BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1223


Chapter 1223 – Drinking a Forbidden Potion

Xiong Li and the others became friends with Zhao Hai because of various reasons: his temperament, his friendliness, and many more. However, they were all from the lower realms, their hearts were as hard as iron. It was impossible for them to leave their lives to other people just because of friendship.

Xiong Li and the others regarded themselves and Zhao Hai as friends. But although they call themselves brothers, their relationship wasn’t that deep. But faced with Zhao Hai’s sacrifice of facing the silverback gold-winged bug alone, Xiong Li and the others’ hearts melted. They now regarded him as a brother for a lifetime.

Zhao Hai continued to fight the silverback gold-winged bug. Moreover, they went farther and farther from the base. They fought until the bugs and the base were far away. Surprisingly, the bugs didn’t use this opportunity to attack. Instead, they slowly retreated.

Seeing the bugs retreating, the people in the base cheered. The Bug Race’s retreat was really important for the base. Now that the bugs had left, this meant that the base was safe.

At this moment, the base’s transmission formation flashed with white light. Walking out of this formation was a group of Cultivators. The quality of this group of cultivators was clearly higher than those before. Each one of them had threatening auras. Moreover, some of them were experts of the Nascent Soul Stage.

Upon seeing the Nascent Soul experts, everyone in the base began to relax. Zheng Li immediately welcomed the reinforcements. At this point, Ma Rulong became aware of Zheng Li’s identity. Zheng Li’s Five Element Team was the entire garrison of Base Number 5. This meant that the captain was the manager of the entire base. As for the Nascent Soul defenders, they really didn’t care about positions.

Zheng Li arrived in front of the five Nascent Soul experts and then gave them a salute, “I have seen the five grandmasters.” 

One of the five was a red-faced old man, he nodded and said, “Alright, did the bugs retreat?” Zheng Li nodded and said, “Yes, they retreated.” The red-faced old man nodded and said, “Tell me what happened.”

Zheng Li nodded, then he said, “Yes. Masters, please take a rest at the main hall first. Allow me to give you a comprehensive report.” The five Nascent Soul experts didn’t say anything and just nodded. Then they all flew towards Base Number 5’s main hall. 

These Nascent Soul Experts knew that a small captain like Zheng Li still had quite the power in Fabio Planet. Although Zheng Li couldn’t control them, these Nascent Soul Experts still needed to give Zheng Li face.

After the group arrived in the main hall, Zheng Li immediately gave an account of the situation to the five experts. Upon hearing the details, the five couldn’t help but be stunned. When Zheng Li finished, the red-faced old man immediately said, “You mean the bug attack was blocked by someone from the Machine Field? Are you sure?”

Zheng Li quickly replied, “I won’t dare lie in front of the grandmasters. That is indeed the case. Zhao Hai is a participant of the Six Realm Beginner Competition. His initial strength is only slightly stronger than a level 4 Mage. However, when the silverback gold-winged bug attacked, he suddenly exploded with strength.”

The red-faced old man knit his brows and said, “He’s participating in the Six Realm Beginner Competition? When did such a powerful figure appear in the Machine Field. Hmmm, I seem to have heard of this Zhao Hai. He gained first place in the Machine Field’s qualifiers. He also blocked three attacks from that kid Li Chuchen from Extreme Cold City. But is he really that strong?”

The others nodded. Meanwhile, Zheng Li just stood there without saying anything. Ordinary electronic products wouldn’t function in Fabio Planet. Besides places that can be reached by short distance teleportation, the planet had no news coming from the outside. Therefore, those in the planet weren’t well-informed about Zhao Hai and the others.

The red-faced old man and the others just came from the Cultivation Realm, so they knew about Zhao Hai, albeit not too detailed. But because of this, all of them couldn’t help but wonder. Can a Machine Field rookie really contend against a silverback gold-winged bug? This sounds like something from fantasy.

Silverback gold-winged bugs were high-level beings in Fabio Planet. A fully grown silverback gold-winged bug could never be defeated by an ordinary Nascent Soul Expert. It would need multiple Nascent Soul Experts to defeat a single adult silverback gold-winged bug. And it wasn’t certain that they could kill it, only injure. Since this was the case, hearing that a rookie from the Machine Field managed to fight one silverback gold-winged insect alone was something that only very few people could believe.

The red-faced old man as well as the others stayed silent for some time. Zheng Li didn’t dare to make a noise as he just respectfully stood there. After staying in Fabio Planet for some time, he knew when to speak and when to stay silent.

