BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1216


Chapter 1216 – Devil Planet Fabio

Time passed unknowingly and more than half a month had passed. During this half month, Streep and the others discovered something strange, it seems like Zhao Hai’s group had secluded themselves as if they had an agreement.

They felt strange about Xiong Li and the others’ seclusion. To be honest, even if the Cultivation Realm had a different density of spiritual qi compared to the Machine Field, it only took two days to get used to it. There was no need to close up in order to adapt.

To be honest, this courtyard wasn’t suitable for cultivation Moreover, they didn’t close up until a few days after arriving here. This was a very strange action for the others.

It wasn’t only Streep and the others, Ma Rulong was the same. However, Ma Rulong was relieved. Although the Seamount Faction no longer came looking for trouble, Ma Rulong was still afraid that Zhao Hai and the others would keep heading out. If the Seamount Faction sent someone to attack them, then it would be bad if they were injured. The elimination round was happening soon, the safety of Zhao Hai needed to be ensured.

Actually, Ma Rulong appreciated Zhao Hai. He regarded Zhao Hai as the hope of the Machine Field. Zhao Hai’s ability to kill someone from the top 100 of the Cultivation Realm moved Ma Rulong.

For many years, the Machine Field never had an ascender as talented as Zhao Hai. Whenever the Cultivation Realm and the Machine Field face each other in the competition, the former would always kill the latter. This fate never changed. This was also the reason why the Cultivation Realm suppressed the Machine Field at all times.

And now there was Zhao Hai. First he blocked three swords from the Cultivation Realm’s Li Chuchen. He also killed someone from the top 100 of the Cultivation Realm’s beginners. This caused Ma Rulong to feel relieved. Therefore, he didn’t want Zhao Hai to get injured before the competition.

Zhao Hai’s decision to seclude himself made Ma Rulong relieved. He also sent people to make sure that nobody would disturb them. 

But as the days passed, Ma Rulong began to grow concerns about Zhao Hai and the others. The elimination round was going to start in seven days. They also need to leave in two days since they would need to travel to the planet where the elimination round would be held. Zhao Hai’s and the others’ seclusion caused Ma Rulong a bit of trouble.

It wasn’t strange for a practitioner to seclude themselves. There would always be occasions where someone would need to close up for practice. However, this meant that the person would be cut off from the outside world. Forcefully breaking a session of seclusion would possibly erase all progress made. It was even possible for one to suffer backlash, which was extremely dangerous.

Ma Rulong felt a bit awkward. Although there was still seven days before the start of the competition and they wouldn’t have to use spaceships due to transmission formations, the place they were going to wasn’t a good destination. The planet was called Devil Planet Fabio.

Fabio Planet was a planet located between the Cultivation Realm and the Devil Realm. This planet was famous in both realms and was also quite known by others. It can be said that it was even crazier than Yellowsand Planet.

Yellowsand Planet was famous because of its astral qi and not because of its beasts. On the other hand, Fabio Planet was actually famous because of the lifeform inhabiting it. They’re called the Bug Race!

The Bug Race was the most glaring feature of Fabio planet, the ones holding true control over the entire planet!

Nobody knew where these bugs came from or how they came to be. At the same time, nobody knew when they populated Fabio Planet. The moment the Cultivation Realm discovered the planet, these bugs were already thriving on it.

Fabio planet’s environment was very good. It’s spiritual qi was alright, and there were even veins of crystal stones and ores that could be found on its surface. For the Cultivators, Fabio Planet was very useful. It was even better than most planets in the Machine Field.

In the beginning, when the Cultivators discovered these bugs, they didn’t treat them too seriously. In their opinion, the Bug Race were just insects that grew big. Moreover, it seems like they had no fighting strength. They simply weren’t worthy of paying attention to.

But since Fabio Planet had useful resources, the Cultivation realm decided to mine them. And in order to do so, they need to exterminate the Bug Race.

Correct, exterminate. This wasn’t the first time the Cultivators did this. When they discover any planet with resources they want, they would generally eliminate all native life on it. But if the native population was useful, then they would be turned into slaves. If these natives were useless, then they would just be massacred. The Cultivators weren’t strangers to completely eradicating all the inhabitants of a planet.

But as the Cultivators began to cleanse the planet from the bugs, something surprising happened. As the bugs were about to be exterminated, they suddenly evolved. Their fighting strength got stronger and began to cause the Cultivators to suffer losses.

The Cultivators became furious because of this. Cultivators had always been aloof. Seeing mere insects kill them off, the Cultivation Realm began to send large-scale armies to cleanse the planet from the insects.

