BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1220


Chapter 1220 – Zhao Hai, Becoming Bigger

Along with the blaring alarms, the entire base moved with activity. One by one, Cultivators stepped on their swords and flew up. Some were also stepping on clouds and other treasures. Each one of them showed their techniques as they flew towards the walls.

When he saw this, Ma Rulong’s expression changed as he cursed inside. He wanted to call everyone over and then lead them towards the transmission formation. He hoped that they could leave the base as soon as possible before the bugs attacked. But now it seems like this was impossible.

It wasn’t like someone would block them if they decided to leave. But as long as the base was in a state of alarm, the transmission formations could only allow entry to the base, not exit. In this case, there was no way for them to leave.

As Ma Rulong was cursing inside, he turned his head to everyone and said, “Everyone prepare to fight. Remember to stick together at all times. Nobody is allowed to go on their own.”

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai looked at his own room. Dongfang Yu had yet to come out. Zhao Hai turned his head to Xiong Li and the others and said, “Boss Xiong, stay here for a while. I’ll go to the wall and check the situation. If the city walls are breached, I will return as quickly as possible.”

As the group was talking, Ma Rulong turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, did Dongfang Yu come out?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “He didn’t. Team Leader, I want Xiong Li and the others to remain here. I’ll follow everyone else to go to the wall.”

Ma Rulong looked at Xiong Li and the others, then he turned to Zhao Hai and then nodded and said, “Alright, have the three of them stay behind. You follow us to the wall.”

Zhao Hai looked at Xiong Li and said, “Boss Xiong, I will leave this place to you. Please protect Second Brother.” Then after he said that, he followed everyone else to leave.

As the group left the courtyard, they saw large quantities of Cultivators flying towards the wall. These people were all flying in the sky, nobody was walking on the ground. Moreover, each one of them were fast.

Ma Rulong looked at this situation as he said, “We should fly as well. Remember to keep the formation intact. Nobody is allowed to fall behind.” After saying that, he flew up first with everyone else following behind. But since Ma Rulong wanted to maintain the formation, they weren’t advancing quickly.

Only when they flew up did they see that the city walls were already as bright as daylight. The Cultivators were already dealing with the bugs. Magical weapons were flying all over the sky. The roars of both bugs and humans filled the entire base.

Ma Rulong led everyone to the wall. In any case, they wouldn’t be able to leave the base so they should just help with the fight. If the base gets taken down, then everyone else would follow along with it.

They were the last group to reach the wall. At this time, the wall had been turned into a huge meat grinder. From time to time, bodies belonging to both humans and bugs were falling from the sky.

The walls were full of Cultivators. There were also a lot of Cultivators at the back. It seems like the Cultivators learned that in order to deal with such an offense, they would need reserve troops to replenish the line.

As Ma Rulong and the others were flying over, Zheng Li’s group suddenly got close. Zheng Li looked at Ma Rulong’s group as a flash of disdain couldn’t help but go through his eyes. Then he said, “Everyone, thanks for coming over to help. Please take a rest below. We don’t know when this wave of bugs would end. You’ll be coming in on the second round.”

Naturally, Ma Rulong was able to see Zheng Li’s expression. But he didn’t say anything as he just nodded and said, “Since we came here to help, we will follow your orders. You can rest assured.” then he led Zhao Hai and the others to land on the ground.

Zheng Li also landed on the ground. He looked at Zhao Hai and the others and said, “Is everyone from the Machine Field here?”

Ma Rulong shook his head and said, “We’ve left four behind. One of them is closing up while the rest are guarding him. Besides those four, everyone is here.”

Zheng Li nodded, then he looked at the city wall, his expression was quite heavy as he said, “I don’t know what happened to the bugs this time. They suddenly attacked us in a frenzy. It’s difficult to keep the wall. I think there’s going to be a battle on the streets again.”

Ma Rulong’s expression turned heavy as well. He opened his mouth and said, “Mister Zheng. Our Machine Field’s Mages are very suitable for wide-scale attacks. How about you let us try and help?”

Zheng Li stared, then he gently knit his brows as he said, “Forget it Mister Ma. I thank your intentions, but the people on the walls are currently in great coordination with each other. If you suddenly join, then you might disrupt their rhythm. It’s not a good time, maybe later.”

Ma Rulong didn’t say anything. He looked at the other Cultivators who were sitting cross-legged on the ground before turning to everyone else and said, “Sit down and rest.” Zhao Hai and the others didn’t delay and immediately sat down.

Zheng Li saw this and then turned to Ma Rulong and said, “Mister Ma, I’ll be going to the frontlines to take a look. Farewell.” Then his figure quickly disappeared.

