battles of the World of Cultivation.


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