BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1233


Chapter 1233 – Attacking A Bug Nest

The battle was already over. Everyone from the Machine Field was killed. Moreover, those who died had now become members of Zhao Hai’s Undead army.

After dealing with these people, Zhao Hai made the Undead clean the battlefield. Every bug part was collected and piled up in equal portions on the ground. Then Zhao Hai and the others stored their pile in their spatial equipment, Lu Dingtian did the same. 

Lu Dingtian’s actions made Zhao Hai regard him as a friend. Lu Dingtian also didn’t say anything and just collected his own pile. He was also beginning to look at Zhao Hai as a friend. But since he was embarrassed, he wasn’t able to say his thanks to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about it. After taking his own pile, he looked at everyone and said, “Brothers, it’s only us left. Hahaha. I reckon we’re the most insane out of all the six realms. We already butchered our own people just as the competition began.”

Xiong Li and the others couldn’t help but laugh. They didn’t think much about it. This was because they knew that if they weren’t as strong as they were, then the ones who would die would be them. They felt no guilt about this event.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “We should leave this place and look for some bugs to kill. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to get to the top 100. That would be troublesome.”

Xiong Li smiled and said, “Killing those bugs is quite easy. It’s not interesting. Right, Little Hai, what do we do if we run into people from other realms?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “What else can we do? If we can defeat them, then we’ll kill them all. If we can’t defeat them, then we can just escape. In any case, they would certainly try to kill us. The Machine Field really has a great reputation.”

Xiong Li and the others laughed. They agreed that the Machine Field has a great reputation. However, this reputation wasn’t a good one, but the reputation that they were soft persimmons.

Xiong Li and the others were confident in Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was able to kill a top ten ranker of the Cultivation Realm with a single fist. With Zhao Hai’s strength, why would they be afraid of the other realms?

Lu Dingtian looked at the brothers who were laughing and joking with a touch of envy in his eyes. Ever since he ascended, he had always been cautious. He wouldn’t easily believe anyone. This was because he had seen a lot of geniuses that suddenly disappeared into obscurity. It was a world where a friend could become an enemy in the blink of an eye. Because of this, Lu Dingtian was never able to make any friends. He just cultivated and performed tasks given by his family. 

Due to his lifestyle, Lu Dingtian was able to become strong. But at the same time, he was envious of people like Zhao Hai and the others who were brothers that cared for each other.

Zhao Hai looked at Lu Dingtain and then smiled as he said, “Old Lu, it seems like you’re stuck with us. Rest assured, now that we’re teammates, we’re also friends. I hope that we can get closer in the future.”

Lu Dingtian nodded but didn’t say anything. Zhao Hai didn’t mind it as he nodded and said, “Let’s go. It’s time to look for bugs to kill.” Then after he said that, he led everyone out of the cave.

While Zhao Hai and the others were in battle, Laura released silver needles in order to inspect the surrounding caves. And not far from the cave that Zhao Hai and the others were in was a large collection of eight-legged bugs.

These eight-legged bugs can be said to be the Bug Race’s most populous species. They were also at the very bottom of the race’s hierarchy, completely made to be cannon fodder. These eight-legged bugs lived inside nests. However, these nests weren’t queen nests of the Bug Race. Instead, these were nests that produced only eight-legged bugs. Nevertheless, the production rate of these nests was very astonishing. In a year, an eight-legged bug nest could produce more than 100 thousand bugs. Such reproductive speed can only be described as completely broken.

It was precisely because of this nest’s reproduction that the Cultivation Realm needed to clean the bugs from Fabio Planet regularly. Although the strength of the eight-legged bugs wasn’t on par with the Cultivators, once their number reached a critical degree, the might they could exhibit would be astonishing. Moreover, their offensive strength wasn’t very weak.

The intelligence of these eight-legged bugs was very low, but their territorial instincts were strong. If other eight-legged bugs were to enter their territory, they would immediately frantically attack. After seeing the eight-legged worm nest, Zhao Hai was almost certain that the bugs that besieged them in the transmission formation were from the same group.

