BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1214


Chapter 1214 – Bow and Arrow

The bow and arrow, this was a weapon that was universally used in the lower realms. However, this was a weapon that almost nobody used in the World of Cultivation. This was because in the eyes of the practitioners, the bow and arrow was a weak weapon.

The bow and arrow cannot be used by Mages. As for Warriors, they already had their sword qi. Moreover, as Warriors gets stronger, the range of their attacks would go beyond the range of bows and arrows. Because of this, nobody used bows and arrows in the Machine Field.

Not to mention the Cultivation Realm. Even the lowest level of artifacts in the Cultivation Realm can fly out to attack the enemy. Also, once the weapon flew up, they could be controlled using spiritual force. Compared to the fixed flight of a bow and arrow, this method was evidently stronger.

Due to all of these reasons, almost nobody used bows and arrows in the World of Cultivation. One couldn’t even see a shadow of this weapon anywhere.

But why was it ‘almost’, why not perfectly? This was because there were still people in the World of Cultivation that used bows and arrows. Moreover, these people belong to a quite powerful sect.

The Cultivation Realm had a sect called the Shooting Sun Sect. This was a sect that specialized in the use of bows and arrows. Their bows and arrows were specially made. It can be said that their bow and the arrow were two separate weapons. One could be used without the other.

The method of manufacturing for this unique style of bow and arrow wasn’t released to the public. Moreover, only a select few in the Shooting Sun sect knew how to do it. But one shouldn’t underestimate the Shooting Sun Sect. The fighting strength of their Core Disciples is astonishing. In the Cultivation Realm’s participants in the competition, the third strongest beginner was someone from the Shooting Sun Sect.

The reason why Zhao Hai wanted Dongfang Yu to used a bow and arrow was because of the weapon shattering property that he just discovered.

Weapon shattering was used by Mechs. It’s purpose was to destroy the armor and weapons of the enemy. This was an effect that was heavily reliant on energy to support it. Zhao Hai saw how strong a Warrior’s energy can be. Therefore, he planned to make a set of bows and arrows that had the property of weapon shattering.

Naturally, it was impossible for normal people to use these bows and arrows immediately. Using this weapon requires time and practice. 

However, one shouldn’t forget that Dongfang Yu and the others were ascendants from the Lower Realms. Moreover, their formidable weapons required the eyesight and arm strength that bows and arrows also need. Also, Zhao Hai wasn’t making them switch to using bows and arrows. Instead, he wanted them to use it as a secondary weapon. In this case, it wouldn’t be a problem for Dongfang Yu and the others to use bows and arrows.

On each arrow, Zhao Hai placed weapon shattering formations, energy storing formations, and other supplementary formations. The arrows would have energy stores inside them that would only be activated during flight. The energy inside each arrow was enough for one activation of weapon shattering.

In essence, arrows were consumables. Therefore, not much energy was needed to be stored inside. Moreover, Zhao Hai also included an explosion formation in the arrows. This way, after the arrow uses weapon shattering, it would also explode.

These ideas made Zhao Hai prepare bows and arrows for Dongfang Yu and the others to use. He believes that it would improve their combat strength by quite a margin.

The attacking strength of bows and arrows wasn’t that far behind sword qi. But compared to energy use, the consumption of using arrows can be said to be negligible. 

Besides bows and arrows, Zhao Hai also made shields. These shields had protection formations inside that could block any Foundation Establishment level attacks.

The reason why Zhao Hai prepared these things was to enhance the strength of his brothers. This way, they would have a much greater chance in surviving later on.

The people of the Cultivation Realm weren’t a friendly bunch. If there was an opportunity, they would no doubt kill anyone from the Machine Field. During the elimination round, Zhao Hai could team up with Xiong Li and the others to ensure their safety. But after that, during the arena matches, nobody can say what would happen. Therefore, Zhao Hai hoped that Dongfang Yu and the others would become stronger. Even if they couldn’t win against their opponent, they should at least be able to preserve their lives.

The group continued to chat as they sat by the stone table. The other participants from the Machine Field looked at them with envious gazes. Of the top 100 participants from the Machine Field, only a few of them were from the same faction. Because of this, most of the participants weren’t familiar with each other. Some even had enmity with another. It was very rare to see a scene similar to what Zhao Hai and the others had.

These people knew that making friends was very important for the upcoming elimination round. However, they wouldn’t dare make friends that recklessly. This was because they still didn’t know whether the others had any ulterior motives or not. If the other party used you and then stabs you in the back during critical moments, then their deaths would be unjust. Therefore, they could only stare at Zhao Hai and the others with envy.

As the group chatted, another party walked in from the outside. When Xiong Li saw them, he immediately stood up and said, “The people from my family have arrived.”

