BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1226


Chapter 1226 – The True Goal Of The Elimination Round

The reason Zhao Hai revealed Liquid Silver was because he was preparing for the future. He clearly didn’t take a forbidden potion. Although everyone was thinking that he did, they would certainly know the truth once the competition began. When that time comes, Zhao Hai would need a reason for his immense strength.

Liquid Silver was the best reason. It already had a great reputation not only in the Machine Field but also in the Cultivation Realm. If Zhao Hai puts forth that this was the reason for his strength, then it’s highly probable that people would be convinced.

The group chatted for a while before Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “I’ll stay closed up in the next few days. You act the same as before, don’t let anyone have any ideas. Also, you should be careful of Streep. That guy hates me to the bones. I might not be able to do anything to him at this time, but don’t worry. When the elimination round comes, I will kill him. Just look out for him before that time comes.”

Dongfang Yu raised his brows and said, “Streep dares to plot? I don’t like that guy either. Let’s not wait for the elimination round. If I see the opportunity, I’ll clean him up.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t bother with it. He can’t do anything at this time. Let him live a few more days. Brothers, I’ll head back first. Act as you did before.” Then he disappeared back into the room.

Xiong Li looked at the spot where Zhao Hai vanished from and then sighed as he said, “No wonder Little Hai is so strong. I heard before that during a battle against the Zhang Family, the Ashley Family became stranded in the Rainbow Meteorite Field. Little Hai managed to save them by using space magic and teleporting everyone back to Ashley family’s planet. I found it hard to believe before, but now, it seems like Liquid Silver made Little Hai formidable.”

Dongfang Yu smiled faintly and said, “We can’t just put all merit to Liquid Silver. Little Hai is also quite strong himself. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to use liquid silver. I’m relieved now. Right, Boss Xiong, you said that we’ll be independent in the future, wouldn’t our families stop us?”

Xiong Li coldly snorted and said, “Of course they’ll stop us. But we only need to get good results in the competition. Especially you and Little Hai. As long as your results are good, then even if the rest of us want to be independent, nobody would be able to stop us. After all, keeping us from each other is basically offending all of us.”

Dongfang Yu nodded, then he said, “When we have the time, I’ll teach you the Divine Fire Dragon Art. Let’s see if those fellows from the Machine Field would still dare to offend us.”

Xiong Li sighed and said, “The Divine Fire Dragon Art should be alright for Little Fei. But for the rest of us, we wouldn’t be able to practice. And even if we could, it’s just not compatible for us.”

Dongfang Yu nodded, “Alright, then let’s just kill Cultivators in the elimination round and snatch their cultivation methods. If Little Hai can unseal the Fire Dragon Sword, then he could definitely unseal those jade slips.”

Xiong Li nodded and said, “I’m fine with that. Alright, let’s head out. Don’t let those fellows suspect anything. Act serious.” The others nodded with a chuckle. Then they immediately put on their solemn faces.

Time passed by little but little. At this point, almost everyone believed that Zhao Hai consumed a forbidden potion. Looking at the solemn expressions that Xiong Li and the others wore, this belief was further cemented. There were all kinds of rumors saying that Zhao Hai has died or was going to. In any case, nobody was saying good words about Zhao Hai.

Xiong Li and the others didn’t stop these rumors. Rumors were like this, the faster you want it to stop, the further it would spread. However, Xiong Li and the others weren’t idling either. They were also investigating who started these rumors.

After several days of investigation, Xiong Li and the others finally traced the origin of the rumor. It seems like Streep was the one propagating fake news about Zhao Hai. With this discovery, Xiong Li and the others quickly thought back to Zhao Hai’s words. Streep does indeed want to deal with them.

Dongfang Yu almost couldn’t stop himself from killing Streep. In the end, he was calmed down by Xiong Li. Without anyone knowing, Dongfang Yu’s temperament became more and more explosive since he practiced the Divine Fire Dragon Art. He was even more explosive than Li Kuangren. This caused Xiong Li and the others to be worried.

Days passed and the date for the elimination round was getting closer. The participants from the other realms had also arrived at Fabio Planet. They didn’t come ahead of time thus they weren’t caught by the recent battle. They suffered no losses and their numbers were healthy.

It was now three days before the elimination round begins. All participants had arrived. In addition to surviving for seven days in Fabio Planet, they must also hunt bugs and then bring back their useful parts. The more you take back, the more points you would gain. By the end of the elimination round, those who get the top 100 points would proceed to formal matches.

The past elimination rounds wouldn’t have this high rate of elimination. Sometimes they would even conduct several rounds in order to select the top 100. This was the first time where the formal competition would immediately happen after the elimination round.

