BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1217


Chapter 1217 – A Sudden Fight

White light flickered and Zhao Hai felt a slight dizziness. But he knew that this was normal. Transmission formations had this effect to those who use it.

Once he felt the slight dizziness, Zhao Hai knew that they had arrived at their destination. However, almost immediately, he felt a dangerous aura waft over him. This caused Zhao Hai to be puzzled. He didn’t know what was going on, but just to be sure he took out liquid silver.

The white light slowly disappeared and Zhao Hai began to sense the situation outside. But as he sensed what was happening, his expression quickly changed as he shouted, “Watch out, the bugs are attacking!” His voice was very loud, so everyone heard him.

Everyone’s response upon hearing Zhao Hai’s warning wasn’t to be alert. Instead, they looked at Zhao Hai blankly. Only Xiong Li and the others didn’t delay and immediately took their weapons out. They believed Zhao Hai.

At this time, the white light vanished. People then began to see the shadows on top of them. There were large quantities of dark green beings in mid-air. On their backs were transparent wings while their forelegs were two bladed appendages. These were insects that were attacking.

These bugs were very agile. They flew on top of heads and then turned one time as they removed the head from the body.

Upon seeing this situation, everyone else called out in alarm before responding with their sword qi and magic. Meanwhile, as Zhao Hai released attacks towards the insects, he also erected a protective shield to cover Xiong Li and the others.

Zhao Hai counted and the attack had already claimed the lives of 33 people, five of which were team leaders while 28 were participants. Among these people were experts who weren’t weak at all.

The insects didn’t retreat far, they flew up in the air to prepare for their second attack. At this moment, Ma Rulong finally assessed the situation. At the same time, he surveyed the area and found that a battle was currently taking place.

They were currently in Fabio Planet’s base number 5. This was Fabio Planet’s second largest base. It was a frontier base that was meant to confront the Bug Race. Ma Rulong intended to have Zhao Hai and the others experience the Bug Race here. Base Number 5 had bugs running around just outside its walls.

However, Ma Rulong didn’t expect that Base Number 5 would be attacked even before he had Zhao Hai and the others observe the Bug Race. He was truly caught by surprise.

At this time, the people in Base Number 5 were fighting against the Bug Race. Just outside the transmission formation were several Cultivators fighting against some bugs. One could even see a crack on the wall in the distance.

Ma Rulong loudly gave his command, “Warriors go forward and protect the Mages. Mages, cast your magic. Give priority to large-scale attacks.”

Upon hearing Ma Rulong’s command, those who were panicking began to calm down. Everyone quickly followed the command. Warriors took their weapons before stepping forward. Meanwhile, Mages retreated to the middle of the crowd, forming a circle formation.

Then at this moment, large quantities of bugs welled up from outside. These bugs weren’t winged insects, instead they had eight sharp feet that looked like spears.

These insects were very fast. Moreover, each and every one of them were tall. These three-meter tall insects began to throw themselves towards the Machine Field’s circle formation.

Ma Rulong began leading the group. Upon seeing the insects, he calmly ordered, “Warriors, prepare your attacks. Rotate the circle after each attack.” Every Warrior quickly moved. The entire formation rotated as sword qi after sword qi were sent flying towards the bugs. The middle of the formation wasn’t idle. Mages also began sending attacks outwards.

However, the insects weren’t to be trifled with. One by one, they charged. Even if their arms were being severed, these bugs still continued to pounce.

Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t hold back. He sent forth his ten thousand fiery arrows. After a series of explosions, the bugs were exploded beyond recovery.

But not all Mages achieved the same result as Zhao Hai. Even if their spells hit the bugs, they just hurt the bugs at most. In turn, not a lot of bugs were killed. One could see from this point the gap between Zhao Hai and the other Mages.

Ma Rulong wasn’t in the outskirts of the formation but instead was in the middle as he was commanding the revolution of the formation. At the same time, he was also paying attention to the flying head detaching insects. These bugs were still flying overhead waiting for an opportunity to attack.

Naturally, Ma Rulong saw Zhao Hai’s results. He also remembered that Zhao Hai gave the initial warning. Upon seeing Zhao Hai’s spell kill a lot of insects, Ma Rulong couldn’t help but feel a special fondness towards Zhao Hai.

Moreover, Ma Rulong discovered that besides him, Zhao Hai was also paying attention to the bugs flying overhead. The others were focused on the bugs on the ground that they had forgotten about those flying above.

At this time, a transmission formation nearby lit up before a group walked out from it. It was clear that these people already knew the situation. When they appeared, they already had their weapons out. Moreover, they immediately attacked the bugs.

