BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1221


Chapter 1221 – Immensely Powerful Aura

But after seeing the spells that others launched, Zheng Li understood what was going on. He couldn’t help but pay more attention towards Zhao Hai. He discovered that Zhao Hai wasn’t a team leader. This meant that he was a participant. A participant being stronger than a team leader, this was too astonishing.

However, he couldn’t observe for too long. After giving Zhao Hai a glance, Zheng Li left and entered the battle. The fight outside had become very violent. The bugs seem to be endless.

Zhao Hai continually sent out hundred layer formations. The bugs outside slowed down. This doesn’t mean that the bugs stopped attacking. It was just that Zhao Hai had already killed the fastest bugs outside the wall.

Upon seeing this situation, Zhao Hai relaxed. Although using hundred layer formations couldn’t tire him out, doing so would attract attention towards him. If he continues his attacks, everyone would pay attention to him soon. He doesn’t want that to happen. He was already eye-catching enough.

Zhao Hai stopped firing magic, he closed his eyes, and then drank a bottle of potion. It looked as if he was recovering his energy. This made Zheng Li, who was paying attention to Zhao Hai, feel relieved.

Zheng Li was counting, and Zhao Hai had fired a total of eight 100-layer formation spells. These eight spells weren’t the same, which meant that these spells weren’t dependent on Zhao Hai’s staff but instead in Zhao Hai’s spiritual force. Even if his staff was a treasure, only a formidable spiritual force could allow him to fire off eight 100-layer formations. This was an astonishing feat. Even average level 5 Mages couldn’t achieve this.

It was good that Zhao Hai was now catching up his breath. Otherwise, Zheng Li would have to reevaluate how he sees Zhao Hai. In fact, it wasn’t just Zheng Li, other people were also looking at Zhao Hai in surprise. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so fierce. Sending out eight 100-layer formations almost instantaneously, how much spiritual force does this require? They were astonished when they thought about it.

Taking advantage of the bugs slowing down, the Cultivators as well as Ma Rulong and the others dealt with the bugs on the walls. However, they didn’t celebrate, they knew that another wave of offense was coming soon.

Although the other Mages of the Machine Field were also firing spells towards the bugs, their effects weren’t very good. Their power wasn’t as great as Zhao Hai. As long as Zhao Hai’s attacks reach the bugs, they would be heavily injured if not killed. On the other hand, the other Mages could only give wounds to the bugs, they couldn’t kill them.

The life force of these bugs was very strong. As long as they weren’t hit in a vital part, they could still continue to fight for a long time. Because of this, the other Mages weren’t able to deal with the bugs effectively.

Ma Rulong also noticed this point. He knew that the spells of the others weren’t necessarily bad. They were using wide-scale magic so their attacking power was naturally dispersed. It was natural that they weren’t able to kill the bugs.

This also allowed Ma Rulong to see the difference between Zhao Hai’s spells and the spells of other people.

Upon thinking about this, Ma Rulong couldn’t help but shake his head. Then he loudly commanded, “Everyone, change to single-target attacks. There’s no need to use wide-scale attacks.” Upon hearing Ma Rulong, the Mages couldn’t help but feel their faces redden. They knew that they lost face this time. They couldn’t help but get embarrassed. Then they changed to single-target attacks and achieved better effects.

Not only the Mages, even the Cultivators were also using single-target attacks. However, their attacks were coming from magic treasures, different to the Mages and Warriors that use Magic and Sword Qi.

Since the bugs that had climbed up into the wall had already been killed, the Cultivators found that it was now easier to deal with the bugs. Ma Rulong paid attention and saw that even if the Cultivators were using different treasures to make numerous attacks, their effects were still much better compared to magic spells and sword qi attacks.

The Machine Field’s spells and sword qi seemed like bullets fired from a gun. Once the bullet has been fired, they could no longer be controlled. If it was shot down, then it would be impossible for it to injure the enemy. After all, bullets could not make a turn mid-flight.

The Cultivators’ weapons were different. Once their weapons were released, they could still be controlled. It was like a missile that can be remotely controlled to chase the target. With more control over their attacks, the Cultivators were able to deal more damage.

Although the people on the walls were able to block the bug attack, Zhao Hai wasn’t optimistic. It seems like the bugs were endless. Moreover, only low-level bugs were attacking. If a higher level bug appears, then what would happen?

Whether it be Cultivators, Mages, or Warriors, none of them would be able to stay in peak condition for a very long time. If no reinforcements came, then Base Number 5 would be in deep danger.

As he was thinking about this, the transmission formation of the base flashed. Then a large number of Cultivators emerged. These Cultivators immediately flew towards the city walls. Naturally, this flash couldn’t be hidden from the defenders. A cheer erupted as the attacks became faster.

Upon seeing this situation, Zhao Hai relaxed. He closed his eyes and continued to pretend to be recovering. Just like him, there were also several Cultivators, Mages, and Warriors recovering their energy. The reinforcements had already reached the walls. At this moment, there was no longer and division between Cultivators and people from the Machine Field. The situation was now purely humans versus bugs.

Seeing that the walls had been well-defended, Zhao Hai thoroughly felt relieved. Meanwhile, even if he was still closing his eyes, he was actually paying attention to the cultivators. He wanted to take a look at their offensive strength.

One has to say that the Cultivators were indeed very strong. Although they had numerous strange and unusual magical artifacts, once these artifacts were used properly, their lethality couldn’t be underestimated. The attacks made by these artifacts were much more powerful than Mage spells.

Moreover, Zhao Hai discovered that the attacks made by these Cultivators were much stronger than Li Chuchen’s. Li Chuchen might have a lot of attacks that were swift and fierce, but these Cultivators from Base Number 5 were on a different level. They were unforgiving in their attacks, all of it were meant to kill. Each action they do were all done with an intent to eliminate the enemy. Zhao Hai knew that this can only come forth through innumerable combat situations. In summary, the experiences they gained were kill, kill, kill!

