BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1201


Chapter 1201 – Stir Between Two Realms

Zhao Hai was famous! Very famous! Everyone in the Machine Field was discussing Zhao Hai. And it wasn’t only the average people who were talking about him. Even the huge powers of the Machine Field had him as a topic of conversation.

Zhao Hai underestimated the hatred that the people of the Machine Field had against the Cultivators. This wasn’t just because of the Cultivation Realm’s various invasions towards the Machine Field. This hatred started at a spiritual level.

People from the Cultivation Realm always looked at the people of the Machine Field with an arrogant attitude. They conducted themselves as though they were emperors looking at beggars. It was this attitude that made people from the Machine Field hate the Cultivators to the core.

This hatred only got stronger and stronger to the point where the people from the Machine Field prayed that someone would get strong enough that it made them equal to the Cultivators.

However, no Mage, Warrior, or Mech Soldier managed to achieve this goal. None of them were able to defeat a Cultivator of the same level. This caused people to hope more and more.

Although Zhao Hai only blocked three swords from Li Chuchen, the significance of this result was actually more than expected. It was a breakthrough for the Machine Field. Because of this, everyone was happily talking about it.

Nobody in the Machine Field believed that Li Chuchen was holding back. This was because the Cultivators were always impolite towards people from the Machine Field. If they ever duelled someone from the Machine Field, they would certainly go brutal. It was simply impossible for a Cultivator to hold back. With this in mind, people believed that Zhao Hai was strong enough to block Li Chuchen’s three swords!

These reasons made Zhao Hai a very famous individual in the Machine Field. He was now seen as a hero of the realm.

While everyone was talking about Zhao Hai, the subject in question suddenly announced that he was closing up for practice. It was still unknown as to when he would show up again.

Upon hearing this information, everyone in the Machine Field were startled. Then rumors began surfacing everywhere. Some people said that Zhao Hai was seriously injured after fighting Li Chuchen. He just restrained his injury and was now feeling the backlash. They say that Zhao Hai was dying.

There were also some people who said that Zhao Hai was closing up in order to practice a secret technique. This way, he could defeat more Cultivators in the Six Realm Beginner Competition.

All kinds of rumors appeared and the Machine Field fell into confusion. At this time everyone wanted to see Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai was already out of sight.

After things slowly went out of control, the Ashley Family decided to have a press conference. They announced to everyone that Zhao Hai wasn’t injured. The reason he was closing up was because he needed to prepare for the Six Realm Beginner Competition.

Originally, people were dissatisfied with the Ashley Family’s response. However, what happened afterwards made them understand why the Ashley Family did it.

Just like what Desbarres said, the battle between Zhao Hai and Li Chuchen didn’t only cause a huge reaction in the Machine Field. The Machine Field and the Cultivation Realm were connected in a way. Because of this, any important matter in the Machine Field would quickly be made known in the Cultivation Realm. With Zhao Hai and Li Chuchen’s battle being the biggest matter in the Machine Field, it was natural for the Cultivation Realm to be aware of it. 

Upon hearing about this information, the people in the Cultivation Realm were in an uproar. One must know that in the entire World of Cultivation, the Machine Field was the weakest of the 6 realms. This was also one of the reasons why others look down on the Machine Field.

And now, the Cultivation Realm’s tenth place qualifier wasn’t able to kill the Machine Field’s first placer in three swords. This was absurd for those in the Cultivation Realm.

It didn’t take long before the people from the Cultivation Realm found a recording of the battle and watched it. Although the quality of the recording wasn’t good, those who knew something were still able to make sense of it. They knew that the result wasn’t because Li Chuchen was holding back, it was because his opponent wasn’t weak.

Because of this recording, the Cultivation Realm’s people didn’t blame Li Chuchen for losing. Instead, they were startled by Zhao Hai’s strength.

Naturally, those who didn’t blame Li Chuchen weren’t those of the general public. The high-level beings in the Cultivation Realm didn’t blame Li Chuchen since they knew that he was strong. On the other hand, Zhao Hai wasn’t weak either. Li Chuchen didn’t hold back and yet his three swords were still blocked by Zhao Hai. There was no reason for Li Chuchen to be blamed for this outcome.

Those in higher positions didn’t say anything about it, but things were different for the others. After all, competition exists everywhere, especially in the Cultivation Realm.

