BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1230


Chapter 1230 – Seeing Li Chuchen


From ancient times to today, countless people succumbed to this sin. Even countries and dynasties were wiped out because of this word.

However, one has to recognize that people were innately born with greed. They may be greedy for a small profit or greedy to live forever, but all were greed nevertheless.

Streep was obviously a person who knows people’s hearts well. Everything he said was naturally fart. Its true purpose was to move the greed of the others from the Machine Field. This way, they would move together and deal with Zhao Hai.

Seeing the crowd’s greed being aroused, Zhao Hai laughed and said, “It seems like you all think the same thing? Alright then, I’ll give you all a chance. Those who don’t want to be enemies with me can stand aside. Those who agree with Streep and want to deal with me, then go stand behind him. Everyone, please choose wisely.”

As soon as Zhao Hai’s words were heard, the people in the Machine Field became a hub of voices. Then one of them loudly said, “Don’t listen to him. He just wants to divide us. We’ve fought hard and he just wants to take advantage of our efforts. We need him to account for his wrongs.”

Another person added, “Right, give us our harvest back!” The others followed shouting. When Xiong Li and the others heard this, their faces paled. They couldn’t help but tightly grab onto their weapons. They looked at Zhao Hai and waited to see what he would do.

Seeing everyone like this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. He just wanted to see if there were other people who weren’t greedy like Streep.

Seeing nobody from the crowd move after some time, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be disappointed. But then, a person’s figure was seen walking out from the crowd. This person was wearing full-body armor and had a long dagger-axe in his hand. He looked like an ancient warrior that walked the battlefield.

However, when Zhao Hai saw this man, his eyes shone. This was because this person was Army Breaker Lu Dingtian, one of the top ten beginners of the Machine Field.

Zhao Hai had a good impression of Lu Dingtian. Although he was quiet, this person had formidable strength. Moreover, if he lost, he lost, and if he won, won. He accepted things for what they were. Seeing Lu Dingtian walk out of the crowd, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but increase his impression of him.

After walking out of the crowd, Lu Dingtian stood aside and didn’t speak. Streep looked at Lu Dingtian and couldn’t help but get angry, then he sneered and said, “Lu Dingtian, is this what you want?”

Lu Dingtian looked at Streep and then coldly snorted as he said, “This Lu Dingtian is an honorable man. I disdain being on the same side as a villain. Streep, you’re unqualified to teach me.”

As soon as Streep heard Lu Dingtian, he angrily said, “Alright. Good, Lu Dingtian, you will certainly regret this.”

Lu Dingtian coldly snorted and didn’t say anything. He wasn’t a talkative man, and with how much disdain he had for Streep, he didn’t bother talking.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about Streep, instead he looked at the others and said, “Nobody else? So everyone else agrees for me to leave everything behind?”

The people behind Streep moved around for a while. However, none of them exited the group and just stood in place.

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Alright, very good. I don’t know if I’m being ungrateful to Mister Lu Dingtian, but how about we team up together, what do you think?”

Lu Dingtian heistated before he finally nodded and then walked towards Zhao Hai. Although Lu Dingtian preferred to keep silent, he wasn’t stupid. In fact he was a smart individual. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for him to ascend. He clearly knew that if he only depended on himself in this elimination round, then he wouldn’t be able to reach far. It was also because of this reason that he joined the majority of people in grouping up with Streep. With greater numbers, the possibility to live longer would be higher.

However, he couldn’t stand Streep’s actions. Moreover, Lu Dingtian knew that if Streep was trying to deal with Zhao Hai because of benefits, then there’s no stopping Streep from doing the same to him when the time comes. Therefore, from the present situation, Lu Dingtain knew that staying together with Streep was no longer safe.

