BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1229


Chapter 1229 – Confusing Right and Wrong

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Fierce explosive sounds were heard around the transmission formation. Each explosion claimed the lives of several bugs.

These explosions didn’t only come from the Undead Army’s arrows, these also came from the bombs that theMachine Field’s participants used. The might of these bombs weren’t much, but its power was much stronger compared to ordinary level 4s. 

The participants from the Machine Field relied on these bombs in order to maintain their defensive line. This allowed them to not be destroyed by the bugs in one go.

Streep’s expression was currently ugly to behold as he kept sending spells. He didn’t expect to enter a cave that was surrounded by bugs. If the current situation continues, then it would be impossible for them to break out.

When he thought of this, Streep’s face became uglier. He thought of using the caves to deal with Zhao Hai, but now it seems like there’s no chance. Zhao Hai ran away.

He heard that Zhao Hai was capable of space magic before. However, he hadn’t seen Zhao Hai use spatial spells so he assumed that these talks were nonsense. But now, he could only believe, albeit already too late.

Seeing everyone around him putting up a last-ditch effort, Streep couldn’t help but feel depressed. He didn’t think that he who was hailed as a genius in the lower realms would die alongside these people in the hands of bugs. He was unwilling!

At this time, large explosions were heard. Streep stared. He was a very sensitive person. He heard that these explosions were different and didn’t belong to the Machine Field’s bombs. Moreover, these explosions seem to come from a distance.

Upon hearing this, Streep couldn’t help but get hopeful. This only meant that someone was coming to rescue them. Streep looked around and found that another group was fighting the bugs in the cave. And it seemed like it was a large group of people.

Upon seeing this, Streep’s spirits were elevated. He loudly said, “Brothers, people are coming to help us. You need to endure!”

Hearing Streep’s voice, the others from the Machine Field stared. They were already desperate, but they didn’t expect someone to come in their moment of despair. They quickly looked around and saw the Undead Army fighting the bugs. They couldn’t help but cheer for a moment as a burst of strength filled their bodies.

Actually, there weren’t a lot of bugs in this cave. The reason they looked like so was because they had filled up the cave.

Zhao Hai discovered this but didn’t say anything. The reason he dealt with the bugs was to collect bug parts and also to rescue the others. No matter what, these people were lower realm ascenders as well as people from the Machine Field. Also, most of these people didn’t have any grievances with him. SInce he could lend a hand, then he would do it this one time.

But after this event, they would have to go at it alone. Zhao Hai would no longer help them. It can be said that Zhao Hai only helped them this time because he wanted to give them a chance at least.

The battle continued. These bugs simply didn’t know fear. The only thing they knew was to attack, attack, and attack. However, the Undead were the same. They also didn’t know fear. The Undead followed instructions and fought. The battle between these two groups would certainly be vicious.

As the bugs were getting extinguished, casualties began to appear among the Undead. This was inevitable. Zhao Hai was already numbed to these losses. He had seen this scene multiple times before.

Zhao Hai was still flying behind the Undead Army. As he was observing the fight, he would also take one or two useful parts of the bugs and send it to the Space. Naturally, Zhao Hai couldn’t receive these things personally. So it was the Undead who did this job for him.

Xiong Li and the others were also witnessing the battle. However, they weren’t as calm as Zhao Hai. They had been frightened by the battle happening below. It was too vicious!

What kind of battle would occur when two sides didn’t know fear nor the word retreat? Xiong Li and the others hadn’t thought of this question before. There was only one way to end such a battle, and that was through one side being totally annihilated.

Although it was the Undead and the Bugs that were fighting, their fighting was brutal enough to move Xiong Li and the others. They couldn’t help but ask themselves. If those Undead attacked them, will they have any chance to escape? They certainly wouldn’t dare think that they would win. They just wondered if they could escape.

But the answer only made them somewhat depressed. They knew that they didn’t have any hope of escaping. It’s more probable for them to be besieged by the Undead until they die.

The battle slowly continued as the Bugs were getting fewer and fewer. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai’s Undead suffered much less casualties. Xiong Li and the others might credit this to the Undead’s coordination, but Zhao Hai knew that it was because the Undead were very strong. Unless it had been attacked by a bug several times, the Undead wouldn’t fall.

