BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1205


Chapter 1205 – Demonstration of Authority

While Zhao Hai and the others were speaking, they suddenly heard someone’s shout outside, “Machine Field thieves, come out here!”

Zhao Hai and the others were stunned. The loud voice had a hint of imposing aura in it, obviously coming from an expert. The expression on everyone’s faces changed. Then they stood up and went to the front courtyard.

When a team leader saw Zhao Hai’s movement, he immediately said, “Don’t move, you don’t have any business with this. Be good and just stay put.” The team leader didn’t go to the front courtyard and just looked at Zhao Hai and the others.

Upon seeing this person, Zhao Hai and the others paused. And since this was the rule, they just sat back down.

At this time, Ma Rulong’s voice was heard, “Who’s yelling here? Don’t you know that this is the Machine Field’s courtyard?”

The person outside loudly replied, “Is the Machine Field that prestigious? You actually dared to kill someone from the Seamount Faction for no reason? Come out here and give me an explanation.”

“Hahaha. Who does the Seamount Faction think they are? You’re not worth explaining to. This grandpa can kill whoever he wants!” Domineering, too domineering. As soon as Zhao Hai and the others heard Ma Rulong say this, they knew that a fight would happen soon. The other side needed to save their face.

Zhao Hai quickly released his spiritual force and before long his expression changed. He discovered that the courtyard has actually been surrounded. Zhao Hai turned his head to look at the team leaders whose expressions were the same. Naturally they also discovered the issue.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Xiong Li and the others and said, “Boss Xiong, get ready. Those people from the Seamount Faction has us surrounded. It seems like they that young man earlier wasn’t really the end. They’re going to attack us.” As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Xiong Li and the other’s faces changed. But since they had considered this possibility, they nodded before they took their weapons out.

Sure enough, just as they were armed, the person outside shouted, “Good Machine Field, Good. But this isn’t your realm. You can’t just kill anyone in the Cultivation Realm. Everyone, I want these people from the Machine Field to know that we cannot be bullied. Attack them! Make sure that not even chickens or dogs survive.” Just as the man’s voice fell, a war cry was heard all around the courtyard. Then soon after that, the attackers began flooding in.

When the team leaders saw this, they knew that the situation wasn’t good. The other side was really prepared for this attack. It didn’t take long before the team leaders began to fight back.

When Zhao Hai saw the situation, he coldly snorted and then waved his hand. Liquid Silver appeared and then a 100-layer formation materialized. The formation turned into over ten thousand golden red arrows and then shot towards the attackers.

This move was the Ten thousand fiery arrows, however, this was different to Zhao Hai’s usual 100-layer formation spell. This specific one had more arrows and held more power.

The attackers didn’t expect to meet a rain of arrows just after entering the courtyard. They were immediately caught off-guard. The explosion caused by Zhao Hai’s ten thousand arrows quickly injured several people on the spot.

At this time, the other people in the courtyard responded. They were all skilled and experienced people, so their combat sense was very rich. Since people came to cause trouble, then they would have to be impolite. It didn’t take long before various attacks flew towards every direction.

Zhao Hai’s group of five composed one team as they attacked the enemies together. Once the exchange began, Zhao Hai and the others found out that their enemies weren’t weak. And most of the attackers were a bit stronger than them.

At this time, Ma Rulong moved to the front and then attacked their uninvited visitors. Explosions were soon heard, officially starting the clash between the two sides.

Zhao Hai looked around and found out the possibility that these attackers weren’t all from the Seamount Faction. There must be other people joining in. It was impossible for the Seamount Faction to have this much experts.

Although Ma Rulong’s previous behavior looked crude, Zhao Hai believed that the man wasn’t stupid. If the Seamount Faction was a huge sect, then Ma Rulong should have endured. However, he didn’t, which explains the strength of the faction.

But now, it seems like the Seamount Faction was itself being incited by another group. It might be everyone in this place planning to use this ruse to demonstrate their authority.

As Zhao Hai continued to observe, he discovered that Ma Rulong and the others had been tied down. Meanwhile, the people that Zhao Hai and the others were fighting seems to be holding back. Otherwise, the casualties here should be very huge. Instead, the Machine Field group had yet to suffer some losses.

Once he saw this, Zhao Hai was certain that the Seamount Faction had been incited by someone. However, it seems like they cannot act too excessively. They just want the Machine Field’s people to know their place. Besides this, it was possible that they were also here to probe the Machine Field’s participants.

After having thought through this point, Zhao Hai felt relieved. If they wanted to probe, then let them probe. Zhao Hai dealt with every attack coming his way, but he didn’t kill anyone. He understood that once he got ruthless, then the other party might return the gesture. This means that the Machine Field would suffer losses even after the competition began.

