BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1227


Chapter 1227 – Clever Bugs

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s because the team leader deserves my respect. Everyone thought that I took a forbidden potion, even the team leader. However, he didn’t give up on me even though the Machine Field’s higher-ups wanted to. Now, tell me, does he deserve my respect?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Xiong Li and the others nodded with understanding. Everyone looked at Ma Rulong’s back, their faces showing their respect.

Now that Xiong Li and the others had completely seen Zhao Hai as a brother for life, everyone Zhao Hai deemed to be good would earn their respect. And those that Zhao Hai deemed evil were also their personal enemies.

But at this moment, Dongfang Yu remembered something. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “So the news that you had taken a forbidden potion, everyone in the Machine Field knows about it? Does the Ashley Family know? How did they react? How is Margaret?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Second Brother, there’s no need to worry about it. Margaret will have no problems. As for the Ashley Family, they’re taking it well. The Ashley Family needs talent, and if they want to win talents over, then they need to treat me well. Therefore, there’s no need for you to worry about my position.”

Li Kuangren looked at Zhao Hai in confusion as he asked, “Little Hai, do you have close contact back there? Why do I feel like you know everything?”

Zhao Hai just gave a smile along with his answer, “Of course I know everything. Margaret’s been telling me the news. Don’t worry about it, nothing will happen. As long as we win this elimination round, all voices of doubt will disappear.”

Li Kuangren and the others didn’t ask any further. They already knew that Zhao Hai had a lot of methods. Moreover, Zhao Hai had already gained their absolute trust.

At this time, Streep walked in from outside. His face still held that eternal smiling expression, he looked like a good Young Master. After Xiong Li and the others saw Streep, their expressions couldn’t help but sink.

Streep acted like he didn’t see Xiong Li and the others’ change in expression. He continued smiling as he said, “Hello Mister Zhao Hai. I have shown you my shameful side during our previous battle. I just realized that I don’t know the immensity of the heavens and the earth. This time, since Mister Zhao Hai has entered seclusion, I’m sure that your strength has increased once more.” 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Mister Streep is too polite. But I really did gain some benefits in my recent seclusion. If time permits, then I would like to spar with Mister Streep once more.” Streep gave a polite nod and said, “Very well, I will certainly spar with Mister after the elimination round.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Then see you at the formal matches.” 

Streep also nodded, “See you at the formal matches.” Then he turned around and left.

The dialogue between the two was very polite. One couldn’t smell even a whiff of gunpowder in the air. If someone had no idea, then they would think that the two were good old friends. Nobody would suspect that both parties wanted to kill the other.

When Streep left, Xiong Li couldn’t help but snort as he said, “Little Hai, why the need to be polite to that guy? If it was me, I would have already dealt with him. That will wipe that smile off his face.”

Zhao Hai slightly smiled and said, “He wants to joke with me with hidden intentions, so I joked with him with my own hidden intentions. He looks like he wants to test me, but I think he’s showing off. He thinks that I’m already dead. But isn’t that better? Let’s see him smile after we deal with him in the elimination round.”

Dongfang Yu let out a long breath and said, “It seems like even if we don’t look for him in the elimination round, he’ll be the one looking for us. Streep has won over a lot of people lately. I’m afraid these people would join him in attacking us.” 

Zhao Hai replied, “Me becoming the champion of the realm qualifiers offended a lot of people. Now that I have fallen, they would take the opportunity and take my place. I won’t blame them for it, but I just hope that they don’t regret their decision.”

Li Kuangren coldly snorted and said, “Of course they’ll regret it. They’ll regret ever stepping foot on this planet.”

Sun Fei sneered as well, “Those idiots. Even if I’m all alone, I still won’t side with Streep. That guy is obviously a villain at first glance. Those who get convinced by Streep won’t even know how they will die. They always think about benefits, now look where it got them.”

