BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1211


Chapter 1211 – Ghost Dao Cultivator

As soon as Xiong Li and the others heard the young man, they quickly knew that it was impossible for this interaction to turn friendly. Zhao Hai looked at the young man as he smiled and said, “What? You can’t buy it from me, now you plan to snatch it? You think you can do that?” 

The young man laughed and said, “You’re asking me if I can do it? You really think I can’t take it away from you? Do you Machine Field bumpkins really think that you’re on equal grounds with Cultivators? Give me the plant now and I’ll keep your corpse intact.”

Goodness, they would still kill the person, but they would keep their corpse intact. This was probably the craziest statement that one could make.

Zhao Hai looked at the Cultivator as he smiled and said, “Mister, please tell me who you are. Maybe I can look at your background and decide to let you go. Otherwise, you can’t blame be for being impolite.”

The young man looked at Zhao Hai as though he was an idiot. He suddenly laughed and then coldly looked at Zhao Hai as he said, “You’re dead country bumpkin. I’ll tear you to shreds.” Zhao Hai just smiled and then said, “Then please.” Then he flew towards outside the city along with Xiong Li and the others. The Cultivator saw this and also followed behind.

Seamount City wasn’t a big city and the Seamount Faction that was in charge of this city wasn’t a big influence. It can be said that if it weren’t for the support of the big sects in the Cultivation Realm, then they wouldn’t have dared to provoke the delegates from the Machine Field.

Zhao Hai and the others quickly flew to a barren hill just outside the city. The group stood on the sky atop the hill. The Cultivator looked at Zhao Hai and then sneered, “You’re quite good in choosing a place to be buried in.” Zhao Hai looked at the Cultivator, then he coldly smiled and said, “Rest assured, after you die, I will turn you into a good and obedient Undead. Being able to fight for me is an honor.” 

The Cultivator coldly snorted and said, “Courting death!” He waved his hand as the fan flew out and then spew out black gas. As the gasses got out of the fan, they quickly formed into malicious ghosts that threw themselves towards Zhao Hai.

The Cultivator looked at Zhao Hai and said, “I’ll make you taste the might of my Ten Thousand Ghosts Fan. I will make you understand the difference between the Cultivation Realm and the Machine Field. Then I will refine you to become a living soul for my fan.”

Zhao Hai coldly smiled as he waved his hand and then released a 50-layer formation. This formation immediately exploded and became several hundred white arrows. Zhao Hai waved his hand once more, causing the arrows to fly towards the malicious ghosts.

The Cultivator smirked, he didn’t take Zhao Hai’s magic seriously. In his opinion, magic cannot compare to his skill. Because of this, he had the malicious ghosts continue flying towards Zhao Hai.

However, what happened next surprised the young man. Once Zhao Hai’s white arrows hit the ghosts, the ghosts suffered an extremely heavy injury. The ghosts wailed pitifully as their bodies continue to shrink. They became more and more transparent as their yin energy was cut short.

Any Cultivator that knew about malicious ghosts would quickly know what was happening. This was a sign that the malicious ghosts were heavily injured and was quickly losing their strength.

First level malicious ghosts were called Ghost Servants. Their attacking strength was small and they were quite weak. If one wanted to use first level malicious ghosts to deal with an enemy, then they would have to depend on numbers to do so. Without thousands of first level malicious ghosts at your command, then one wouldn’t be able to properly fight.

Second level malicious ghosts were slightly stronger, but not substantially. No ghosts were very useful alone before the fifth level.

There were a lot of methods to upgrade malicious ghosts. Besides making them absorb yin energy, malicious ghosts could also devour other malicious ghosts to get stronger. This way, one would be able to train higher-leveled ghosts. However, this method would cause the user to lose a lot of their ghosts.

One method for malicious ghosts to level up quickly was providing them with blood meal!

Blood meal, as the name suggests, was food composed of flesh and blood. This was a very special method that works very well in improving the power of malicious ghosts. However, those who use this method weren’t good people. Users of these methods tend to be the worst individuals.

There are two types of blood meals. The first type was blood meals made from beasts while the other type was blood meals made from people. These two types were very different. Blood meals made from beasts could also increase the strength of a malicious ghosts, but it also reduces their wisdom. In other words, malicious ghosts fed with the flesh and blood of beasts would get stronger quickly but in turn they would become stupid. They would become wild beasts and act according to their instincts. They would only be able to understand simple orders.

On the other hand, malicious ghosts fed with blood meals made from people would not only get stronger fast, they would also become smarter. This was especially true if a ghost was fed with blood meals made with a cultivator’s flesh and blood.