And just like what Zhao Hai thought, after the two groups clashed for about an hour, someone arrived. A long howl was first heard before a voice said, “Stop, everyone. Friend, this one is a member of the Six Realm Beginner Competition’s preparation committee, Fan Yi. Is this the residence of the Machine Field’s representatives?”

Ma Rulong knew that more trouble would come if this continued on, so he didn’t make another move as he replied, “This one is Ma Rulong, I lead the participants from the Machine Field.”
When Fan Yi heard Ma Rulong he quickly said, “So it is Master Skybreaker Blade Ma Rulong. This one has been disrespectful. People from the Seamount Faction, stop immediately. We’re all friends here.”

At this time, the person leading the attackers opened his mouth and said, “Brothers, stop.”

The people from the Seamount Faction also stopped. As for the team leaders, they proceeded to stop the participants from attacking. After that, they went to where Ma Rulong was in order to discuss something in secret.

Zhao Hai and the others went back to the ground. They looked all around them and saw that the fight destroyed the courtyard. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t that severe. Moreover, there weren’t many casualties, only very few participants died. There were also many people who were injured, but they wouldn’t be dying from their wounds.

After looking around him, Xiong Li coldly snorted and said, “Good, Seamount Faction, good. I will not forget this. Just wait and see.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “The actions of the Seamount Faction seems to be directed by someone. They came here to show their power and also probe our bottom line. Hehe, that person from the preparation committee came at a very good time. I think he’s just waiting, only coming out when it is time.”

Xiong Li and the others thought about it and immediately understood what Zhao Hai was saying. Their expressions turned difficult. Dongfang Yu coldly snorted and said, “Shameless. I didn’t expect the Cultivation Realm’s people to resort to these methods. Too shameless.”

Li Kuangren huffed angrily, but he didn’t rush out in order to fight the Seamount Faction. At this time, Zhao Hai opened his mouth and said, “It looks like the Cultivators had found out that we’re quite strong. Therefore, they came here to see how strong we really were. Hmph. If they want to probe, then let them probe. When the competition begins, I’ll clean them up properly.”

Xiong Li and the others bitterly smiled. Of those present here, it seems like only Zhao Hai could say those words. During the earlier fight, all of them were exerting great effort to fend off the enemy. On the other hand, Zhao Hai accomplished this task with ease. They were once again reminded about their strength gap with Zhao Hai.

Although the fight was over, many people were still very alert and were prepared to fight against the Seamount Faction once more. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai and the others returned to their stone table. Zhao Hai took out some wine and food as the group proceeded to drink and eat.

Zhao Hai’s actions caused everyone in the courtyard to stare. Not only the participants, but even the team leaders were shocked. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai and the others to be this nonchalant about the current situation.

And just like what Zhao Hai thought, everything was just an act. Both sides wouldn’t dare to go all out. The Seamount Faction withdrew their troops while Ma Rulong and his group sent for people to repair the courtyard. Nothing noteworthy happened after that.

When Zhao Hai entered the Space that evening, Laura and the others immediately led him to the living room and showed him the video of Ma Rulong and Fan Yi’s conversation. There was nothing special about the recording, just Fan Yi being an ordinary peacemaker. He mediated for both sides and urged them to let matters go.

Although Ma Rulong knew what was exactly going on, the only thing he could do at this time was to swallow his anger. After everyone left, Ma Rulong smashed the table as he said to the Mage next to him, “Every time the Six Realm Beginner Competition happens, those bastards always come causing trouble. Aren’t they tired of using the same tricks? Damn, they are really looking down on us.”

The Mage beside him bitterly smiled and said, “Those Cultivators are used to being arrogant. They would never change their methods. To be honest, it’s good for us if they repeat this trick every time. This way they wouldn’t come here and give us a direct challenge.”

Ma Rulong coldly snorted, then he calmed down and said, “The participants of the Machine Field this time is the strongest we’ve had. There must be no incidents. Especially Zhao Hai, you need to make sure that he’s safe at all times.”

The Mage nodded, but then he said, “Or make sure that Zhao Hai doesn’t leave the courtyard. Just let him practice here.”

Ma Rulong shook his head and said, “No need, just send for people to protect him in secret. It wouldn’t be good if we restrict him. Think about what others would say if we did that, not to say Zhao Hai’s own thoughts. Zhao Hai’s strength is good, he will certainly get a good ranking in the competition. The Machine Field relies on him to get good resources.”

The Mage nodded and said, “Alright, but what about Streep and the others? Should we send people to protect them as well?”

Ma Rulong shook his head and said, “Streep’s strength can’t reach even half of Zhao Hai. I don’t know if it’s me going crazy, but I feel that Zhao Hai isn’t any weaker than me. We need to protect him.”

The Mage was startled, “Are you sure? Is Zhao Hai that strong?”

Ma Rulong sighed, “Let’s just hope I’m right. If he’s really that strong, then he would be a blessing for the Machine Field!”


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