BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1218


Chapter 1218 – Fire Dragon Sword’s Seal

Zhao Hai looked around his room and saw that it was very similar to the one he had in Seamount City. It wasn’t very big, just enough for a person to comfortably stay inside. There were also some furniture in the room that can be easily moved around.

When he was done looking around his room, Zhao Hai headed out. Just as he walked out, he saw Xiong Li and the others outside. Seeing Zhao Hai come out, the brothers immediately got together and then sat down in the courtyard. Upon settling down, Xiong Li sighed and said, “I only heard about the bad reputation of Fabio Planet. I didn’t expect it to be this dangerous. We were just given an introduction of what we’ll see.”

Dongfang Yu replied, “It seems like the elimination round wouldn’t be easy. The Machine Field’s participants are in danger. The bugs that attacked us are just some low-level creatures. They couldn’t represent the entire Bug Race. Even so, they are very strong. One needed several sword qi from me in order to die. They’re very difficult to kill. I can’t help but imagine how strong high-level bugs are.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to Dongfang Yu and said, “Second Brother, let me borrow your sword tonight. I’ll try to take another look and see if I can do anything to it. If we can find out the secret of the fire dragon sword, then your fighting strength would certainly increase.”

Dongfang Yu nodded. Then Zhao Hai looked at the others and said, “The elimination round will be very dangerous. Therefore, we need to act in unison starting now. No matter where we go, we need to be together.”

The group nodded, then at this time Zhao Hai felt someone walking over. He turned his head and saw that it was Ma Rulong. The group of brothers immediately gave Ma Rulong their greetings.

Ma Rulong nodded, then he motioned for everyone to sit down. After everyone had settled down, he said, “Today’s accident has been unexpected. However, you shouldn’t be surprised about it. Let me remind you that the Cultivation Realm’s bases in Fabio Planet are made like fortresses. Their walls are made entirely of metal engraved with numerous formations. There are also a lot of traps in the base. You could see from this event how strong the Bug Race really are.”

Zhao Hai and the others nodded. Ma Rulong continued, “When I was chatting with Zheng Li, he said that the base has been broken through by a Silverback Gold-winged bug. I just looked it up and read that these SIlverback Gold-winged bugs are one of the most powerful members of the Bug Race. Their power equates to Nascent Soul Experts of the Cultivation Realm. Moreover, the innate skills of the Bug Race are higher. A lone Nascent Soul Expert would never be able to contend with one SIlverback Gold-winged Insect. Although the bug has been chased away by the base’s defenders, they weren’t able to kill it. Fabio Planet is the territory of these bugs, so you need to be careful. That Silverback Gold-winged insect will be holding a grudge. And it isn’t like other humans that would ignore weaker level beings. It has no sense of honor, so it will certainly take revenge on every human it sees. This elimination round is now much more dangerous, you need to watch out.”

Zhao Hai and the others nodded. They also knew how dangerous this elimination round has become. They wouldn’t dare treat it lightly.

Ma Rulong looked at the group for a moment before he whispered, “I have an eye on your small group. In this elimination round, you need to stay together and ensure your safety first. Even if you see others being attacked by someone or something that is too strong, take care of your safety first. Understood?”

Upon hearing Ma Rulong, Zhao Hai and the others couldn’t help but stare. Ma Rulong’s words were very simple. He was telling Zhao Hai and the others that if they met people who were in danger, then they shouldn’t go and save them. Zhao Hai and the others didn’t expect Ma Rulong to say this.

Ma Rulong saw their expressions, he couldn’t help but smile bitterly as he said, “It’s not because I want to end them and cut off their progress. But because of the Bug Race and the Cultivators, I need you all to survive. The Machine Field needs you to fight for benefits.”

When Zhao Hai and the others heard the unwillingness in Ma Rulong’s tone, they couldn’t help but nod. Ma Rulong sighed as he stood up and said, “Have a good rest. I’ll provide you with information about the other top 100 participants as well as the Bug Race tomorrow. It’s best if you keep them in mind.”

