BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1228


Chapter 1228 – Undead vs Bugs

The cave that Zhao Hai and the others were in wasn’t very big. It was about 200 meters in height and more than 300 meters wide in all directions. When Zhao Hai waved his hand, this entire cave was filled with Undead.

Each Undead was wearing bone armor and exuded formidable might. The Undead were also arranged in a square formation. All of them were in front of Zhao Hai.

Xiong Li and the others stared at these Undead. Although they knew that Zhao Hai had a lot, they didn’t expect this much. They were too shocked to talk, wasn’t this too much?

Zhao Hai looked at his brothers and smiled as he said, “How is it, is it a lot? These are just a part of my entire Undead army.”

Xiong Li and the others recovered. Xiong Li looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Part? These Undead, they are just a part of your entire army?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It’s a fraction of my entire army. Alright, let’s move on. Everyone, let’s go and kill some bugs.”

Xiong Li and the others were in a daze. At first they didn’t know who Zhao Hai was speaking to. But after a short pause, they finally understood.

Just as Zhao Hai’s voice fell, the Undead immediately began to walk line by line outward. Their actions were fast but their formation stayed organized.

Xiong Li and the others stared at the Undead. After some time, Xiong Li breathed out and said, “Little Hai, these Undead are as organized as an army. How did you do it?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I refined these Undead using a special method, so they’re all very intelligent. I also selected a few Undead to lead the others. This way, things can stay organized. And after some training, it led to this.”

Xiong Li and the others nodded. Although they haven’t heard of Zhao Hai’s method before, it sounded believable. Therefore, they didn’t have any suspicions.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “Let’s go. The Undead are about to clash with the bugs.” Xiong Li and the others didn’t decline. The group immediately went out of the cave.

Naturally, these Undead were controlled by Laura and the others. They treated battles like these as games. Zhao Hai also liked to give them this job so that they wouldn’t be so bored inside the Space.

Zhao Hai and the others slowly proceeded. Before long, roars were heard in the distance. Zhao Hai didn’t stop and instead flew forward. After a few turns, they finally saw the battle between the Undead and the bugs.

It was in a small cave. The Undead lined up in neat formation as they fought the bugs. The Undead were uniformly armed. Those in front held up their shields and their blades. The Undead behind them were using spears to attack. And on the very back were Undead archers. It was ordered and perfect. This caused them to become a meat grinder for the attacking bugs.

Xiong Li and the others looked at this fight and discovered that the Undead’s individual strength was also extraordinary. They had had least level 3 strength. Most importantly, they don’t fear death nor do they feel tired.

What made Xiong Li and the others even more shocked were the Undead Cavalry. These Undead rode on top of bone beasts and had lances as weapons. They would conduct charges towards the bugs, causing massive casualties to the enemy.

Additionally, there were also Mages among the Undead army. Although these Mages didn’t use Magic Theory and only used lower realm spells, their lethality wasn’t weak.

The Undead Archers were armed with explosive arrows. Each explosion would kill groups of bugs. Even if the bugs were well-armored, they unexpectedly fell after being hit with these explosions.

What Xiong Li and the others didn’t know was that these Undead were shooting arrows that came with blood lightning beads. Now that the Space had leveled up, the blood lightning beads had also increased in strength. Its might have become at least three times stronger compared to before. Because of this, the blood lightning beads were able to kill the bugs.

The bugs also couldn’t be underestimated. Xiong Li and the others saw the advantages of the bugs when it comes to fighting in caves. The bugs could crawl on the walls in order to attack in more favorable angles. They could crawl to the ceilings and jump down to attack their enemies. Because of this, even if you flew in the air, you still weren’t safe from being attacked.

At this time, there were a lot of insects that had crawled up the cave walls. However, not even waiting for these bugs to fall down, the Archers and Mages were already beginning to shoot them down. And if some survived the fall, the Undead on the ground would end them soon after.

The Undead began to start changing their tactics. They gradually reformed the square formation and then formed a circle. This circle rotated as it slowly advanced.

