BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1213


Chapter 1213 – Spirit Root Union

“Spirit Root has unified with the Hundred Spirits Tree. Hundred Spirit Tree has leveled up. Because the Hundred Spirits Tree is originally a spirit tree, after unifying with the spirit root, the Hundred Spirits Tree will slowly transform into a Primal Universe Spirit Tree. Every hundred years, the tree will produce 100 fruits. Once these fruits fall down, the biggest fruit will continue developing in the universe. Planetoids may be occupied by people, can be planted on, and has mineral resources. The remaining 99 fruits can recognize owners and become spatial equipment.”

When Zhao Hai heard the prompt, he was too shocked to cheer out loud. Formidable, too formidable. He didn’t think the spirit root would fuse with the Hundred Spirits Tree. 

Naturally, this wasn’t the best outcome. The best would be the Hundred Spirits Tree turning into a planet itself. Then it could grow on its own since it was still a plant.

Laura and the others were also very happy. The Space’s progression this time was too formidable. Not only had the Space obtained numerous upgrades, Zhao Hai’s strength has also increased. This was very important for their future.

Now that the Space had leveled up, its functions have been upgraded. Zhao Hai had yet to understand all that happened in the Space, so he didn’t worry too much about it. He didn’t try his strength either. He was working with Cai’er to look at the changes that happened in the Space.

The Space’s upgrade this time was a comprehensive improvement. Therefore, the functions inside as well as Zhao Hai’s strength had been improved. In the past, when Zhao Hai used Liquid Silver, it would take some time for him to cast 1000 and 10,000-layer formations. This wasn’t very useful for actual combat.

But now it was different. After obtaining new strength, Zhao Hai can now use 10,000-layer formations with ease. Although he was unable to use 100,000-layer formations instantaneously, Zhao Hai believes that it wouldn’t take long before he could do it. After all, the spiritual qi inside the Space would allow him to practice twice as much with only half the effort.

If he used the entire might of Liquid SIlver, then Zhao Hai would be able to use 300,000-layer formations. With this strength, even if he wasn’t the strongest person in the Machine Field, he would still be able to contend against Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators.

Zhao Hai was now very confident, but he didn’t become complacent. He knew that there was still room for him to improve. After all, he could still absorb more astral qi into his body. This would elevate his strength once more. 

He had already absorbed astral qi before, moreover, he had digested astral qi into his own energy. Now that the Space leveled up and gave him a promotion in strength, Zhao Hai’s energy levels were more powerful than before. Because of this, Zhao Hai would still need some time before he could saturate his body with astral qi once more.

Besides Zhao Hai’s personal promotion in strength, the Undead had also gotten much stronger. The Space had improved a lot of things, naturally the Undead weren’t absent from getting the benefits.

In the past, if we evaluate the Undead using the Machine Field’s metric, then they would have level 9 Apprentice strength. But now it was different. The Undead were now level 3. Such strength was already comparable to the newcomers of the past five years.

Besides the promotion of the Undead, the golden combat suits as well as the beast bone combat suits were also improved. Whether it be attack or defense, both were increased by five times. They can now be used in the World of Cultivation.

But what made Zhao Hai happy the most were the mineral ores in the Space. Besides becoming mineral veins, they could now autonomously grow. In other words, the Space would produce mineral veins for every ore that was taken to the Space. Moreover, these veins would grow over time, just like a tree would. For Zhao Hai, this was very important.

Why were there so many disputes in the World of Cultivation? In one word, it’s resources. Resources were the essence of cultivation. If one wanted to be immortal, then they would need resources to support them on this path. Not a lot of people could succeed by just cultivating closed door all the time.

Mineral resources were one of the main things that were heavily competed on. This was because resources in the World of Cultivation don’t replenish themselves like in the Space. When it’s gone it was gone. And practitioners needed a lot of different minerals. Whether it was making weapons or defensive equipment, mineral ores were inseparable from these processes. This was especially true for precious ores.

The Six Realm Beginner Competition had mineral ores as rewards. One could see from this point how important ores were.

There were three things that were heavily competed on in the World of Cultivation. It was spirit medicine, mineral ores, and spirit veins. There was nothing much to say about spirit medicines. They could heal wounds and allow people to break through bottlenecks. Everyone needs spirit medicines. Mineral ores were more important. They were needed in making good weapons and defensive equipment. And one could get a lot of crystal stones by trading them. The most important of the three were spirit veins. The stronger a spirit vein in an area was, the better its effects on cultivation would be.