Feeding ghosts with blood meals made from monster beasts was the most common practice in the Cultivation Realm. There were a lot of places in the Cultivation Realms were beasts were kept just for this purpose. This was also very normal practice for Ghost Dao cultivators.

However, there were some Evil Cultivators that would use the other method to make their malicious ghosts stronger. They would feed their malicious ghosts with living people. There was a rumor that the Devil Realm had pens with living people in it. These pens would breed people for the consumption of the ghosts.

The Cultivator that Zhao Hai was fighting right now used the second method to rear his malicious ghosts. Therefore, he had spent quite a lot of effort in his ghosts. If the people from the Cultivation Realm were to find out about his practice, then he would no doubt be executed.

Because of this, upon seeing that his precious ghosts were being heavily injured, the Cultivator was quite distressed. If the level of these ghosts fell, then how long would it take for them to regain their strength?

With this thought in mind, the Cultivator quickly put away his fan as his face turned ugly. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Good, good. You actually dared to hurt my ghosts, I’ll turn you into blood meal!”

Zhao Hai looked at the Cultivator, then he shook his head and said, “Why do Cultivators talk too much? It’s incredible. Before you fight, do you invite your enemies for a glass of wine, then have a tea party before you quarrel for an hour and then fight? If that’s the case, then I really admire you people.” Xiong Li and the others laughed.

Hearing that he was being ridiculed by Zhao Hai, the Cultivator’s face turned dark. Then he coldly snorted and said, “You have a sharp tongue. Now, go die!” He waved his hand, taking a sword out. He pinched his hand as he performed a sword art to attack Zhao Hai.

The sword was made very strangely. The sword body was like a snake and its handle was its tail. It’s whole body was black, it looked terribly gloomy.

Zhao Hai discovered that this Cultivator’s strength was much less compared to Li Chuchen. Although the sword looked aggressive, it actually failed to seal up all of Zhao Hai’s escape routes. If Zhao Hai didn’t want to face this attack, then he could just easily avoid it.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as a 50-layer formation appeared in front of him. Then the formation opened up as a giant light sword appeared. This light sword proceeded to welcome the Cultivator’s sword.

The Cultivator coldly snorted, then he activated his secret art. The sword elongated and was also wrapped with a layer of dark mist. The sword looked ethereal as thought it became the dark mist itself. It’s form was now akin to a ghost.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about the young man’s sword changing into yin energy. Zhao Hai was using light element magic, an element that specifically targeted yin energy. In this clash, Zhao Hai had the upper hand. Therefore, he held no fear.

As the light sword and the yin sword clashed, a bang was heard as an explosion occurred. The Cultivator’s expression changed. When the dust settled, Zhao Hai’s light sword vanished. Although the Cultivator’s sword was still there, the dark mist surrounding it was gone. It had returned to its previous form.

The Cultivator had an ugly face as he retrieved his snake sword. The sword was a medium grade artifact. These things were quite rare in the Cultivation Realm. Being able to clash with a light element sword was not a problem. However, the piece of soul that he attached to the soul has been heavily damaged. At this point, it was already impossible for him to control the sword as smoothly as before.

The Cultivator didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this formidable. Even after the snake sword appeared, the other party was still alright. This was very surprising.

The Cultivator quickly moved as a banner appeared in his hand. As he swung the banner, the skies quickly turned dark as dark mist surrounded Zhao Hai.

Then he waved his hand, causing five black flags to appear. Another wave of his hand made four of the flags shoot out in all directions. The young man then waved the remaining flag in his hand. The flag became larger and then the dark mist proceeded to attack Zhao Hai and the others.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted. Then he waved his hand causing a 100-layer light element formation to appear. Then with him at the center, a blast of light erupted outwards.

This light element formation composed 100-layers, not 50. As the white light exploded outwards, the dark mist cast by the Cultivator quickly vanished. The Cultivator let out a miserable grunt, his expression turned very ugly.

Zhao Hai knew that the other party’s soul has been damaged, so how could he let go of this opportunity. He quickly sent over a wind-assisted ice blade. Then he sent his ten thousand flying arrows, then another barrage of metal arrows, then a stealthy darkness arrow.

Zhao Hai’s barrage of attacks caused the Cultivator to be caught off-guard. The Cultivator practiced the ghost dao, so when the dark mist dissipated, he quickly took out a ghostface shield to defend. The defensive capability of this shield was quite high. It blocked three of Zhao Hai’s spells. However, it failed to see Zhao Hai’s darkness arrow. The arrow broke through the defense and then shot towards the Cultivator’s throat!


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