BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1208


Chapter 1208 – Secret of the Axe

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then he shook his head and said, “It’s useless. I probably already know about the magic formations in your hammer. If others see them, then they may think that there’s nothing wrong. However, I can guarantee that my formation sets would definitely perform better. And Boss Xiong, sorry for this, but your hammer isn’t allowing you to exert all your power.”

Xiong Li nodded and said, “That’s true. My strength has improved a bit, so this hammer is no longer suitable for me. The family is making me a new one, but it isn’t ready yet.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s good. After we return to the Machine Field, I will make a better weapon for you. I believe it wouldn’t be any worse than the one your family made.” 

Xiong Li laughed and said, “Of course, of course, hahaha. I believe you. Or I can tell tell the family to stop making my weapon.”

Upon hearing XIong Li, Zhao Hai immediately said, “No, don’t do it. Boss Xiong, don’t do that. You should know that a lot of formations used in your hammers are secret formations of the Wu Family. If they find out that you allowed me to make a weapon using their formations, then they might not be happy. We don’t want them to misunderstand and think that I stole their secret formations.”

Xiong Li nodded, “Alright, but when the new weapon comes, they will have to take this weapon away.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Just return it. When the time comes, I’ll just modify your new weapon. Don’t worry about it.” Xiong Li nodded, “Alright, then we can only do it like that.”

At this time, Dongfang Yu went forward as Xiong Li retreated. Then he took his fire dragon sword out and then handed it to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, take a look at mine.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly before taking Dongfang Yu’s fire dragon sword. But just as Zhao Hai tried inspecting it with his spiritual force, he didn’t expect the fire dragon sword to emit a fierce flame to block his spiritual force. At the same time, the flame also proceeded to attack.

Zhao Hai stared, then he quickly released a defensive magic formation to block the fire. At the same time, he also withdrew his spiritual force, causing the fire dragon sword to calm down.

Dongfang Yu and the others stared at Zhao Hai, they didn’t know what was going on. Zhao Hai looked at the fire dragon sword before he turned to Dongfang Yu and said, “Second Brother, your fire dragon sword isn’t simple, it blocked my spiritual force. I didn’t expect it to be this great, there’s no need to modify it. It’s a divine weapon. I reckon you still couldn’t use all of its power?”

Dongfang Yu nodded as he took the fire dragon sword that Zhao Hai handed over. Then he sighed and said, “This fire dragon sword has been obtained by the Yan Family. Everyone who uses this sword needs to give it a drop of blood before they can be recognized as an owner. Because of this, no one else could use the sword before the owner dies. I always felt that this sword had a lot of abilities, so I wanted you to see them. However, I didn’t expect the sword to have the ability to defend itself. It’s unfortunate.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “The sword is truly wonderful. If there’s an opportunity, I’d like to research it in the future. This way, I’ll be helpful to Second Brother.” Then after he said that, he turned to look at Li Kuangren.

Li Kuangren didn’t hesitate and quickly handed over his axe. Zhao Hai took the axe and immediately scanned it using his spiritual force. This time, there was no accident, his spiritual force penetrated smoothly and allowed Zhao Hai to see everything inside. But after a few moments, Zhao Hai was stunned before his expression changed. Then he looked up at Li Kuangren and said, “Third Brother, have you offended anyone from the Song Family?”

Li Kuangren stared, then he looked at Zhao Hai in confusion and said, “Offended anyone? I don’t think so.”

Seeing Zhao Hai’s expression, Dongfang Yu knew that a problem had come up, so he immediately asked, “Little Hai, what is it? Is there a problem?” Zhao Hai let out a long breath and then said, “Third Brother’s axe has a fatal weak point. Once the axe is under great pressure, it will have a risk of exploding. Moreover, the power of the explosion is no less than a small nuclear bomb!”

“What!” Xiong Li and the others called out in alarm. They looked at the two-handed axe in Zhao Hai’s hands in disbelief. It seems like they saw a calamity or a savage beast.

Small nuclear bombs, to people of their level, was akin to an ultimate weapon. Even Cultivators would see an explosion of this magnitude as fatal, they would be very lucky if they were able to escape.

And now, Li Kuangren’s axe actually held a small nuclear bomb inside. This was too absurd!

Li Kuangren was also stunned.Then with blood red eyes, he said, “Those bastards, no wonder they took my axe back when I managed to get a place in the qualifiers. They told me that they would upgrade it. Shit, what an upgrade. Those bastards.”