Zhao Hai was aware that it was these kinds of people that were dangerous. People like Li Chuchen might be undefeatable, but you can still retreat when faced against them. But as for Base Number 5’s Cultivators, if you weren’t dead, then you would be severely injured.

Just as Zhao Hai was paying attention to the artifacts that these Cultivators were using, a powerful imposing aura was suddenly felt from outside the city. This was the most powerful imposing aura that Zhao Hai had ever felt in his life.

Zhao Hai felt his heart turn tighter. This imposing aura certainly wasn’t coming from a person. This aura was as firm as a mountain, but was as wild as a savage beast. Even savage people couldn’t let out this kind of aura. This was certainly coming from the Bug Race.

It wasn’t only Zhao Hai who felt this imposing aura, the others did as well. Everyone’s faces changed color immediately. None of these people were ignorant, they all knew what this aura represented.

It was a powerful bug, a very hard to deal with creature. If the bug race did indeed send a powerful bug to attack the base, then the base was truly in danger.

While everyone was thinking about this, the danger had already arrived. The bugs that had just slowed down seem to have turned crazy. All of them frantically rushed to the base. It didn’t take long before all of the walls were in a dangerous situation.

Zhao Hai looked at the situation and couldn’t help but sigh. He had a feeling that Base Number 5 could no longer be defended. He immediately sent forth several hundred-layer formations. Then he moved towards Ma Rulong and then whispered, “Team leader, we couldn’t defend this place anymore. Make everyone prepare to evacuate, just in case.”

Ma Rulong looked at the situation around them, then he sighed and said, “I also want to retreat, but we cannot fall back now. If we do, the battle will be taken to the streets. We have less advantage there. Let’s defend here for a while, then afterwards…..”

Just as Ma Rulong said that, the imposing aura sped up towards the base. Everyone’s expression turned dark. They knew that the powerful bug has come!

Zhao Hai looked at the base before turning his head to Ma Rulong and said, “Team Leader, I’ll head back first to check on my brothers.”

Ma Rulong looked at Zhao Hai and then sighed before nodding. He was beginning to feel despair at this point. Outside the base was an inexhaustible sea of bugs. And now there was a very powerful bug approaching the base. With only them here, it was impossible to defend the base. The only thing they could do now was to do their best to hold on for several minutes.

The other Cultivators were also thinking the same way. To be honest, these Cultivators cherish their lives more than ordinary people. They worked hard and even robbed in order to become immortals. Even if it was clear that there was no hope, they would still not give up knowing that they can live for a few more minutes.

Zhao Hai didn’t think about the situation so much. He knew that he wouldn’t die. But he was in a dilemma. He was now deciding whether he should take Xiong Li and the others with him and leave, or to show his power and deal with the bugs. If he uses his strength to deal with the bugs, then the base would surely be saved. However, he could no longer act low-key in the future.

On the other hand, if he took Xiong Li and the others to leave, then they would be able to discover the Space. This was his biggest secret. If this goes known, then he would have no place in the World of Cultivation. Whether it be in the Machine Field or wherever else, people would want to catch him.

Of course, Zhao Hai wouldn’t be caught. However, it would be very hard for him to gain a foothold in the World of Cultivation. This was the reason why Zhao Hai was in a dilemma.

Although it wasn’t a big deal if Zhao Hai reveals his power, one shouldn’t forget that it had been less than a year since he had ascended. If he showed outstanding prowess, then wouldn’t people be suspicious?

But when he thought about this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smack his own head. He suddenly remembered something. It wouldn’t be a problem if his strength suddenly increased. This was because the Ashley Family told him that if worse comes to worst, then he could use Liquid Silver. Liquid Silver was a weapon of legends. It should be able to keep attention off of him for a while.

Also, after the Six Realm Beginner Competition, people would be aware of his strength. Even if people wanted to deal with him, the scale wouldn’t be as bad.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai began to relax. He also understood that being too low-key wouldn’t be good. As long as you have enough strength, then you would be able to call the wind and summon the rain. Even if people wanted to covet your treasure, nobody would dare make a move. On the other hand, if you don’t have the strength, then even if you don’t have anything, people would still catch you and turn you into a slave. This was the case with non-practitioners in the Cultivation Realm.

At this time, Zhao Hai arrived at the courtyard where they were staying in. Xiong Li and the others were eagerly defending the place. Dongfang Yu was still silent. Zhao Hai used his spiritual force to scan the room only to be repelled. This caused him to be startled. He immediately asked Cai’er to look into what’s happening in the room.

Before long, Cai’er reported what was happening. Dongfang Yu can currently cross-legged on the ground. His entire body was red, probably at a crucial point in his cultivation.

Upon hearing Cai’er, Zhao Hai’s facial color changed. He knew that they could no longer leave. This was the most important moment in Dongfang Yu’s cultivation. If Dongfang Yu was interrupted, then he might be heavily injured.

At this moment, Xiong Li and the others also saw Zhao Hai. They quickly flew towards him. Then Xiong Li worriedly asked, “Little Hai, how is the wall doing? Where did that powerful aura come from? Can we hold on?” 

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “I’m afraid we couldn’t hold on. And even worse, we cannot disturb Second Brother now, otherwise his cultivation would be severely damaged. It seems like we really have to go all out this time.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the color in Xiong Li and the others’ faces changed. Xiong Li immediately said, “Alright, let’s head to the wall. We need to block off those bugs.”

However, Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “You going there is useless. You might as well continue defending this place. If a bug comes, kill them all. Leave the walls to me.” Then his body disappeared as he quickly returned to the wall.


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