On the other hand, things were different when it came to Zhao Hai’s group. Although Zhao Hai hadn’t known Xiong Li and the others for a long time, they were close to each other and their friendship caused even Lu Dingtian to be envious. And from what Lu Dingtian saw in the past few days, Zhao Hai’s strength seemed to be much more than what he had shown. This strength revealed itself from the fact that Zhao Hai was able to kill so many bugs. 

Lu DIngtian knew that the others were idiots that had been blinded by greed. They haven’t even thought that since Zhao Hai could kill all those bugs, then he could also kill all of them.

Due to all of these considerations, Lu Dingtian decided to leave Streep and move to Zhao Hai’s side. At the same time, Lu Dingtian was also betting on Zhao Hai to win and that his action this time would make him Zhao Hai’s friend.

And his bet was right! Seeing Lu Dingtian going to his side, Zhao Hai gave him a nod. Lu Dingtian didn’t speak and just held his dagger-axe as he stood beside Zhao Hai. He was prepared to fight at any time.

Seeing Lu Dingtian’s actions, Streep’s eyes could almost spit fire. Lu Dingtian’s actions were no doubt a slap to Streep’s face, so how could he not hate him? But now his biggest enemy was Zhao Hai. Streep believed that as long as he dealt with Zhao Hai, then everything will be alright.

As soon as he discovered that it was Zhao Hai that had rescued them, Streep took out a jade charm from his spatial equipment and then crushed it. All of these talking were merely a means to delay for time.

Therefore, even if Li Dingtian moved to Zhao Hai’s side and Zhao Hai was ignoring him, Streep didn’t immediately move. Instead, he breathed in air to calm his mood. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, I know that you’re strong. But aren’t you aware of who everyone here represents? They’re representing the strongest powers of the Machine Field. Do you want to be enemies with everyone?”

Streep was a smart and clever man. Lu Dingtian’s move caused the people behind him to be confused. Although it seems like there were a lot of people on his side, these people were very unstable. If they fought with Zhao Hai, then even a single touch would burst this supposed unity they had. When this happens, then it would be impossible to constrain Zhao Hai. Therefore, he gave those behind him a hint that they shouldn’t be afraid because of their backgrounds. They weren’t just fighting alone, their families were with them. Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare to offend any of them.

Sure enough, as soon as they heard Streep, everyone became calmer. They agreed to Streep’s idea. Even Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare offend so many powers.

Hearing Streep, Zhao Hai’s expression changed as well. Then he said, “Streep, don’t make excuses for your greed. We saved you, but you want to snatch out rewards. This is the only truth.”

When Streep heard Zhao Hai’s response, he couldn’t help but be pleased. He heard the hesitation in Zhao Hai’s words. As long as Zhao Hai was hesitating, then it would be easier to drag out time. This would allow him to squeeze everything out of Zhao Hai.

Seeing Zhao Hai go soft, Streep immediately pushed, he shouted, “Zhao Hai, I’m giving you the last opportunity to return everything. We will let you go. Otherwise, you can’t blame us for being impolite.”

When Streep said this, Zhao Hai suddenly laughed. Not only Zhao Hai, Xiong Li and the others laughed as well. 

At the sight of Zhao Hai’s laughter, Streep couldn’t help but get startled. He found that he had misunderstood Zhao Hai. At this moment, Zhao Hai stopped laughing and said, “Streep, you’re really naive. To be honest, when I felt your killing intent back in Base Number 5, I wanted to kill you. But since I had to give team leader Ma some face, I didn’t make a move. I intend to just leave you to die to the bugs here. I didn’t expect you to court death this early. You’ve been delaying for time aren’t you? As soon as you saw me, you immediately crushed a jade charm to send someone a signal. If I guess right, then someone asked you to inform them when the elimination starts. That person wants to kill me. And this person should be Li Chuchen, correct?”

