BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1202


Chapter 1202 – Heading Out

Those in high positions in the Machine Field considered these public clamorings as though they didn’t exist. They knew clearly that they shouldn’t listen to this public outcry. If they caused the Machine Field to lose all 100 of their participants, then the Machine Field would no longer be able to fight for benefits in the Six Realm Beginner Competition.

And once the Machine Field couldn’t fight for benefits, they would get weaker and weaker. Then they would be bullied even more, and then lose more in the future. This wasn’t something that the higher-ups of the Machine Field wanted to see.

Actually, both the public and the higher-ups of the Machine Field don’t see ascenders as someone on their own side. To them, Ascenders were merely tools. But the difference between ordinary tools and Ascenders was that there were some Ascenders that were useful while there were some that were useless.

Naturally, Zhao Hai and the other participants were useful tools in the eyes of the Machine Field’s higher-ups. Therefore, they couldn’t just be sacrificed like that.

Zhao Hai was also aware of the troubles happening outside, but he didn’t care. For him, those Cultivators outside weren’t worth his time. If he went out now, he could easily kill all of those people.

Of course, Zhao Hai wouldn’t do that. There was no need to. For Zhao Hai, murder was something he would only do whenever it benefits him. There was no need for senseless slaughter.

Zhao Hai was currently practicing his spells inside the Space. After he practiced with Liquid SIlver, he proceeded to use his body tempering fist while inside the sandy region of the Space.

Zhao Hai knew that his own strength still wouldn’t allow him to run amuck in the Machine Field. Therefore, he needed to strengthen himself as soon as possible; and the body tempering technique was a good method to reach that goal.

Since the Machine Field were acting cowardly, most Cultivators left. Only a small number of people stayed in the Machine Field, they were still looking for that opportunity.

Peace began to return to the Machine Field as the Cultivators retreated. It was impossible for these people to focus on this matter for too long, especially if it didn’t matter much to their lives.

The winds in the Machine Field gradually calmed down, which was something that the higher-ups of the Machine Field wanted to see. They don’t want the participants of the competition to be disturbed. This was because they were looking forward to this particular Six Realm Beginner Competition.

This time, the Machine Field’s representatives included Zhao Hai, Streep, Xiong Li, Dongfang Yu, Zhu Chen, even Lei Xiaotian. Compared to the past dozens of years, this was the Machine Field’s strongest lineup.

In the past Six Realm Beginner Competitions, there would be 600 participants overall. The Machine Field would have participants among the top 500 or 400. This was a complete loss of face for the Machine Field. They weren’t able to get any good benefits by these rankings alone.

But this time, Zhao Hai was able to block three swords from the Cultivation Realm’s tenth place. This was a good sign for the Machine Field. This was because, most of the time, the top ten experts of the Cultivation Realm would be the top ten experts of the entire World of Cultivation.

Although Zhao Hai only blocked against three swords from Li Chuchen, the higher-ups of the Machine Field still held hope for Zhao Hai. They wanted him to fight for benefits for the realm.

Days passed as the date for the Six Realm Beginner Competition approached. Cultivators that kept waiting for an opportunity were finally able to realize that the whole Machine Field was turtling up, so they just gave up and returned to the Cultivation Realm. After all, the Machine Field doesn’t have resources that they need, staying here for long wasn’t favorable for their cultivation.

Once all of the Cultivators left the Machine Field, the higher-ups were finally able to relax. The Machine Field returned to its former calm as everyone waited for the Six Realm Beginner Competition.

Zhao Hai didn’t leave his seclusion just because the Cultivators had left. He still declared that he would continue with his closed door cultivation. This caused everyone who had their eyes on him to believe that he was truly injured. After all, Li Chuchen’s swords weren’t that weak.

This time, the Ashley Family didn’t bother to clarify the matter. In their opinion, there was no need to do so. Although there were people who kept monitoring Zhao Hai, their number wasn’t as great as before.

After one month, Zhao Hai finally decided to head out. It wasn’t that he could no longer endure closing up, it was that he had no choice but to head out. It was time for the Six Realm Beginner Competition.

Although the Six Realm Beginner Competition was still a month away, they still needed to prepare beforehand for their departure.

When Zhao Hai announced that he was going out, Xiong Li and the others quickly visited him. Xiong Li and the others were mainly there to see if Zhao Hai was indeed injured. After all, he wouldn’t have been in seclusion for that long. But after seeing how well Zhao Hai was doing, they felt relieved.