Zhao Hai chuckled, “They’d better not follow Streep in attacking me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from adding them into my Undead Army.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Sun Fei was curious. Sun Fei got closer to Zhao Hai and said, “Elder Brother Hai, I’ve been hearing about your Undead army for some time now. How many Undead do you have? 1000? 2000? 10,000?” Xiong Li and the others were also very curious. They heard that Zhao Hai had raised an impressive number of Undead creatures. However, they had never seen Zhao Hai use any Undead.

Zhao Hai looked at Sun Fei and said, “I’ll let you see them when the elimination round starts. I assure you that I have more Undead than you can imagine.”

Xiong Li and the others stared at Zhao Hai, not convinced at all. Li Kuangren held Zhao Hai’s shoulders and said, “Kid, you better tell us now. Or else, things will get ugly.”

Zhao Hai just laughed it off and said, “Don’t worry about it. How about we go and have a drink? I haven’t drunk in the last few days. I’m feeling thirsty.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Li Kuangren who was also a drunkard himself, immediately let go of Zhao Hai and said, “Alright, let’s drink! Drink!”

Xiong Li and the others looked at Li Kuangren’s abrupt change in attitude and laughed. However, none of them dallied as they quickly sat on the nearest available table.

The other people in the courtyard watched the group. But this time, instead of envy and jealousy, they felt a bit of joy and happiness. In their eyes, Zhao Hai was saying his last goodbyes.

Three days went by quickly and the elimination round was about to start. Zhao Hai didn’t feel anything. This time, he was certain to pass the elimination round. There was no need to be anxious.

Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious, but this doesn’t mean that others felt the same. Xiong Li and the others were a bit nervous. After all, they would have to face the bugs that they fought last time. Not only that, they would also face the participants from the other realms. Those people weren’t easy to deal with either.


The day of the elimination round. 

Zhao Hai walked out of his room and saw Xiong Li and the others already waiting for him. Everyone’s faces looked serious. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but chuckle as he looked at them and said, “What’s wrong? Didn’t have enough sleep?”

Xiong Li sighed and said, “I can’t sleep. Damn. I have been waiting for this day for a long time. But now it’s here, I suddenly don’t know what to do.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Don’t be nervous about it. Especially now that we don’t have to be on our own. Just relax.” Then as he said that, Ma Rulong came out of his room. Everyone else was also out in the courtyard. Everyone had nervous looks on their faces.

Nobody could blame them for being nervous. After all, today they will not only face the Bug Race, they will also go against the various geniuses from the other realms. Among the participants in the competition, the Machine Field had the worst when it came to raw strength. In almost every competition, the Machine Field would populate the bottom 100.

Ma Rulong looked at the participants in the courtyard and saw that everyone was divided into three groups. The first group was led by Streep. It was the largest group with more than 30 people. The next group was headed by Zhu Chen with members numbering more or less 20. The last and smallest group was Zhao Hai’s with only five members. As for the rest, they had perished in the last two battles against the bugs.

Ma Rulong looked at their nervous eyes as he lightly sighed and said, “Let’s go.” Then he led the other team leaders to leave the courtyard.

Their target was the transmission formation. People from the other realms didn’t go to Base Number 5 since only the Machine Field were assigned to the base. People from the other realms went to other bases in order to participate in the elimination round. And each realm would enter a different transmission formation at a different base. 

Zhao Hai and the others already knew that the location for the elimination round would be the underground of Fabio Planet. The underground of Fabio Planet was the world of the Bug Race. Countless bugs constantly dug tunnels to the point where nobody knew where the beginning was nor the end.

These underground transmission formations were also established by the Cultivators, albeit at a high price. This was in order for the bugs underground to be regularly cleaned up.

When Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the transmission formation, they saw Zheng Li already there. As soon as he saw the Machine Field’s people, Zheng Li quickly walked forward and then gave Ma Rulong his greetings, “Team Leader Ma, everything is ready.” 

