BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1225


Chapter 1225 – Fire Dragon Daoist

Dongfang Yu slowly opened his eyes. His eyes had a hint of shine one them. At the same time, his aura was very different from before. He really didn’t expect the fire dragon sword to be this mystical.

Dongfang Yu looked around him and discovered that he was in Zhao Hai’s room. Remembering that Zhao Hai had nowhere to stay in, he immediately got up. He didn’t know how long he had been in seclusion or whether he had missed the competition.

Upon thinking about this, Dongfang Yu immediately opened the door and left the room. When he got outside, he saw Xiong Li and the others chatting, but Zhao Hai wasn’t there. 

Xiong Li and the others heard the sound of a door opening. When they turned their heads, they quickly saw Dongfang Yu. They immediately surrounded him as Xiong Li said, “Dongfang, how are you? Did you benefit greatly from your seclusion?”

Dongfang Yu nodded and said, “I gained a lot. Where’s Little Hai?” Xiong Li’s expression turned difficult as he looked at Dongfang Yu’s room, then he said, “Let’s head inside first.” Then he pulled Dongfang Yu towards Zhao Hai’s room.

When he saw Xiong Li’s response, Dongfang Yu knew that something must have happened. Upon entering the room, Dongfang Yu immediately asked, “What happened? Did Little Hai have an accident?”

Xiong Li looked at Dongfang Yu and said, “Tell us about what happened to you first.”

Dongfang Yu nodded and said, “I closed up because Little Hai helped me unseal the fire dragon sword. I didn’t expect that unsealing the fire dragon sword would result to this. As it turns out, the fire dragon sword was the life source weapon of the almighty Fire Dragon Daoist. Fire Dragon Daoist died from a severe injury he gained during a fight. He sent a wisp of his consciousness into the fire dragon sword before sealing it. When Little Hai removed this seal, I received that consciousness from the Fire Dragon Daoist. It included a cultivation method known as the Divine Fire Dragon Art. There is also a set of fire dragon sword techniques. Besides that, the Fire Dragon Daoist also imbued the sword with a fraction of his strength. I managed to assimilate the Fire Dragon Daoist’s energy and made it my own. At this point, I no longer have battle qi inside me, all of it has been transformed into fire dragon true qi. It can be said that I’m already practicing the Cultivation Realm’s methods. I’m also much stronger than before.”

When they heard this, Xiong Li and the others let out cold breaths. Then Sun Fei murmured, “That’s good, at least Brother Hai’s efforts weren’t wasted.”

Dongfang Yu heard this and couldn’t help but knit his brows as he said, “What’s happening? Little Hai had an accident? Tell me!”

Xiong Li sighed and said, “The night you suddenly closed up, a massive army of bugs attacked the base. Little Hai made us defend here while he went to the wall to help alongside the others. The bug attack was very fierce, the base was having trouble defending. Then afterwards, a silverback gold-winged bug attacked. It’s a bug that’s equivalent to a Nascent Soul Expert of the Cultivation Realm. However, the base’s Nascent Soul Experts were not present. They were still chasing the silverback gold-winged insect that attacked before. Little Hai wanted to escape, but you were still closing up and cannot be moved. Little Hai went back again and repelled the powerful bug. This was originally a good thing. But after thinking about it for two days, Little Hai couldn’t be that strong. It’s possible that he drank a forbidden potion in order to repel the bugs. After he came back from fighting the bug, he immediately secluded himself. This confirmed our suspicion that Little Hai burned his potential to gain temporary strength. We know that Little Hai’s strength will be affected because of this. We just don’t know how much damage he suffered.” 

When Xiong Li finished speaking, Dongfang Yu stood up, tears were already in his eyes. Then he said, “Little Hai, you silly brother. How can you do this? This favor, Elder Brother will certainly remember!”

Xiong Li and the others were also low-spirited. After staring at the ground for some time, Dongfang Yu solemnly said, “Now that I have become stronger, and have practiced a Cultivation Realm’s method, I can now formally join a sect. Perhaps the Cultivation Realm has a pill that can cure Little Hai.”

When they heard Dongfang Yu, Xiong Li and the others stared. People from the Machine Field could only look up to the Cultivation Sects. This was because the requirements to join one were too high. Those who joined a sect were shackled to the sect for their entire lives. Paying obeisance to a sect wasn’t something that an average person could bear.

Xiong Li looked at Dongfang Yu and said, “Are you sure?” Dongfang Yu stopped for a moment before he nodded and said ,”I’ve decided. After this competition ends, I will enter a Cultivation Sect. I’ll find a way for Little Hai to cure his condition.”

Xiong Li and the others didn’t stop him and just nodded. But at this time, a voice was heard, “If you leave and join a sect, then what would happen to our plan to establish a base?”

