BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1219


Chapter 1219 – Suddenly Closing Up

The next morning, Dongfang Yu got up and sat in the courtyard. He kept looking at Zhao Hai’s door. It can be said that he was anxious.

The fire dragon sword had been his solid partner ever since he came to the Machine Field. But at the same time, Dongfang Yu knew that the fire dragon sword that he had been using wasn’t the true fire dragon sword. Nobody told him about this, he just felt it.

In fact the Yan family couldn’t tell him about this. This was because the Yan Family didn’t know much about the fire dragon sword. The sword was inadvertently obtained by the Yan Family, so it had always been in the External Hall for ascenders to use. Every time the master of the sword died, they would retrieve the sword and then pass it on to another person. This generation, the sword landed in Dongfang Yu’s hands. Nobody knew how many owners it had before him.

Dongfang Yu didn’t know if he shared this feeling with the previous owners of the fire dragon sword. But this feeling was real, and it was very unusual.

Dongfang Yu gave Zhao Hai his fire dragon sword because Zhao Hai was his close friend. Also, it was because Zhao Hai had this mysterious feeling about him.

Zhao Hai had too many secrets. He was able to reforge Xiong Li and Li Kuangren’s weapons. There were also the formation sets he gave Sun Fei. All of these made Zhao hai even more mysterious in Dongfang Yu’s eyes.

It was because of this that Dongfang Yu handed over the fire dragon sword to Zhao Hai. He hopes that Zhao Hai would help him unlock the secret of the fire dragon sword. He doesn’t want to unravel the sword’s secret because he wanted to be stronger. Instead, it was because the fire dragon sword was his most important partner.

At this time, the door to Zhao Hai’s room suddenly opened. Zhao Hai appeared and then beckoned Dongfang Yu. Dongfang Yu immediately ran towards Zhao Hai’s room.

Upon seeing Dongfang Yu’s appearance, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “What happened Second Brother, you didn’t have a good rest last night?” Dongfang Yu, embarrassed, nodded as he replied, “Yeah, I can’t sleep. Ever since I got my hands on the fire dragon sword, I always wanted to find out about its secrets. Unfortunately, I haven’t been successful. I believed that you would succeed, so I couldn’t sleep last night.”

Zhao Hai gave an understanding nod. Then he smiled faintly and then moved his hand. He took the fire dragon sword out and then held it out towards Dongfang Yu.

Dongfang Yu was totally dumbfounded, he was totally absorbed by the changes to the fire dragon sword. He was moved deep inside. At this moment, the fire dragon sword in Zhao Hai’s hand shook, then it flew out from Zhao Hais’ hand and then went towards Dongfang Yu. The next moment, the fire dragon sword acted like a naughty child that was spinning around Dongfang Yu. The scene looked like a child being excited by the sight of its parent.

Dongfang Yu could feel the fire dragon sword’s happiness. He couldn’t help but reach out towards the sword. The sword also acted like a bird going back to nest as it flew directly to Dongfang Yu’s hand.

Just as Dongfang Yu gripped the fire dragon sword, the sword suddenly emitted a red light that wrapped his body. Dongfang Yu stood in place as he closed his eyes, looking as though he fell asleep.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai knew that the fire dragon sword was communicating with Dongfang Yu. He immediately left the room and then gently closed the door before guarding it.

Before long, Xiong Li and the others had gone out of their rooms. When they saw Zhao Hai outside his own room, they couldn’t help but get confused. In the past, it was them who would wait outside Zhao Hai’s room, but now Zhao Hai was the one doing it. What changed?

Xiong Li and the others immediately walked over, looking confused at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai smiled faintly before pointing towards his room and saying, “Second Brother’s fire dragon sword has been unsealed. It is now communicating with him. I don’t want his communication to be cut short so I guarded the room.”

Xiong Li and the others just nodded and didn’t say anything more. The group proceeded to sit down outside Zhao Hai’s room and then chatted in hushed voices. Zhao Hai looked at Sun Fei and said, “Little Fei, how is your research in formation sets doing?” Sun Fei happily nodded and said, “I have learned all of the sets. I can now use them all. They only differ by how proficient I am. Also, Fourth Brother’s formations are easier to learn than the ones I had before. It also consumes less spiritual force, and has more power. It is magnificent.” 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Practice well. Be more familiar with those formations sets first. When your spiritual force is strong enough, then I’ll teach you more formation sets. Also, if we have the time, I’ll let you experience weapon shattering. What do you think?” Sun Fei excitedly agreed.

At this time, Ma Rulong walked out of his room. When he saw Zhao Hai and the others together, he came over and asked, “Why are you here? Is something wrong?”

