BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1222


Chapter 1222 – Silverback Gold-winged Bug

Zhao Hai calmly returned to the city. He looked at the distance and felt the powerful aura closing in fast. It wouldn’t take long before it would arrive. The expressions on everyone on the walls weren’t good. They knew that when the immensely powerful bug gets close to the base, then that would be their end.

The insects outside were still coming in. Everyone was doing their best to resist. However, it can be seen that they were doing their final struggles.

Ma Rulong saw Zhao Hai, but he wasn’t in the mood to manage him right now. Although he didn’t stop attacking, the color of his face was already pale. This was partly because he was tired, and partly because he was worried.

Ma Rulong brought the elites of the Machine Field in the past five years with him. And some were even the strongest people in the last decade. If all of them were lost here, then he would have no face left to show the higher ups of the Machine Field.

But now he can’t leave, and would only wait for his death in this place. This feeling was really bad, he doesn’t have any means to deal with it.

Ma Rulong felt that his heart was on its last embers. He scolded himself again and again. Why must they come here early? If they came later, then they would have evaded the tragedy. Coming here was just charging to their deaths. Not only that, he was ruining the Machine Field’s hope!

At this time, Ma Rulong suddenly felt a powerful aura that seem to soar through the heavens. This aura wasn’t any less than the aura being emitted by the bug, it was even more powerful.

Ma Rulong was startled, then he quickly turned his head around. He saw Zhao Hai calmly standing there, his imposing aura was very strong. Even the powerful bug outside couldn’t overwhelm him.

Ma Rulong stared at Zhao Hai. He didn’t know what to say. He felt that Zhao Hai was somewhat strange, that Zhao Hai wasn’t the person he knew him to be.

Not only Ma Rulong, everyone in the base was looking at Zhao Hai. They were struck dumb by his powerful aura. This was especially true for Cultivators. These Cultivators knew that only Nascent Soul Sect Masters would have an aura as strong as this.

The Nascent Soul stage, people on this level can be regarded as experts in the Cultivation Realm. They were known as grandmasters. This meant that they could already establish their own sects. Besides the major sects, there were a lot of minor sects that were created by these Nascent Soul experts.

And it wasn’t only those in the base that were dumbfounded, the bugs that were attacking the base couldn’t help but pause. Although they weren’t afraid of death, their instincts could still stop them in their tracks.

Animal instinct was much keener than a human’s. Although the level of intelligence of these insects weren’t high, they could clearly feel Zhao Hai’s imposing aura. Zhao Hai managed to put pressure on them that they couldn’t help but slow down.

As for the powerful bug , it naturally sensed Zhao Hai’s aura. In turn, it intensified its aura. The bug’s aura exploded with intensity, it was like a tide that suddenly welled up. 

Zhao Hai’s aura slowly increased. It was like an ordinary rock in the sea, steadfast against all currents!

Both the base and the insects couldn’t help but stop. This was no longer a fight they could participate in. For weak beings like them, the only thing they could do was wait for the outcome.

The bug’s imposing aura was quickly approaching. Before long, Zhao Hai could already feel the bug with his spiritual force. He didn’t really expect the bug’s aura to be this strong. This caused a huge impact towards the entire base.

As soon as he saw the bug, Zhao Hai immediately noticed its differences compared to the other bugs. This bug was a huge version of a rhinoceros beetle. It’s back was akin to black iron. A silvery white stripe streaked through its entire body. It’s back was opened as a pair of golden wings provided it with flight. It had six blade-like feet that added to its menacing look. In front and behind the head of the bug were two sharp horns. One could see the offensive capability of this bug.

Silverback Gold-winged Bug, Zhao Hai immediately thought of this name. He was certain that this was the silverback gold-winged bug. The name alone described what this bug looked like.

Zhao Hai’s body slowly flew up, then he proceeded to fly forward. When he was a kilometer away from the base, he stopped.

Before long, the bug flew up until he was a kilometer away from Zhao Hai. The bug’s blood-red eyes were looking at Zhao Hai. There was even a hint of confusion in its gaze.

Zhao Hai looked at the insect, then he smiled faintly and said, “What clever fellows. You actually had the idea to lure the tiger out of the mountain. Now that you lured the Nascent Soul Experts out, you attacked the city once more. Interesting. I didn’t expect you bugs to be this smart.”

The rhinoceros beetle-like bug had a glimmer of pride in its eyes. It roared twice as if to show off to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at the rhinoceros beetle, then he smiled faintly and said, “But now that I’m here, you can no longer attack the base. Go back now, I don’t want to injure you.” The bug seems to understand Zhao Hai’s words. It’s eyes flashed with anger before he charged towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then waved his hand. A 100-layer formation appeared, forming a big shield that blocked the attack coming in front.