From the research that the Cultivation Realm did on the eight-legged bugs, Zhao Hai knew that these bugs were divided into two groups. The first group was called ‘hunting bugs’, these were bugs that go out and hunt for food. The other group was called ‘guard bugs’, the bugs that defended the nest.

Eight-legged bugs were omnivores. Whether it be other bugs or leaves or grass, they would all consume it. The hunting bugs’ main job was to seek these kinds of food for the nest. The task of the guard bugs was much simpler. Their duty was to protect the bug nest. 

The insane reproductive ability of the eight-legged bugs would also cause trouble for themselves. Bug tides would happen all over Fabio Planet due to the bugs being overpopulated. When it’s time for a bug tide, they would target the Cultivation Realm’s bases as well as other bug groups. This wouldn’t only reduce the number of eight-legged bugs, it would also provide food for other bugs.

For the Bug Race, nothing was inedible. As long as it can provide them with energy, then it was food.

Naturally, the bugs that attacked Zhao Hai and the others were hunting bugs. But now that they were heading to the bug nest, they would fight the guard bugs soon.

Zhao Hai was aware of all of these, but the others weren’t. They just followed Zhao Hai and carefully flew forward. Zhao Hai and the others were now quite close to the nest. They would arrive in about half an hour.

Before long, they arrived in the nest’s territory. Zhao Hai waved his hand, causing everyone to stop and look at him. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Wait a moment.” Then he waved his hand and a large number of Undead appeared. Shortly after being summoned, the Undead attacked the bug nest.

The bug nest was divided into multiple layers with countless caves. These caves were connected to each other, forming a vast network of caves that only the bugs could navigate.

The center of the bug nest was a huge cave with a height of more than 400 meters and a floor area that spanned tens of thousands of square meters. There’s a huge organic ball in the middle of the cave that housed the eight-legged bug queen. This was also the structure that the guard bugs protected.

Several circular paths were on the periphery of this huge bug nest. Each passage was about 3-400 meters wide and 200 meters high. Eight-legged bugs patrol these paths regularly. On each passage would be 10 thousand patrolling bugs. It could be estimated that the number of bugs in this nest numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

Zhao Hai and the others were now in the outermost region of the nest. All in all, Zhao Hai released 5000 Undead. They would be the first line against the bugs.

Zhao Hai didn’t release too much Undead since he wants Xiong Li and the others to have a go at the bugs. Although the bugs were dangerous to them, the threat wasn’t that huge. This would also allow Xiong Li and the others to get familiar with their weapons. If they relied on the Undead the entire time, then the purpose of the elimination round would be lost.

Xiong Li and the others were also waiting for an opportunity to raise this issue with Zhao Hai. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be the one to mention it. Naturally, they were glad with this arrangement. They immediately roared and took out their own weapons.

Among those present, only Sun Fei and Lu Dingtian’s weapons weren’t very good. Sun Fei was a Mage, and the Fire Temple had already prepared a lot of good things for him. His magic staff alone provided him with a lot of support. However, this weapon wasn’t manufactured by Zhao Hai, so it didn’t have the weapon shattering property. This caused Sun Fei to feel unsatisfied. But Zhao Hai already made a promise that he would prepare him a staff with weapon shattering once the elimination round was done.

The weapon that Lu Dingtian used was still the dagger-axe. He had used this weapon for several years so he was quite familiar with it. Moreover, after repeated upgrades by the Dong Family, the weapon became very compatible with Lu Dingtian. Since Lu Dingtian wasn’t friends with Zhao Hai before, then it’s a given that his weapon doesn’t have weapon shattering. Actually, Lu Dingtian wasn’t aware that Xiong Li and the others had weapons that had weapon shattering.

As soon as Zhao Hai and the others entered the first perimeter of defense, the bugs immediately found them. One by one, bugs began streaming in. Naturally, the Undead were being commanded by Megan and the others. At the same time, Xiong Li and the others rushed over and began killing bugs with their weapons. Only Zhao Hai stayed still and stood by, watching the battlefield with a keen eye.

