BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1224


Chapter 1224 – Reaction From All Parties

When Zhao Hai heard this prompt, he couldn’t help but knit his brows. He wasn’t satisfied with the result. The reason he captured the rhinoceros beetle wasn’t because he wanted it to help him fight. What he wanted was the Bug Race’s evolutionary ability. The prompt didn’t mention anything of that sort. It was clear that this silverback gold-winged bug had evolved. This caused Zhao Hai to be confused.

Zhao Hai immediately said, “Cai’er, use the scanner to do an analysis. See what’s going on. Why does this bug not have any evolutionary ability?” Caier immediately used the scanner. By this point, the scanner had already reached an advanced level. It can’t only analyze objects, it could also make readings about situations.

Not long after the scanner was used, a prompt was heard, “The bug is only a gene improved member of the Bug Race. It doesn’t have any capabilities that its parent had, therefore it doesn’t have the ability of rapid evolution. From the analysis, there should be a type of bug queen in Fabio Planet. This queen can grasp changes in the environment and conduct gene improvements on the larvae to suit the Bug Race’s needs. Since there is too little data, this is just a possibility. Host needs to provide more material.”

When he heard the prompt, Zhao Hai stared. Then he nodded once he understood what the scanner meant.

In other words, a Bug Race Queen Nest was in Fabio Planet. This nest must be the key to the Bug Race’s ability to evolve rapidly. Bugs like the silverback gold-winged bug didn’t have the ability to evolve on their own.

Although the scanner said that this was just a possibility, and can only be used for reference, Zhao Hai knew that it was likely to be true. 

Zhao Hai was happy. One, because he knew that there might be a queen nest. And two, because he discovered that the scanner was beginning to sound more natural. Moreover, its ability to analyze had gotten stronger and stronger. This was a very good thing, especially to him, it was very good.

At this time, Laura and the others took a look at the silverback gold-winged bug. To be honest, this bug was basically just an enlarged version of a rhinoceros beetle. Despite its overwhelmingly powerful strength, it actually looked pretty good.

Laura and the others touched the bug as though they had forgotten that it was an insect. It seems like the black sheen on the bug’s armor caught their fancy.

Zhao Hai didn’t disturb them as he stood on the side and enjoyed the sight. In any case, the bug has already been subdued by the Space. There was no danger for Laura and the others.

Quite some time after inspecting the bug, Laura turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, let’s head inside. Cultivators in Base Number 5 are talking about you.”

Zhao Hai stared, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Really? What did they say?”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “They said that you took a forbidden potion to become strong. What do you think?”

Zhao Hai stared, then he chuckled and said, “Isn’t that great? Then I’ll go into seclusion later when I go back. This will make them think that I really took a potion.” Laura and the others chuckled as well. 

Zhao Hai didn’t immediately return to Base Number 5. Instead, he stayed inside the Space for some time before returning.


The place where Zhao Hai came out from wasn’t far from Base Number 5. It didn’t take long before he arrived at the base. The Cultivators in the base were still anxious. There were quite a lot of patrols on the wall, obviously on guard against any bug attack.

As Zhao Hai flew forward, a voice was suddenly heard, “Who’s that? Halt!” Zhao Hai turned his head to see a Cultivator stepping on his flying sword. Zhao Hai didn’t stop as he coldly snorted and continued flying towards the base.

When the Cultivator saw that Zhao Hai ignored him, his expression changed as he said, “Alright, Little Mage. You’re quite arrogant. Stop!” Just before the Cultivator finished his statement, a hand suddenly covered his mouth. The owner of the hand quickly looked at Zhao Hai and respectfully said, “I apologize, Mister Zhao Hai. He’s new here. Please come in. Everyone from the Machine Field has already returned to the courtyard to rest. You can go there directly.” Zhao Hai nodded and then proceeded to fly forward. He didn’t mind the two people, he didn’t even speak a word. However, the Cultivator didn’t have any dissatisfaction on his face.

