BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1204


Chapter 1204 – A Single Word Causing Public Execution

Zhao Hai only felt a flash of light in front of him before he was blinded. Once his vision returned, he looked around and found out that he was now in another place. This wasn’t the transmission tower. 

The place where Zhao Hai and the others in was a broad platform. This platform was quite huge. Zhao Hai looked around and estimated the platform to be tens of thousands of square meters. There were dozens of Magic Formations that were constantly flashing. And every time it flashed, people would immediately appear. They seem to be very busy as they quickly went out of the formation and continued on.

Just like Zhao Hai, Xiong Li and the others were inspecting where they had ended up. Everyone had curious expressions on their faces. Although it has been some years since they had ascended, they haven’t actually been to the Cultivation Realm.

The Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm wasn’t that far from each other. However, it was very difficult for Xiong Li and the others to leave the Machine Field. Most of the time, they were either at missions or were practicing. The other times, they would head out and socialize with others. Due to this, it was understandable why they haven’t gone to the Cultivation Realm.

There were also only two ways to go from the Machine Field to the Cultivation Realm. The first method was to use a spaceship. However, most ships that were used for this method were freighters. These were ships used to transport goods between sects and families. It was almost impossible for normal people to get on board those ships.

The second method was to use a transmission formation, which was also not for everyone. And even if a transmission formation was available to go to the Cultivation Realm, the price to use it would be steep. If one wanted to use the transmission formation to go to the Cultivation Realm, then they needed to first explain who they were and then the reason for their travel to the Cultivation Realm. After that, a record would be kept before a background check would be done. Only after those troubles were finished was one allowed to visit the Cultivation Realm. It can be said that if it weren’t for the Six Realm Beginner Competition, then Xiong Li and the others wouldn’t have been able to go to the Cultivation Realm. It was just like back on Earth where some Chinese wouldn’t be able to go abroad for their entire lives.

Because of this, Xiong Li and the others were very curious about the Cultivation Realm. But at this time, a voice was heard, “Hey, you idiots. Don’t just stop there. You’re delaying other people.”

Zhao Hai and the others immediately looked around and saw a young man dressed in a black robe and a cap standing not far away, yelling at them. He had a look of contempt in his eyes and didn’t even bother to hide it.

Zhao Hai stared. They were wearing mage robes and warrior clothing, very different to what people in the Cultivation Realm wear. This young man should be able to recognize that they weren’t from here. So why was he being impolite? Doesn’t he know who they were?

At this time, a cold snort was heard nearby. Zhao Hai turned his head and saw that it came from Ma Rulong. Ma Rulong looked at the young man and said, “Who do you think you are? Why is a servant shouting here? Are you too impatient for your job?”

The young man actually craned his neck as he sneered and said, “I’m from the Seamount Faction of this city. What? It’s you who is impatient, isn’t it?”

Ma Rulong’s expression changed, he asked once more, “Seamount Faction? You’re from the Seamoung Faction?”

When the young man saw Ma Rulong’s response, he couldn’t help but proudly declare, “Correct, this one is from the Seamount Faction. Now, you better leave ten crystal stones to this grandfather. Otherwise, I’ll have to be impolite.”

At this time, Ma Rulong suddenly laughed and said, “Little Seamount Faction kid, daring to neglect the face of the Machine Field, you’re quite brave. Let’s see how the Seamount Faction responds after I kill you.” After he said that, Ma Rulong took out his one and a half meter long ghost head blade and then gave it a wave. A blade qi flew straight towards the young man. The young man screamed for a moment before he was bisected in half.

Ma Rulong didn’t even spare the young man’s corpse a glance as he said, “Let’s go.” Then he stored his blade and then proceeded towards the city.

Zhao Hai and the others were somewhat startled by what happened. Back in the Machine Field, although various families were very rampant, it didn’t reach to the point of public murder. There were some cases before, but it wasn’t prevalent. But now, Ma Rulong just took his weapon out and killed someone. This caused Zhao Hai and the others to be shocked.

But after seeing Ma Rulong proceeding forward, Zhao Hai and the others didn’t stay for long and just followed behind. However, there were some people who looked towards the corpse of the young man. Ma Rulong’s methods taught these newcomers a lesson about the Cultivation Realm.

Ma Rulong and the others quickly left the platform. As for the other people inside, almost nobody spared any effort to look at the young man’s corpse. In the Cultivation Realm, a dead person was as good as trash. This was especially true if the deceased was someone with no status.

After some time, another person wearing black clothing arrived. With a relaxed manner, he stored the young ‘s corpse before taking the young man’s job of maintaining order. It seems like nothing ever happened.