Zhao Hai and the others immediately stood up and then gave Ma Rulong a salute. Then Zhao Hai said, “I thank team leader Ma for the concern. Nothing is wrong. Brother Dongfang just had a sudden breakthrough, so he is currently closing up inside my room. But I believe it wouldn’t take a long time for him to come out. We don’t want anyone to disturb him, so we’re guarding here.” 

Ma Rulong looked at Zhao Hai’s room and said, “Alright. I hope he wakes up soon. I planned to take you all out today to see the bugs outside. However, I reckon the bugs that attacked yesterday are still in the vicinity. So let’s just take today as a rest day. We’ll take a look at the situation tomorrow.”

Zhao Hai and the others nodded. Ma Rulong waved his hand before turning away. Zhao Hai looked at the door of his room and said, “I hope Second Brother can wake up soon so that he can participate in the elimination round. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to face the Yan Family.” Xiong Li and the others nodded. Although they were prepared to separate from their families and be independent, there was a premise. And this premise was that they would gain great achievements in the competition. Only then would they have any qualifications to negotiate with their families. Any other outcome would just be empty talk, their families would never let them go.

Although Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of the families of the Machine Field, he also doesn’t want to annoy them. The Machine Field had existed for several thousand years. Its foundation was adequately solid. Annoying them wouldn’t be a wise decision.

Zhao Hai doesn’t like the trouble that comes with annoying people. It was just unnecessary trouble. Therefore, Zhao Hai hoped Dongfang Yu can wake up before the start of the elimination round. Otherwise, things would be troublesome.

Due to the recent attack, people from Base Number 5 were all very tense. Once in a while, Zhao Hai and the others could see Cultivators flying in the sky, back and forth in a hurry.

However, there wasn’t any appearance of bugs inside the base, which made them feel relieved. A day passed by quickly. Zhao Hai and the others were still outside the door, but Dongfang Yu remained silent.

In the evening, Zhao Hai and the others drank a few more glasses. However, they were only doing tastings. They weren’t alcoholics, they wouldn’t get drunk every day.

It was already late when the group finished drinking. Zhao Hai had Xiong Li and the others rest. Meanwhile, he stayed outside his door and meditated in place.

Since Ma Rulong had sent word in advance, nobody came to disturb Zhao Hai. People were curious about why Dongfang Yu suddenly closed up after going to Zhao Hai’s room. What secrets did the two of them share? There were a lot of evil-minded people that were speculating with negative thoughts.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t care about these people. He continued to defend outside of his door. To be exact, he was guarding against Streep.

Zhao Hai couldn’t forget the killing gaze that Streep looked at him with. He was afraid that Streep would do something to Dongfang Yu. Although it can be said that he could just use the Space to stop streep, then this was the same as going public with his enmity with Streep. Zhao Hai didn’t want to do this. And if Streep died, then people would be suspicious about him. He doesn’t want to attract such suspicions. 

Time slowly passed by. Zhao Hai was still sitting cross-legged outside his room, looking asleep. Then suddenly, Zhao Hai’s eyes opened up. He quickly stood up and then rushed towards the door to Ma Rulong’s room.

Although it seems like Zhao Hai was asleep, he was actually using his spiritual force to pay attention to the changes happening around him. He was also paying attention to the situation outside Base Number 5. He remembers Ma Rulong saying that the silverback gold-winged bug was vengeful. So he was afraid that the bug would attack the base once more. Just now, Zhao Hai sensed a large number of bugs outside Base Number 5. These bugs had yet to enter the trap region of the base. However, every single one of them were looking very aggressive. It was clear that they were preparing to rush the base.

Upon seeing this situation, Zhao Hai knew that he needed to look for Ma Rulong. This way, Ma Rulong could call everyone and have them prepare for battle.

As soon as Zhao Hai arrived outside Ma Rulong’s door, Ma Rulong’s voice was heard, “Who?!” 

Zhao Hai quickly said, “Team leader, the bugs is going to attack Base Number 5. Call everyone and have them prepare.”

The door was opened, Ma Rulong still looked at bit shaggy. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Are you sure?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I am. They’re going to begin soon.’ Ma Rulong quickly went out of his room before shouting, “Everyone, gather!” His voice spread out like thunder in a silent night. Even deaf people would be able to hear him, not to mention experts who were still on edge.

It didn’t take long before the courtyard sprung with activity. Everyone went out of their own room. And when they saw Ma Rulong’s serious expression, their internal alert levels couldn’t help but rise up.

Ma Rulong looked at everyone and said, “Bugs are about to attack Base Number 5. Everyone, prepare.” Everyone stared, then they looked confusedly at Ma Rulong. Naturally, they had a hard time believing Ma Rulong. If bugs were really going to attack Base Number 5, then the base’s alarms should have already sounded out.

But just as people were thinking about this, the alarms sounded out. This caused everyone’s expression to change.


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