BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1215


Chapter 1215 – The Dense But Also Sensitive Li Kuangren

After cultivating for three days in the yellowsand planet inside the Space, Zhao Hai went out. What came out with him was a pile of things. There were three bows as well as about 1000 arrows. There were also four shields as well as Xiong Li’s hammer.

Although Ma Rulong was somewhat puzzled that Zhao Hai was closing up, he didn’t say anything. It was well known that Zhao Hai liked to seclude himself. He had secluded himself a lot of times back when he was in the Ashley Family. The time he spent outside was very short. If he wasn’t doing missions or participating in competitions, Zhao Hai would spend most of his time closing up. This caused everyone to be very curious about him.

Xiong Li and the others were still guarding the door into Zhao Hai’s room and wouldn’t let anyone approach. Everyone had already been used to this. While the brothers were chatting, the door to Zhao Hai’s room opened. Zhao Hai was there smiling faintly like before.

Upon seeing Zhao Hai, Xiong Li’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Come in.” Xiong Li and the others immediately entered the room.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and took out Xiong Li’s hammers. As he gave them to Xiong Li, he said, “Boss Xiong, give it a try. I installed 80 formations inside. Naturally, there’s weapon shattering as well.”

Xiong Li anxiously nodded with excitement. He took the hammers and then gave it a couple of waves before he nodded with satisfaction. After that, Zhao Hai took out a shield and then said, “Try it out.”

This shield wasn’t the one he prepared for Xiong Li and the others. Xiong Li didn’t hesitate as he hit the shield with his hammer. It didn’t take long before the shield exploded and turned into dust. Xiong Li became even more satisfied with the result.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “In addition to its original formations, I also added the weapon shattering formation. At the same time, I added a defense strengthening formation to your chains. There’s also an energy storage formation added, this way, even if you use your hammer as a projectile, it could still inflict weapon shattering.”

Xiong Li laughed as he waved his hammer a few more times. Then after putting his hammers away he hugged Zhao Hai and said, “Thank you for the hammers, Little Hai. This will increase my combat ability by at least three layers.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then said, “Right, I have other things to give you.” After he said that, he took out the bows and arrows that he made. Xiong Li and the others could only stare at what they saw. They were all looking puzzled as they looked at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai proceeded to explain the use of these bows and arrows. Xiong Li and the others were pleasantly surprised. Just like what Zhao Hai thought, XIong Li and the others were very familiar with bows and arrows. They had used it in some manner back in the lower realms. Xiong Li and the others immediately received their bows and arrows. They didn’t even need to try them out.

After that, Zhao Hai took out a few shields. These several hundred shields weren’t only for Warriors like Xiong Li, some were for Sun Fei as well. Once he had handed out the shields to everyone, Zhao Hai said, “I also added weapon shattering to these shields. The property of weapon shattering cannot only be used for offense, it’s effective for defense as well. It’s vibration would cause the enemy’s energy to dissipate, allowing the shield to block the attack better. These shields can only block one full strike from someone like Li Chuchen. Therefore, be careful when using them.”

Xiong Li and the others nodded. Then Zhao Hai turned to Sun Fei and said, “Little Fei, how is your research on magic formations doing?”

With shining eyes, Sun Fei replied, “I understood several formations. Brother Hai, you’re really great. When I experimented, the magic formations have truly marvelous effects. They may look similar to ordinary formations, but their effects are three layers above. It’s mystical.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he patted Sun Fei’s shoulder and said, “Use the remaining time to study more formations. If your mastery gets higher, I can teach you more magic formation sets. I can even teach you the weapon shattering formation.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Sun Fei’s eyes lit up. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, do you mean?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “What I mean is if your mastery goes higher, I can give you the weapon shattering formation. Think about a fireball with weapon shattering. What would that look like.”

