BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1231


Chapter 1231 – Plum Blossom Sword Technique

Li Chuchen was already pale with anger as he looked at Zhao Hai. He was a Heaven’s Chosen. Normally, people would lose in arguing against him. But now, it seems like he has been put down by Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. Instead, he chuckled for a few moments as he talked Dongfang Yu into fighting. Dongfang Yu held his fire dragon sword in front of Li Chuchen. Then he sneered towards Li Chuchen and said, “I didn’t expect the Cultivators to have tolerance this low. Losing a battle of three swords actually went to your head. This truly broadened my view.”

Li Chuchen coldly snorted and said, “Yapping is useless. You will all die today!”

Dongfang Yu sneered and said, “You want to kill us? Then you need to prove yourself. Let Grandpa Dongfang test your sword first.”

His words caused Zhao Hai and the others to laugh once more. Zhao Hai loudly said, “Second Brother, Third Brother Li said that those words don’t sound great coming from your mouth. Hahaha”

Li Kuangren and the others also laughed. This caused the faces of Streep and the others to change. Even after seeing Li Chuchen, Zhao Hai still had the capacity to joke freely. There were only two implications for this. First was that they were simply insane. But looking at it, Zhao Hai and the others weren’t crazy. The second reason was because they didn’t treat Li Chuchen seriously. They weren’t afraid of Li Chuchen.

Dongfang Yu waved his hand and released his fire dragon sword. But this time, he used his fire dragon art. The fire dragon sword immediately burned with fire. Then it surrounded Dongfang Yu like a fire dragon.

When Streep saw this, he couldn’t help but shudder. Then his expression changed. Only cultivators had methods that can control swords like this. The Machine Field’s practitioners simply couldn’t do it. This could only mean that Dongfang Yu had learned a cultivation method.

Li Chuchen’s expression changed as well. Then he calmed down as he sneered and said, “You want to fight me just because you managed to learn a flying sword technique? I really don’t know what to say. But let me show you a real flying sword technique.” Then he waved his hand and also used a flying sword technique. Before long, Li Chuchen’s blue skyfrost sword flew straight towards Dongfang Yu.

Although Dongfang Yu was a beginner in using flying swords, the sealed fire dragon sword has given him a lot of information. This information didn’t only include techniques and methods, it also included insights and experiences regarding those techniques. If explained in Buddhist terms, it provided Dongfang Yu with enlightenment.

Because of this, even if Dongfang Yu was a beginner in controlling flying swords, his experience wasn’t very bad. It was only because he hadn’t used such a technique before that he was quite awkward in using it, but he was gradually adapting to the technique. Naturally, he wasn’t fazed by Li Chuchen’s sword.

The fire dragon sword moved and swayed like a real dragon as it welcomed the skyfrost sword. Coldness and heat were two natural enemies, now two swords of the same attributes were going to clash.

Boom! A loud sound was heard. Dongfang Yu and Li Chuchen’s faces both changed. Dongfang Yu suffered a small loss since the time he studied the Divine Fire Dragon Art was too short. His foundation was still shallow.

But at the same time, Li Chuchen didn’t fare well. This was because the skyfrost sword was inferior to the fire dragon sword. In terms of sword quality, Li Chuchen also suffered a loss.

It can be said that the clash was somewhat even. Li Chuchen’s expression turned ugly. He didn’t expect his move to be countered to this extent. This was unacceptable. He coldly snorted and said, “Die!” Then he waved his hand as he commanded his sword to swing towards Dongfang Yu. But at this time, Li Chuchen’s eyes flashed a cold light. All of a sudden,  a disk flew out and went straight towards Dongfang Yu.

The disk was very sharp, its entire body was pitch black. As it rotated, the wailing of ghosts was heard. This caused everyone who heard it to unconsciously shiver.

Dongfang Yu didn’t expect Li Chuchen to use such an attack. And it was now impossible to withdraw the defending fire dragon sword. But at this moment, a hand suddenly appeared and grabbed the disk. Then a voice was heard, “I said that Brother Dongfang needs to try his sword. Sneak attacks aren’t allowed.”

Zhao Hai looked at the disk as though it was an ordinary item then threw it to the Space. In the next moment, he reappeared next to Xiong Li and the others.

Zhao Hai’s action caused everyone to shake, including Li Chuchen. That weapon couldn’t just be easily caught. That disk wasn’t a weapon of Extreme Cold City but was a weapon Li Chuchen gained from killing a Ghost Cultivator. It was known as spinning ghost disk. Its speed was fast and also had elements of a sound attack. Most importantly, this weapon was very sharp. Most weapons wouldn’t be able to block it. Back when Li Chuchen faced the spinning ghost disk, he broke his weapon and was almost injured by the ghost cultivator.

He sneakily took out the spinning ghost disk in order to kill Dongfang Yu. He was very confident in the disk because of its speed and the timing. Dongfang Yu wouldn’t be able to escape even if Zhao Hai wanted to save him.