This cleansing initially went smoothly. The second batch of Cultivators were much stronger than the first batch. It didn’t take long before the bugs were pushed back and were once more brought to the brink of extinction.

However, the Cultivators didn’t expect how hard it was to get rid of these bugs. As the Cultivators continued to kill the bugs, the bugs were also  unceasingly evolving. Every time the Cultivators send a person, the bugs would get stronger. Such speed of promotion caused the Cultivation Realm to be apprehensive and fearful.

People in the Cultivation Realm didn’t know whether these bugs would evolve if a powerful expert was sent over. If they did, then the Cultivation Realm would be overwhelmed.

Therefore, the Cultivation Realm changed its tactics. Instead of sending powerful experts to kill the Bug Race in one fell swoop, they made Fabio Planet a smelting ground. They established transmission formations on the planet and had young disciples from sects sent over in order to kill bugs as a test.

This new method turned out to be good. Although Fabio Planet was mostly populated by the Bug Race, the humans were still able to build a few strongholds and managed to gain a solid foothold on the planet.

But at the same time, the Bugs of Fabio Planet weren’t hospitable. The planet has now become the most infamous smelting grounds of the Cultivation Realm. It was also treated as a place for exile. If one offended someone from a sect, then they might be assigned to Fabio Planet. Being assigned to Fabio Planet was considered to be one of the most dangerous tasks one could undergo. The number of casualties in this planet was much higher than one could imagine. Therefore, Fabio Planet had earned itself the name Devil Planet Fabio.

However, one has to recognize that those who could survive in Fabio Planet was among the strongest among their peers.

After years of fighting, the bugs in Fabio Planet evolved into a variety of forms. Some have even evolved to use spell-type attacks. This made Fabio Planet much more dangerous than it was before.

Ma Rulong had some complaints about Fabio Planet being the stage for the competition’s elimination round. However, since his opinion was basically useless, he can only accept this condition.

The reason why Ma Rulong wanted to go to Fabio Planet ahead of time was because he wanted Zhao Hai and the others to get acquainted with the planet. This way, their probability of surviving would increase.

If not for this batch of newcomers being strong, then Ma Rulong would have sent word back to the higher-ups advising them to withdraw from the competition. This was because an elimination round in Fabio Planet would be very dangerous. Even Cultivators would suffer heavy losses there, not to say people from the Machine Field. If their team composition was like the previous years, then Ma Rulong was certain that the Machine Field’s delegates would be totally annihilated.

But since the Machine Field had acquired a strong contender like Zhao Hai, Ma Rulong couldn’t take this matter lightly. After all, they were going to Fabio Planet.

Ma Rulong was very confident in this particular Six Realm Beginner Competition. It might as well be said that he was confident in Zhao Hai. Ma Rulong knew that even if there were powerful experts in the competition, they were still far off compared to Cultivators. The only person that was able to contend against Cultivators was Zhao Hai.

And since he was placing great importance to Zhao Hai, Ma Rulong didn’t dare disturb Xiong Li and the others. Ma Rulong was well aware of Zhao Hai’s relationship with Xiong Li and the others. If Xiong Li and the others were injured because their seclusion was abruptly ended, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t be happy.

Ma Rulong wasn’t necessarily afraid of Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai was the hope of the Machine Field. Ma Rulong didn’t want to offend a person like that, especially at this time.

Just as Ma Rulong was thinking about this dilemma, Zhao Hai had gone out. And after Zhao Hai went out, he immediately went to the rooms beside him to call Xiong Li and the others. Xiong Li and the others took the potion and had their strengths improved. However, this improvement wasn’t very obvious. After all, the time they spent cultivating was too short.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai’s strength was rapidly rising. This was because the Space’s recent upgrade had brought him a lot of advantages. And this time, he was able to saturate his body with astral qi. His fighting strength has increased further.

The reason Zhao Hai chose to head out at this time was because he knew that Ma Rulong was feeling awkward about the seclusion. Zhao Hai didn’t want to cause problems to Ma Rulong. After all, Ma Rulong had been taking good care of them.

When Zhao Hai got out, Ma Rulong’s headache was immediately solved. Naturally, Ma Rulong was delighted. Without him knowing, he was favoring Zhao Hai more and more.

This was how things sometimes worked. There were times where your actions unknowingly win someone’s favor. There were also times where currying favor would instead cause the other party to be offended. In this situation, Zhao Hai didn’t intend to win Ma Rulong’s favor. He just didn’t want Ma Rulong to be put in an awkward situation.

The day after Zhao Hai and the others ended their seclusion, Ma Rulong led the Machine Field’s delegates to the transmission formation that led to Fabio Planet.


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