Zhao Hai and the others stood up and gave Ma Rulong a salute. Ma Rulong turned around and left. Looking at Ma Rulong’s departing back, Zhao Hai and the others couldn’t help but turn solemn.

Ma Rulong’s words represented the aspiration of a lot of people in the Machine Field. They paid too much in order to compete with the Cultivation Realm. Zhao Hai suddenly felt the burden on his shoulder getting heavier.

But what Zhao Hai and the others didn’t think was that while Ma Rulong was talking to them, someone was paying attention in the distance. And in their eyes was hate and envy.

Naturally, the owner of these eyes were Streep. In his view, Ma Rulong was kindly talking to Zhao Hai and whispering secret information to him. Streep was thinking that this privilege should belong to him. But now it has been snatched by Zhao Hai.

Actually, being able to chat with Ma Rulong wasn’t anything great. Other people wouldn’t care much about it, after all Ma Rulong treated everyone well.

But to Streep, such a thing was an honor. Streep wanted to be the center of attention. He enjoyed being the center of attention until Zhao Hai appeared. Zhao Hai snatched Streep’s reputation. Now, everyone was looking at Zhao Hai, nobody was looking at Streep.

Because of this, Streep envied and hated Zhao Hai very much. But since Xiong Li and the others were always by Zhao Hai’s side, and that all of them weren’t weak, Streep wasn’t given the chance to deal with Zhao Hai.

However, Streep didn’t make his hatred towards Zhao Hai visible. This was because he was waiting for the opportunity to take Zhao Hai’s life.

Streep believed that an opportunity would definitely arrive. Especially because they were in Fabio Planet. This was an extremely dangerous place where countless Experts of the Cultivation Realm were killed.

Not only Zhao Hai, Streep also wanted to take Xiong Li, Dongfang Yu, Li Kuangren, and Sun Fei’s life. Streep wanted everyone that had been close to Zhao Hai dead.

After giving Zhao Hai a vicious look, Streep left. He went to find other participants in order to form a team.

Streep was not a fool. He knew that he needed to form a team for the elimination round. This way, he would have a much better chance in surviving. Therefore, he needed to find teammates. Even if these people weren’t strong, as long as he teamed up with them, they could be sacrificed whenever necessary.

But as he turned around to leave, Streep was unable to discover Zhao Hai looking at his direction for a brief moment. Initially, Zhao Hai was unable to see Streep. But after a murderous wisp went through Streep’s eyes, Zhao Hai was able to notice him. Zhao Hai was extremely sensitive to killing intent, so he quickly took note of it.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t linger too long in that direction. He immediately ordered Cai’er look into the matter. Cai’er took through the recordings and saw Streep looking over for some time. It also managed to capture the murderous look in Streep’s eyes.

Zhao Hai already placed Streep in his to-kill list. As long as he has a chance, then he wouldn’t let Streep go. Therefore, he didn’t care about Streep’s murderous intent.

The day quickly turned dark. Zhao Hai and the others left Seamount City at a late time. And then there was the battle. So most of the day has already passed.

After looking at the sky, Zhao Hai invited Xiong Li and the others to his room to have a drink. Xiong Li and the others quickly understood Zhao Hai. It was time for Dongfang Yu to hand his weapon over.

When the group entered the room, they drank for a while before Dongfang Yu left his fire dragon sword behind. Then the group returned to their own rooms.

After everyone else left, Zhao Hai immediately returned to the Space. This time, he didn’t try to investigate the fire dragon sword using his spiritual force. This was because he had been attacked by it the last time. This time, he plans to have the fire dragon sword go through the scanner to be analyzed. He intends to see what’s going on with the sword.

Zhao Hai took the fire dragon sword to the Space. And instead of heading to the villa, Zhao Hai went directly to the Universal Scanner. After the recent upgrade, the capability of the scanner and the processing machine had been increased. Since then, their functions had exceeded Zhao Hai’s imagination.