At this time, a frail and scholarly looking expert said, “Did Zhao Hai do anything special before fighting the Silverback Gold-winged bug?”

Zheng Li stared for a moment, he didn’t quite understand what this person was asking about. However, he didn’t dare speak his mind. Although this scholarly man looked frail, Zheng Li knew that he was the strongest and most ruthless among the five.

Therefore, he quickly responded, “He didn’t do anything special. But when he was fighting ordinary bugs, he drank a bottle of potion to recover. And before fighting against the silverback gold-winged bug, he returned to the base to check in on his friends. This is because one of them is still in seclusion. “

The scholar nodded and said, “Zhao Hai’s strength shouldn’t be so high. He must have used a secret potion that burns his potential in order to increase his strength. If he really used that, then there’s no need to worry about him. If Zhao Hai didn’t use this kind of potion, then he would be terrifying.” The others in the room nodded. They also agreed to the scholar’s point of view. Zhao Hai must have taken a secret potion. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become that strong.

Meanwhile, Ma Rulong was unaware of this conversation. He was currently leading his people back to their courtyard. Xiong Li and the others were still there, they didn’t leave even for a single step. Moreover, there was no need for them to step forward. The arrival of the Nascent Soul Experts meant that Base Number 5 was already safe.

After Ma Rulong had the others take a rest, he directly went to see Xiong Li and the others. Xiong Li and the others had already calmed down. They knew that Zhao Hai’s action of revealing his strength would put him in great danger. They accepted this outcome but they buried the sentiment deep inside their hearts.

Ma Rulong looked at Xiong Li and the others, he sighed and then patted Xiong Li’s shoulder as he said, “Zhao Hai will be safe, don’t worry.”

Xiong Li smiled faintly and said, “Team leader, rest assured, we know that Little Hai will come back. That bug couldn’t take his life. Also, he needs to return for the Six Realm Beginner Competition.” Ma Rulong nodded, then he suddenly laughed and said, “I didn’t expect that kid to conceal that much strength. It seems like the Machine Field will win big in the competition.” Li Kuangren and the others laughed as well. They were confident in Zhao Hai. They believed that he would come back, he certainly will.

At this time, Zhao Hai and the silverback gold-winged bug were already far from Base Number 5. They were currently on a mountain in Fabio Planet. Although massive insects inhabit the planet, its environment was actually very good. There were giant trees everywhere and its mountains were covered in forests. Taking a broad view of the planet, one could see a sea of green.

Upon feeling that there was truly nobody around them, Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent forth a 1000-layer formation. After beating the silverback gold-wing insect back, Zhao Hai waved his staff as the formation formed into a huge net.

The rhinoceros beetle stepped back from the net and then spewed a lightning bolt out of its mouth towards Zhao Hai. This lightning was as thick as a bucket. One could see how powerful it was.

Zhao hai didn’t expect this rhinoceros beetle to have a lightning attack. However, he didn’t stop as he sent another 1000-layer formation to block the lightning. 

Upon seeing the flexible maneuvers of the silverback gold-winged bug, Zhao Hai knew that it would be impossible for him alone to deal with it. So he waved his hand and released an army of Undead that immediately charged towards the beetle.

The rhinoceros beetle looked at this situation and couldn’t help but pause. Then it angrily roared as it attacked the Undead. It must be said that the beetle was very strong. When it came it contact with the Undead, it was able to kill them in large numbers. 

The Undead weren’t true immortals, and with the powerful attack of the beetle, these Undead were smashed into pieces. It was impossible for them to continue living. 

Zhao Hai calmly looked at the battle between the beetle and the Undead. He didn’t do anything as he waited for an opportunity. He knew that the beetle was still keeping an eye on him. If he moved now, then the beetle would definitely run away.

After fighting with the bug for so long, Zhao Hai learned to never underestimate it. He knew too little of Fabio Planet, so he didn’t know if the beetle had any other means. He didn’t want it to go all out.

The beetle and the Undead continued to fight for an hour. Zhao Hai lost several thousand Undead. In the end the opportunity finally arrived. Zhao Hai moved and then used the Space to teleport himself on top of the beetle. Then Liquid Silver turned into a large net. With such a sudden action, even the Undead that the bug was fighting were caught. The other Undead immediately helped as they pushed the net towards the Space.

As the silverback gold-winged bug entered the Space, a prompt was immediately heard, “New type of bug lifeform detected. It has an aggressive attitude towards the Space. Subduing, subjugation successful. The bug is a genetically modified bug with strong offensive strength. The host can now buy it inside the Space.”


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