Xiong Li and the other stared, then they turned their head and saw Zhao Hai smiling at them. They were stunned. Dongfang Yu looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, is that you? Why are you out? Are you fine?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’m fine, Second Brother, rest assured.”

Xiong Li and the others quickly surrounded him and inspected his body. Seeing everyone acting concerned, Zhao Hai said, “I’m really fine. I didn’t drink any strange medicine. Relax.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Xiong Li and the others relaxed. Xiong Li then looked at Zhao Hai in confusion and said, “That’s not right. You didn’t drink anything? Then how can you be strong enough to repel a silverback gold-winged bug? Don’t tell me you’re really that strong?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said ,”Boss Xiong is correct. I’m that strong. Actually, it’s not purely my own. My weapon is also very powerful.” Then as he said that, Zhao Hai turned his hand and took out Liquid Silver.

Xiong Li and the others proceeded to inspect Liquid Silver, but they couldn’t find anything special about it. Zhao Hai saw their expressions and couldn’t help but smile. Then under Xiong Li and the others’ gaze, Liquid Silver transformed and turned into a shield.

Xiong Li and the others stared as Zhao Hai transformed Liquid Silver into 18 different weapons before turning back into a staff. It took a while before Zhao Hai’s brothers were able to recover. Looking at the staff in Zhao Hai’s hand, Xiong Li’s eyes shone as he said, “Little Hai, what is that thing? How can it transform?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Can you remember a legend back in the Machine Field? The one about a certain weapon that was left unfinished?”

When they heard Zhao Hai, Xiong Li and the others gawked. If it was mentioned that there was an unfinished weapon in the Machine Field, people would immediately think about Liquid Silver. It’s quite a famous legend.

Xiong Li and the others looked at Zhao Hai in shock. Sun Fei said, “Brother Hai, you mean that this is the unfinished weapon that Leng Wuyeng left behind?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he nodded and said, “Correct. This is the weapon that Senior Leng Wuyeng failed to complete. I managed to finish it and gave it the name Liquid Silver. What do you think? Pretty good right?”

Dongfang Yu’s head was in disarray, he looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “How is that possible? Didn’t people say that nobody can complete that weapon? How did you do it?”

Zhao Hai chuckled and said, “I used a clever method…” then Zhao Hai told them about numerous methods that Liquid Silver could be completed. While listening to Zhao Hai, Dongfang Yu had no choice but to believe him. The brothers couldn’t help but shift their gazes towards the staff in Zhao Hai’s hand.

They had heard about this weapon. It was said that Leng Wuyeng made this weapon in order to combat the Cultivation Realm. Its might was supposed to be peerless, but it was left unfinished. Now that it had been completed, it allowed Zhao Hai to repel a silverback gold-winged bug. Wasn’t it too strong?

Zhao Hai looked at his brothers and said, “It’s because of this staff that I managed to defeat the silverback gold-winged bug. Liquid Silver is most suitable to those who are both Mages and Warriors. I happen to practice both professions, so I managed to display its powerful might.”

Xiong Li and the others nodded, they couldn’t help but look at Zhao Hai in envy. Seeing their expressions, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “There’s no need to feel envious. I’m currently looking for a way to make replicas of Liquid Silver. Although it wouldn’t be as strong, it would still be stronger than most staff and weapons. If I managed to do it, I’ll definitely give you one.”

Hearing Zhao Hai say this, Xiong Li and the others’ eyes lit up. Sun Fei said, “Elder Brother Hai, are you telling the truth? I heard that Liquid Silver requires a lot of materials. Moreover, most of it has been depleted. Can you still make replicas of it?”

Xiong Li and the others stared at Zhao Hai, afraid that Zhao Hai would tell them that he couldn’t do it. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, some materials can be substituted. However, this will make the replicas weaker. But I can assure you that its ability to transform will be retained.”

When Zhao Hai said this, the brothers cheered. This was excellent news for them. A transforming weapon, whether to a Mage or a Warrior, was a very good item to have.

It took some time before Xiong Li and the others calmed down. At this time, Li Kuangren looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Right, Little Hai, since you’re fine, why did you close up? You made us worried for nothing.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I closed up, but does that mean that I have taken a forbidden potion? Hehe. If they want to think like that, then let them. When the time comes, I’ll clean them up in the competition. As long as we make good achievements, we no longer need to care about them. We’ll establish our own base and be independent.”

Dongfang Yu nodded and said, “Right, we can be independent. Also, after we’re done here, I’ll teach you the Divine Fire Dragon Art. When that time comes, we brothers can run rampant in the battlefield.”

The group laughed. They were looking forward to their glorious future!


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