Just as Zheng Li left, Zhao Hai suddenly heard discussions happening behind him. One of them said, “Look at his impatient appearance, he really thinks he’s great.” Another said, “Right, these Cultivators are all arrogant. They always think that they’re far better than us.” These words caused Zhao Hai to gently knit his brows.

Zhao Hai glanced at these people and couldn’t help but sigh deep inside. These geniuses from the Machine Field couldn’t fully understand the gap between them and the Cultivators. Although they were speaking in hushed tones, the Cultivators nearby could still hear it. Once they go into battle, they would go together with the Cultivators. If these Cultivators wanted to deal with them, then they would have no choice but to die.

Naturally, Ma Rulong had the same thought. He stood up and said, “Everyone be quiet. At this time, it’s better if you adjust yourselves and keep your best state. Don’t chew your tongues there like a talkative woman.”

Ma Rulong’s voice was very effective, the group immediately turned peaceful. These people weren’t afraid of offending the Cultivators. In their opinion, as long as they attend the competition and then return home, they would never meet these people again. If they offended them, then that’s it. However, they were afraid of Ma Rulong. Ma Rulong’s position in the Machine Field was quite prestigious. If they offended him, then even if they return to the Machine Field, Ma Rulong could still deal with them. 

After seeing everyone turn quiet, Ma Rulong turned to look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was sat there with his eyes closed, just like a Cultivator meditating. Ma Rulong couldn’t help but nod. His appreciation for Zhao Hai increased once more. Zhao Hai understood what needs to be done and knew what to do at what situation. Such talent only needed time in order to become a true expert.

However, Ma Rulong didn’t say anything as he just stood still and looked at the direction of the wall. The fighting was very fierce. Besides Cultivators, the walls also had magic cannons installed. But a few of them were in operation, a lot had already been damaged.

When he saw this, Ma Rulong couldn’t help but feel heavy. These cannons were certainly destroyed during the previous bug attack. The base didn’t have enough time to repair them all.

If these magic cannons were operational, then its possible for the bugs to be held back. Without these cannons and just relying on Cultivators, Base Number 5 is truly in danger.

Upon thinking about this, Ma Rulong couldn’t help but curse inside. He really couldn’t understand why his luck was this bad. As soon as they arrived at Base Number 5, it was attacked. And then there was this.

The fight on the city wall continued. Moreover, it got more and more intense. The Cultivators had already suffered heavy losses. It was time to replenish the defenders.

Seeing the Cultivators around them getting fewer and fewer, the Machine Field’s people couldn’t help but turn anxious. They began to whisper to each other with expressions of fear.

At this time, Zheng Li arrived. Ma Rulong quickly greeted him. Zheng Li looked at the people from the Machine Field and said, “Mister Ma, please lead your people to support the eastern wall immediately. I’m afraid it would collapse soon.”

Ma Rulong nodded, “Alright, Mister Zheng. Please guide us.” Zheng Li nodded, then he turned around and flew. Ma Rulong followed closely behind as they flew towards the eastern wall.

Seeing the situation in the eastern wall, Ma Rulong couldn’t help but suck in cold air. The eastern wall was in dire straits. Some bugs had already climbed up the wall. The Cultivator casualties were more than normal.

Ma Rulong couldn’t blank out now, so he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, use wide-scale magic to clear an area for us to land.”

Although Zhao Hai paused for a moment, he still nodded and then waved his hand. A magic staff appeared before Zhao Hai waved it and sent his ten thousand fiery arrows towards the eastern wall.

Even if Zhao Hai didn’t use astral qi, he still integrated weapon shattering to this formation. One could easily imagine the might of this ten thousand fiery arrows. Arrows rained nonstop towards the bugs. Loud explosions followed closely behind as well as splashes of flesh and blood. Zhao Hai’s explosive formation set caused the bug advance to slow down.

Right after this, Ma Rulong loudly said, “Alright, Warriors, head out. Deal with the bugs on the wall as soon as possible. Mages, use your magic to block the bugs outside the wall. Don’t allow any of them to approach.” Then after he said that, Ma Rulong took out his ghosthead broadsword and then threw himself towards the wall. Under the leadership of the other team leaders, the Mages proceeded to launch magic towards the outside of the city.

However, the magic attacks of these people weren’t much. Even level 5 Mages dealt less damage than Zhao Hai’s magic. Naturally, this disparity was very clear in the eyes of the nearby Zheng Li.

Zheng Li noticed Zhao Hai because his magic was very powerful. It even compares to large-scale magics used by Cultivators. In his mind, if everyone from the Machine Field was like Zhao Hai, then it would be too terrifying!


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