Ma Rulong nodded, then he waved his hand. This was a signal for Zhao Hai and the other participants to enter the transmission formation. When Zheng Li saw Zhao Hai, he quickly stepped forward. Then after giving a salute, he said, “Zhao Hai, I’ll have to thank you. No matter the reason, you still saved Base Number 5. Thank you very much.”

Zhao Hai hastily returned the salute. Then he smiled faintly and said, “There’s no need to be polite. It wouldn’t be proper for me to not move while being inside the Base. Otherwise, my friend would be involved. This is a fight between humans and bugs, this has nothing to do with realms.”

Zheng Li nodded. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, you’re an unlikely friend that I gained. I wish you luck. I hope you live and return.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Then I’ll take advantage of your good wishes. Rest assured, I will certainly live and return!” Zheng Li nodded. Then he waved to a person nearby who started the transmission formation. It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai and the others vanished.

Zhao Hai felt a flash of white light before he felt a bit dizzy. But as the light slowly faded away, Zhao Hai suddenly felt a dangerous intent coming straight towards him. He immediately shouted, “Be alert! The bugs are here!”

As he shouted, Zhao Hai erected a 50-layer formation shield that protected his group. Xiong Li and the others also took their weapons out.

As soon as the others heard Zhao Hai’s shout, they knew that they couldn’t treat this matter lightly. Zhao Hai had reminded them several times before, and each warning was real. At this point, all of them believed in Zhao Hai’s words.

Sure enough, as the light vanished, the Machine Field’s participants saw themselves stunned. The cave was several hundred meters high and spanned nearly ten thousand square meters. Naturally, the size of this cave wasn’t the surprising aspect. The cave was full of bugs. One of those bugs were the eight-legged bugs they had fought before. The sight caused everyone present to feel their hairs go up.

While the Machine Field’s participants were dumbfounded, the insects quickly threw themselves towards the transmission formation. Even Zhao Hai was feeling cold as he saw the amount of bugs present.

Zhao Hai quickly said, “Let’s go!” Then he waved his hand causing Xiong LI and the others to disappear from the transmission formation.

Others weren’t as lucky. Upon seeing the approaching bugs, everyone else from the Machine Field immediately turned frantic. Spells and sword qi were sent forth with no abandon. A lot of those present took out their secret items and used them. 

Mages repeatedly used their staff as they sent 100-layer formations to both attack and defend.

Warriors were doing the same. They waved their weapons non-stop as they sent sword qi. Some warriors also took out some bombs from their spatial equipment. The battle quickly turned vicious. But as this was happening, Zhao Hai and the others had appeared in another cave with no insects inside.

As soon as they reappeared, Zhao Hai let out a breath of relief. He found this place through the Space’s monitor. But when he recalled the scene just now, he couldn’t help but feel cold.

Xiong Li and the others also let out long breathes. Sun Fei wiped a cold sweat as he said, “That was terrifying. How many bugs were there? 10 thousand? 20 thousand? 50 thousand? 100 thousand? There’s too many to count.”

As he breathed out, Dongfang Yu added, “Why do I feel that the bugs knew that we would appear there. Were they waiting for us?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I feel the same way. It seems like the bugs were not fools. Conversely, they seem to be very clever. It’s possible that they knew about the transmission formation a long time ago. Therefore, they waited there. Upon seeing us appear, they immediately attacked. I didn’t expect them to be this intelligent.”

Li Kuangren nodded and said, “Right, I didn’t expect those insects to be intelligent. Little Hai, didn’t you say that you’ll fight the bugs using your Undead? How about now?”

Xiong Li and the others turned to look at Zhao Hai. Dongafang Yu nodded and said, “Right, Little Hai. I really want to see how many Undead you have.”

Zhao Hai looked at the others and couldn’t help but laugh. Then he said, “Alright, since you want to see my Undead Army, here it is!” Then he waved his hand and sent out a batch of Undead from the Space.


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