Seeing that the battle was about to end, Zhao Hai began putting away some of the Undead, leaving only a small part of them behind. Seeing Zhao Hai’s action, Xiong Li and the others couldn’t help but stare. But they quickly understood why he did this. Zhao Hai had too many Undead. Their combat power was very strong. If this kind of fighting strength came out, then the entire Machine Field would be shaken. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t want the Undead to look threatening.

Upon receiving most of the army, Zhao Hai was left with about 1000 Undead. At the same time, Xiong Li and the others began making their move. Zhao Hai used a 50-layer formation spell, Xiong Li and Li Kuangren sent forth their sword qi, Sun Fei also released a magic spell. As for Dongfang Yu, his attack was somewhat different compared to before. He was still using his fire dragon sword, but his attack wasn’t the same. When he released his sword qi, it actually formed into a fire dragon.

But Zhao Hai knew that this wasn’t Dongfang Yu’s real strength. Since Dongfang Yu can now be classified as a cultivator, he definitely had flying sword techniques. The only reason he released sword qi now was because he was preserving his strength.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. It wasn’t only Dongfang Yu who was saving energy, he was doing so too. One should forget that there’s still a potential enemy ahead, and that was Streep.

As the battle went on, Dongfang Yu turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, do we take this chance to deal with Streep? Keeping him alive isn’t good.” Xiong Li nodded and said, “This is a good chance to kill Streep. Nobody would say anything. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry about it. I still want to see what kind of tricks Streep would use. And we also need to get evidence, it’s still too early to deal with him. Otherwise, the Water Temple would definitely look for trouble. Streep is their hope to gain benefits. I always thought that he’s very strange. Therefore, let’s take our time. In any case, he wouldn’t be able to escape my palm. If he really wants to kill me, then I can just turn the tables on him.”

Zhao Hai had the qualifications to say such things. This was because he still had that silver needle on Streep’s head. This needle had followed Streep for a long time without being discovered. At any time, Zhao Hai can use this needle to strike Streep right in the brain, killing him immediately. But at this time, Zhao Hai wanted to see how Streep would try to kill him. If Streep used other people to deal with him, then Zhao Hai would gain another enemy to kill.

With the brothers acting in addition to the Undead, the bugs were quickly cleaned up. Zhao Hai made the Undead clean the bugs under the gazes of the others from the Machine Field.

These Machine Field participants were staring at Zhao Hai and the others. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be the one to rescue them.

Zhao Hai didn’t clean up all of the bugs, only a portion. He left the majority for the other Machine Field’s participants. No matter what, they were all on the same side. Zhao Hai didn’t want to take everything for himself.

After cleaning up some of the bugs, Zhao Hai looked at the stunned crowd and said, “Everyone, the bugs have been cleaned up. This is where we part ways. Goodbye.”

Just as Zhao Hai was about to leave, Streep’s voice was suddenly heard, “Mister Zhao Hai wait a moment. This one has something to say.”

Zhao Hai turned to Streep and said, “And what does Mister Streep want to say?”

Streep looked at Zhao Hai and then his expression sank as he said, “Mister Zhao Hai, why don’t you explain why you fled and gave up on us earlier? And now, you seem to come back as a savior. Why is this?”

Streep’s words caused Zhao Hai and the others to stare. Not only Zhao Hai’s group, everyone from the Machine Field paused. They didn’t expect Streep to ask that question. Wasn’t this a stupid question?

Zhao Hai burst out laughing and said, “Streep, you’re saying funny things. I gave up on you? What relationship do I have with you? Did you form a team with me? We aren’t in a group, we aren’t even friends. So why do I have to care about you? To be honest, I came back because I’m giving face to the Machine Field. I can choose to just leave all of you here to be besieged by the bugs until you die.”

Streep coldly snorted and said, “You didn’t come back to save us, but to kill the bugs. You want to snatch our prize? Since you left, those bugs are ours. You just came back to steal our spoils. You better leave them behind, otherwise you can’t blame us for being impolite.”

Upon hearing Streep, Zhao Hai as well as the others from the Machine Field understood what he meant. All of a sudden, everyone from the Machine Field were stunned!


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