However, Li Chuchen didn’t expect his plan to be broken by Zhao Hai. Moreover, Zhao Hai dealt with it with ease, he didn’t even treat it seriously.

At the same time, Li Chuchen began to dread Zhao Hai’s strength. Zhao Hai caught the spinning ghost disk empty handed. Even Li Chuchen wasn’t able to do this.

Li Chuchen couldn’t help but complain about his bad luck. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so strong. He heard about Zhao Hai fighting back against the silverback gold-winged bug alone. Back then, he thought that people were speaking nonsense. And if it was possible, then Zhao Hai should have drunk a forbidden potion. But now it seems like Zhao Hai’s strength was the real deal.

Zhao Hai looked at Li Chuchen, then he smiled and said, “Young Master Li, please be serious in comparing notes with Second Brother Dongfang. Rest assured, after your done, I’ll turn you into one of them. Having you would be very interesting.” While saying that, Zhao Hai gestured towards the Undead standing not far from him.

Whether it be Li Chuchen or Streep, everyone was shocked when they heard Zhao Hai words. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so ruthless. He even clarified that they wouldn’t be able to survive today.

Li Chuchen’s expression changed, he coldly snorted and said, “Very arrogant. You really think that you can kill me? I’ll let you see my true strength!”

As he said that, Li Chuchen put away his skyfrost sword and then took out another one. Compared to the skyfrost sword, this sword was different. This sword was entirely white. The hilt looked like an ordinary plum blossom. It meandered and seemed to be unsuitable for grasping.

Upon seeing this sword, Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he smiled faintly and said, “I didn’t expect Extreme Cold City to give you a plum blossom sword. It seems like you learned the plum blossom technique as well?”

The location of Extreme Cold City could be said to be a world of white. The scenery around the city could be called a plum forest. And the entire Extreme Cold City was a very huge plum forest. However, this plum forest wasn’t just a simple scenery. This plum forest was a great formation known as the Plum Blossom Bitter Cold Myriad Sword Formation. It was a very famous formation in the Cultivation Realm.

The plum blossom sword technique was a legend in Extreme Cold City. It was a sword technique that was created by the founding ancestor of Extreme Cold City. It was said that the ancestor was watching the plum blossoms in cold snow when they created this technique. Once used, the plum blossom technique wasn’t only powerful, the sword would also bloom like a plum blossom and then scatter snow around like plum petals in the wind. The technique was beyond beautiful once executed.

Although the plum blossom technique was the signature technique of Extreme Cold City, not anybody can use it. Only inner disciples of Extreme Cold City can learn the technique. Moreover, they could only learn the first nine moves. The other nine moves could only be learned by core disciples.

The plum blossom sword was as famous as the plum blossom technique. The plum blossom sword was a signature weapon of the inner disciples of Extreme Cold City. The forging technique of the sword was also created by the founding ancestor. Although the might of the replicas was just 1% of the original plum blossom sword, creating one wasn’t very easy. It was impossible for outer disciples to get one. Zhao Hai didn’t expect Li Chuchen to actually have one.

After hearing Zhao Hai, Li Chuchen couldn’t help but sneer as he said, “I didn’t expect a country bumpkin like you to know about this sword. But in the end, you’re a bumpkin. Today, I’ll let you experience the might of Extreme Cold City’s plum sword technique!”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Extreme Cold City’s plum blossom technique has a huge reputation. So how could this Zhao Hai be ignorant of it? However, you can’t see the true essence of the technique from just a few moves.”

Li Chuchen just coldly snorted. To him, Zhao Hai’s words were satirizing him, so he didn’t listen to it. He waved his hand and released the plum blossom sword. Then he used the technique, causing the sword to tremble and then vanish from sight. White plum petals began falling from the sky and then headed towards Zhao Hai’s group. This plum blossom was very beautiful. However, Zhao Hai knew that these plum blossoms were capable of taking human lives.

Zhao Hai was aware that Dongfang Yu’s experience in battling with the new fire dragon sword was very small. Although he had obtained Fire Dragon Daoist’s inheritance, it wasn’t easy to comprehend and digest battle experience. It seems like Dongfang Yu wouldn’t be able to stop Li Chuchen’s attack.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted as he waved his hand and released a 100-layer formation. This formation exploded and then became a huge inferno. Its might seemed to burn the heavens and the earth. This inferno welcomed the approach of the plum blossoms.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s move, Li Chuchen sneered and said, “Good, it seems like you improved compared to last time. But Zhao Hai, you are destined to die under my plum blossom sword today. I’ll let you suffer the disgrace of being killed by Extreme Cold City’s snow!”

Then as he said that, Li Chuchen’s aura rose. Then at the same time he shouted, “The Plum Blossom born from extreme cold!”

After he said that, the plum blossom sword stabbed straight towards Zhao Hai.


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