BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1232


Chapter 1232 – Might of the Exterminating Fist

The plum blossom sword goes up, the plum blossom rain falls. The sky was blotted by the plum blossom rain, drenching Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai could even feel himself standing in a plum forest. The petals of the plum blossom looked like simple rain, he could also smell the plum blossom. However, this was what made this rain very terrifying!

The chills seem to go straight for the bottom of a person’s heart. It gave a feeling that it could freeze a person’s mind, a person’s body, and a person’s soul!

The Plum Blossom born from extreme cold. It was a move of freezing coming from the plum blossom. The domain imposed by the sword was truly outstanding. It seems like if one doesn’t have real skill, then nobody would be able to deal with Li Chuchen.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted. He didn’t take something out of his robe, nor did he use any spells. This time, he stood in the air and then stepped forward before punching out!

Nobody had ever imagined Zhao Hai to attack using his fist. Moreover, it looks like a very ordinary punch. Such a stance could be used by anyone in the World of Cultivation. And since this punch was too ordinary, there would be a million ways for the enemy to break it. If it was broken, then it meant that the enemy would have the initiative for attack. In this case, why would Zhao Hai use such a method? It was because of this that everyone was stunned.

Others might be clueless about the might behind Zhao Hai’s fist, but Li Chuchen who was the recipient of the punch knew very well. Li Chuchen’s current state wasn’t so good. He thought that his move ‘the plum blossom born from extreme cold’ couldn’t be blocked by the punch. However, once the fist met with the technique, Li Chuchen finally felt that he was wrong.

The fist was as heavy as the mountain, like a meteor. As soon as Zhao Hai punched out, Li Chuchen felt a huge meteor slamming into himself. The domain imposed by the plum blossom couldn’t compare to the explosive strength of the fist. In almost an instant, the plum blossom domain was destroyed with the fist that could destroy the heavens and the earth. All of it disappeared like smoke!

Li Chuchen was shocked. Zhao Hai’s fist broke his sword technique. And Zhao Hai’s fist didn’t stop. It continued towards Li Chuchen. The pressure seemed to wrap the skies, causing Li Chuchen to feel as though he was a person standing in the meteor’s orbit trying to block it

A mantis trying to stop a chariot! This statement suddenly appeared inside Li Chuchen’s mind. He discovered that his confidence completely vanished. As Zhao Hai’s fist approached him, he actually felt genuine fear!

Li Chuchen was a determined person. He bit his teeth to calm his senses. Then he moved his hand and took out a turtle shell to block in front of him. It was a shield large enough to cover his entire body.

But it was also at this moment that Zhao Hai’s fist arrived. Actually, Zhao Hai just stood in place, it was only the projected qi of his fist that travelled the distance and hit Li Chuchen’s shield. There was a loud noise before the shield shattered. The fist, now unblocked, continued to hit towards Li Chuchen.

Li Chuchen felt the pain on his chest. The fist qi travelled through his internal organs. Li Chuchen felt his five solid organs and six hollow organs being crushed. He vomited blood. His two eyes stubbornly looking at Zhao Hai. He didn’t think his gap with Zhao Hai was this huge. He couldn’t even take Zhao Hai’s fist.[1]

This was also the final thought that crossed through Li Chuchen’s mind before everything went dark. Zhao Hai waved his hand as black gas surrounded Li Chuchen’s body. After the black gas vanished, what remained was Li Chuchen’s skeleton.

Streep and the others stared at the skeleton wearing Li Chuchen’s robes. It was also at this time that people discovered that Li Chuchen was wearing inner armor that was as thin as a cicada’s wing. It was woven with gold threads that looked beautiful. But this time, a hole was in the middle of this armor. The size of this hole was as big as the fist that Zhao Hai just made.

What struck them even more was the plum blossom sword that kept floating beside the skeleton. It was as if the sword didn’t notice that Li Chuchen had already been turned into an Undead.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted, then he turned his head towards Streep and said, “Streep, it’s time to settle our account.”

Everyone was still stunned by what happened. After hearing Zhao Hai’s words, Streep and the others changed their expressions. Then everyone began to feel regret, especially Streep. His face was very pale. But this time, he wasn’t pale with anger, but instead with fear.