Upon hearing this information, Zhao Hai was happy. He was confident that his group would be able to reach the top 100. When that time comes, the Machine Field would obtain more benefits while their position in the competition would be higher.

Moreover, Zhao Hai knew from the Space the reason why the Cultivation Realm had the elimination round happen in Fabio Planet. This was because they wanted to cull the bug population!

The Cultivation Realm had no method to deal with the bugs in Fabio Planet. The stronger experts they send, the stronger the newest generation bugs would be. This caused the Cultivation Realm to be afraid. If they sent experts that were too powerful, then the bugs might gain the ability to get out of Fabio Planet. And with the Bug Race’s reproductive ability, this would definitely be a great disaster for the Cultivation Realm.

Because of this, the Cultivation Realm needed another method to trim the bug race’s population. This method was very simple, it was to send less powerful people and clean up the weaker members of the bug race. Although this wouldn’t cause the bugs to be exterminated, at least it reduced its population. This method has been quite effective in controlling the bug race’s development.

And as it turns out, it was time to trim the bug population once more. Because of this, it was decided that Fabio Planet would be the place for the competition’s elimination round. This would serve two purposes, to conduct the competition, and to trim the bug population. It was killing two birds with one stone.

The Cultivation Realm also had another purpose. Through this competition, they would be able to eliminate the upcoming experts from the other realms. This way, the Cultivation Realm would stay on top of the six realms.

Cultivators could easily survive in Fabio Planet. Moreover, the Cultivation Realm had conducted multiple operations against the bug race. Because of this, the Cultivators were more experienced in dealing with the bugs compared to the other realms. This elimination round was heavily favored towards the Cultivation Realm.

The Cultivators had been culling the bug race’s population multiple times now. And every operation would incur huge casualties. Now that the elimination round was going to be in Fabio Planet, they would kill the bugs while also weakening the other realms. The Cultivation Realm was using this competition as an opportunity to kill any future enemies to the realm.

After knowing about the Cultivation Realm’s plans, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. The Cultivation Realm’s plan was very good. Even if other realms knew about it, they still wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Seeing that it was almost time, Zhao Hai decided to head out. He didn’t want Ma Rulong to be too anxious. He said his goodbye to Laura and the others before he left the Space.

Just as he went out of Dongfang Yu’s room, Xiong Li and the others immediately surrounded him. They knew that Zhao Hai was fine, but they needed to act in order to fool others. Therefore everyone was looking at Zhao Hai with worry.

The others also discovered that Zhao Hai had gone out. But this time, their gaze towards him was different. In the past, they always looked at him with fear. But now, their expressions were clearly showing schadenfreude.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about them and just greeted Xiong Li and the others. At this time, Ma Rulong came out. He just heard that Zhao Hai had shown himself. So he went out and immediately asked, “Little Hai, you’re out? How are you doing? Are you alright?”

Of course, Zhao Hai knew everything that Ma Rulong did for him. He greatly respected the team leader. So he stood up and then bowed to Ma Rulong before answering, “Team leader, I’m alright.”

Ma Rulong went to Zhao Hai and then inspected him. Then he said, “Are you really alright? If there’s anything you need, just tell me. I still have some influence in the Machine Field.”

Zhao Hai knew what Ma Rulong meant. In the past few days, Ma Rulong had been constantly inquiring about medicine that can cure Zhao Hai’s problem. It seems like the team leader was truly concerned about him. And now that he was out, Zhao Hai needed to tell Ma Rulong to calm down. So Zhao Hai told Ma Rulong, “Team Leader, rest assured. I’m really fine. You don’t need to worry.”

Seeing that Zhao Hai doesn’t look injured, Ma Rulong nodded and said, “Alright. It’s fine if you don’t want to participate in the elimination round. Don’t overwork yourself.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Team Leader, I’m truly fine. I’ll participate in the elimination round. Moreover, I’ll ensure that my brothers can enter the main tournament.” Zhao Hai’s voice was very low, only Ma Rulong and those very close by heard it.

Hearing these words from Zhao Hai, Ma Rulong’s eyes couldn’t help but shine. He looked at Zhao Hai and was met with an affirmative nod. Ma Rulong quickly turned ecstatic. He patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Alright. Then I’ll keep my eye on you. You don’t have to care about others. As long as you can accomplish what you said, you have already achieved the highest merit for the Machine Field.” 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Team Leader, don’t worry.” Ma Rulong nodded before he left.

Xiong Li looked at Ma Rulong and then looked at Zhao Hai. Confused, he asked, “Little Hai, why did you say those things to the team leader? Moreover, it seems like you give him a lot of respect.”


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