With this change in form, the speed in which the bugs were killed had increased. Meanwhile, all the bug corpses were being separated by the Undead in the back, waiting for Zhao Hai and the others to collect them.

Seeing this situation, Sun Fei muttered, “I’m suddenly regretting why I didn’t choose to be a Dark Mage. If I had this much Undead, I could also kill the bugs with ease.”

Xiong Li and the others recovered from their daze upon hearing this. They began to nod in agreement. Then they turned to Zhao Hai with envy. Dongfang Yu sighed and said ,”It seems like Zhao Hai wasn’t joking when he said that he’ll make us enter the top 100 smoothly. WIth this much Undead, it would be difficult for us to be eliminated.”

Zhao Hai just smiled. To be honest, if not for the elimination round’s rules, then he might have already turned these bugs into Undead. But since the elimination round required these bugs to gain points, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. This was such a waste of material.

However, since he needed to progress in the competition, he can only endure. In any case, Fabio Planet had already been mapped into the Space. He could come here at any time later.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown. In the past few days, he sent out silver needles to map the entire Fabio Planet. This way, he could see the terrain and find a queen nest. This way, he could send it to the Space and then gain the bug race’s incredible evolutionary ability.

However, before Zhao Hai could celebrate, something unexpected came up. These silver needles were easily discovered by the bugs. Everywhere these needles went, the bugs would immediately attack it. This caused Zhao Hai to be confused. He didn’t know how the bugs were able to discover the needles.

Only after communicating with the silverback gold-winged bug did Zhao Hai know the reason. The bugs were more sensitive than humans. Humans use their spiritual force to feel their surroundings while bugs were born with it through instinct. This intuition was very formidable. As soon as they feel a small change, the bugs will immediately look into it using their own spiritual force. Naturally, they would be able to find the silver needles.

This was especially true to the bug race. Even if the change was at a size of a grain of sand, the bugs would sense it. And the closer it was to the nest, the more on guard the bugs would be. Using silver needles to get close to the nest was almost impossible.

Zhao Hai originally wanted the needles to go Underground, but it was evident that it wouldn’t work. No matter where in Fabio Planet, he would be blocked by the bugs. In the end, he could only give up on this plan.

After putting plan to use silver needles aside, Zhao Hai asked the silverback gold-winged bug if it could approach the nest. However, the beetle said that it’s impossible. The bugs didn’t rely on appearance for identification. Instead, they relied on smell and spiritual imprints. Although the beetle hasn’t changed, the bugs would immediately discover that it no longer belonged to the race. When that time comes, the other bugs would certainly attack it. Moreover, the beetle told Zhao Hai that silverback gold-winged bugs weren’t placed high up in the bug race hierarchy. This meant that it didn’t have any qualifications to approach the queen nest. If it was divided according to human classification, silverback gold-winged bugs were regarded as local officials. They manage their territory and wouldn’t have any qualifications to see the central government.

To be honest, Zhao Hai was very surprised upon hearing this information. He never expected it to be like this. Zhao Hai could remember the threat that the beetle imposed on Base Number 5. Even he took some time before he could capture it. But now, such an existence was actually a low-level official in the bug race, it wasn’t the strongest being. One could see from this point how strong the bug race really was.

However, this also made Zhao Hai feel strange. If the bug race was this strong, then how could the Humans establish their bases on the planet. Moreover, how could the bug race allow Humans to perform regular killing of their lower-level brethren? 

Zhao Hai asked the beetle about this issue. But the beetle didn’t have any answer to it. It was only a low-level official, so it doesn’t know what the higher-ups were planning.

Upon knowing this situation, Zhao Hai could only shake his head. He can only take one step at a time and make a few trips to Fabio Planet to collect more bugs for the Space. Then he would slowly find a way to deal with this issue.

At this moment, the Undead were continuing their advance. The cave was becoming more and more spacious. Then in the distance, they could hear the sound of fighting.


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