After he said that, Xiong Li immediately stepped forward to meet the one leading the group. Then he bowed and said, “Camp Lord, why did you come here personally?” It was clear that this Camp Lord was favoring Xiong Li, he smiled and answered, “It’s all paid for by the family, so how could I miss it? Here, this is your new weapon. Try to see if it fits you well.” then as he said that, the Camp Lord took out a pair of chained hammers from his spatial equipment.

At this time, Zhao Hai and the others had stepped forward to salute the person. While he was giving his greetings, Zhao Hai was also sizing up this Camp Lord from the Wu Family. He had an appearance of a Warrior and was wearing very ordinary clothing. One couldn’t see anything noteworthy about him. However, Zhao Hai could see that his strength was at least level 6. This was a true expert of the Machine Field.

This person wasn’t tall and had a face that was indistinguishable from others. If not for Xiong Li calling him Camp Lord, then Zhao Hai and the others wouldn’t have known that he was a Camp Lord of the Wu Family.

The Camp Lord was also sizing up Zhao Hai and the others. Seeing these group of youngsters giving him a salute, he returned the greeting. Then he turned to look at Zhao Hai as he chuckled and said, “Zhao Hai, the Machine Field’s champion. I just heard about what happened yesterday from Ma Rulong. I must say, that was fantastic, good job. Make sure to show everyone the might of the Machine Field.”  Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Thank you Camp Lord. This Zhao Hai will certainly work hard.”

At this time, Xiong Li has taken up his hammers. To be honest, he didn’t really care about their quality. Zhao Hai had given him word that he would reforge them. Therefore, when he took the two hammers, he pretended to be satisfied as he nodded and said, “Good, very good. Thank you, Camp Lord.”

The Camp Lord smiled faintly then he said, “You’re welcome. Right, where’s your previous weapon? The family told me to take it back.” Xiong Li nodded, then he handed over his original chained hammers. The Camp Lord exchanged a few more words with Xiong Li before turning around and leaving.

Seeing that the Camp Lord had left, Xiong Li quickly turned towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai smiled faintly and then whispered, “Hand it over to me tonight. It’ll be too eye catching if you give it to me immediately.” Xiong Li nodded before putting his hammers inside his spatial equipment. This action caused everyone in the courtyard to be stunned. This was because Xiong Li never puts his hammers away. He would always hang them by his waist.

When Zhao Hai saw Xiong Li’s action, he couldn’t help but smile. Xiong Li was truly smart. Zhao Hai’s refining of Xiong Li’s hammer wasn’t a matter of minutes, but days. Xiong Li couldn’t hang his hammers by his waist during that time. If Xiong Li didn’t do anything, then people would get suspicious. Now that Xiong Li placed his hammers inside his spatial equipment, even if it was strange, when Zhao Hai closes up, people wouldn’t put the two matters together.

Sun Fei was still inside his room busily studying Zhao Hai’s formation sets. He would have his meals delivered to his room.

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything regarding this situation. It was also good that Sun Fei was working hard. At this time, Zhao Hai hoped that Sun Fei can learn a formation or two before the competition begins. This way, his arsenal of formations would increase, allowing him greater chances of survival.

The day quickly passed. In the evening, Xiong Li and the others went to Zhao Hai’s room to drink again. However, they didn’t drink much that night. They were just there mainly for Xiong Li to leave his hammer.

After Xiong Li handed his hammer over, the group drank for a while before they returned to their rooms. At the same time, Zhao Hai returned to the Space, it was time for him to be closing up.

Zhao Hai already thought about which formations to place inside Xiong Li’s hammers. After returning to the Space, he first used the Universal Processing Machine to turn Xiong Li’s hammers back into raw materials. Then according to the data produced, he could remake the hammers anew.

But what Zhao Hai didn’t expect was that in the process of reconstructing Xiong Li’s hammer, the Space would gain new metallic materials. Because of this, the Space produced mineral veins for each material found. This caused Zhao Hai to be very surprised.

After taking care of Xiong Li’s hammer, Zhao Hai proceeded to the manufacturing of the bows, arrows, and shields. The bows were quite hard to manufacture, they were very demanding when it came to materials. However, arrows were relatively simpler.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai had plenty of materials inside the Space. And with the help of the processing machine, making the bows and arrows became easy.

The next step was the manufacturing of the shields. Requirements for making the shields were also very high. The main reason for this was because it needed a lot of formations in order for its defensive capabilities to be good enough.

Zhao Hai didn’t add any counter-attack formations to the shields. In Zhao Hai’s view, there was no need for such things. Shields should focus on being as defensive as possible. Bows and arrows were present, so counter-attacking shields weren’t needed.

There were ten processing machines in Zhao Hai’s Space. Although the quantity didn’t increase during the recent level up, the speed of each machine had increased. Even Xiong Li’s hammers wouldn’t take a long time to make. Moreover, the quality was much better than before.


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