Sun Fei repeatedly nodded, yearning could be seen in his eyes. Zhao Hai looked at him and said, “Don’t think about it too much. Focus on practicing. With your current spiritual force, there’s no way for you to use weapon shattering. Even I need to exert effort in order to use it.”

Sun Fei nodded, “Brother Hai, rest assured, I will work hard.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then after the group sat down, he said, “Now that we’re in the Cultivation Realm, we have no place to spar in. Even if there is, we still can’t go since the Cultivators could spy on us. The best opportunity to practice the bows and arrows is right in the elimination round. I don’t want to offend you, but your present strength is still far off compared to the Cultivators. The bows and arrows that I gave you isn’t for defeating your opponents rather it’s for you to protect yourself. The Cultivators wouldn’t be holding back, and I need you all to survive. Let’s wait a couple of years before coming back to clean them all up.”

Xiong Li and the others nodded. They didn’t feel that they were great just because Zhao Hai managed to kill Gongsun Zheng. Zhao Hai effortlessly beat his opponents in the realm qualifiers. This fully explained how strong Zhao Hai was. Although he had ascended for less than a year’s time, Xiong Li and the others had already recognized him as the core of their group.

Although Zhao Hai’s words weren’t pleasant to hear, Xiong Li and the others weren’t fools. They knew the strength of the Cultivation Realm. They weren’t even a match against Gongsun Zheng, not to say about the others higher ranked than him.

The fight between Zhao Hai and Gongsun Zheng might look very relaxed, but this was only because Zhao Hai was using light element magic which happens to restrain ghosts. Moreover, Zhao Hai could cast 50 and 100-layer formations easily. This made it possible for Zhao Hai to eliminate Gongsun Zheng in a swift manner. If it was Xiong Li and the others, then they wouldn’t have as good of a fighting chance as Zhao Hai.

Sun Fei was a Mage, so he was the one who was most aware about Zhao Hai’s strength. Even if the two of them were level 4 Mages, only Zhao Hai was able to effortlessly cast 100-layer formations.

After seeing the others nod, Zhao Hai added, “After the competition, I’ll go and find ourselves a base. There, we brothers can practice together. If we head back to the Machine Field, then we’ll just be going back to being workhorses.” Upon listening to Zhao Hai, Xiong Li and the others stared. Then their eyes turned bright before their eyebrows knit themselves in.

To be honest, Zhao Hai’s proposal was very good. However, they didn’t have much confidence in Zhao Hai. In their minds, Zhao Hai might be strong, but not enough to take on the entire Machine Field.

Upon seeing their reactions, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I didn’t say that we would separate from the Machine Field, or treat them as an enemy. I just want us to have a place where we could live independently. I believe this wouldn’t be difficult to do.” Xiong Li nodded, “Of course, that wouldn’t be difficult. There are a lot of experts in the Machine Field that took in asteroids or meteorites as bases, living in relative independence. With Little Hai’s current strength, it’s possible for us to be allowed to do that. If we can get good rankings, I reckon they wouldn’t stop us.” 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, then that’s settled. I will definitely get a good ranking. When the time comes, we would have our own place and can do whatever we want.”

Xiong Li and the others let out a long breath filled with yearning. To be honest, although their families had attached great importance to them, this didn’t make them feel good. They wanted to be independent and free.

Suddenly, Li Kuangren said, “Little Hai, have you discussed this with Margaret? To be honest, women like Margaret are very hard to find. You should treasure her opinion. If she opposes this, what would you do?”

Zhao Hai didn’t expect Li Kuangren to say such words. He seemed like a dense person, but he actually had a sensitive side. Being able to think about this thing meant that he was quite the sentimental person.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry about it Third Brother. I already told Margaret about this and she agreed to it. In fact, her relationship with the Ashley Family wasn’t that good because of her mother. She had been independent from a very young age. She agrees to this decision as long as I lend the Ashley Family a hand during times of crisis.”