Once Zhao Hai was no longer in the wall, the second Cultivator let go of the first one. The first Cultivator immediately said, “Third Senior Brother, why did you do that? It’s just a Mage from the Machine Field. He dared to be rampant, aren’t I supposed to teach him a lesson? We should let him know that he shouldn’t be arrogant in the Cultivation Realm.”

The Third Senior Brother looked at the man and said, “Stop talking. If I didn’t cover your mouth, then you would have already been killed. Do you know who that person is? That’s Zhao Hai, he fought off the silverback gold-winged insect alone. If you continued to shout at him, then you will have died in vain.” Then he ignored the man and flew away.

The Cultivator stared, then he turned to look at Zhao Hai’s direction and muttered, “So he’s Zhao Hai. No wonder his aura was so overwhelming. He’s that strong.”

The Cultivation Realm was a very realistic place. If you were strong, then you can kill all the weaklings you want. But if you’re weak, then you can only prostrate yourself to the strong. People might not kill you in public, but there would certainly be someone plotting against you in the shadows. This was the Cultivation Realm.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about the man as he directly flew towards the courtyard. Just after he entered, he was immediately discovered by Xiong Li and the others. They surrounded Zhao Hai as Xiong Li worriedly asked, “Little Hai, are you alright?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’m fine. I just need to close up. Help me inform team leader Ma.”

When Xiong Li heard this, he immediately said, “Alright, go. I’ll tell team leader Ma.” Zhao Hai nodded before quickly going inside Dongfang Yu’s room. 

Just as Zhao Hai closed the door, Ma Rulong came out of his room. When he saw that Zhao Hai wasn’t there, he turned to Xiong Li and the others and said, “Where’s Little Hai?”

Xiong Li immediately answered, “Team leader, Little Hai said that he would close up for some time.”

Ma Rulong’s expression changed. Then he said, “Alright, if Little Hai needs anything, tell me immediately. I’ll try to help as much as I can.”

Xiong Li and the others nodded. Then Ma Rulong entered his room and immediately sent information back to the Machine Field. Passing on information from here to the Machine Field wasn’t easy. Since Fabio Planet had a lot of interference, signals going in and out were being heavily affected. It was great that the Cultivation Realm had devised a way to send signals to other planets through a transmission formation. Then this signal would use the satellites on those planets in order to pass the information.

But in the base, one would need to spend money in order to use this method. Ma Rulong had to pay a hefty price to send information back to the Machine Field.

Ma Rulong was sent on behalf of the realm, so he wasn’t worried about these charges. Keeping the Machine Field informed about the situation in Fabio Planet was of utmost importance.

Actually, it wasn’t only the Cultivators who suspected Zhao Hai of drinking a special potion. In Ma Rulong’s mind, it was the only explanation for Zhao Hai’s sudden increase in strength. Anything else was abnormal.

Zhao Hai had just ascended less than a year ago. He learned magic theory in that time frame and now he was as strong as a Nascent Soul Expert? Nobody would be able to believe it.

Meanwhile, the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm had methods that could make a person stronger in exchange for their potential. These things were quite common. Therefore, people were more inclined to believe that Zhao Hai drank a forbidden potion than Zhao Hai being this innately strong.

Whether it be in the Machine Field or the Cultivation Realm, these kinds of drugs were very overbearing. The side effects would sometimes manifest itself right after the effects wear off. It’s even common for a person to just dry up and die. And if they survive, the drug would have a tremendous effect on later cultivations. Because of this, Ma Rulong worriedly passed information back to the Machine Field.

The Machine Field counts on Zhao Hai to gain a good position in the Six Realm Beginner Competition. Now that Zhao Hai was possibly crippled, the matter needed to be reported.

This information wasn’t only relevant to Ma Rulong. When Zheng Li heard that Zhao Hai secluded himself right after returning, it affirmed their suspicion that Zhao Hai took something. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been that strong. Zheng Li immediately reported this situation. Whether it be the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm, they both discussed someone, and it was Zhao Hai!