Zhao Hai looked at Streep and the others and said, “I didn’t really intend to deal with you just because I want to give face to the Machine Field. However, all of you wanted to deal with me. Especially you, Streep. Do you really think that I don’t know about your ability? You rely on women to collect yin qi. Then you use this yin qi to improve your attacks. If not for the yin qi, you would just be an ordinary level 4 Mage. I can’t blame you for using women like that, but only as long as they do it voluntarily. You can play with as many women as you want, that’s your method. However, you shouldn’t have killed them. You wear a gentle mask but behind it is a ruthless face. I initially wanted to deal with you when the elimination round is about to end. But who would’ve thought that you would find trouble with me first. You even pulled these people’s backgrounds over to deal with me. You really think that I will submit? Streep, you’re too naive. This is Fabio Planet’s underworld. Even if all of you die, the Machine Field still wouldn’t say anything. Now, since you want to deal with me, then be proud of becoming new members of my Undead army!” 

After he said that, Zhao Hai waved his hand then Undead began appearing everywhere. These Undead immediately threw themselves towards Streep’s group.

Streep and the others turned frantic. They initially wanted to beg for mercy, but Zhao Hai didn’t give them the opportunity to do so. The Undead attacks were extremely sharp. And since they were in a formation, they were much harder to deal with. The defenses formed by Streep’s group were quickly torn apart by the Undead. After being separated into smaller groups, it didn’t take a long time before they succumbed to the Undead’s attacks.

Xiong Li and the others looked at the scene with cold gazes. They were disappointed with these people so they didn’t stop Zhao Hai. Moreover, they knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t the kind of person that would let this matter go.

The only one surprised was Lu Dingtian. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this ruthless and kill everybody. Seeing the number of Zhao Hai’s Undead, Lu Dingtian began to understand how Zhao Hai was able to deal with so many bugs.

At this time, the Machine Field’s participants were almost wiped out. There were only a few alive, including Streep. Although his cultivation method had yet to be known by Zhao Hai, it has to be said that yin qi was very effective in increasing offensive strength. This was the reason why he was able to survive this long.

Naturally, this was also because the Undead Li Chuchen didn’t join the fight. Otherwise, Streep wouldn’t be able to stop Li Chuchen’s attack.

Streep had deep despair in his eyes. While he was resisting the Undead attacks, he shouted towards Zhao Hai, “Zhao Hai, I’ll do anything as long as you let me go. I ask you to let us off.”

Zhao Hai looked at Streep and said, “I don’t need you to do anything other than dying!”

Streep shouted back, “If you let me go, I’ll tell you my cultivation method. This is a method used by an ancient cultivator. I already destroyed the jade slip containing the method. As long as you let me go, I’ll tell you..”

Zhao Hai sneered and said, “I’m not interested in your cultivation method. And even if I was, I can still find out about it once I turn you into an Undead. I don’t need you to survive, I can just wait until you become an obedient Undead.”

As soon as Streep heard this, his final ray of hope vanished. He could only wildly curse, “Zhao Hai, you’ll die like a dog. You have made so much Undead. Sooner or later, you will pay for everything!”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “You don’t need to worry about this. Now you can die with ease.”

After he said that, Zhao Hai flicked his finger. Then Streep suddenly stopped moving. The spirit in his eyes began to disappear. He was dead, killed by Liquid Silver’s needle.

Actually, Zhao Hai had long wanted to kill him with the silver needle. However, he needed to make Streep suffer for a while. It could be considered revenge for those women that Streep killed.

Streep’s murder of women was unknown to Zhao Hai until a few days ago. When Streep cultivated, he would need a lot of yin from women. Some of these women were provided to him by Ba Dong, while some were enticed by him. However, a large part of these women were forcefully seized. These women suffered intensely as their yin was extracted. And then in the end, they would die. It seems like Streep had a sick hobby of watching women suffer. All of these were saved in his computer, waiting to be viewed.

Streep was still very honest some time ago. However, after he was particularly annoyed by Zhao Hai, he returned to his room and watched those videos. It was only then that Zhao Hai came to know about this matter. These events strengthened Zhao Hai’s determination to kill him.

The reason why Zhao Hai revealed everything to Streep before killing him was because he wanted Streep to know why he was killed. What he did to those women was already enough for Streep to be executed.

Another reason why Zhao Hai decided to use the silver needle to kill Streep was because he discovered that Streep wanted to use a small nuclear bomb. If Streep managed to detonate that bomb, even if Zhao Hai survived, then a lot of Undead would be killed in the process. So before Streep could execute his final plan, Zhao Hai decided to just have the needle strike Streep’s brain.

  1. The five solid organs of traditional chinese medicine: heart(hsin), liver(gan), spleen(pi), lungs(fei), and kidney(sen). And the six hollow organs of traditional chinese medicine: small intestine(shao chang), gallbladder(tan), stomach(wei), large intestine(ta chang), urinary bladder(pang guang), triple heater(san jiao). The triple heaters were regarded as an organ that has a name but no form..


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