Since this bug was like a rhinoceros beetle, its main attack was ramming with its huge horn. Zhao Hai braced for the impact. A huge bang was heard before Zhao Hai’s shield was shattered. However, the bug didn’t slow down at all, it still continued to charge towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai held up his staff and then used it to block. ‘Dang’, a loud sound was heard as the rhinoceros horn slammed into Zhao Hai’s staff. However, the staff didn’t move. Not only was the staff unfazed, Zhao Hai was also unaffected by the attack. He was able to completely block the bug’s attack.

A burst of energy erupted from where the staff and the horn intersected. A wave of energy spread out. The bugs around them were hit by this wave of energy. The bugs that were hit were immediately turned into green dust.

The strength of the collision caused those in the base to be startled. Whether they be from the Cultivation Realm or the Machine FIeld, even those with weak spiritual force, all of them could easily see the situation a kilometer outside the base. Not to mention the fact that it was now bright as daylight, it was very easy to see the fight. The Cultivators in the base were taken aback by the strength of the impact.

When the bug discovered that it failed to damage Zhao Hai, it quickly retreated. Then it reorganized itself before attacking once more. One could feel the aura of an ancient general coming from the bug. It had exquisite combat skills. All of its actions were well executed and used a bit of martial arts.

The silverback gold-winged bug was small. All in all, it was six feet tall. It had two pointed horns that can be used as weapons. And with its thick armor, it was like a knight holding a lance and a shield. Moreover, it had six blade-like feet that can also be used for attack. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to deal with this bug.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t an ordinary person. His body moved as he began to send spells one after the other. The staff in his hand was also used as a weapon. He wasn’t in any disadvantage in a melee against the bug.

People in the base now knew that Zhao Hai was both a Mage and a Warrior. Moreover, his skill in both professions was formidable. The people from the Cultivation Realm were quickly able to accept this. Meanwhile, those from the Machine Field had mixed feelings about it.

There were a lot of participants who had met Zhao Hai in the competition. Before this, they were not convinced of their loss. But after seeing Zhao Hai, those who were unwilling to accept their loss couldn’t help but be convinced. They knew that Zhao Hai was still holding back when he fought them. If Zhao Hai did indeed use his true ability, then they would have been injured to near death. They thought that they might only be warm-up for Zhao Hai.

With this thought in mind, people couldn’t help but get embarrassed. Naturally, some people felt envy and hate. One of these people was Streep. He already envied and hated ZHao Hai before this, but he just didn’t have the opportunity to act. After seeing Zhao Hai fighting evenly with the silverback gold-winged bug, Streep became aware of how naive he really was. At the same time, he felt that he was lucky. If he had acted against Zhao Hai, then he would have died. He thought that Zhao Hai was just a strong level 4 Mage.

When he thought of this, Streep’s face turned red with anger. He didn’t know why Zhao Hai suddenly showed his strength, which was unbecoming of Zhao Hai. But no matter what, Zhao Hai had already displayed his immense strength. This only meant that Streep would have to make another plan to deal with him.

Amongst everyone present, only Ma Rulong knew why Zhao Hai suddenly showed off his strength. Ma Rulong knew about Zhao Hai’s relationship with Xiong Li and the others. Zhao Hai went back and saw that Dongfang Yu couldn’t be disturbed. Those who were in seclusion shouldn’t be disturbed. If the base was broken through, then Dongfang Yu would certainly be attacked. This might be the reason why Zhao Hai made his move.

Ma Rulong wasn’t angry that Zhao Hai wasn’t going all out before. On the contrary, he felt that Zhao Hai did the right thing. Those from the Cultivation Realm weren’t easy to deal with. If they discover that Zhao Hai was this strong, then they would be able to prepare. When the time comes, Zhao Hai would have more trouble when trying to defeat them.

When he thought of this, Ma Rulong couldn’t help but feel his heart going hot. He knew that with Zhao Hai’s current strength, he could definitely achieve great results in the Six Realm Beginner Competition. As long as Zhao Hai gets great results, then the Machine Field would get benefits. Then as a team leader, Ma Rulong would also get benefits.

What Ma Rulong didn’t know was that at this time, Xiong Li and the others were also looking at the direction where Zhao Hai and the beetle fought. Tears were actually in their eyes. If they still had any doubts about Zhao Hai’s feelings for them, then all of these doubts were now gone!


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