The more he listened to Zhao Hai’s words, Streep’s face turned uglier. He didn’t expect that his plans would actually be seen through by Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at Streep and said, “Back in Machine Field planet, I managed to block Li Chuchen’s three swords. This matter has become huge in both the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm. Li Chuchen lost a lot of face, so how could he just let it go? So before he left the Machine Field, he sent you a letter with the jade charm that can tell him where I am when you crush it. He should be rushing over here to kill me right now.”

Streep looked at Zhao Hai with a pale color on his face, because everything Zhao Hai said was correct. Once he crushed the jade charm that Li Chuchen gave him, Li Chuchen would immediately come over to kill Zhao Hai. Streep didn’t expect that everything he has done until now was discovered by Zhao Hai.

Despite his pale face, Streep coldly snorted and didn’t say anything. Zhao Hai didn’t wait for Streep to reply as he continued, “Because of what I did, Li Chuchen wants to kill me. But since he wants to kill me, then I would have to kill him. Keeping a person like that alive in this world is really dangerous.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Streep suddenly laughed and said, “Extremely arrogant. Zhao Hai, you look too highly on yourself. I can recognize that you’re strong, but do you really think that you can compete with Li Chuchen? Especially now. You drank a forbidden potion that burned your potential. You should be much weaker compared to before. You think you can injure Li Chuchen with your Undead? Aren’t you too naive?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Mister Li Chuchen, since you’re here, why don’t you come out? Isn’t it beneath you to be hiding?”

As soon as Zhao Hai’s voice fell, another voice was heard, “You think I’m hiding from you? I didn’t expect you to be naive. You think I’ll let you go since you blocked my three swords?” Along with this voice, a person flew in from a distance. This person was stepping on a blue sword. Naturally, it was Li Chuchen.

Zhao Hai looked at Li Chuchen, and with a faint smile he said, “Mister has become more elegant since the last time. However, it seems like I don’t have any inexcusable feud with mister. Why must you cause trouble?”

Li Chuchen snorted coldly and said, “Who said that there’s no enmity between us? You got famous at the expense of my reputation. This is the biggest enmity. Since you got famous by taking advantage of me, then you should be waiting for my retaliation. Are you prepared to settle your debt?”

Zhao Hai looked at Li Chuchen and then shook his head as he said, “I don’t really want to kill you. After all, you’re from Extreme Cold City. Killing you would cause a lot of trouble for me. But since you want to kill me, then I could only be impolite. Even if Extreme Cold City is hard to deal with, my life is still more important. I just didn’t expect that the second Cultivator I would kill would be you.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Lu Chuchen couldn’t help but sneer, “Zhao Hai, I really don’t know where you get your confidence. Do you really think that you can defeat me?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Of course I could defeat you. However, your opponent wouldn’t be me, he should be fine.” Then as he said that, Zhao Hai pointed towards Dongfang Yu.

Naturally, Dongfang Yu didn’t expect this. He didn’t think that Zhao Hai would make him enter the stage. He looked at Zhao Hai in confusion, waiting for an explanation. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Second Brother, you just learned the fire dragon sword’s methods. Don’t you want someone to test your new strength? Since Li Chuchen is here, then why don’t you clash swords? Don’t worry about anything else, I’m here.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Dongfang Yu’s eyes shone. He nodded and said, “Alright, good. He should be alright to test my sword with. I can now see how strong my fire dragon sword really is.”

The two didn’t lower their volume, so their conversation was heard by everyone. This annoyed Li Chuchen. Whether it be in the lower realms or the Cultivation Realm, he had always been deemed as a genius. But now, he was reduced to a person who someone tests their sword with. Li Chuchen was incensed, but he didn’t say anything. He just watched Zhao Hai and Dongfang Yu, but his face failed to hide his anger.

Zhao Hai looked at Dongfang Yu as he smiled and said, “Second Brother, let’s chat later. It seems like he’ll be so mad he’ll spit blood.”

Zhao Hai’s remark caused Xiong Li and the others to laugh. And although Lu Dingtian was putting on a serious expression, a smile couldn’t help but bloom on his face.


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