Although the Cultivation Realm was very rich in resources, this advantage was being negated by its huge population. In this case, those who gets to use these resources were limited. Therefore, competition was brutal.

Every Cultivator had a dream, and that was to achieve immortality and live alongside the heavens and the earth. However, becoming immortal needed a lot of resources such as cultivation methods, weapons, pills, and other things. The more important something was, the more scarce they were. So in order for a Cultivator to get closer to this dream of immortality, they would have to fight for it.

And the top ten newcomers were the top existence among the lower levels of the Cultivation Realm. They were above others and enjoyed resources much better than most people. They also practice the best cultivation methods and were generally envied by a lot of people.

In the past, these experts were very famous because of their strength. Even if other people say anything to them, these words were often said in secret. In the Cultivation Realm, the right to speak depended on one’s strength. If that expert heard it, then it would be a problem if they kill the one who talked. Nobody would go to the trouble of talking bad about these top ten experts to just be killed in the end.

However, this matter gave those at the bottom level an opportunity. Li Chuchen was one of the Cultivation Realm’s ten great experts and was enjoying the best of treatments. But despite these benefits, Li Chuchen was still not able to take care of a kid from the Machine Field!

There were quite a few talks like these in the Machine Field. Naturally, most experts wouldn’t care about this since they saw Zhao Hai’s strength. However, those who had been suppressed by Li Chuchen didn’t care about how strong Zhao Hai was. They just clung on the fact that Zhao Hai was from the Machine Field, and that Li Chuchen was putting mud on the Cultivation Realm’s reputation.

There were also people who had strength worse than Li Chuchen that decided that it was a good idea to kill Zhao Hai. In their eyes, Li Chuchen wasn’t able to kill Zhao Hai because of the three sword covenant. If this three sword covenant wasn’t in place, then Li Chuchen would’ve easily killed Zhao Hai.

And since Li Chuchen failed to kill Zhao Hai, the others saw this as an opportunity to elevate themselves. If they could kill Zhao Hai, then they would be regaining a huge face for the Cultivation Realm.

There were quite a few Cultivators who had the same idea. They immediately went to the nearest transmission formation and went to the Machine Field. All of them were planning to challenge Zhao Hai.

Naturally, the movement of such numbers of people couldn’t be hidden from the people of the Machine Field. Seeing a sudden influx of Cultivators, the Machine Field couldn’t help but turn vigilant. They quickly investigated the reason why these people came.

Before long, they got their answer. All of these people were here to challenge Zhao Hai. Moreover, it seems like they had no intention of hiding their plans as all of them went to look for the Ashley Family.

However, the Ashley Family only gave a single answer, Zhao Hai was closing up and was unavailable! It can be said that this excuse was the most effective one. Closing up to practice wasn’t only done in the Machine Field. Every single cultivator did this at some point of their lives. When someone was closing up, it was taboo to disturb them. Therefore, since Zhao Hai was closing up, nobody was allowed to issue him a challenge.

When this information was sent to the Machine Field, people finally found out why Zhao Hai suddenly closed up. To be honest, people became relieved upon knowing about this.

Then almost at the same time, the top 100 beginners of the Machine Field decided to close up as well. After that, a large number of experts decided to close up. “Closing up” had become a trending topic in the Machine Field’s online world.

Due to the Machine Field’s rogue-like practice, those experts from the Cultivation Field had no way to challenge anyone at all. Some of them thought that since there was no way to challenge Zhao Hai, they would challenge others in order to give themselves a boost in fame. However, it seems like everyone was closing up. They couldn’t find anyone to challenge, this caused them to be annoyed.

These Cultivators also knew that they can only challenge famous experts. There was no significance in challenging small fry. Killing these weak Mages and Warriors was useless. Once they go back, they wouldn’t be able to gain any face.

Because of this, the foreign challengers found themselves in a very awkward situation. If they remained, then they would have nobody to challenge. Most of them were also unwilling to go home. They were in a dilemma.

Just like the challengers, the high-level figures of the Machine Field were also having headaches. Although they had protected their experts by having them close up, they ended up shouldering all of the stress and pressure.

No matter what the higher-levels say, the people of the Machine Field believed that everyone closing up was just a reason to evade the challenge. This was the action of a coward. Therefore, there were a lot of people cursing online. In their opinion, they would rather have Zhao Hai die in battle than seeing everyone acting like cowards. They had lost face!



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