Upon seeing this, Ma Rulong’s tension couldn’t help but loosen. It seems like the Cultivators haven’t given up on this base yet. Then at this moment Zhao Hai’s voice was heard, “Everyone pay attention. Let’s slowly move to the side and clear the transmission formation. We don’t want to block any reinforcements.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Ma Rulong felt the urge to shout in shame. He forgot that they were still standing on a transmission formation. Since they were occupying such a huge formation, it would be impossible for others to use it. Ma Rulong hadn’t thought through this point.

Fortunately, Ma Rulong was quickly able to respond, “Everyone, head eastwards. Maintain the formation, move slowly!” With Ma Rulong’s order, the huge formation of people began to move eastward. There was a street there with enough width that would make it better for them to deal with the bugs. The street wasn’t very wide so the bugs would be unable to surround then. This also gave them a stable foothold in the ground.

But Ma Rulong wasn’t proud about being able to repel the bugs. Although he had never met these bugs before, he made sure to get information about them ever since it was decided that Fabio Planet would be the stage for the elimination round. According to the information he got, the Bug Race was also divided into levels, and it was even more detailed than the human race. The eight footed bugs that were just repelled were called eight-legged insects. They were the most inferior type of bug, cannon fodders. If the cannon fodder of the Bug Race was this strong, then how formidable were the other insects?

The circular formation slowly moved eastward. Not long after they left the transmission formation, the formation flashed as Cultivators were finally allowed to access it. These people were also here to combat the bugs.

And now that Ma Rulong had moved the group to the street, they immediately felt the pressure on them lighten. This was because the bugs were now only able to attack from the left and the right, the north and south positions were blocked by buildings. Under the command of Ma Rulong, they were able to deal with the bugs with not too much effort.

As batches upon batches of Cultivators arrived, the number of bugs began to dwindle. Zhao Hai and the others began to relax. However, they felt confused. They don’t understand how Base Number 5 had been breached by the bugs. Were the bugs this strong?

Several hours later, almost all of the bugs in Base Number 5 were cleared up. Ma Rulong also led Zhao Hai and the others out of the street.

As they went out, they were immediately discovered by the Cultivators. Several Cultivators flew over and couldn’t help but stare at what they saw. One of the Cultivators looked at Ma Rulong and said, “Are you guys from the Machine FIeld?” 

Ma Rulong nodded and said, “Right. We came here for the Six Realm Beginner Competition. I didn’t think the bugs would attack this place, so we immediately joined the battle.”

The Cultivator looked at the insect corpses. There were quite a lot of insects here, enough for two small hills worth of corpses. Ma Rulong’s group had to fly up in order to go out.

The Cultivator nodded and said, “Thank you. I apologize for startling you. Please come with me, let me offer you somewhere to stay.”

Ma Rulong nodded, “Thanks. However, please let us collect the corpses of our comrades first.” The Cultivator nodded. Ma Rulong proceeded to instruct team leaders to go to the battlefield and collect the corpses. Then he led Zhao Hai and the others to follow the Cultivator.

A short while after flying, Ma Rulong turned to the Cultivator and said, “May I know Mister’s name? And how did this base get breached?”

The Cultivator replied, “Captain of the Five Elements Team of Base Number 5, Zheng Li. The base has been broken through by a Silverback Gold-winged Insect. Fortunately, Base Number 5 has Nascent Soul Experts stationed inside. They were able to drive that Silverback Gold-winged insect away. However, the base had already been broken through. Bugs began to enter from the breached wall.”

Ma Rulong nodded and then didn’t ask anything more. Before long, Zheng Li led them outside of a courtyard. After landing on the ground, Zheng Li turned to Ma Rulong and said, “This is the place prepared for those who will be undergoing the smelting trial. This should be enough for you to use. Everybody, please take a rest. I’m still busy at the moment, so I can only accompany you for a short time.” Ma Rulong gave Zheng Li a bow and said, “Thanks a lot Mister Zheng.” Zheng Li nodded, then he turned around and fell away. Ma Rulong also turned around and led Zhao Hai and the others into the courtyard.

It was a very big courtyard divided into two. The first area was very large with more than fifty rooms inside. Since the courtyard wasn’t damaged, Ma Rulong immediately assigned people their own rooms. Besides Ma Rulong and the other team leaders, Zhao Hai and the others were assigned to this first area. Those who couldn’t get a room in this area were sent on the second one. Naturally, Xiong Li and the others were in the first courtyard, and their rooms were right next to each other.


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