Whether it be potions or weapons, as long as Zhao Hai places a request, then the processing machine would immediately make it. Moreover, its output was of the highest quality.

There was no need to talk about the Universal Scanner. Even if Zhao Hai placed a lump of soil into the scanner, it could instantly identify every component, and what he could do to it. The scanner was currently skirting towards going against heaven’s will.

Seeing Zhao Hai head towards the scanner, Laura and the others also walked out of the villa in order to go to the scanner. They would accompany Zhao Hai to wait for the result.

Not too long after the fire dragon sword was placed in the scanner, the scanner issued a prompt, “Sealed sword detected. Sword is made up of fire dragon ash and fine goldsand. Weapon has already recognized its own host. Host can now use Everpresent Ancient Sand to weather down the seal and uncover the sword’s true form.”

Zhao Hai stared. Actually, he didn’t expect that he could remove the fire dragon sword’s seal. He quickly took out Everpresent Ancient Sand and rubbed it over the sword. As he was rubbing the sword with the sand, he was also watching the change that was going on. As the sword was being rubbed with the Everpresent Ancient Sand, it became redder and redder and was also becoming brighter. Three batches of everpresent ancient sand later, the fire dragon sword flew out of Zhao Hai’s hand. A dragon’s roar came out of the sword before a red dragon flew out. The fire dragon flew round and round the sky as though it was venting its anger about being sealed for a long time.

It took a while for the red dragon to disappear. But when it vanished, the fire dragon sword slowly fell down. This time, the fire dragon sword was different compared to before. In the past, the fire dragon sword was only red, with no other redeeming quality. But now, the fire dragon sword was emanating anger and was now fully exuding its imposing manner. The sword hilt of the fire dragon sword had also changed. The entire aesthetic flowed more smoothly compared to before. The hilt of the sword was the dragon tail, the dragon claws became the cross-guard, and then the dragon head extended up into the blade as though it was swallowing it. 

Zhao Hai rubbed the sword gently. But he also felt a burst of resistance from the sword body. It seems like the fire dragon sword was also a genuine treasure and had already recognized Dongfang Yu as its owner.

Zhao Hai didn’t envy Dongfang Yu, after all, he already had Liquid Silver. There was no weapon more suited to him than liquid silver. Although the fire dragon sword was good, it still falls short compared to his staff.

Zhao Hai stored the fire dragon sword before he turned to Laura and the others and said, “How about we get some of those bugs for the Space?” 

Naturally, Laura and the others had already thought about this problem. Laura smiled and said, “We made an initial analysis about them through the scanner. The results are already in. We can talk about it inside.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he entered the villa alongside everyone. Then Laura immediately took out the results of the analysis.

Although the Space had yet to get a bug, a video recording was made about them during Zhao Hai’s battle. This was enough for the scanner to make some analysis about them. The results state that the Bug race was a race that had a strong evolutionary and reproductive abilities. When not under stress, their evolution wouldn’t be quick. But once their race was placed in danger of extinction, an explosive evolutionary chain would occur. They could also absorb other beings in order to improve their gene pool. This evolutionary ability was very terrifying.

The Universal Scanner’s results advised Zhao Hai to acquire these bugs at all costs. The Space can extract these bugs’ evolutionary might and then add it to the Space’s creatures. This way, the Space’s creatures could evolve further, improving the Space’s combat capabilities!

Zhao Hai was shocked about the result of the analysis. He didn’t expect the Space to have this strong of an appraisal towards the Bug Race. However, he changed his thoughts and began to relax. If the Bug Race didn’t have this ability, then the Cultivators should have long destroyed them. But now, Fabio Planet remained to be the Bug Race’s territory. Human activity on this planet was at an extreme minimum. One could see how formidable the bugs were from this point. The Cultivation realm had destroyed numerous planets, but they had yet to take Fabio Planet. Now, Zhao Hai couldn’t wait to introduce the bugs to the Space!


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