Zhao Hai was currently inside the Space. He was currently observing Ma Rulong and Zheng Li’s response. Ma Rulong still felt good about Zhao Hai. After he reported the situation, the higher ups of the Machine Field told him to give up on Zhao Hai. However, Ma Rulong didn’t agree with it. In the end, the Machine Field had to agree with Ma Rulong’s arrangement. After all, Ma Rulong was the one in the field, and nobody could influence his actions.

Zhao Hai also expected the response of the Machine Field’s higher-ups. It doesn’t matter if it was in the Cultivation Realm or the Machine Field, these places were practical in their approach towards useless people. They wouldn’t waste any investment in those that wouldn’t benefit them. 

What Zhao Hai cared the most was the Ashley Family’s response. If the Ashley Family and the Machine Field had the same response, then Zhao Hai would be really disappointed.

But much to Zhao Hai’s surprise, the Ashley Family didn’t give up on him. Thunder didn’t tell Margaret to leave Zhao Hai as well. This caused people to wonder about this situation.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect this. Thunder was a practical person, so how could have this attitude towards a useless person?

After monitoring Thunder, Zhao Hai began to understand. The Ashley Family needed to send a message, and this message was in Zhao Hai.

The Ashley Family obtained first place in the realm qualifiers because of Zhao Hai. They obtained a lot of benefits and even gained several allies. Funding their development was definitely not a problem.

For the family to develop, they would need all kinds of talents. Thunder knew very well that Zhao Hai might already be crippled. Yet he still gave him the best treatment and even gave him his daughter. This would give bystanders the message, “Look, see how we treat those who contributed to the family. Even if he is crippled, he would still get everything he deserves!” The Ashley Family could use this to attract talents to the Ashley Family. This way, the family could develop as soon as possible.

After looking into Thunder Ashley’s actions, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but recognize that the Patriarch wasn’t a simple man. He could actually achieve something like this.

But no matter what reason, at least they didn’t ruthlessly cut him off. Zhao Hai decided to treat the Ahsley Family better in the future. After all, it was also Margaret’s family.

At this moment, the Cultivation Realm became relieved about Zhao Hai. They weren’t as concerned about him as before. After all, Zhao Hai blocked three swords from Li Chuchen and also killed Gongsun Zheng. There were a lot of people that liked Zhao Hai to perish since he had the capability to undermine their plans.

But now, nobody cared about Zhao Hai. Disabled people weren’t worth their attention. 

Zhao Hai thought that trouble would come looking for him once he revealed his strength. But instead, the opposite happened. Not only did he avoid trouble, there would no longer be anyone that would come looking for him. This caused somewhat of a surprise to Zhao Hai. However, he took this matter off his mind. Even if people came looking for him, with his present strength, there was no need to be afraid. Whether it be in the Cultivation Realm or the Machine Field, he could already carve his own place.

Not to mention the Machine Field, even the Cultivation Realm had sects being set up by Nascent Soul Experts. These Nascent Soul Experts being called grandmaster wasn’t a joke.

After seeing everyone’s response, Zhao Hai began paying attention to Dongfang Yu’s state. Dongfang Yu had closed up for several days and had yet to come out. Moreover, the last time Zhao Hai saw his second brother, Dongfang Yu was at a critical point in his cultivation. Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to see how he was doing right now.

Seeing Dongfang Yu’s situation through the Space, Zhao Hai began to feel relieved. In the past, Dongfang Yu’s face was red and his expression was exhausted. But now, Dongfang Yu had a calm expression. The fire dragon sword had already disappeared from sight. Dongfang Yu’s whole person was sitting down and meditating. Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai knew that Dongfang Yu would soon come out.

Since Zhao Hai took the silverback gold-winged bug to the Space and with the presence of Nascent Soul Experts in the base, the bugs stopped their attack. However, the elimination round for the Six Realm Beginner Competition had been pushed back 10 days. This was also within Zhao Hai’s expectation, it was normal given what happened.


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