When they heard Li Kuangren, Xiong Li and the others also had difficult expressions on their faces. If Li Kuangren’s axe explodes, then it would be impossible to escape from it. They looked at each other and could see a hint of shock in their eyes.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and then said, “We aren’t sure if this is meant for all of us or just Third Brother. This might mean that the Song Family has some spies in their internal circle. Moreover, it isn’t a low status spy.”

Things like what happened to the Zhang Family caused the Machine Field to be very sensitive. So when Zhao Hai discovered the mystery inside Li Kuangren’s axe, he immediately thought of this.

During the qualifiers, everyone in the Machine Field knew that Li Kuangren and Zhao Hai were close, and almost inseparable at times. 

Just like the realm qualifiers, the first round of the Six Realm Beginner Competition is an elimination round. But unlike the realm qualifiers which didn’t allow the formation of teams, the Six Realm Beginner Competition allowed it.

Being able to form teams in the elimination round was very advantageous to Zhao Hai. The Brothers can form a team and move together. In this situation, if Li Kuangren’s axe explodes during a fight, then they may all be killed. Because of this, Zhao Hai thought of the possibility that the rigging of the axe was aimed at their group, not just Li Kuangren.

Upon hearing this, Xiong Li and the others nodded, they understood what Zhao Hai was implying. Their expressions couldn’t help but turn ugly.

Dongfang Yu appeased Li Kaungren before turning to Zhao Hai and saying, “I think it’s best if we tell our families about this as soon as possible. But Third Brother shouldn’t tell the Song Family, it might alert the spy inside.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “We still don’t know how many traitors the Machine Field has. If we pass this information to our families, then a spy might be able to pick it up. We should keep it a secret.” Dongfang Yu frowned and said, “So what should we do?”

Zhao Hai looked at the axe in his hands and then he turned to Li Kuangren and said, “Third Brother, I’ll need to deal with your axe. I’ll guarantee that I can give you a new one in a couple of days. Moreover, it’s an axe that suit you the most. What do you think?” Li Kuangren nodded and said, “Take them. I believe you.” Zhao Hai nodded then he sent the axe to the Space.

After dealing with the axe, Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “Let’s return to our rooms. Don’t tell anyone about this. We’ll slowly investigate this matter.”

Xiong Li and the others nodded. Then Zhao Hai left the room along with Dongfang Yu and the others. Their expressions were difficult to look at, this matter caused their hearts to burn with anger.

When Zhao Hai returned to his room, he immediately entered the Space. Then he took out Li Kuangren’s axe to have it go through the Universal Scanner.

Laura and the others also went out and joined Zhao Hai beside the scanner. Once he arrived at the scanner, Zhao Hai placed the axe on a magic circle. The scanner started up and then swallowed the axe. A short while after that, the manufacturing method of the axe was printed out.

Then after a flash of light, a pile of materials appeared on a formation on the other side. These materials weren’t metallic in nature, it seems to be a pile of powder.

Zhao Hai knew that this pile contained the components of the nuclear bomb. He let out a long breath before taking the materials. Then he turned to look at Laura and the others and then said, “I didn’t expect something like this to come up. Interesting, very interesting.”

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, you should remake the axe first. Will you add more materials?”

Zhao Hai read the manufacturing method for Li Kuangren’s axe, he shook his head and said, “There’s no need to add more. Third Brother’s axe is already made with good materials. Let’s head inside and discuss what magic formations to put inside.”

Laura and the others nodded and then walked indoors with Zhao Hai. Upon entering the living room, Laura and the others quickly took their computers up and made some analysis.

Li Kuangren’s offensive characteristics was akin to a tornado. He uses the enemy’s strength against them by using rotational motion. Because of this, the axe cannot be too light but cannot be heavy either, or else it would be difficult to control. Moreover, the requirements for compatible magic formations was quite high.

After some time, a plan was finally made. Then they took these plans and then had it run under the Universal Scanner. The scanner would arrange the most suitable formation set for Li Kuangren’s weapons.

Before this, Li Kuangren had 70 formations inside his axe, the same as Xiong Li’s sledgehammers. The difference between the two lies on the axe’s preference for sharpness and speed, compared to the sledgehammers’ preference for size and weight.

Once the scanner was done, Zhao Hai saw that the axe could be engraved with 80 formations, ten more than before. This would make Li Kuangren’s attacks more powerful while reducing the energy he needed for combat.


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