The best spirit veins in the Cultivation Realm were controlled by huge sects. The places where small sects situated themselves in were small veins. The density of spiritual qi in those places wasn’t that much.

Although the concentration of spiritual qi inside Zhao Hai’s Space couldn’t compared to high-level spirit veins, it was still much stronger than ordinary spirit veins. Zhao Hai didn’t lack spirit medicines nor was he short on mineral ores. It can be said that with this upgrade, the Space was now a perfect place for cultivation. This was why it was very important for Zhao Hai.

After staying inside the Space the entire evening, Zhao Hai refreshingly went out of the Space in the morning. Although Zhao Hai hasn’t been able to rest much last night, he was not tired. Conversely, because of the Space’s upgrade, he had more energy than the day before.

Xiong Li and the others had also got up at this time. The group were all in good spirits. Although they had drunk a lot of liquor, the liquor wasn’t that strong to knock them out. Therefore, everyone was full of energy and weren’t hungover.

When the group saw Zhao Hai, they immediately welcomed him. Li Kuangren laughed and said, “Yesterday was the best time I had while drinking. Little Hai, do you want to head out and take a stroll?”

Although Zhao Hai was thinking about heading out, he shook his head in the end and said, “Let’s not. We just killed a core disciple of the Seamount Faction yesterday. The Seamount Faction would certainly look for trouble if we went out. Let’s stay here instead of being plotted against.”

Li Kuangren nodded. At this time, Xiong Li opened his mouth and said, “I can’t head out as well. The family said that they would deliver my weapon today. Little Hai, I’ll have to depend on you when it arrives.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ll make sure that you’ll be satisfied with the result. Little Fei, I’ll give this to you first. These are formation sets that I had researched. They should be good for you.”

After he said that, Zhao Hai handed a card over to Sun Fei. Stored in this card were several magic formation sets. The sets spanned from 10-layers to 50-layers. They were appropriate for Sun Fei’s uses.

Sun Fei excitedly received the card before connecting it to his wrist computer. Zhao Hai looked at him and said, “Alright, go back to your room and read them. In any case, we won’t be heading out today.” Then with a nod, Sun Fei quickly ran to his room.

Dongfang Yu looked at Sun Fei with envy, then he sighed and said, “Now I’m the only one left without any benefits. Little Hai, that’s not good. You need to prepare something for me. Or else I won’t forgive you.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Alright, while I’m refining Boss Xiong’s hammer, I’ll make sure to make you something as well.”

Dongfang Yu gave a satisfied nod. They didn’t ask Zhao Hai what he would do to Xiong Li’s hammer. Although they were good friends, they knew that each one of them had their own secrets. 

Zhao Hai and the others were in very good terms. Additionally, their temperaments matched very well with each other. All of them had already treated Zhao Hai like their own brother. Naturally, they wouldn’t ask him about things and just believed in him.

Zhao Hai also wanted to prepare one or two weapons for Dongfang Yu. One reason why Cultivators were very strong was their myriad of magical artifacts. During a fight, a Cultivator could literally flood their enemies to death using these items. These magical artifacts also provided them with a lot of patterns to attack.

On the other hand, due to the lack of resources, the Machine Field was limited in their items. Most practitioners in the Machine Field would only have one weapon and a set of techniques to complement it. Seeing from this point, it was no wonder that they were inferior to the Cultivators.

Zhao Hai wanted to change this situation. He can now make simple magic items. But with the methods of the Machine Field, they wouldn’t be able to use these items in the real world. Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to make weapons that Dongfang Yu and the others could use.

On a certain degree,  magic items weren’t inferior to the Cultivation Realm’s magical artifacts. This was especially true for low-level practitioners. Low-level practitioners often had very few items on hand since they couldn’t use high-level items. And in terms of low-level items, the gap between the Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm wasn’t that far.

Take Dongfang Yu as an example. His only weapon was his fire dragon sword. If he had a shield for defense, then it would be able to play a crucial role at a critical time. 

In addition to the shield, there were also other useful weapons. For example, a few people in the World of Cultivation still used bows and arrows. But this doesn’t mean that this was a bad choice.


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