Once Xiong Li and the others left, Cadjo immediately called Zhao Hai over to his room. Cadjo looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, how is your practice?” Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “General Manager, rest assured, there’s no problem whatsoever. This time, I’m sure that I can enter the top 100 of the competition.”

Cadjo smiled and said, “Don’t put yourself into too much pressure. If it’s disadvantageous, then don’t show your power. The Patriarch is already satisfied with your performance.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Rest assured, General Manager, I know what to do. Right, how do we leave the Machine Field? Do we use a spaceship? When do we depart?”

Cadjo shook his head and said, “There’s no ship. This time, we’ll be using a transmission formation since you need to be in the Cultivation Realm for one month. This is also the way it is done.”

Upon hearing Cadjo, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but ask, “We need to stay in the Cultivation Realm for one month? What kind of rule is that? Isn’t that just sending us to the tiger’s mouth? What if those Cultivators challenge us?”

Cadjo shook his head and said, “You don’t need to worry about this. The Cultivators wouldn’t challenge you. You need to stay in the Cultivation Realm because the concentration of spiritual qi there is different from the Machine Field. You would need a month to adjust to their level. It has been decided to no challenges will be made in this period.”

Zhao Hai was still frowning. He doesn’t believe the words of the Cultivation Realm. The Machine Field was a very weak existence among the six realms, this meant that they don’t have much diplomatic influence. Although the Cultivation Realm said that nobody would make a challenge, there were innumerable means for people to accept a challenge. This was reality.

Cadjo looked at Zhao Hai and knew that he was thinking. He sighed and said, “I know what you are thinking about. Don’t think too much about it, this is the rule. But just be careful once you leave.”

Zhao Hai looked at Cadjo and said, “You aren’t going with us this time?”

Cadjo nodded and said, “Right, I won’t be going. Those who will be going to the Cultivation Realm would only number 150. There’s you 100 participants, and then 50 leaders. Leading the 50 team leaders is a very famous individual from the three powers, Skybreaker Blade Ma Rulong.”

When Zhao Hai heard Cadjo, he couldn’t help but gawk. He knew who Skybreaker Ma Rulong was. Ma Rulong wasn’t an Ascender and was a Machine Field native. Only a few Machine Field natives would want to practice martial arts. However, Ma Rulong loved martial arts ever since childhood. Moreover, the family he belonged to was an ancient Warrior Family of the Warrior Association. It was a tradition in his family to practice martial arts, but it wasn’t a priority for them to practice it. However, Ma Rulong put his entire heart into practicing martial arts. In the end, he was able to become a master of fighting.

Ma Rulong established his fame using his ghost head sword. At this time, he’s already become a level 7 Warrior. His strength was formidable. He wouldn’t have any problems facing a Core Formation Expert of the Cultivation Realm.[1]

But unlike his fellow natives, Ma Rulong doesn’t have any prejudice against Ascenders. It may be because of his love for martial arts. Because of this, he looked favorably towards Ascenders. He also wasn’t afraid of offending anyone from the Cultivation Realm.

Zhao Hao nodded and said, “I didn’t expect Senior Ma Rulong to be our escort. Then there’s no need to worry about the travel. General Manager, when will we depart?”

Cadjo answered, “You’ll leave the day after tomorrow. Although Ma Rulong will take the lead, you still need to be careful. There will be times where Ma Rulong wouldn’t be able to protect you. After all, the place you’ll be going is the Cultivation Realm. That is the territory of the Cultivators, we don’t have much influence there.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “General Manager, feel relieved. I know what to do. There’s no need to worry.”

Cadjo sighed, then he went to Zhao Hai’s side and then patted his shoulder as he said, “Remember that your own safety is most important. Think about Margaret. Even if you don’t get good results, the family will not blame you for it. After all, you already became the realm’s champion. You already surpassed our expectations.” Zhao Hai nodded, “Rest assured, I’ll make sure to be safe. Nothing bad will happen.”

Cadjo nodded, then he said, “Take time to go out for a walk. Let other people see you. We don’t want them to think that you’re really injured.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, I happen to have a desire to explore. I’ve been cultivating all this time. I haven’t had much time to explore the entire planet.” Cadjo smiled and said, “Alright, go go. You’re currently the richest man in the entire family. You won’t have any money problems.”

Zhao Hai laughed and didn’t say anything else. He cannot tell Cadjo that he was heading out to sell things he had no need for. Everything that he needed was already in the Space. And even if the Space doesn’t have it, he could still have it made by the Processing Machine. Things made by the Space was always much better than items that can be bought outside!

  1. Ghost head blade


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