Li Kuangren made a sigh of relief before he looked at Zhao Hai with envy and said, “You’re a lucky kid to meet a good woman like Margaret. Well, it’s good that Margaret agrees. Otherwise, I don’t think we can continue. If you quarrel with Margaret, then I think we would all feel restless.” Xiong Li nodded and said, “Right, what Third Brother said is correct. If this makes your relationship with Margaret unpleasant, then I don’t think anyone here would feel great.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Be relieved, Margaret agrees. Right, all of you should use the rest of the days to practice. Use these potions to practice. This will allow you to improve your strength. In any case, we can’t head out now. We might as well use the time to practice.”

As he said that, Zhao Hai took out several bottles of potions. The Machine Field’s medicines were different to the Cultivation Realm’s. In the Machine Field, medicines came in liquid form while the Cultivation Realm had medicinal pills. Pills were more convenient to carry. And when it came to effects, they were much better compared to the Machine Field’s potions. This was mainly because the Cultivation Realm had much better materials than the Machine Field.

Each large sect in the Cultivation Realm had its own medicinal garden. Moreover, these gardens were divided into ordinary gardens and advanced-level gardens. Planted inside ordinary gardens were the ordinary herbs that doesn’t take a long time to mature. As for the advanced-level gardens, they had the more valuable herbs planted in. Their maturity time was a very long time. There were some herbs that required several hundred years while some were over a thousand. These kinds of valuable herbs couldn’t be found in the Machine Field.

The major sects of the Cultivation Realm existed for tens of thousands of years. With their deep foundation, it was no wonder that they would have high-level medicinal gardens. Others simply couldn’t compare.

Because of such medicinal gardens, pills in the Cultivation Realm were much better compared to the Machine Field’s potions. However, this didn’t mean that potions didn’t have an advantage. Since potions were in liquid form, they were easier to absorb and were thus faster in its effects.

However, the Machine Field didn’t have a lot of variety when it comes to potions. It was very different compared to the Cultivation Realm where each sect had their own pill formulas. In the Machine Field, not a lot of people could use potions to help with their cultivation. Moreover, these potions were very precious, ordinary people could never get ahold of them.

The bottles that Zhao Hai took out weren’t small. Each bottle had about five jin(2.5kg) of liquid inside. Seeing the contents of each bottle, Xiong Li and the others couldn’t help but get startled.

Seeing these huge bottles, Xiong Li suddenly said, “It seems like I need to take a walk in the Wu Family more often. If I also get a young miss as a wife, then maybe I can drink these potions as water.”

Xiong Li’s remark caused Li Kuangren and the others to laugh. But all of them knew that Zhao Hai didn’t get these potions through Margaret. After getting to know Zhao Hai for the past few days, they knew that he wasn’t that kind of person.

Although they made their own comments, the brothers weren’t too polite. All of them took one bottle and then left. With their current relationship with Zhao Hai, politeness was no longer needed. Instead, being overly polite would just make the situation awkward.

After the others left, Zhao Hai went out of his room and found a team leader in the courtyard. He told the team leader that they were going to be closing up for a while, and that nobody should disturb them.

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the team leader couldn’t help but look at him as though he was a monster. However, the team leader didn’t say anything and just nodded.

Zhao Hai didn’t bother to think about what the team leader thought. When he returned to his own room, he locked the door and then entered the Space. Although he had been practicing in the yellowsand environment for the past three days, he had yet to saturate his body with astral qi. He still needed some time to finish his practice. Zhao Hai believed that as long as his body gets saturated with astral qi once more, then his strength would skyrocket.

Zhao Hai didn’t dare to underestimate the Cultivators. Even if he had gotten stronger recently, he didn’t let his guard down. This was because the methods of the Cultivators were still too mysterious for the Machine Field. One wouldn’t know what secret techniques a Cultivator might have. Zhao Hai didn’t want to reveal his cards too soon. After all, he still needs to compete for the top spot in the competition.


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