Ma Rulong proceeded to lead Zhao Hai and the others to the city. Upon entering the city, Zhao Hai was suddenly hit with a wave of nostalgia. This was because the city was constructed in a very familiar manner to him. The architecture of this city looked very much like ancient China, but much more exquisite. As they walked the cyan stone street, Zhao Hai thought that he had been sent back to the time of Ancient China. The clothes worn by people were also ancient robes, making Zhao Hai feel even more reminiscent of his home.

Before long, Ma Rulong arrived at a courtyard. Zhao Hai looked at the courtyard and saw a small plaque. Written on the plaque were three characters that read, Machine Field Headquarters.

As Zhao Hai was reading the plaque, Ma Rulong pushed the door and walked in. Upon entering the courtyard, Zhao Hai saw two Mages busying themselves. In front of them were two robots. It was clear that these two Mages were servicing these robots.

When the two Mages noticed someone coming in, they immediately turned their heads to see Ma Rulong. They couldn’t help but stare, then they placed their tools down as one of them greeted, “Sir Ma,  we didn’t expect you to be here personally. Excuse us for our lack of manners.”

Ma Rulong waved his hand, he glanced at the robots and said, “Forget it, you’re busy. Are the rooms prepared?”

The man quickly replied, “Sir Ma, rest assured, the rooms have been prepared. Please follow me.” Then after he said that, he led Ma Rulong and the others further in. Upon entering the courtyard, Zhao Hai and the others discovered that there were several buildings and even more courtyards inside. Moreover, there were a lot of rooms. It wouldn’t be a problem if more than 100 people stay here.

Ma Rulong walked past the second courtyard and then walked into the third courtyard. Then he looked at the participants and said, “This courtyard can house 30 people. The first 30 people according to ranking will stay here. As for the rest, you will be staying at the previous two courtyards.”

The Mage who repaired the robot said, “Mister Ma, rest assured, I’ll take care of the others.” Ma Rulong nodded before turning to the team leaders and said, “The first and second team will live with me in the second courtyard. The last team will live inside a courtyard of their own.”

The team leaders nodded before proceeding to take care of their things. Zhao Hai and the others remained in the third courtyard. Among them were the top ten great experts as well as those ranking up to 30th place.

A team leader assigned a room to Zhao Hai. The rooms weren’t divided according to ranking. Because of this, Zhao Hai, Xiong Li, and the others had rooms next to each other. The features of the rooms were more magnificent than those from the Machine Field, however it didn’t have any special appliance inside.

Zhao Hai and the others looked at their rooms from inside out. There were no notable things inside their rooms, it just had all required furnishings. It didn’t take long for them to get familiar with the room.

Each courtyard had its own small garden. There were trees as well as stone tables and benches there. When Zhao Hai and the others went out of their rooms, they went to the courtyard and took a table for themselves.

Xiong Li looked at the other people in the courtyard before turning his head towards Zhao Hai and the others, then he forced a smile and said, “So, the Cultivation Realm is really that brutal. Senior Ma actually killed someone in broad daylight.”

The group nodded, they didn’t expect Ma Rulong to kill someone that quickly. This surprised them. Dongfang Yu added, “It’s possible that Senior Ma did that in order to put out a warning. I also think that the actions of the young man are quite suspicions, it seems like someone had instructed him to do it. They want to demonstrate their authority. If Senior Ma wasn’t overbearing, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have any good days ahead.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said ,”I think so too. However, I think that this isn’t the end. Other people will certainly come here looking for trouble. It seems like the people from the Cultivation Realm really wants to get ugly.”

Sun Fei smiled bitterly and said, “It’s not just this time. I checked for information a few days ago. It seems like whenever the Six Realm Beginner Competition happens, people from the Cultivation Realm always find ways to make us suffer. They would often start a fight before the real competition began. At the worst, the Machine Field lost more than 20 people even before the start of the competition.”

Zhao Hai and the others’ expressions changed. They forgot to take note of this. They thought that since they were now in the Cultivation Realm, people would leave them alone. After all, they were here to attend the competition. It wouldn’t be great for the Cultivation Realm to be too excessive.

But now, upon hearing Sun Fei, they discovered that they had been naive. The Cultivation Realm’s people were more arrogant than they thought. Even those who were a stickler for the rules in the Cultivation Realm looked down on the Machine Field. In their minds, killing a few unremarkable people from the Machine Field was nothing.

The reason the Cultivators were rampant against the Machine Field’s participants was because they knew that the families wouldn’t dare wage war against their sects. Therefore, they held nothing back.

And now, Zhao Hai and the others were in the domain of the Cultivators. It wouldn’t be strange if the Cultivators were going to be impolite. It was hard to guess what kinds of things they would do.


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