With Zhao Hai’s present strength, fighting the bugs would no longer benefit him. What he needed to do now was to make sure that Xiong Li and the others were safe.

Although Xiong Li and the others weren’t weak, these eight-legged bugs didn’t know fear. These bugs were tenacious. If Xiong Li and the others make a mistake, then they would be injured.

Zhao Hai took Xiong Li and the others here so that they could practice. They weren’t here to go all out against these bugs. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t want them to receive any injury.

This kind of guided trial was something that big sects in the Cultivation Realm only do to their Core Disciples. Most inner and outer sect disciples would never have gotten such attention.

This was also possible because Zhao Hai’s strength has been greatly improved. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to do this.

Zhao Hai noticed that the battle had moved to open ground. Two more groups of eight-legged bugs joined the battle. Zhao Hai expected this, so he had more of the Undead participate in the battle.

Xiong Li and the others were now immersed in battle, shouting as they attacked the bugs. However, they weren’t able to kill the bugs faster than the Undead.

The coordination between the Undead was perfect. This allowed them to dispose of the bugs in a very efficient manner. Because of this, it was naturally impossible for Xiong Li and the others to surpass them in killing speed.

Zhao Hai didn’t allow Xiong Li and the others to kill the bugs alongside the Undead. The Undead were being commanded to perfection by Megan and the others. If Xiong Li and the others join in, then the Undead coordination would be destroyed. Therefore, Xiong Li and the others formed their own group and fought the bugs themselves.

It must be said that Xiong Li and the others weren’t that much stronger compared to the Undead. Although they had more powerful weapons, they were still beginners in using it. On the other hand, when the Space leveled up, the bone armor and the golden combat suits were upgraded. The bone armor and the combat suits were no weaker than the Machine Field’s items.

Zhao Hai stood in the air and would often shoot spells to support Xiong Li and the others. Seeing Zhao Hai’s action, Xiong Li and the others didn’t say anything. Instead, they felt relieved as they focused on killing the bugs.

The fight continued for some time. Due to Zhao Hai’s support, Xiong Li and the others were completely fine and were happily attacking the bugs. However, the first one to give up was Sun Fei. Because he has gained new spells from Zhao Hai, Sun Fei was very eager to try them out. He tried each formation and ran out of energy before long. So he took a potion and then went to Zhao Hai’s side to rest.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind Sun Fei as he continued to pay attention to the battle. On the other hand, Sun Fei was observing Zhao Hai’s actions. This was especially true whenever Zhao Hai made a move. Sun Fei discovered that Zhao Hai doesn’t use formidable spells in order to save Xiong Li and the others. Most of the time, Zhao Hai would use ten-layer spells, rarely would he use 100-layer formations. The amount of formation layers he would use was just enough to save Xiong Li and the others. He wouldn’t waste energy.

As time went by, Sun Fei was able to somewhat take note of Zhao Hai’s tactics. He found that Zhao Hai had been in a complete state of control over the entire battlefield. The moves that Xiong LI and the others did as well as the attacks made by the bugs seem to be under Zhao Hai’s influence. Sun Fei noticed several times that Zhao Hai would prepare a spell seconds in advance. This showed how long Zhao Hai had anticipated the development of the battlefield. This ability to control the battle was extremely terrifying.

Sun Fei examined himself and knew that he would be unable to do this. However, he didn’t feel depressed. He continued to observe Zhao Hai in earnest. Although he couldn’t achieve the degree of Zhao Hai’s ability, he can still learn a few things. This experience was important for a Mage. When to use magic was one of the most important things that a Mage needed to learn. Being able to gain this ability would increase a Mage’s battle proficiency by at least three layers.

Time went by and Lu Dingtian was the next person to give up. After all, his weapon was still ordinary. Because of this, the battle qi he used was much greater compared to Xiong Li and the others. He drank a potion of recovery before going to Zhao Hai’s side to rest.


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